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The Fattening Contestants Part 2

When Drew woke up it was something like 1:00 am in the morning. Tony was sitting in the dark smoking a cigarette and looking at Drew. "Hey what’s up?” Drew mumbled. He was groggy, but his stomach felt empty now having been distended so much for so long. He wasn’t hungry but definitely not full anymore. Tony walked over to him and stood over him looking down at Drew. He was shirtless and his belly hung out proudly over a pair of well worn cargo shorts. His man tits looked soft and sagged on his chest from their weight and Tony’ thick arms looked meaty and soft. Tony handed him the cig, it was a joint. Drew smoked it for a bit and when he did Tony began to massage his belly in smooth flowing circles. Drew moaned contentedly. Tony stopped when Drew finished off the last of the joint. "How’s that feel?” he asked. 

Drew was in heaven. It felt so good and he had to admit that he was getting quite turned on by Tony’s massage. Tony produced a tray with fries and a mound of burgers. Without so much as a word he started to hand feed Drew from the tray. Drew feeling so good after the massage and the effects of the THC just chewed contentedly. When the last of the burgers and fries slid down Drew’s throat, Tony smiled down at him gave his belly a smack and left him alone and stuffed again. 
It went the entire week like this. Tony told Drew that it was his responsibility to help him win and that this week would be all about staying in bed and eating non-stop. Tony would wake Drew from his sleep and feed him enormous quantities of food followed by luxurious belly rubs, then Drew would nap and awaken to another meal. In the evenings Tony would hook up the special drink mixture and force feed Drew’s belly under restraints. Drew was in a constant stupor, between the marijuana the food and the irregular schedule that Tony had him on. He never knew what the time was or if it was night or day since the room had no windows. He just knew that after he received his force feeding a new day would begin at least he thought so. He counted 7 times that he had been force fed, but if that was true shouldn’t the weigh in be due? Three more times he counted being force fed and after the 10th time Tony told him that the weigh in was that afternoon at 5:00 pm … right before dinner. He told Drew to go ahead and take a nap since they still had a few hours until weigh-in. Drew awoke to the tube in his mouth and he looked around quizzically for Tony. He was standing there smoking and smiling at Drew. He turned on the machine and Drew could feel the sweet liquid pouring into his mouth again. 

Drew came in wearing the robe and only his underwear as instructed into the weigh in room. Paolo stood a little to his left, his face looked fuller, and so did Gabriel but the robes that they all wore seemed to hide their bodies fairly well. Marcus was weighed first. He removed the robe and you could see his big wobbly belly stand out in front of him. He looked pregnant. His tits bounced as he stepped onto the platform. The numbers flashed and changed and after a few seconds it settled on 254. He gained 14 pounds. Gabriel stepped onto the platform. His little belly was more visible now and he seemed to have thickened up some all over. 177 lbs. was his weight and a gain of 12 pounds. Drew got on next and the display read a hefty 224. He had gained 14 pounds and he and Marcus were tied. Drew half smiled and thought that maybe he had an honest chance at winning this. Next it was Paolo. His belly was much more pronounced and his love handles were certainly starting to grow to Drew he looked positively over-ripe. He looked down right pudgy. Paolo stepped up and when the numbers stopped whirring it settled on 194. He had gained 18 pounds. That was incredible how had he done that? He thought that Tony was pushing him to gain. Drew watched as Paolo stepped off the scale and the little wobble of his bulging butt jiggled just a bit as he walked back to his place. Gray informed them that since he was the winner Paolo would get the change to give someone a "belly bulge”, what that meant is someone of his choosing must add 25 pounds to there minimum weight limit. Also he would be allowed to be the first to pick their gaining assistant for the week. After a few minutes Paolo looked at Drew and then chose Marcus to gain the additional 25 pounds. That brought his new minimum to 385. Marcus did not look pleased. While the camera decided to change angles and a few lights, Drew had a chance to talk with Paolo briefly. 
"Dude you look hell of fat man!” Paolo said to him while staring at his burgeoning belly. 
"I look fat? Man you are really porking out now.” Drew lightly touched his belly "how did...”
"It was Josh man. I can’t tell you what has been happening and …”
"I thought we were friends man, how could you make me gain that much too man? " Drew interrupted. 
"Hey, we are friends… I don’t think you understand. Don’t be mad you see…” Paolo was cut off by Gray asking everyone to return to their places. Paolo stared at Drew sidelong. 
Alright Paolo you choose Marcus to add to his girth by another 25 and now its time to choose your assistant. Are you going to stay with Josh or are you going to choose someone else?” 
With a glance at Drew he chose another assistant, he chose the guy Tom who Gabriel had before. Gabriel gave him a crooked smile. When it came time for Drew to pick he could see Paolo gesturing to him to pick Josh. Drew looked at him and decided to see if Paolo was still trying to help him or not and chose to trust him a little more. He chose Josh. Marcus stayed with Alyssa and Gabriel got Tony. Drew looked at Tony who winked back at him. He wondered what kind of damage Tony would do to Gabriel’s waistline. 
Gray then told them that the next challenge would be in exactly 4 weeks at which point everyone will be weighed in and another tactical advantage will be granted to the winner. 
Josh was quite a bit different than Tony in terms of feeding. Whereas he was confined in the room more with Tony, Josh wanted to take him to the daily buffets that the show provided in the dinning room and just stuff him mercilessly. When he began to slow down Josh would set a dish of food atop Drew’s belly and feed him more after a few minutes break rubbing his tight belly. No matter what it was he had to finish it before Josh would let him up and then being clever he would wheel the modified dining room chair with a bloated Drew to his room. The crew would film this part eagerly, while the camera in the rooms was restricted to audio only, no access. Once back in the room Josh would give him a massage and make him nap. When he would wake up again Josh would bring out a few pitchers of beer and make Drew chug them down one after the other. Bloated and buzzed from the quick ingestion of beer Josh would then give his belly another massage, but after a few minutes he made his way to Drew’s thighs. 
"I think it is time to eat something bud.” Josh told him. He got hard. It felt so good. Josh’s fingers brushed close to his rigid dick and actually grazed his balls. Drew moaned in response. His hands grazed Drew’s cock again "Don’t you think?” 
His green eyes sparkled beneath his dark eyebrows. He produced a cart laden with food from the hallway. Then he proceeded to feed him again. Drunk, he provided no resistance. This is where things started to turn more interesting. Hours later he awoke feeling a strange sensation in his throat. It was another mask feeding tube contraption, but the difference was that even though he was asleep a slow but steady drip of liquid was going into him. 
The flow continued and Drew wasn’t intimidated anymore like he was the first time with Tony. He sucked a little to get at the creamy mixture and to his surprise it helped to increase the flow just a little more. Drew began to suck harder and figured that Josh was probably right keeping him fed continuously like this day and night made for a greater chance for him to reach his goal sooner. Drew sucked harder and the flow increased. Out of the corner of his eye he could see Josh smiling down at him. "Liking that?” Josh asked. He was relaxing in a big arm chair by the window. 
Drew wanted to answer, but with the tube in his mouth and the mask on it made it hard. Josh heard his grunts and came and stood over Drew. He seemed to have done something because the flow began to increase on the feeding tube. Josh was smiling at him. "If you are awake I expect you to be eating.” He laughed. "It will be okay trust me. I am here to help! We got to make sure we get you as fat as can be and win all that money. ” Drew just closed his eyes and sucked harder. 
Days and days passed and Drew could not figure out if there was some sort of pattern to the feedings that Josh gave him. After three weeks had passed and he hadn’t seen much of any of the others, he got an invitation to a pool party and for everyone to attend promptly at 4:00 PM. Seeing this Josh removed the mask and fed him all morning long mercilessly. At 4:00 PM everyone had to be in the Ballroom. Drew felt like he could barely walk he was so stuffed. Josh left him barely breathing and only stopped feeding him about 15 minutes before the weigh in. He let him rest and breathe propped against the headboard until it was time. Josh got Drew ready dressing him in a pair of bright pink Speedos, sandals, sunglasses and nothing else. Drew’s gut bounced out and over the tight trunks. Love handles thick and newly plumped gave him a wide look. His fat tits bounced over his ballooned gut. He felt his ass jiggle and wobble some behind him and the swim suit looked painted across his ass. Feeling all that fat bounce around and jiggle was a turn on for him now. Eating was a turn on for him now. Ever since Josh started feeding him and whispering things in his ears about how fat he could see him getting. He had to get that fat if he wanted to win after all. Drew was getting into the cycle of near nonstop eating. He was fat and horny. Smiling contentedly he waddled out with Josh in tow to the Pool Party. 
It took sometime for Drew to recognize Gabriel. He was so fat now. Or at least he looked it compared to just about a month since the last time they were all gathered together. He was so skinny to start with and now he could see that his tits were sagging now and that his belly looked like a basketball in front of him. His face was a lot fuller and rounder now with a definite double chin. He looked puffy all over. Marcus ‘face looked pretty much the same although his body was definitely a lot bigger. His big belly swayed out in front of him as he walked around poolside and his tits seemed to have swollen bigger as well as they sat atop his belly. Drew thought that he was somehow wider too. Marcus looked like he definitely had packed it on. Then there was Paolo, his puffy face had gone a little red and he looked bigger all over now as well. His belly looked like a real wide beer gut now hanging out over his shorts and his man tits were beefed up and thick like ripe fruit. They stretched his sleeveless t-shirt across his chest and pulled enough to let his belly peek out from underneath. 
But it was his ass that was his most prominent feature. It was huge now. All of it stuck out behind him like a huge pair of beach balls stuffed into way too tight board shorts. His thighs thick with fat stretched and pulled on the fabric between his tremendous thighs. His prominent butt cheeks wobbled thickly with the newly acquired fat on him. Drew salivated he looked so hot to him now that he had fattened up. 
Paolo came over to him and gave him a wild look.
"Boy man you sure are huge!” Paolo said to him. He looked Drew up and down with his mouth hanging open in a cute way that made his double chin more prominent. 
Drew giggled "I am fat? What about your big ass? " 
Before he could answer Gray came out and asked them to all gather around because he was going to give details about the next challenge. The two fat boys looked at one another and waddled over to Gray. The cameras came on and the boys tried hard not to look at one another out of the corners of their eyes. Gray told them that the next challenge was a team challenge as well as an elimination challenge. The four guys had to taken on a college football team on in a pizza beer challenge. If they could beat them then the four of them would go on to the finals if not then the person with lowest amount of weight gain would be eliminated. The only problem was that Gray told them that there weight gain would also be based on the percentage gained. If they lose to the football players they each then must consequently gain 1/3 of the weight of the eliminated player. Drew tried to figure out the numbers in his head. If Gabriel who still was definitely the smallest around 200 pounds and if he was eliminated then each of them would have to gain an additional 66 plus pounds. That would put him at …486?? My God! They had to win. 
Gray asked them to weigh in. Gabriel weighed in and to everyone’s amazement he gained 36 pounds and was now 213 pounds and just over 20.3 percent of body fat. He rubbed his belly contentedly and smiled at everyone else. It was an incredible amount. His belly being his most dominant feature it protruded as if he was pregnant. Clearly being smaller and gaining such a high number was actually in Gabriel’s favor. His body was a lot thicker now and Drew admired his newly thickened thighs as he stepped off the scale. Marcus weighed in next, his pendulous belly hung low and wide in front of him. His fat rolls that wrapped underneath his arms were so thick now and made his boobs enormous. The scale stopped at 296. He gained 42 pounds and had a percentage of weight gain of 16%. Drew was next up he looked down at the number three different times and saw that it read 271. Holy cow, literally! He had gained 47 pounds. He felt like such a lard ass. Gray invited him to speak, but Drew said he was just stunned at just how much he was able to put on. He had ever so slightly edged out Gabriel by mere tenths of a point in percentage of weight gained. He had gained 20.9 %. He was in the lead. Paolo weighed in next. He looked so much bigger than before, so incredibly delicious looking now. Beneath his burgeoning gut Drew could feel his erection and hope that his newly increased belly size was enough to hide it. Paolo stepped on the scale and it came to rest at 239 pounds. He had gained 42 pounds and 21% weight gain. He won again. Gray told them that they would shoot in tomorrow afternoon against the football team. He told them to enjoy the food and the pool. After the crew left Drew waddled over to Paolo and congratulated him. He gave him a hug. Feeling all that luscious fat on Paolo made Drew so horny. 
Drew noticed that one of the crew left a wood box on the pool-side table. Paolo looked inside to find over a dozen joints. They each two three and left the rest for the others. 
"Terrific job, fatso.” Drew smacked Paolo’s inflated ass cheeks. 
"Hey man you are huge now man. Wow you look incredible. "Paolo countered. "I am still no where near as heavy as you are right now.”
"Yeah man but I can’t believe you are out eating all of us. You used to be so tight and muscular and toned, Paolo. …. Now you are…. Well fat!” 
Paolo laughed. Drew lit up a joint and they smoked it for a while between them. After awhile Paolo began to message Drew’s belly. He reached out to one of the food laden trays set with doughnuts. He stuck one of them in Drew’s mouth and as he stuffed it with one hand he pinched his right nipple with the other and whispered into his ear. "Eat, fatty. Next time I would like to see you win. I want to see you be the fattest one. ” Drew moaned His cock raged in his too tight trunks. Taking the rest of the tray Paolo began to feed them to Drew one by one. Drew came in his swim trunks beneath the hot weight of his engorged belly. 
Pizza boxes were everywhere as well as countless pitchers of beer. The College Football team was eleven college players versus the four of them. Two of their players were pretty big, but the rest were a lot smaller than they thought. The thought of out eating the eleven of them was overwhelming. They would have lost for sure if not for one thing. Every team member was forced to drink a pitcher of beer after every pizza consumed. The smaller guys couldn’t keep up once their bellies were loaded with a couple pitchers of beer. The two bigger guys on the team kept up with them for a long time, but eventually Marcus ate a couple more pies and forced them out. The flabby foursome beat the football team. Everyone celebrated for while but most of the guys left fairly quick as the amount of beer made a lot of them sick. The guys were forced to stay till the end though. After a while only a couple of players were left hanging out. Drinking and playing pool. 
Drew drunk and loaded with beer and pizza walked up to the barely breathing and very intoxicated second fattest one on the team. He was perhaps 280 and less than ten pounds between them. The guy was 24 at best. His cheeks were red and flush, his blonde hair plastered to his forehead damp with sweat and his green eyes were half closed as he lay in the deep low chair puffing and panting. Drew set his pitcher of beer on top of the guys gut. Drew carefully held the jug in its place atop his belly with one hand and lightly jiggled the guys distended gut with the other. "Feels, good doesn’t?” he laughed.
The guy opened his eyes and laughed and moaned at the same. "Hey dude stop that it hurts.” Drew smiled, but didn’t withdraw his hand "Awe…is that any better for you?” he began rubbing the guys gut. Half hardly he pawed Drew’s hand away, but he stopped after a few nice rubs. The guy moaned a little and closed his eyes, but he didn’t object this time. Drew progressively began to massage the guys belly more and more firmly. The guy moaned in pleasure his mouth half open. Paolo had wandered over from his game of pool against Gabriel. Drew motioned for Paolo to come closer. Drew smiled wickedly. Grabbing the pitcher he began pouring some into the guy’s open mouth. 
Immediately he opened his eyes and tried to spit out all the liquid. Being caught off guard and with such a full belly he didn’t offer too much resistance. Drew didn’t stop though and laughed and tried to hold the guy down. Paolo seeing the joke joined in and grabbing the guy’s shoulders held him back from getting up.
"Hey man just chug, chug, chug, chug!” he laughed a little. 
For some reason the traditional bar beer chant seemed to ease him. He stopped fighting and started trying to take in the rest. Faster and faster it went and soon the beer was all gone except for where it spilled out all across his chest and belly. He smiled crookedly when he was done. "That should to show you!” Drunk as hell he let out a massive belch and couldn’t stop laughing. "Boy you guys sure can eat man. I can’t believe you out ate and drank us.” Polo noticed that the boys continued to rub his own massive gut. He seemed turned on by it just like they were. He could imagine this guy with a few more added pounds. He wondered if the guy was an appreciator of the big and stuffed gut like he was becoming. He smiled to himself and wandered off to find something to snack on. 

It was the last few weeks to go and the contestants were being sent home. After the football challenge the guys returned to their eating routines in the mansion. In the last weigh in before they left for home the guys were getting seriously big Gabriel who had been the smallest was now 260. His fleshy gut bounced as he walked and now you couldn’t pry the food from his hands. His blond hair framed a very chubby looking face now. Marcus was up 338. Up from 296 and boy did he take up a lot of space now? His big swaying belly always looked like it was full now. His movements were a lot slower now. Paolo got on the scale and as usual put up some great numbers. He was 294 now. 294. Somehow the guy ate his way bigger than the football challenge guy now. Drew thought he looked incredibly hot now. His ass was a big wobbly sluggish shelf behind him. His face was so round now you couldn’t recognize him as the guy he was anymore. His gut and moobs stuck out seductively and enticingly in front of him. His thick soft looking thighs were crammed into shorts that were too small to contain them now. He was gorgeous. Drew himself was now 319 and gained nearly 50 pounds in the last month. He was shocked. He won the challenge for the month. It was the first time and he felt really good about it. He looked at his reflection in the mirror. He was fat. His love handles were so thick now they gave him a wide appearance. Now his round face held two double chins. His man boobs hung thickly onto his protruding gut. All that time just eating and eating nonstop had paid off. He was stunning. He could feel himself grow an instant erection. Paolo waddled over to him and clamped him on the back to congratulate him and gave his big belly a rub. Watching the newly fattened Paolo Drew wanted him so badly now. He could imagine seeing Paolo get as big as he was and how hot that would look. He pinched Paolo’s very big and inflated ass. "Nice going there big guy, but it looks like I was the piggy this time around.” 
Unable to contain himself Paolo kissed him deeply on the mouth. "Yeah I knew you were.” He whispered.
The show sent them home with the admonition that it was important to remember to be safe. Also they wanted for all the contestants to concentrate on the weigh in and to remember that even if they won the weigh in, to be eligible for the prize they must continue living the weight gain lifestyle until the end of the year. At that time the prize money will be issued. The show did it this way in order to air the programs while the contestants were at home preparing for the finale. Once the finale aired the reunion show with the eligible winner and they would talk exclusively about the challenge and whether there lives will change because of it. The woman who won for living as a beggar could not stop crying the whole show and she wound up donating about ¾ of the 18 million prize money from the show to homeless shelters. Drew wondered how it was going to play out. They still had 6 weeks to gain plus another 2 before they taped the finale once they returned. So 2 months to go. The contestants all left the mansion wondering what each of them would look and weigh in at.
8 weeks later…
Gabriel was sitting on large sofa busily stuffing himself with Hors d’orves. His greedy mouth was sucking down the finger food like there was no tomorrow. He was huge now. His big stretched out gut hung over his very tight shorts, peeking beneath his even tighter t-shirt. His giant moobs sat on top of the enormous belly where once he had sported abs. His face was a perfectly fat round chubby ball. His handsome features had taken on a real piggish look, a fat cherub. 
Marcus sat on another sofa off to the left. He was drinking from a huge pitcher filled with what appeared to be a heavy shake like drink. He looked positively gigantic. His thick hands wiped shake from his fat face. His cheeks were a constant red and he breathed heavily as his chest heaved beneath his fat over stuffed tits. He belched and Paolo could see that his huge belly wobbled beneath his stretched out tank top. He looked like some giant fat tick. 
Drew must have been doing nothing but eating the entire time. He was enormous he looked to be just as large if not larger than Marcus. He was truly a mountain of luscious fat. His huge distended belly sat between his chunky thighs, half riding half falling between them. His t shirt did not even try to hide his protruding gut as it rode almost half way up his packed gut. His love handles stretched out over large saddle bags made him look even wider sitting on the love seat stuffing his beautiful fat face with doughnuts. 
Paolo rode into the room. Up until then he had waited in the foyer with the large mirror that reflected what was in the living room into the hall. It was from there that he had observed his competition. He wasn’t sure how this would go, but he thought he had a good chance of winning. His power chair was just the effect that he wanted. It accentuated not only how fat he had gotten but added drama to his look. 
All the guys were impressive and once the producers spoke with them and had all the contestants sign paper work as to all the legalities of the prize and non-media disclosure etc. Then they had all of the contestants change into sweat shorts and bare chested go into the weigh in room. Paolo gave Drew a wink. 
This time the weigh in room was a large auditorium. On the stage was set a twelve foot long table with an enormous buffet spread out like a very fancy banquet. Tall candelabras were set amidst platters laden with cheeses, fruits, roasted chickens, cold meats, nuts, pies, cakes, pastries, huge over sized steins of beer, racks of lamb, chocolate fountains and even a whole roasted pig complete with an apple in its mouth. It was a monument of gluttony staged to look like one of the elaborate feasts of Henry the VIII. Four chairs that looked like thrones were placed on the table on one side. The guys were asked to take a seat at the table and encouraged to dig in while taping was set to begin. At first Paolo felt a bit awkward at the fact of the obvious exploitation of their weight gain for the show, but he thought of the money and looked at the food eagerly and he ate. 
The weigh in was spectacle alright. Gray Talbot dressed in a Tuxedo came out on stage on the back of an elephant. The Elephant walked out onto a huge floor scale and the scale read out 9,081 lbs. for the massive animal. Once they cleared the stage they reviewed the challenge and then dramatically spotlighted the contestants one by one and weighed them in. Grey Talbot’s eyes bulged. He was so taken aback at the size of the final four. Marcus came up first.
Marcus went up with his tremendously swollen gut swaying back and forth before him. They did a quick re-cap on Marcus’ transformation since he started out at 225. The read out came to rest at 419 lbs. The whole audience was aghast at the size of him. He had gained 194 lbs in 11 months. Grey told him that he had gained an average of 17.6 lbs a month. Marcus thumped his belly a few times for dramatic effect and whooped and yelled. 
Drew was asked to be weighed in next. Wiping his fattened piggish face of chocolate sauce he lumbered up to the platform. He seemed different now that the fat enveloped his features. His love handles were enormous and they shook heavy and jelly-like, while his gigantic ass swayed and jiggled behind him. Grey stared at him for a couple of seconds in awe of the tremendously fat man that this guy had become. Drew’s starting weight of 195 and a brief look at him before and then the digital read out flashed 416. Drew had gained 221 lbs. or approx 20.9 lbs a month. The audience was quiet in sheer astonishment. Drew looked a Marcus and smiled rubbing his belly. He was now in the lead. 
Gabriel was next. He looked totally different now. It was hard to imagine him ever surfing at the beach now or saving lives. His cute face was puffy, round and red. He waddled up to the platform his tits and belly bouncing dramatically. A handsome 150 lb before video of Gabriel was shown of his life guard days and then his new weight was revealed. It was a surprising 361 or 19.8 lbs. He had gained 211 pounds beating out Marcus but Drew still had the top spot. 
Then it was Paolo’s turn. He was a fat monster. With dramatic bounce and jiggle Paolo maneuvered his elephantine body into position. His titanic ass wobbled beneath the skin tight giant shorts he was wearing. His fattened jowls waggled a bit as he nodded at Gray. The hot soccer player he had been at 165 played on screen. Drew watched as this other seemingly unknown thin fit person kicked a ball into a goal. Paolo’s numbers flashed. 420. He won! 420, he had gained 23 lbs a month or 255 lbs in 11 months. Paolo won in every way possible! He was not only the contestant with the most gained but also the heaviest guy on stage. 
Balloons came down from the ceiling and Paolo was announced the winner of this year’s competition. The audience roared and all the others ran to hug Paolo. Waiting there Drew looked at the huge fat man on stage and his lust grew. He imagined a Paolo fattened up even bigger than he was now. What would a 500 lb Paolo look like? He unconsciously rubbed his unknown mammoth gut, luckily that hid his raging erection. He wondered if Paolo would continue with the lifestyle and if he needed help. Finally able to hug the hogged up hottie, Drew whispered in Paolo’s ear just how hot he looked. Paolo held his hand and gave him a wink. 
He seemed to have read his thoughts. "Yeah and 20 million goes a long way in groceries for both of us. Besides I plan on impressing the hell out of them at the reunion show.” He smiled at Drew and raised his arms like a champion.

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