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The Magic Words
It was a Friday Night, me and Joseph were in our dorm at college, when Joseph said he read a weird article off the Internet.
"Hey, Spence, check this out," he said to me," these bears said they know a way to have the greatest sex of your life!"
"Cool," I responded, "What does it say?"
" It says, that all you have to do is repeat the word "HUMEBIG".
"That's weird."
"Yeah, but you wanna try it?"
"Sure, sounds interesting." Joseph and me were both obese college students. Joseph had a 5'11 body with a fat body of 275 pounds, added with a 6 inch cock. I had the same 5'11 height, but with a fat body of 286, with a 6.5 cock.
As we undressed, I couldn't help but get hard, when he took off his shirt showing is flabby man tits. Looking at his cock, he likes mine too!
We got in the bed and started making out, then Joseph sucked my tit, while I rubbed his belly. Joseph asked:
"Do u wanna say it now?"
Simultaneously we said,"HUMEBIG!"
Nothing seemed to happen at first, since we closed our eyes when we said the strange word. When we opened our eyes, alot had changed. Our king sized bed was the size of a coffee table. Both mine and Joseph's man boobs were bigger than the 28'' TV.
"Joseph open your eyes u got to see this!"
"What?" Joseph said while opening his eyes.
"We're giants!"
"This is so awesome!"
I gazed at Joseph and noticed his cock had grown to the size of lamp stand. While Joseph was staring at the new girth, I started at his cock,sucking, hoping that Joseph would catch a hint and exert the honey. Fortunately he did!
"Hey Joseph."
"How about we try out that word again."
"Most definitely!"
As we opened our eyes we notice we had cracked out of the ceiling. Now we went from being in the 200's to 1500's. My leg reached over to the next dorm house, sadly our extreme girth crushed both the lower and upper dorm occupants.
"Joseph, get the hell over here and let me fuck you!"
Joseph came over, crushing a car with his new sized feet. He bent down and raised my 300 yard cock and shoved it into his bottom the size of a house. I released all the cum I could give to my lover.
Then Joseph pulled out and Came over to me and laid down on me belly, cock, and tit first.
We made the biggest bear hug in history.
"Hey Spencer."
"How about we say it one more time?"
"Oh yea."
"HUMEBIG", we both said together again.
This time we grew to the size of the Empire State Building. My cock up to the size of a skyscraper, my tits, the size of buildings, and my belly sticking out up to 500 miles. I looked at Joseph and noticed his Forest of pubic hairs, His nipples the size of cars, and his bulgy butt the size of two cruise ships.
I tackled Joseph down, sticking my tongue in to his mouth. He responded with his own. Our tits touching each other
had me so hard that i couldn't resist, I turned him over and fucked him up. All the tiny people stood in horror of us two giant chubs having sex on top of there poor city. One person cheered us on.
I picked up the person and saw he had no terror in his eyes, my booming voice asked:
"Wanna ride?"
" Please, oh and rip of my clothes for me." he responded.
With a simple tug of my finger his clothes revealed him to be obese like me and Joseph. After gazing at him I put him on my cock. He stuck his head inside and I release a short shot of cum, so not to drown him. Unfortunately for the chub, Joseph didn't know he was on my cock, Joseph came over and put his mouth over my cock, and because I couldn't
hold it in much longer, i shot a full blast of cum. As I watched Joseph gulp it down, I couldn't help resist, getting harder, for some reason, seeing, a tiny chub get swallowed by a bigger chub was so hot. Then I started to make out with Joseph, hoping to have it all with me. As we laid down hugging each other we could only think of one thing that could make this better.


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