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The Freshman 15
Some time in the late 60's to early 70's an experiment had begun at an undisclosed university.

This experiment was both chemical and social in nature.

There was a control group. (placebo)
There was a group that took muscle enhancement drugs.
There was a group that took a substance similar the the active ingredients in pot.
There was a group that took hormone replacements.

These groups and their study were changed yearly. But from the start the participants were always recruited with a simple advertisement in the school newspaper.

Wanted: Men for ongoing social study. Small stipend will be distributed after each weekly meeting.

The office was never inundated by respondents but they never had a lack of subjects either.

As the group formed they were told about their duties. They would meet every week and discuss their week and their responses to it. They were also told about drugs that they would be taking. They were told that they ranged from anti anxiety drugs to simple vitamins to memory enhancers to placebos. All the drugs would be in the form of a capsule that would look the same so that if anyone looked at another's drug they wouldn't be able to identify the drug even if they tried to search a pharmacological digest. They were told that there was nothing harmful in the drugs and that they were required to take them for the study. Blood tests would be taken every week to verify their participation.

It all seemed harmless and they never had a one exit the initial interview and so the study began.

Now students, absent their parental control, run wild. This was expected by the study. Beer was one of the things most would experiment with but others were various sorts of drugs and everyone is now familiar with the late night pizza runs.

As the study began week after week saw the group changing. Most of the students thought that these changes were due to the proverbial Freshman 15. The staff were aware of this belief and the questions that were discussed during the weekly meetings made use of this belief that their bodily changes were just that, the Freshman 15.

In the 60's and 70's this weight gain was seen as normal but they need to be physically fit saw a disgust with their bodies and the attempts to work out. But the drugs and the meetings sabotaged their attempts to work out.

The meetings were met with directed questions about the students weeks. And soon they saw these changes in their person as part of who they really were. The questions encouraged the acceptance of their weight gain. It encouraged their acceptance of their belief in a more cerebral existence. This is where all the big philosophical discussions at the bars started. And although most identified in the 60's and 70's as straight by the time they graduated there was more than 20% that had changed their orientation to homosexual and 100% had experimented with this. By the current time more than 90% would identify as homosexual and 100% would have experiment and the other 10% would identify as bi. Not a one identifies as straight these days.

The initial subjects are now in their 50's and 60's and there is not one that is under 500 pounds. There are a few closer to 800.

In the late 70's the proved that the workout worked somewhat but all of those subjects are in the 350 to 450 range with a few skyrocketing to huge butterball over 700 pounds.

It will be interesting to see the students that have come in this year and their weight gain. There is an abundance of subjects that are already over 350. The obesity epidemic shows in the students these days.

Each year that the students were involved in the study their medication would be changed so that each one would get a different change every year. The placebo would show just the normal encouragement from the others. The muscle enhancers would give the students a need to work out. The pot extract gave the subjects the munchies and also a sense of psychic connection. And the hormone replacement gave the students a more feminine and thus altering their sexual orientation. The hormone replacements were female hormones giving the bodies a tendency to store fat in the chest and hip area.

All the drugs were chosen for their combined effect.

And the study goes on.

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