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The Gainer Party
Devon (me but not my real name) – 16yrs – 235lbs. – avg. height – flabby
Michael – 18yrs – 235lbs. – tall – chubby w/ soft beer belly
Dave – 21yrs – 305lbs. – tall – huge
Rick (Dave’s twin) - 21yrs – 190lbs. – avg. height – chubby
Matt – 16 yrs – 215lbs. – avg. height – jiggly
Nick (brother of Dave and Rick)- 15 yrs. – 165 – avg. height – skinny

Buzz!!!! My cell phone went off. Michael had left a message telling me to go to Nick’s tonight to spend the night. So I packed my duffle bag and headed out to his house.

I arrived to his house and discovered that his parents were not home. I knocked on the door, Michael answered, and he helped me in. I noticed that he was sagging a lot. I saw his hot boxers that had red lips. I asked him, "Where is Nick?”
He responded, "He’s making our food.”
"Who is coming over?”
"Umm…Matt and Nick’s older brothers.”

I walked downstairs to the family room and watched TV for a while with Michael. Matt arrived there and came downstairs to join us. Nick came down as well. A weight loss commercial came on and Nick made a comment—"I am so sick of hearing about people losing weight. It makes me sick. I wish I could become bigger.”
Matt responded, "Why don’t you join the gym and bulk up?”
Nick replied, "No. I don’t wanna have bigger muscles. I wanna become fatter.”
Matt said, "About five or ten pounds?...so that you won’t be a scrawny…”
Nick interuped, "see I’m sick of being scrawny. I wanna become really fat. I was always fascinated with having a jiggly gut. Tonight, I officially wanna be a gainer. I mean my brother Dave has been one for a long time and my other one started not to long ago.”
"I am one,” stated Matt.
"Me too,” said Michael.
I couldn’t believe this. I never knew that my friends actually liked being fat like me. I was speechless.
Rick and Dave arrived. They brought in some groceries and came downstairs to join us. Rick brought a bag down. Nick then said, "Well…we are all here.”
"Did you tell them?” said Dave
"Yeah,” said Nick.
"I’m hot! I’m gonna take off my shirt,” said Matt He took it off and I saw his soft belly jiggle as he was taking it off. It barely hung over his boxers. [A]
Then everyone else took there’s off as well.
I took mine off before the rest of them. I had on jeans and was barely sagging showing my light blue boxers. I threw my shirt on the the floor and intentionally squeezed my gut. It seem flabbier than usual since I was hungry. [b]

Michael took his shirt off and rubbed his soft beer belly. His pants fell more and he sagged even more. [C]
Nick took his off and he said, "Look how frail I am! I want to have a huge mass of flabby blubber over my abs.” [D]
The twins took their shirts off and had different results. Rick had a tanned beer belly and had sexy yellow shiny boxers. Dave lifted his shirt up, and his gut rumbled with every move he made. It laid over his waistline of his boxers completely hiding them. It was so perfect and smooth. [E]

"I’m hungry!” I said.

"Let me get the food. It’s a surprise. I made it just for this,” Nick said.
He brought down a huge bowl of some yellow stuff.
"It’s a concoction I made. It contains lard, butter, oil, whole milk, coffee creamer, heavy cream, sugar, bacon grease, and pancake batter. It contains 1200 calories per cup. I made this so that I could gain a lot of fat tonight.”
I could not believe this!
Matt took a plate and started gorging himself with it. [F] We all then ate a lot. I believe that I had eaten a whole gallon of that stuff. That means I had gained 10 lbs of pure raw fat. I felt soooo bloated. Dave ate the most—2 gallons [about 19 lbs!]. Nick ate a half of a gallon [5 lbs]. Dave unloosened his pants and put his undershirt partially on. His fat was massive and flopped over his waist. He was so hot. He rubbed and groaned. [G]
"Now we are gonna have fun,” said Rick. He pulled out the bag. "I got some hot shiny boxers for you all to wear.” He opened the bag.
I got up and my gut stuck put so far. I was in shock. [H]

He handed his brother Nick a size ‘M’ boxer that had shiny silver designs on them. He put them on, and his brother said, "No, take the rest of your clothes off!” [I,J]
He handed Matt a gold pair size XXL and Michael a red pair size XXL as well. [K] He gave me a black pair the same size. [L] Dave got pair of shiny boxer briefs that were dark red [M,N]
We all stripped down nothing and put them on. I saw all but Nick’s gut hang over the waistband of their boxers [N
ick only had a beer belly]. Nick pulled out a large pastic black mat and cleared the floor. He took an entire bottle of vegetable oil and smeared it across the mat. He then passed around another conatiner and told us to rub it all over ourselves. Then he said "Dive in!” 
We all flopped on to the mat. I immediately wiggled my way to Dave and massaged his gut. Matt grabbed a funnel from the bathroom, stuck it in my mouth and poured another gallon of that concoction down my throat. I felt my gut expand and Nick and Rick massaged my gut. I then plopped on Dave’s blubber and Michael massaged my manboobs. This was the ultimate gainer’s experience. I fell deeper into Dave’s expanding gut. Michael smashed his gut into my face as I licked the oil off of his flab. Nick started to lick my bellybutton, and Rick jiggled my flabby legs. This went on all night. I ended up gaining 12 lbs of pure, lardy, jiggly, flabby, FAT!
They invited us over again for the next day.

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