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The Fattening Contestants Part 1
The contestants were being called out over the loud speaker and Drew was anxious. He wondered what the challenge would ultimately be. Maybe they had to live in the Andes for 4 months. Maybe they would have to give up their money and house and live like homeless people for that time. Who knew with this show it was always something shockingly wacky. 
Everyone was finally called and the spokesman, Gray Talbot, was explaining the rules to the folks at home. Drew looked at the line up next to him. There were 3 women and 4 men. All of them seemed to be fairly athletic looking. Maybe they would have to run a marathon. Drew was ready for that. He had been working out extra hard lately in preparation for anything that might happen if he did get on. 
It was a miracle he made it on in the first place. He was so excited. Ever since the advent of the reality shows things kept getting more and more extreme, especially when mega-pay outs began. "The Contestants ” was the most extreme. It had people doing and undergoing long impossible challenges over a 6 month to 1 year period and they filmed it like a reality game show. It proved very successful especially since they started this Mega-payout. Basically the show’s Grand Prize was 20 Million dollars. However in order to get there not only did you have to win, but you had to live the lifestyle challenge for the remainder of that year and then come back for their one year reunion special. That woman who won last time had to continue to live in that remote camp in the Outback for 5 more months before she could claim the prize. She did it though and now she had it made.
Gray was asking the woman on the end her name and the usual questions "what is your back story?” etc.
Her name was Helen, 49 year old widow from Arizona who was an aerobics teacher.
Then came Marcus, 38 year former minor league baseball player,
Deana a 21 year old waitress and model from Miami, Florida
Gabriel a 26 year old blond lifeguard from San Diego, California,
Then Drew. He told them about how he was 35 worked as a Police Officer in Southern California,
Tina, 41 a rather portly woman who was a UPS driver, from New York
Richard a 52 year old doctor from Nebraska,
and Paolo, a 28 year old former Venezuelan Soccer player.
It was a fairly diverse and somewhat athletic group, Drew thought, definitely a play to something physical.

"Alright Contestants are you ready to be asked, if you are up to the challenge of … "There was a long dramatic pause and then three beautiful girls in sequins wheeled out carts filled with food. There were pies, Cakes, Doughnuts, Pizza, Chicken, Spaghetti, Steak, Pasta, Candy, beer, etc. "…gain the most weight you possibly can in one year and beat out your opponents?” 
They cut to break after the reveal and I just stood perplexed. Everyone did. The producers’ hurriedly explained to us the basic premise. It was a sort of the reverse biggest weight loss kind of game. This time you had to put on the most weight in 9 months in a private mansion and then 10 weeks at home before the final weigh-in. It would be explained again by Gray on camera and in detail after taping. The first show was always live and then so was the last show. We of course had the right to refuse and not participate and forfeit. That was part of the drama of the show and what drew people to watch if contestants would accept the challenge or not. 
Once we resumed Gray, asked all the contestants if they would "Never?” consider accepting this challenge. 3 people dropped out. The widow, the waitress and the doctor bowed out. All gave their reasons why they wouldn’t. Health and the weight gain in general were the issues and you could tell that they were appalled at the mere idea of it all. 
Gray tempted them with the money dramatically and told them all expenses would be taken care of by the show, room, food, money, clothes, etc. The Mega Jackpot of 20 million didn’t sway them though. Ultimately it was four guys and Tina who accepted. Drew thought how bad could it be if he put on some weight? He could work it off after the show if he won. Hell he could afford to have it lipo-suctioned if he wanted. As he accepted the offer Drew imagined that he could trade in his body for a bit. He joined the line of contestants to get weighed in while the live audience clapped. 

Drew was in his new bedroom, sharing a room with Paolo. The mansion that the show put them up in was fantastic. It overlooked the ocean. The show did make them share bedrooms as part of the reality show aspect. Tina being the only woman got her own room. It wasn’t so bad though. Paolo seemed cool enough. He was very attractive and his accent was kind of cute. Thick eyebrows with jet black hair and light green eyes, full lips, rugged stubble, a sweet smile and a radiant glow to his skin. He wondered if this guy would swing his way. He was pretty close to physical perfection, at least Drew thought so. Drew was still going to have to beat him in the end though no matter how cute he was. He wanted that money. 
Drew came out from taking a shower and found Paolo eating mounds of doughnuts off a cart. He offered one to Drew. "Here you Go Drew. You have to eat up if you want to stay in this game. I love doughnuts. "
Drew looked down at the laden cart. He would have to eat a lot. More than he probably initially thought. This guy looked like he was not going to waste a minute. Shame too, he had such a really hot body. Big legs, big round ass, small waist, v-shaped torso, thick well defined chest and the "Latin” sway in the back that makes their butt stick out. 
Drew pulled up a chair next to the cart and started in. Paolo looked up at him and smiled. "Good, good competition!” Drew laughed a little. 
Pausing between doughnuts they chatted a bit about the others on the show and how much they figured they would have to gain to win. Marcus was the biggest one on the show. He looked like he maybe was 40 to 50 pounds overweight already. At the weigh in he weighed about 225. Tina was the fattest of the group, but she was also the shortest, 170. Percentage of body weight was also a factor in elimination so even though she was smaller she had a chance at winning. Gabriel, who was rooming with Marcus, was the skinniest of the guys Drew guessed him to be about 150. Paolo was 165 and 5’11. Drew, himself was in good shape but thick all over and corn-fed boy look to him. He weighed 195 at 6. 
In the midst of their discussion a chime sounded for them to go downstairs and be ready for their first challenge. Once assembled the five players were asked by Gray to follow him out to the patio area. There they found 5 contraptions which looked like they were mounted with funnels and tons of beer. Gray explained that they would each be hooked up to their own beer bong and the one who could drink the most beer in 5 minutes would win a prize. Drew watched as Gray’s chunky personal stage assistant helped Gabriel with the beer bong. 
The starting bell rang and the beer, released from the kegs that they were hooked to, flowed into their mouths. Drew drank and drank and drank as fast as he could. Out of the corner of his eye he could see Paolo seeming to choke. Marcus on his right looked like this was old hat to him his belly swelled with the incoming beer. Drew could feel his belly starting to grow tight now from the constant stream. Drew chugged faster and tried to breathe through his nose. The beer kept coming filling his belly bigger and bigger. He tried not to spill any if he could help it. Drew felt like he was going to burst. Finally the buzzer ending the challenge ended. All the contestants were doubled over breathing heavily and gasping for air. 
Gray walked over to the transparent kegs that they had hooked up and measured each one. Marcus won the challenge. He drank an astonishing amount in five minutes. Drew came up second, then Gabriel, Tina and Paolo was last. He hadn’t gotten the hang of it right off the bat and spilled a lot of his beer all over the place. 
Gray made them wait in the shade while he dramatically revealed Marcus as the winner. He won $25,000 and a trip to Italy for two. Gray then revealed that the next challenge would be for immunity from elimination. Standing around after drinking all that beers so fast made Drew feel pretty hammered. The segment wrapped up while the crew broke for the day because of lighting problems. 
Just as the last of the crew was leaving Paolo came over and whispered in his ear. Hey this guy brought me some "MJ” and said that it was compliments of Gray. Drew looked down into Paolo’s hand and saw that he had a joint. 
"Who gave that to you?” Drew asked.
"…His assistant.” Paolo pointed over his shoulder to Gray’s chubby blond assistant who was gathering things up. 

They decided not do anything just yet. They decided to keep it, hidden. They were both a little suspicious as to why he would give them something like that, but then they couldn’t be sure if this was some part of the game. 
Drew and Paolo pigged out on the spread that was set out for the contestants. Drew watched Paolo pack it in and wondered where he was putting it all. Tina was busy with a bowl of some chicken pasta. Marcus was inhaling an enormous platter of chicken wings, while Gabriel was going through a plate piled with pastries. It was kind of surreal, especially considering that Drew himself was stuffing his mouth full of brownies and washing it down with milkshakes. Out of the corner of his eye he saw Paolo inhale a whole hotdog in one bite. His mouth stuffed and his belly protruding out in front of him Paolo sat back with his eyes closed and rubbed his belly. Drew got an erection. 
He stopped eating and watched Paolo’s belly rise and fall with his labored breath and the pressure of all the food he had inside. A loud belch pierced the air as Marcus tossed aside the now empty platter of wings and collapsed back on a lounge chair. His belly dominated him. It was so tightly stuffed with all the food that he eaten. Marcus groaned with discomfort. Everyone else laughed, but within a few minutes everyone else was just as stuffed. Remarkably Paolo lasted the longest. Drew was the next to quit after Marcus, the Tina and Gabriel. After laying like beached whales for about a half hour the group headed indoors for a much needed nap. 
Once they got back in the room Drew wanted to just collapse, but Paolo said he was going to shower first. Drew lay back on the bed and was just about to doze off when there came a short rap at the door. It was Tony, Gray’s chubby assistant.
"Hey guys, just to let you know that the crew is going to be leaving for the night, even the reality crew. They figured that you guys pretty much are going to be in a food coma until dinner. They thought they might as well just get your reactions to today in the morning. "He turned to leave.
"Hey, just a sec… "Drew called to him "come in here and minute and close the doors I want to ask you something.”
Tony did as he was asked and looked at Drew with a smile. "…Can I help you with something?”
"Yeah, like what’s the deal with this? " He produced the joint that Paolo showed him earlier.
"Thought he might enjoy it is all , but don’t worry you guys won’t have any problems. The producers don’t want us showing that on air, but they totally think it’s a good idea to help things with showcasing snacking behavior. I think they were worried that you guys wouldn’t eat as much as to make a noticeable enough difference later in the show. Guess they wanted to help things along. ” He laughed "It is cool really when it happens the reality crew are told to turn off the cameras and go film something else. " 
Drew considered this for a minute. It was all so weird really. He looked at Tony’s chubby love handles that were straining the shirt he was wearing; his belly, bigger than Marcus’, shook as he walked. Tony had turned back to the door and locked it. Drew saw a fat and widening ass jiggle beneath Tony’s slacks. 
Tony had taken Drew’s sudden silence as doubt. "Okay so you need more convincing then do you?” He took out another joint from his pocket and put it to his lips to smoke it. "Are you going to join me, is this cool?” 
Drew looked at him in his eyes. "This isn’t part of the game?”
"I swear it isn’t!” Tony smiled and lit a match. "It’s also being offered to the others as well, privately, but I am not really supposed to tell you that either.” 
Paolo came out of the shower with just a towel wrapped around his waist and nothing more. His little belly bulged with beer and food. "What’s going on?” he looked at Drew quizzically. 
"Things seem to be cool Paolo. Tony let me know some interesting things regarding this stuff and the show.” After filling him in the three guys took turns smoking and talking about the challenge. Tony told them it wouldn’t be fair for him to share anything with them about the upcoming challenges. He did say that things were going to be interesting. To Drew it almost seemed as if he relished the idea of the contestants getting fatter. 
After a little while Tony left. He told them that the next challenge would be in another couple of weeks. Opening the door to leave he wheeled in a cart that had been prepared with snacks and left in the hall outside the door. Drew watched the jiggle of his fat as Tony moved around the room. Drew wondered if that is what he would look like. "You see, we aim to help you guys!” Tony smiled then patted them on their bellies and took off. 

2 weeks later…
"More, food!” Drew felt like he didn’t want to eat anymore he was still so full. He took a drag off a joint and passed it to Paolo. He looked at his small protruding beginning belly. "Do you think we are going to get as fat as that guy Tony?” Paolo blew smoke out at him.
"Who knows? Maybe. I didn’t think that he was that fat. " Paolo looked at him sidelong. After what seemed like a long pause he added laughingly "I guess I have a different sensibility about size.” He shrugged. 
Drew got an instant hard on he didn’t really understand why. At least not right as Paolo had said that. He was starting to feel the affects of the marijuana. He felt a little light headed and kind of drunk for lack of a better description. God was Paolo cute, he thought. He had such awesome lips. 
"Are you alright dude?” Paolo looked at him and smiled "I know you are getting the munchies huh?” He laughed outrageously like it was some tremendous joke. Drew figured that this might be fun. 
"Hey big man you should talk, bet you are getting them!” Drew chided him. "Why don’t you go ahead and have something?” 
"Ah man hmmm …” 
Drew smiled to himself. The guy was willing. He reacted quickly without thinking. "Here you go P. Have some of this chocolate cake.” Drew reached over and took a tremendous fistful of cake right out of the beautiful chocolate cake that was on the center of the cart. He shoved it up to Paolo’s lips. "Eat this man, gotta get you fat after all.” Drew tried to sound jovial. 
Paolo just stood there for a few seconds somewhat shocked, but when Drew pushed it to his lips insistently he laughed a little and gave in. He opened his mouth and ate. Drew took another hunk out of the cake. Paolo inhaled it and gave him a grin. Drew grinned wickedly. 
"Ho, so you think that was nothing?” Drew took another and another and another hunk of the cake and shoved it into his willing mouth. Paolo just continued to eat and eat. The pace increased manically both fueled with an unspoken desire. Their eyes betrayed their deep desires, their needs. He imagined Paolo getting as fat as Tony…fatter. Fistful after fistful went down his throat. Drew heard Paolo moan or made it was his own guttural sounds. He checked to make sure he wasn’t choking him, but his massive erection told him that it wasn’t the problem. 
Drew stopped, this was turning Paolo on. Just like it was turning him on. Paolo looked at him questioningly. His eyes half closed, chocolate smeared all over his face. Recovering quickly he told him that the cake was gone. It was too. There were only a few small crumbs and some frosting left stuck to the plate. 
"Mmmmm … that was good he licked his lips.” He sounded entranced. "…more” At least that is what Drew thought he heard him whisper underneath his breath. He couldn’t be sure. 
He looked at him and looking at all the chocolate on his cheeks and mouth, he so wanted to lick it off him. He couldn’t help himself and suddenly he just went ahead and did it. 
Paolo laughed. It wasn’t the reaction he expected. Then again Drew thought it wasn’t as bad as the alternative; like getting punched in the face. Paolo swiped his hand across his face and left chocolate on Drew’s nose. Paolo laughed hysterically. Obviously still under the influence. Looking at him Drew couldn’t help himself and started laughing too. Then he licked Paolo again on the lips.
Paolo doubled over with laughter and lost his towel that he still had been wearing. Drew stared at his naked body. His thighs were solid and his big ass was smooth and stood seemingly at attention, his dick amidst a dark patch of pubic hair was long and thick and looked like it was half erect. Just a few inches above it was his full distended belly hanging round and ripe. Suddenly he just stared back at him and slowly stopped laughing. 
Drew thought he had fucked up. He really was going to be punched in the face. He should have left well enough alone. 
Paolo smiled a devilish grin "Lick this Drew” he put a gob of chocolate frosting on the tip of his cock. He chuckled a little. 
He couldn’t believe it. He didn’t bother to look up he was half afraid to. Drew fell to his knees and began to suck him off. He heard him moan. Once he heard that Drew happily continued. To him he tasted as good as anything he had eaten. Better.
Paolo moaned and rubbed the back of Drew’s head. He was so full, stuffed still, so intoxicated, so horny, his mouth on him. This was heaven. Drew kept it up making Paolo continue to moan with pleasure. His moans grew deeper and longer and Drew knew he was getting him close. He stopped suddenly and just smiled wickedly at him. 
"Liking that huh?” Drew played with him in his hand. "Well piglet I think that I would like to see you eat some more. " With that he reached out and took some warm brownies off the cart. He took one in his free hand and shoved into Paolo‘s face. "Eat for me… and I will too.” He tugged gently on his cock. 
Not really waiting for a response Drew shoved it into his half-open mouth. Paolo moaned while Drew resumed fellatio. The sweet chocolate smeared all over his mouth as Drew shoved brownie after brownie past Paolo’s eager lips. Soon enough it was gone. The plate was enough for Drew for the moment and he brought Paolo to climax with the last bite of the brownies. 
Paolo lay perfectly still. His stomach bloated and heaving; his body drained by the orgasm, left him as if dead. Drew kissed his now helpless chocolate stained lips and went in to take a shower. When he came out again Paolo had fallen asleep. His naked body rose and fell with his heavy breathing. His belly stuck out like a luscious piece of fruit. Drew lay in his own bed and fell asleep.
Paolo opened his eyes. He woke up groggily. Drew was still asleep. Paolo yawned and stumbled into the bathroom to take a leak and have a shower. He was shocked to see that his face looked all puffy and he was covered all over in chocolate. Drew, the cake, the blowjob. He remembered now. He smiled. This was going to a very interesting show. Paolo loved how things were turning out. He hadn’t thought too much of Drew when he first met him. Drew was a nice looking guy with beautiful eyes, but Paolo honestly was concentrating on the show and not of possibilities. Then the shock of the initial challenge that this seasons show was based on distracted him even more. The more it set in that the whole premise is to get fat and gain weight. Just then he heard a knock at the door. Paolo padded out to answer the door his ripening belly stuck out over his towel. 
The Camera Crew was there they didn’t say a word but handed him an envelope and then began filming their reactions. Paolo laughed and yelled out.
"Hey Drew wake up we have a letter” he threw a pillow at him. Drew groaned from beneath the blankets. 
Paolo opened the envelope. He read the few cryptic lines. 
You will be granted a wish in the next challenge, but choose wisely. Everything has its consequences.
He smiled. Wonder what this was going to be about. The letter asked that contestants meet at the pool in 5 minutes. Paolo threw on some khakis and a tank top. Drew stumbled into the bathroom and quickly got some shorts and a tee on. Paolo waited for him and then they both went out to the pool. They were the last to arrive. Everyone else was just standing around. 
When Gray saw them coming he waved them all to gather around him. Special prizes had been specifically selected for them if they should win and they would learn about the prizes once the challenge was over. 
The contestants had to compete in the next challenge in order to pick their wish. The elimination challenge was to see who could finish a five course dinner! After some debate the contestants were seated at a long table. The first course was salad, a huge antipasti salad filled with salami and ham and cheese and olives and nuts. They all downed it and just devoured it in a few minutes. Marcus finished first. Paolo was second this time and gave Drew a smile once he ate the last forkful. The second he finished they put a plate of pasta in front of Paolo. Spaghetti piled high on plates that seemed like platters. He tore into it. About three quarters of the way through he started to feel like it was never going to end and that he couldn’t possibly finish. He looked over at Marcus who was nearly done with all of it. A large plate with thick pork chops and sautéed green beans and a huge mountain of mashed potatoes and what looked like a skillet of cornbread stuffing was placed in front of them. Paolo closed his eyes and just kept forking in more. He wanted to win and he wasn’t that far behind Marcus. He shoveled faster. Finally as Marcus stuffed in the last of the cornbread into his mouth he looked like he was about to explode. He sat back and breathed heavily in the chair. All that heavy food so fast, he was winded. Paolo saw his chance to catch up. He quickly gained this intense surge and finished up the last bit of pork chop. An entire peach pie was set before him with what looked like a ½ gallon of vanilla ice cream a la mode style. Paolo started in. Marcus picked up the fork but just sat staring at the pie. Drew was almost done with the last of the green beans and stuffing, but he was plodding on painfully. Gabriel was in a near dead heat with Tina was bringing up the rear. She looked like she was going to hurl when they put the pork chops down in front of her, but after resting for a while she continued slowly. 
Finally after what seemed like forever Paolo took in the last bit of ice cream and crust. He wanted to throw up. He leaned back in his chair and lay there breathing like some beached whale. A platter of crackers and a huge round of warm brie cheese, a decanter of wine and fruit were laid out in front of him. 
When it looked like Marcus was about to finish Paolo picked up the cheese and began to eat huge hunks of it. He didn’t bother with the cheese knife. Marcus looked green but he powered through the last of the pie and eyed the cheese course platter that was put in front of him. Gabriel and Drew looked like they were going to be sick as their personal peach pie was set before them. Drew took a big bite of the pie and chewed with a lot of effort. Gabriel just sat staring at the pie unable to move. Suddenly Paolo flung up both his hands and yelled "Done”
He had won. Grey came over and congratulated him and told him that he could pick what he wanted first. He then informed them that even though Marcus was the next closest to finishing he wouldn’t be eligible for second place unless he finished all of the food. Everyone groaned. They ate so much and for nothing unless they finished the whole meal. 
The others continued slowly. Marcus actually took a long rest and let Drew and Gabriel catch up a little before he took on the cheese platter. Marcus finished next followed by Gabriel and then Drew and lastly Tina. Tina unfortunately got sick during the pie course and she couldn’t eat anymore. She was starting to get serious pains in her stomach. Because this was one of two elimination challenges Tina was eliminated from the competition. 
Tina was gracious enough if somewhat green looking as she accepted a consolation prize of a trip for two to Las Vegas and 5,000 cash. 
The guys were led back to their rooms where they could rest. The prizes would be discussed at a special party that evening. Paolo and Drew collapsed on their beds and fell asleep. They both didn’t wake up until they received a wake up call at 8:00 PM to meet in the ballroom in ½ hour and to dress only in their underwear and their bathrobes. 
They looked at each other strangely, but they each stripped down to their underwear. Drew looked at Paolo and he could see that the first week had given him a little pooch and his love handles looked thicker. He smiled because he knew that this guy was gonna get FAT! Paolo heard him giggle and asked him what was up. Drew just smiled and said nothing.
"Come let’s go and see what’s going to happen next. " They walked into the Ballroom and saw that Marcus was already seated in a big chair by the fireplace. There were four curtains that were obviously hiding something behind them on one side of the room. Gray came over to them and asked that they take a seat. A waiter came by with a platter of cheese and grapes. Paolo happily started munching and just at that moment Gabriel came in and everyone was ready to start. Each of the contestants was weighed with much hoopla on a large platform scale while Gray feigned dramatic interest. 
Marcus was now 240 pounds and he gained 15 pounds in the last week and a half of being in the mansion. Gabriel gained 10 pounds and was now 165 pounds, (more than Drew had guessed). Paolo weighed in and he had gained 11 pounds! He was now 176 pounds and you could tell an overall thickness to his body besides his softening middle. When Drew got on the scale he was shocked to the pointer stop at 209. He gained 14 pounds himself. Once everyone’s weight was recorded they continued to the prizes. Gray told them that tonight would be about choosing prizes but also about choosing something that could make a significant difference in the outcome of the competition. Paolo had won so he got to choose first. Gray walked the four of them over to the curtains. He asked Paolo what would be one of his ultimate dreams. 
After a few minutes Paolo stated that he would love to be able to take a trip around the world. Gray told Paolo that he could choose the envelope with an all expenses paid 45 day world cruise, but he would have to forfeit and drop out of the competition to claim his prize. If he opted to continue he would be asked to pick one of the curtains. With much suspense and drama Paolo finally decided to continue with the game. He chose the curtain on the far right. Behind the curtain was revealed poster boards with the word "double” on it. Gray told him that he would explain the meaning once everyone had selected a curtain. Marcus choose next he opted to stay in the game as well and his board said "Roll for it”, Gabriel’s had the number 80 on it and Drew’s said "Partners Choice”. Gray told them that those boards now gave them their minimum amount of weight to gain in order to win the grand prize even if they beat everyone else in the game. Paolo must now double his current weight in order to win, or reach a minimum of 352 pounds. Marcus was brought out a pair of dice and whatever he rolled would be his weight goal in tens of pounds. He rolled an 11 and so consequently had to gain to 360 pounds minimum. Gabriel pulling the 80 had to gain to 250 pounds minimum. Drew was told that he was allowed to ask one of the other contestants or partner to pick the minimum amount, however that there was a catch. Drew chose Paolo, hoping he wouldn’t give him too high a number and make the prize out of reach for him. They were friends and all but this was a competition after all. Paolo looked at Drew for a long time and then smiled wickedly. "I don’t want to be the only one to double my weight so I guess he should too. " Drew’s jaw dropped. He was already 210 pounds that meant that he would have to be 420 to win. He felt screwed. Gray then dropped a bombshell telling Paolo that because he chose that number for Drew he had to ensure that Drew reached that number otherwise Paolo would also not be eligible to win. Gray then told them that they would be able to have help either from one another, but also from a few assistants. A final curtain was revealed and there stood six people to choose from and they were all food gophers to assist them in getting what they needed. Among them was Tony, the plump stage hand. Drew picked him, while Paolo picked this kind of late 30 something muscular looking guy named Josh, a chef with what Drew considered to be a really nice bubble butt. Marcus chose a beautiful girl, Alissa who was also a culinary student. Gabriel picked a nutritionist named Tom. Gray told them that they had one more week to the next weigh in. 
Tony led Drew to another room in the mansion that was something like an apartment. It had its own private en suite and a kitchenette and lounging area as well as an ample bed. Tony told him that they would be in private session until next week’s weigh without contact with the other contestants. Drew was upset about the challenge and how Paolo could possibly give him so much to gain. Between several joints Tony consoled him and told him that what they needed to concentrate on now was getting him as fat as possible in a real hurry. In a foggy stupor Drew agreed that he needed to show Paolo that he wasn’t scared at the challenge. He could always do liposuction he thought to himself and giggled. 
What followed next was pretty intense. He fell asleep only to awaken to Tony putting some kind of cross between an oxygen mask and funnel tube strapped to his face. He tried to brush Tony’s hands away but found that he was tied down onto the bed. Tony soothed him. "Hey don’t worry its okay, I am not going to hurt you and I will let you loose a little later. Now just cooperate for a minute and we can have some fun. "Tony then inserted the tube into his mouth. He tried to say something, but the tube also prevented him from talking.” Small tubes that went about a quarter way up his nose were feeding him oxygen and…. Something else he couldn’t tell what, but it had a smell to it. Then he heard a click and a whir of machinery. A light vapor came into the mask and he breathed deeply. Then he felt a cool liquid being poured down his throat by the tube. "Breathe through your nose the tube is giving you oxygen.” Tony said to him. It was sweet, and creamy and rich but not terribly so. It was good and Drew drank deeply both to get at the sweet mixture but also to keep from choking. The mixture just kept coming and coming and didn’t seem to want to stop, after a while Drew’s stomach felt full , but the mixture kept coming and coming and coming. He felt so full and kind of light headed and still the liquid poured into his ballooning belly. His stomach felt like he was going to burst and he started trying to move about, but Tony just whispered to him "Its okay fatty you can do it just relax and take it slow. He seemed to have adjusted the flow because it slowed down to a trickle, but didn’t stop. Drew relaxed some but felt incredibly uncomfortable. Then he felt cool hands massaging his belly very gently. He felt so bloated, but this seemed to help as Tony gave him an expert belly massage. When it was all over Drew groaned both in discomfort, but also intense pleasure as well. His cock stood at attention beneath his distended and bloated belly. Drew noticed something else. The flow of the mixture had stopped and apparently he had taken it all. " Good job, fat boy. You drank it all. "Tony smiled at him. "Okay why don’t you rest now and I will go and see about a late night dinner for you.” Drew wanted up but at the same time he was so bloated and full he didn’t think he could move much even without the restraints. The mist continued into his nostrils. It smelled like what…? Drew could see him clean up a few things in the room out of the corner of his eye. After that Tony removed the restraints and lastly the mask. Drew lay there breathing heavily. "Why..?” he started to say, but Tony held up his hand and said "Trust me I want you to win and this is going to help!” With that Tony walked out of the room in search of even more to fill his belly with. 

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