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The Growing Project Part 5 -Final story
"Good morning Modesto CA. Todays weather, partly cloudy and the weather a nice 85 degrees! Perfect for running!" Ryans clock alarm on the morning news. Ryan was at his house again in his bed and was a tiny 180lbs. "So I was... dreaming?" Ryan said sadly as he sat up in bed. As he cleared his eyes and stretched Ryan opened his eyes to a freshly cleaned house. Ryan went to check his phone on his bedside table but it was dead. Ryan plugged his phone to his charger and got up. As he walked to his kitchen Ryan noticed a letter.

"Ryan, Do not go to the restricted area. I will tell you everything that happened at a later date. The military have the test site now. I am happy to tell you that we found the object that was making everything grow in the area. It was found in two separate pieces and luckily we got half before the military showed up. I'm sorry to leave you with little answers for now. But really I'm not even sure if I can explain what happened to you myself. All I know is I heard a popping noise as you began to press against the walls of the building. I had to leave the room because your fat was breaking the glass in the viewing room.

But when I went to the top of the building you were at the bottom on the floor at your original size. In fact, everyone was back to normal except for the man in the cafeteria. Anyways, I have your payment for the testing in your living area. I cleaned your house and stoked your fridge as well. I wont get to see you for a while Ryan. I want you to know even though we only knew each other for about a week and a half I really connected with you. I love you Ryan, I'm sorry I couldn't say that in person but you've been sleeping for the past few days. I had test run on you and you are perfectly healthy. My assistant told me you were just sleeping. I cant wait to see you again and I'm sorry for leaving like this. If you find someone while we are apart I will understand. But I want you to know I really enjoyed are time together! Bye for now my handsome man.



Ryan sort of laughed and cried for some reason at the same time. Ryan really cared for Andy and loved him as well. To know it wasn't just a dream was bizarre and exciting. Ryan thought he had died. How did he go from huge to normal again like that? Ryan sat at the table re-reading the letter over and over. At first he laughed at Andy's scattered message but grew angry for some reason. It was odd but somehow Ryan and Andy connected somehow. So deep it was like they were one for the few days they were together. Now being separated enraged Ryan but eventually it turned to depression.

Ryan went back to his room and laid back in bed. Ryan checked his phone to see what had happed while away. Tons of messages on his phone had been replied to but not by him. He turned on the tv in his room and then the news came on. "We are here reporting live at one of Modesto's old walking trails. Over the course of 4 days the military have worked to fence in the area and aren't telling us why. 4 days ago locals heard large booms off in the distance of the trails and reported seeing large beams of light shooting out of the hillside. We asked NASA if they knew anything and they stated it came from out the ground and not from the sky. The news team tried to ask more questions moments later but so far no further details can be added to this mysterious situation. Now back to you Stacy!" "Thank you Linda, now what I want to know is why haven't they told us anything? America deserve to know the truth! I am furious, the government is covering this up as a military exercise and America knows that's not true! So what are they hiding??"

Ryan turned off the tv and just sat there in shock. What if people found out the truth? Then a knock at the door startled Ryan! As Ryan answered the door his mother and his neighbor was at his door. "Ryan how are you doing? Why haven't you returned my calls? Your neighbor John told me you were sick so I came over!" said his mom. Ryan invited both of them in and they sat in the living room. Ryan had forgot about the money and didn't expect that much. But everyone sat surprised and Ryan made a quick lie sort of laughing. "I won the lottery so that's why I haven't called, sorry! I've been starring at it not knowing what to do with all of it! haha" They joked for a little while about the money and Ryan promised to help his mother by sharing the wealth.

3 years later....

Ryan had decided with all the wealth he now had he would move back to his home state with his family. He and is family tried to make it big in California but just as many others tried, their dreams never lifted off the ground like they thought it would. Ryan had just over 6 million dollars and wanted to give his parents half for always being there for him and loving him even when he came out to them. Ryan longed to see snow again and was excited to move back to the beautiful state of Kentucky. Ryan's 3 million was more like 10 million in Kentucky. Ryan found some good land for 2.5 million exact and had a small farm going.

Ryan had put on a lot of weight in three years. Ryan now 24 (about to be 25) and was setting comfortably at 415lbs. he had a full beard and was hairier and stronger as well. Ryan had dated on and off as well and didn't expect he would see Andy ever again. But one day as the sun was setting on his 25 birthday, Ryan was preparing dinner for himself and he heard the doorbell ring. Andy was standing there and he was different as well. Andy was his original height of 5'll but his weight looked to be 500lbs+. He definitely wasn't the muscle god with a belly anymore. Ryan looked at Andy in awe.

"Yeah I know I am a blimp now but I cant help it I love food now! haha" Ryan still silent with a bit of shock still on his face. "I'm sorry I didn't get to you sooner. Can I come in?" Ryan directed him to the kitchen still silent. "So I finally found out some more information about the object. The object is alien technology. We found it was connected to a signal found off planet. Eventually we found a message attached to it but we still haven't figured out the language." Said Andy as if it wasn't the most shocking thing in the world.

"Aliens??? Why would Aliens create something like that?" said Ryan almost shaken by the thought. "Most likely for war or just to mess with another planet maybe. Whatever the reason it didn't sound so scary from the message. They sounded peaceful and I could have swore they were laughing even at one point." said Andy. All Ryan had in his mind was Alien. "So we aren't alone after all" Ryan thought to himself. After a few minutes of silence Andy spoke again. "I know its a lot to take in but I do have more news for you Ryan." said Andy calmly.

"I'm fine go on. Its just exciting and shocking at the same time. I never thought I would see you again." Said Ryan smiling and sort of teary eyed. "Being busy with research I couldn't come to you. When I finally could you had moved here to Kentucky from what I heard from your neighbor. I really missed you as well, Ryan. Anyways, I found out the object isn't just for weight gain and growing. It also gives us our deepest desires. The day you stopped growing and went back to normal was because it was your desire to live. So it returned you to normal. But even after you are away from the object it makes you fully realize your deepest desires. That's why we both look the way we do now." Said Andy.

"Andy this is a lot to take in. Could you stay with me? I made a large diner, would you mind to set with me and eat?" said Ryan. "I knew I smelt some food in the oven! I would love to stay." said Andy. They sat at the table and Andy ate the best lasagna of his life, then he had a loaded cheesy chicken salad, then Ryan pulled out two Pizzas from his stone fire place and finally for dessert they both ate a gallon of cookie dough Ice cream. As they were eating they talked about the object and about the experiences and what all had happened. As they went to the TV room Andy started talking. "So I never asked, are you still single?" he said curiously. "I have been for a little while now. No one ever really came close. To be honest, I sort of felt a odd connection to you Andy." Ryan said almost silent at the end.

"I feel same way about you Ryan. Maybe it was the alien object but I felt I knew you since you were little. And yet I don't really know that much about you even now. I was sort of worried about coming here. I know its silly of me because we both expanded together but I feel like a loser being this big now. I was worried maybe you wouldn't like me the same being I'm more of a chub than the muscular hulk that I was."

Ryan couldn't do anything but laugh. "I didn't care about your muscles Andy. You are so hot to me and obviously you are a very caring man. I think that's why I liked you so much. I could be myself with you and share our desires with one another fully. I never told you about the day we met each other....." Ryan said pausing.

"I'm really glad you like me handsome. I really like the fat now more than I do the muscle to be honest. But what do you mean by that last part?" said Andy smiling. "Well... You are my first." Ryan said rather quietly. "You mean you were a virgin?" said Andy puzzled. "That day I guess my desire to get laid was at the forefront of my mind. You are my first big guy." Andy laughed and smiled at Ryan. "Wow so that must have been the best first time you ever had! I'm glad to be the one to help you along with that handsome. To be honest you are the 2nd man in my life but you are the best I've ever been with. I thought about you a lot while I was away." Just then Andy's button up shirt burst open.
Ryan was starring at Andy and Ryan just lost himself.

Ryan attacked Andy almost animalistic like and they made out fiercely! Ryan was on top Andy's belly as he undressed. He noticed that Andy seemed to be growing as Ryan was lifted little by little. Ryan reached into Andy's pocket and realized Andy had a fragment from the Alien object. As Ryan held it he began to grow as well. his belly eventually resting on Andy's mass and his chest was getting tight. Ryan grew warm with sexual pleasure. Andy pulled Ryan towards him and ripped off Ryan's underwear with the strength he still had hidden under layers of growing fat. Andy sucked hard on Ryan's cock! Ryan eventually cam and Andy grew bigger and his belly spilt out onto the floor. Ryan quickly hopped off Andy as best he could and told Andy to go outside as he knew they would only be getting bigger.

Andy tried to move but couldn't. Ryan pushed but he couldn't get him to move at all. Ryan took the fragment and went to get his protein powder and some small weights. After 10 minutes Ryan looked like the hulk gone puff and entered the tv room again. Andy was spilling over the couch with fat and Ryan quickly moved him to the back patio to a large king sized bed. Andy rolled from the chair onto the bed with Ryan's help. Ryan went down on Andy and had the best blow job a guy could ever have. He lasted for a entire hour and a half and it only got better every minute until he screamed in pleasure and left out a river of cum. Ryan was swept off his feet as the cum made him grow unexpectedly large and he shot out for almost 5 minutes, just charge after charge.

Andy grew taller because of his desire to climb Ryan's back side. When he got to Ryan's ass Andy's dick grew large and he even got taller to be sure he could dominate Ryan. As he rocked Ryan's fat back and forth he spent the next few hours pounding his ass and playing with his body. Ryan was screaming in pleasure every few seconds but eventually tried to quiet himself only to be grunting like a pig and gasping as the waves of intense pleasure hit him. When Andy cam into Ryan it just kept going for 45 minutes straight. Ryan was pinned down and couldn't move. Ryan became very tight and most of the fat went to his belly. He was the size of his mansion! Ryan passed out and They both went back to there original sizes. Ryan resting at 420 and Andy laying by him at 535.

The next few weeks Andy moved in and brought his work with him. They used the object less often but when they did it was used for a wonderful way to end the day. After a year Ryan and Andy got married and Currently they both weigh about 700lbs each wanting to be equal weight to see who can grow larger when they make love with the alien technology be their side.

The End...

Spin off series to "The Growing Project" coming soon!!

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