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The inflated bodybuilder
At the doctor's office, John was about to receive a colon examination. He had abdominal pain for a while, and he could take it anymore. When the doctor saw him, he froze. -Oh...ahem.. John? -Yes, it's me The doctor was amaze by the size of this man. John has been bodybuilding all his life, and his 400 lbs of muscle where there to prove it. His shoulder are the size of a basketball, so are his biceps. His pecs are like giant pillow of rock solid muscle, so tightly inflated against each other that they squeak when he moves. He's like the Hulk, if the hulk has been overinflated. His waist was very large, but his abs are trying to held everything together, giving him a relatively flat stomach. He lays down on the table, barely able to contain his gigantic back. The doctor made an X-Ray scan, looked at his screen, and just said: -Oh my god. -...Is everything OK doctor? -John, did you used Human Growth Hormones? -...I mean... euhh.. -You can tell me, I'm here to help. -Yes, I've been injecting myself for 10 years now. Why? -Do you know the side effects of HGH? It make your internal organ bigger than normal. And your stomach, man, is more that 20 times the size of a normal human stomach. You must get really big when you eat enough to fill it completely. -I never stuff myself because I don't want to become fat. But I'm always hungry. -You mean, you never ate until you are full in the last ten year? -No. As soon as my belly starts to push out, I try to stop. -See, your stomach is so big that it's folded on itself multiple time, like a deflated mattress! That's the cause of the pain! You need to stretch it out and eat until you're full. It will stretch and unfold your stomach. -But I will be too big! -You will be REALLY BIG, but all the food you will eat will help your muscle to grow even bigger! You can consider that like a bulking session. Treat yourself! But first, we will stretch that belly with a enema, to make sure nothing is abnormal in your digestive track. We're going to flow you intestine with water, to see their maximum capacity. -What? Are you kidding? I've been trying to avoid stretching my stomach for years! -Don't panic, we are here to help. The doctor brings a big machine: a compressor with a water hose. They insert the hose in his butt. Water began to fill John. *Gloub*Gloub*Gloub* He heard the water flowing inside him. "1 liters", says the doctor to his assistant He look at his belly, no change. "2 liters" "3 liters" Sounds came from his stomach. "4, 5, 6 liters" His belly begin to rise. "7,8,9 liters" His belly tighten up, so it begin to stretch. -Whoa, stop! How much longer are you gonna inflate me? "10 liters" -Until this needle indicate that the pressure is at the maximum. -Oomph. Man, I'm still swelling... His belly is transforming into a large sphere, growing in every direction. "20 liters" -Getting to big... ooofff... I'm...HUGE...! "30 liters" His belly was now the size of a large exercise ball. "40 liters" The table he was on was 2 meters large, but the inflating belly began to grow larger. The doctor looked on the x-ray machine: -We're almost done, there's still a giant fold: your belly is folded in half. It needs to unfold... soon I hope! John was sweating and moaning, as we heard a stretching sound louder and louder, like a balloon was about to pop. An suddenly: POW!! His stomach finally unfolded, making John's belly inflate instantly 2 foot in every direction. He was incredibly huge. And the water was still filling him, pushing in every direction. -OWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW... so....big..... -Mmh. That needle is still not moving... The doctor gave the machine a firm punch.... and the needle go directly into the red zone: it was stuck the whole time! -OH SHIT! I got to stop this machine! 80 liters!! -OWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW The doctor was so nervous, when he try to pull the lever to stop the machine, the lever broke in his hand! -OOOMMPHHH! I'M... GONNA.... BLOW... -Assistant! Help me stop this machine before his belly explode! They pull the plug off the wall, but the water remaining in the machine continue to fill the giant belly. They try to pull the hose from his butt, but the pressure was so intense that it was impossible to move. The stretching sound was louder and louder. POP! The tube finally popped form his butt. He was more than inflated: his belly was about to touch the ceiling. His entire body was shining, making him look like a giant balloon. His belly button was so deep, you could fit 3 water bottle on top of each other. Even his voice was deeper now. -Oooomph.. You got to do... something... I'm too big... I'm gonna blow.. Still stretching... The doctor run to find a pump, to extract the water, as the examination was over. His stomach began to slowly deflate as they pump the liquid out of him. It was still stretched out from the inside, creating a feeling of emptiness. He was hungry. VERY hungry. Hours later, John leaved the hospital, and run to the nearest restaurant. The waiter assign him to a large booth, enough for him to feel comfortable. -What will it be?, ask the waiter -I'll take two bowls of soup, the largest you have. Two hamburgers, the largest too. And the biggest desert you have. -Ha ha ha! I'm not sure it would be a wise choice to take them all in one meal... See, we offer a variety of food challenge. The largest soup is the equivalent to the pho soup challenge. 2 pounds of noodles, 2 pounds of meat. Our biggest hamburger is like a joke: it's made for groups of 20 people or more, like the 8th wonder. It's a 105 lb burger, 28" wide, 11.5" in height. You don't even want to know about our largest desert... Seriously, want do you want? -No. you heard me right. I won't change my mind. -But you can't eat them all, that's impossible! -I'm starving. Bring them to me. -Umm... Ok, as you wish sir! The waiter brings the two giant bowls of soup to the table. Without hesitation, John take the first bowl to his lips and start sucking its content. While he absorb the pounds of noodles, vegetables and meat, his belly swell visibly each time he swallow. He took a deep breath, and immediately did the same thing with the second bowl. He ballooned way past the 70 inches mark. He put the empty bowls on the table, and his hands on his belly now larger than a beach ball. He moaned softly while caressing his guts. The waiter just stood there, he couldn't stop watching the muscled giant growing before his eyes. -I guess that will be all?, asked the waiter. -Not at all... *BUURRRPPP* I asked you for two burgers... and a dessert... bring them to me, please. *BBBUURRRPPPP* -OK, if you insist... The two comically big burgers arrived at his table, each one on his own charriot. They were so big that it took two waiter to transfer them on the table. At more than 100lb each, nobody could imagine how big John's belly would get if he manage to eat them. The buns were at least 4 inches thick, same thing for the meat. It was cut in slices like a pie, so John took one slice and shove it in his mouth, until his cheek couldn't grow any bigger. Monster bite by monster bite, John was slowly finishing the first half of the first burger. His shirt was staining on every stitches, ready to explode. His belly was so big that it was pushing hard on the table: he was now stuck in the booth. His face was red when he called the waiter. -W..W..Waiter.... HELP... OOOFFF. -What? What's happening? -Move...the...table...please....The pressure... OOOMMPHH... -Oh God! The employee pulled the table from the booth, and put it on John's side, so he can still reach the food. But John's face was still red... until the table was was fully out of the way. At this moment, he let go the pressure that was building up in his stomach. "PPPRRRPRPRPRR" He let his belly grow out in every direction several inches. His clothes just blow all over his body. By chance, his pants were very elastic, and it kept him for being completely naked in the restaurant. Everybody was looking at him, but he didn't care. He was still so hungry... One and a half burger to go! Now that he had much more space to grow, he began to eat at a faster pace. His skin was stretching, and his belly button was getting deeper and deeper. The first burger was finished, and he was now starting to attack the second one, which was getting more and more difficult to reach. As he stuffed his mouth with the burger, his cheek were now stretched enough to contain an entire slice of the giant burger. They looked even bigger than Dizzy Gillespie's. His skin felt so tight, and yet, he was still expanding in every direction. His belly was gigantic after eating more than 300lb of foods. It was surreal. He haven't treat himself with food for years now, and he was determined to eat until he was satisfied. He ate for hours and hours, until his clothes literally explode from the pressure. He was the same size as after the enema, but this time, he kept going. -Oooh man…. I’m gonna blow…. So hungry… but so big….Waiter... -Are you finished yet? I swear you're about to explode! -Not...yet...ooooofff. How about.... that ...dessert... *BURP*. -You can't be serious, that dessert will make you explode at the first bite! -Bring...it. And the dessert came. They call it "The Cube". It's a giant cube of rich, solid brownies. 3 foots by 3 foots. Even a group of 40 peoples would have trouble finishing it. John was so stuffed, his guts was blocking most of his view. But when he saw that, he didn't flinch and began to stuff it in his mouth. The Cube was made of small 5 inches by 5 inches cube. He took several at the time, and filled his mouth to the maximum, until his cheek were shiny and about to burst. Each time, he just swallows the whole thing without even chewing. You could actually see the mound of brownies go down his throat. He repeated the process until the mountain of chocolate was all inside of him. Bite by bite, that cube was now solidifiing in John's stomach, making him heavier than ever. -.......finish........ oooff.... -Oh god. I go fetch the check. -No... Wait... I'm so thirsty... I'll take a keg of beer... -Are you serious?? His boss, looking at him from behind the counter, make him understand that John's meal was very lucrative. So he brings the keg, and a long tube, because John couldn't reach it with his colossal belly in the way. He put the tube in John's mouth, and the giant began to drink. His belly slowly inflate and fill the booth, rising in the air while making scary stretching sound. How big will he get? *GULP GULP GULP* His body didn't know what to do with all this food, so since the first hamburger, his muscles were absorbing everyting they could. It was like the Incredible Hulk growing in slow-mo. Every muscle on his body was now fullt inflated and hard as a rock. His pecs were slowly growing, pressing against his belly and each other. His chin was now resting between the two pecs, each one bigger than a beer belly. *GULP GULP GULP* His nipples were bigger too: now as large as the opening of a water bottle. As they grow, we could see them dripping a single drop of beer. If someone would suck on them, the person would probably be instantly inflated with a geyser of beer, as the pressure inside them was immense. The stretching sound was now accompanied by a growling sound, that became louder and louder. The giant mound of flesh was still rising in the air... He continues to drink until air bubble was heard: he had finished the entire keg. With that last sip, he had reach his goal. He was stuffed to the point of bursting. He couldn't take more. -I... can't... eat... no... more. Look... how... huge... I’ve... gotten! I can’t ... *BURP*... believe I ....ate... so... much! I'm .... huge! *BURP* (Which was a understatement) Everyone in the restaurant was looking at him. He was proud. He always dreamed of being the biggest man in the world. He couldn't even move now. He was surely exceed the one ton mark. But then, something was wrong. The growling in his belly didn't stopped. In fact, it was getting louder. We could see his entire mass starting to shake. The beer was reacting to the dozens of pounds of bread from the hamburger buns, and the noodle of the soup was aslo absorbing the beer, growing several time their original size. The carbonation of the beer was building up the pressure in his massive body. As crazy as it sounds, his full belly and his muscles were inflating. -It's... still... fuckin'... growin'... I... gotta... stop... it! -EVERYONE! COVER UP! HE'S GONNA BLOW!, the waiter yelled. John kept his mouth shut, and his cheek were inflating too, as his body balloon was about to reach the ceilling. His skin was shining and his belly button hole was reduing in size, because every inches of his body was being blown up to the max. His back was 9 foot large, and was still blowing up. His face and his entire body was changing color because he tried to hold his breath. His cheeks were the size of basketballs, and his belly was filling the entire booth and touching the celling. And then, it happened. **BBBBBUUUUUUUUURRRRRRPPPPPPPP** A minute long wall shaking belch emerged from his mouth, breaking every glass on sight. It help to reduce the pressure in his stomach, and now, he was fully satisfied.

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