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The growing project part 3
Ryan was worried about his expanding body as the chair would speak occasionly when Andy and Ryan would stop to turn the corner. "3400", next corner, "3675" next stop, "3804" and then they were in the building. "Why am I getting big so fast Andy?" Ryan worried. "You ate tons of foods silly. What did you expect? Just try to think about what you inhaled. All that fuel being stored then quadrupling in calories inside you." answered Andy laughing. Ryan honestly hadnt thought about it. He felt it wasn't even that much. He was starving to be honest.

Just then his stomach roared and Andy laughed. "hungry arent we, handsome? Your stomach grows to you know.... Here now that were in I'll give you a simple evaluation, just to get started, Then we'll go eat!" The chair stopped and the weight was 4253. Ryan was secretly turned on by this and there was no hiding it. Andy was oddly excited record to the weight. Then Andy measured Ryans height which came out to 12 and a half feet tall as ryan was able to stand for a second. Then he checked his eyes and ears and finally his heart which was super healthy and loud. Ryans fat wasnt in layers everywhere as it would for someone of his size normally. Instead he was growing so fast his skin had trouble keeping up and was tight with fat all over.

Ryan was looking like a blimp but was small still next to Andy. Andy was towering over ryan. 15ft tall, still able to walk and looked like a Giant Fat Golden Buddha statue but with tons of muscle. As they went down the hall Ryan worried. What would his life be like if he kept growing? Would he be visible to the public one day? What would happen if he went to far? How much did Andy weigh? They got to the cafeteria but it was empty. No one in sight except one large giant man in the distant corner of this masion sized cafeteria. Tubes hung from the ceiling. Andy gave one to Ryan but kept feeding it down his throat. Ryan looked at him oddly. "dont worry its just so you dont choke. Look at it this way you dont have to struggle, Just relax. Ryans Massive gut felt warm as Andy turned on the the machine and left the room. Ryan felt the swelling and heat and. A few minutes later a hand not his own began rubbing his belly.

"Filling up nicely arent we?" said the man that was from the back. The man was significantly larger and when he stopped his chair it stated he weighed 8123lbs. Ryan was now 5532lbs. The man was rubbing Ryans expanding form. Ryan moaned with pleasure as the littlest touch from the man gave him so much pleasure. Ryan was craving nothing but sex to be honest. Ryan was now much taller than the man and much bigger. Ryan made the man lay on the floor and Ryan's massive cock went in the mans blubbery ass. Ryan couldnt believe that he was standing as he thrusted into the massive dough of a man. Ryan had trouble at first but then they were fucking and growing. Ryan got stronger for some reason, his massive chest beginning to form a body builder gone fat hulks look, Ryan was on fire. Then Andy came back in.

"I knew you two would hit it off. I didnt think literally though. haha" Andy went to the machine. Then under the lever there was a button. "Critical mass" it stated. Andy pushed it. Ryans Gut poured onto the fat man and both of them were swelling. Andy walks over to Ryan and puts a tube in and starts to fuck Ryan from behind. Andys thrust was enough to get both the swaying fat men off. After that was over Andy had Ryan lay down on a massive scale. It was 10,000lbs and climbing fast!!! Layimg there on the scale the stranger started sucking Ryans cock while and Ryan started sucking Andy's. Andy cam multiple times and everytime Ryan would grow a little. Ryan cam into the stranger and the stranger was swelling massively with each load.

When they were done The stranger got on at 20,000lbs and was swelling still as they left the room. As they shut the door the stranger was 40,000 and growing. Ryan was begining to get snug on the once massive chair that now couldn't read Ryans weight. Ryan was secretly a liitle excited by this. Andy was smiling oddly going down the large hall and Ryans belly was now pouring over the chair.They stopped in the hall and Andy went into a room where a small man was. He looked like he had been there a day and hadnt eat. you could tell he was growing tnough. 6'5, 250 looking. Ryan saw Andy looking at Ryan often and the other man smiling oddly. Then Andy put Ryan on a wagon type lift which was larger than the chair. Then came to a stop at a massive doorway and went into a endlessly tall and long room. There were two massive men in the back and three smaller men up front, the smaller 400lbs each. Out of nowhere Ryan was chained around his arms and then he was given a large sedative.

A few minutes later he awoke with a large tube in his mouth. A shaking sensation came from his ass and gut. Ryan was expanding and fast. Ryan had a floating screen showing him that he was 15780lbs and then a 10 minutes later it was 25000 and and another 10 minutes 35000lbs and then Andy appeared on screen. "Hey handsome I know you hate me now but you'll learn to love it. Your going to be our next test subject."

part 4 next!

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