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The Main Course

Jose opened his eyes...

He was lying down in the center of a hut.

"So, I'm alive!" Jose thought in surprise. He had fully expected to drown when the storm had washed him off his ship. The last thing he could remember was grabbing one of the wooden crates that had gone overboard with him...

And now he was safe on dry land.

Well, almost dry...

It was obvious that he had woken up during another torrential storm -- or was it the same storm that washed him over board, part of a monsoon?

And where?

Jose tried to sit up to see more of his surroundings but two hands gently held him from getting up fully.

"Lie down -- please -- you're still weak."

Looking above him, Jose saw a young man's handsome, smiling face. He smiled back, gratefully as he lowered himself back onto his mat.

He was tired.

As the young man walked to the front of the hut, Jose got a chance to look over him over in the lamplight. Jose smiled again in admiration as he watched the warm-hued male whose South Sea loincloth exhibited his muscular physique beautifully. As a man who had seen handsome masculinity the world over, Jose could safely say that this islander was truly attractive.

The native returned, a large bowl in his arms as he sat down by Jose's mat.

"Here, I'll feed you."

Jose nodded, for he did feel hungry, and accepted apiece of roasted breadfruit. It felt good going down and he opened his mouth wide for some more. Long, sturdy fingers placed some more on his tongue.

"By the way, I'm Kal-Ork," the young man said as he fed Jose.

Swallowing, Jose gave his own name.

Soon the bowl was emptied. Jose felt the pleasant pressure of a full meal in his belly. He looked up at his companion who smiled at him.

"After all you went through in that storm, you could use a bit of filling out," Jose felt a warm hand patting the flesh of his middle, "Now sleep."

Jose felt his eyes droop shut, but before he was fully asleep, he felt Kal-Ork lie down beside him, stroking and rubbing him gently.

What was that strange licking sensation at his abdomen?


Jose watched the downpour from the window of his hut. It had been going on for several weeks already. Since Jose was still too worn from his ordeal, he didn't try to get about much. He was just content to lay in bed as have the attractive young man, feed him from the big bowl. At times, he would go on eating even when he felt full because he wanted the company that Kal-Ork provided. The rest of the time, Jose spent sleeping and gathering his strength, often with Kal-Ork snuggled beside him.

Although Jose never mentioned it, he still felt wondered at the way Kal-Ork would lick and nibble at his middle.

Was it a simple love gesture?

Or something more?

Sunlight streamed in through the open window, as Jose woke up.

The monsoon season was over.

The sailor could hear the cries of the animals as they started to explore the land that had been deluged only a day earlier. He wanted to cry out too and leave his hut.

But where were his clothes?

Kal-Ork arrived with breakfast and a large cloth rectangle.

"I want to go out."

"I know," Kal-Ork replied, "that is why I brought this". He held up the cloth. It was a gaily colored piece of fabric, smooth and lightweight.

"A loincloth?" Jose looked at it in surprise, "but I want my own clothes."

"You'd be more comfortable in this," Kal-Ork said as he lay the neat square of fabric out onto the mat.

"We'll see," Jose murmured as he lay back on the mat and let Kal-Ork feed him. He didn't need help eating any more, but Kal-Ork didn't say anything about stopping and Jose enjoyed having this sexy young man feed him...

After breakfast, Kal-Ork opened a reed box and held up Jose's sailor uniform.

"I still say the loincloth would be more comfortable."

Jose pulled his clothes on -- or tried to...

He had been always been proud of the way he looked in his uniform. Years at sea had given Jose a fine physique, with big round arms, powerful thighs, a pumped chest and a trim tiny waist.

But now after weeks of lying about and eating...

Jose's trouser legs were skin tight around a pair of very plump thighs. Behind the fraying seam of one upper leg, the outline of Jose's large, long cock could be seen, his new bulk forcing it down and out of the crotch so that its outline was in full detail along the thickened thigh. Right above, the fly was straining to hold back the fleshy front in what clearly would soon be a losing battle of bulk vs. zipper. In back, a soft round rear rose slightly at back with a promise of a full moon whenever he might bend.

Above a belt that was barely holding at the last hole, Jose's seaman's jersey shaped itself very snugly on a rounded torso. The pectorals made two smooth, rounded curves as they sagged slightly over the pot belly that Jose had developed. Below the jersey, a soft expanse of paunch rounded out with its dimpled navel, forming a porcine band between shirt and pants.

Jose had grown since he had last worn those clothes.

He was chubby and clearly on his way to becoming fat.

Kal-Ork saw Jose's despairing look as he stood in that outfit, an overstuffed sausage of a man, and took the sailor in his arms.

"I'm fat!"

"You're so sexy!" Kal-Ork replied quietly, lightly touching the mouth that he had so often filled with food.

"But look at this gut!"

"I love you, and your big gut," Kal-Ork murmured as he buried his face in the soft belly.

Jose looked down at the young man whose arms encircled his bulging waist and felt the warm mouth licking against his mass. He knew that if he wanted to recover his slim, trained figure, he should leave the handsome youth who cared for him. If he stayed with Kal-Ork, he would grow fatter and fatter.

Kal-Ork slipped lower against his body and gently undid the straining pants. Jose closed his eyes as he felt his hard cock being slowly pulled out. Kal-Ork's tongue slowly stroked along the long shaft, slowly rubbing along to the tip. Eager hands held the head of the young native as his mouth and throat took the hot throbbing member.

Jose groaned happily as he sank down on top of his companion. Kal-Ork had always been great to be with, but he sailor was amazed at the levels of pleasure he was now being brought to.

And what Kal-Ork could do just by playing with that bulging belly!

Fingers felt along the roundness of the middle, touching the sensitive spots of the paunch's underside. Jose's growing softness made him appreciate Kal-Ork's handling of his body all the more, from the kissing of his large round tits to the kneading of his softening gut. The only thought in Jose's mind was to have his companion hold him, kiss him, play with the soft belly.

"I love you, Kal," the sailor moaned as he shot off in powerful surges.

"Hey Jose!" a chunky male tossed a leaf wrapped package to the sailor. With an agility that belied his size, Jose caught the flying object.

"Papaya cake! Thanks!" Jose, said as he munched away.

It had been a while already since Jose had made his first trip to the village. Everybody was so friendly and welcomed the castaway sailor with open arm. Even his self-consciousness over his rounding tubbiness faded as Kal-Ork pointed out the main physical trait of most of the villagers -- a tendency to fat.

Everywhere that Jose went, he saw the considerable heft of the men. Village farmers with prominent paunches sampling the new fruit crops, soft bellied, proud hunters whose butt cheeks swallowed up their thongs trying out new ways to cook their abundant catch, chubby cheeked young men who stood together snacking and feeling their love handles -- the most honored and eligible men in the village proudly sported their thickening waists and huge bellies --indeed large girth was a status symbol, a virtue made of the natural result of an abundance of food and a placid lifestyle.

Jose looked at Kal-Ork's slim figure. It was an attractive body, but it seemed out of place -- an exception to the burgeoning heft around them.

"Why aren't you fat Kal?"

"When the time is right, I shall start fattening up too," the young man smiled as he answered.

"Well, then I want to be the man who fattens you up!" Jose laughed as he patted his companions slender middle. In his laughter, Jose did not notice a look of despair that quickly passed over Kal-Ork's face, a despair that came more frequently with every pound Jose gained.

And Jose did gain.

Between Kal-Ork's loving care and the friendly interest of the natives Jose ate more and more. The chubby figure spread out more and more, as Jose's shoulders and arms thickened, the thighs bulked out, his ass became huge and his chest drooped into two round nipple-tipped curves. And then there was Jose's belly.

His belly had grown rapidly. Once it curved out proudly above the loincloth as if in defiance of any effort to control its rotundity, but soon, as if urged by Jose's constant eating, it started to engulf the fabric below, drooping lower and lower as it got rounder and fatter. Every bit that Jose gained seemed to make it more and more massive and impressive. It swayed and shook as Jose walked and became even more sensitive in ways that made the sailor shake out in amazed pleasure whenever Kal-Ork licked and nibbled at it during their lovemaking.

Jose loved feeling Kal-Ork's hands exploring him, feeling for each new ounce of fat. He grinned with delight as his lover spread his large legs apart and started caressing his cock. When Kal-Ork had first done it, the youth was in full view, but now Jose noted in satisfaction that it was becoming harder and harder to see him over the swelling blubber of his belly. Sometimes he loved having Kal-Ork simply lie on top of it, the youth's own rigid cock in his mouth as he felt the warmth of the body that spread out on him. Jose loved how Kal-Ork looked at his fatter body and often begged the young native for even more food to "fatten my gut!"

The once slender sailor was fascinated by his own increasing fatness.

And Kal-Ork was quietly saddened by it.

Jose settled down into bed. He rubbed his paunch happily and felt his cock grow hard as he rolled on top of the young man lying besides him.

"I won't free you until you kiss me!" Jose laughingly demanded as he pinned Kal-Ork down with his belly land locked at his companion's face.

A tear-streaked face.

Concerned, the sailor sat up and gently drew Kal-Ork besides him.

"What is it lover?"

With a shaking sob, Kal-Ork buried himself in Jose's arms and pressed his head against a massive shoulder.

Slowly, interrupted by sobs and fresh tears, Kal-Ork told Jose a tale that, even in the tropical weather and under pounds of fat, made the sailor's bones chill.

Kal-Ork's village worshipped a Monkey-deity that made a terrible demand upon them.

It needed human flesh.

Every few years, the village had to take a man, and leave him for the Monkey-idol to feed upon. Usually, the villagers were able to avoid sacrificing one of their own, because sailors constantly washed up upon the shores of the island. A young villager would be appointed to care for the man and make him happy in every way possible. The sailor would be fattened up and eventually be escorted, unarmed and unprotected, by his companion to the area where the Monkey-deity would take over. To make certain that the Monkey-deity would take the right victim, the companions kept slim and muscular, the better to run off from the terrible scene.

"...then we can live a quiet life of plenty and ease, so much so that it is a hard task for any man to keep from becoming fat. But if we don't give the Monkey its man, we have been threatened with all types of evils." Kal-Ork continued, "famines, attacks by monkeys, developers..." He broke down again, his muscular body shaking tensely with his sobs, "I always nibbled at your gut to remind myself what the Monkey would do to you and try not to love a doomed man..."

Jose listened in shock, looking at his own fat build.

"But I can't let them kill you, Jose," Kal-Ork said as he regained control of himself, "I may not get so fat, but the Monkey will have to make do with me. I just want to stay with you until then..."

"When will the Monkey want his -- ugh -- meat?" Jose asked thoughtfully.


"Tell me more about him..."

Later that night, the sailor lie wide awake on his mat, his arms holding Kal-Ork's exhausted form. Everything that Jose had been told, went racing through his mind. Finally, unable to think any longer, Jose kissed the sleeping man besides him. As he drifted to sleep, Jose thought, "He really loves me!"

The next morning, Jose woke to find Kal-Ork stuffing himself from the breakfast bowl.

"He's getting fat to save me..." Jose thought with a smile.

Jose once had thought it might be nice to get Kal-Ork to fatten up too, and share in all the sensual delights.

But not as a sacrifice.

The idea Jose had been searching for, suddenly flashed into his mind.

Happily, Jose took Kal-Ork in his arms and hugged him.

"We can both eat, Kal. That Monkey won't be able to do a thing to us!"

The day of the sacrifice came. Most villagers kept to their homes, while the village wise men gathered at the door of Jose's hut. When Jose and Kal-Ork came out, there was a gasp of surprise.

The natives had noticed that Jose and Kal-Ork had pretty much kept to themselves in the past few weeks, but they remembered all the food that Kal-Ork had been asking for and figured that he was properly preparing the sailor for the meeting with the Monkey-deity. But now they saw the true result of the seclusion.

Most of the men sent to the Monkey, grew so fat and blubbery that it was often hard for them to walk all the way to the sacrifice-place without the help of their companions. But not Jose. He was truly huge, but it was more than just flab. His neck had been swallowed up by his powerful, massive shoulders. His pecs were round pads topped by two large hard nipples, Two giant arms, muscular as well as fat, curved over the round sides. Two large, sturdy legs held up the tremendous body. The once smooth round gut doubled over with its fat as it drooped past Jose's thighs, its navel swaying with each step.

The sailor had truly become a mountain of fat, but there was still a powerful body under all the lard.

But that wasn't the only surprise.

Kal-Ork stood besides Jose, smiling nervously as he rested his hands on the large dome of his warm colored flesh -- a large belly topped by very round, chunky pecs

The lithe native man had become fat too.

Jose smiled at the youth, remembering how wonderful it had been watching Kal-Ork's slender loincloth-clad figure soften and get bigger. He also knew the joy of feeding his lover and playing with another man's growing belly, laughing as Kal-Ork had to undo his loincloth during meals, never able to refasten it unless he kept it looser. As Kal-Ork got bigger, some of the positions the men had used in sex became even more arousing to attempt and they would often make love for hours, trying new variations which used made their fat even more arousing.

But it hadn't all been food and sex...

They had slipped into the jungle and spent unobserved hours working out their fat figures. Often their exercise became simple excuses to climb all over each other, but they were still prepared.

"We may be getting fatter, but we're no weaklings," Jose whispered to Kal-Ork as they started on their march.

Soon, the two fat men were alone before the shrine of the Monkey-deity. Human bones littered the area. Jose patted his belly as they waited and held Kal-Ork's hand to keep the young man calm. It was not a time to become hysterical.

An unearthly screeching and chattering echoed through the jungle. Kal-Ork tensed, but did not lose his nerve, smiling instead at the man he would happily give his life for.

Branches tore aside as the Monkey-deity came before them.

It was an awesome sight, nine feet tall, fangs jutting from a distorted face and skulls dangling from its matted, hairy body.

When the Monkey-deity saw two men, calmly waiting for it, it stopped, puzzled at their lack of fear.

Jose and Kal-Ork walked up to it.

"You're just an ape!" Jose said in disgust, "A big monkey and nothing more!"

With a shrill yell, the Monkey-deity dashed at the fat sailor, ready to tear his huge gut open with its fangs.

Quickly, Jose pulled out a long dagger from the fold of his belly where it had been hidden. The Monkey-deity, unable to stop, plunged his mouth over it, the end of the dagger plunging through the back of his neck. Kal-Ork, emboldened by his lover's action, pulled out a dagger that he had hidden under the rounding of his belly and stabbed the Monkey-deity in the heart.

With a quiver, the large body of the Monkey-deity dropped to the ground, dead.

The jungle seemed still, to the two men as they stood over the inert form of the Monkey-deity. No lightning flashed, no tremors shook the earth, the sky was as sunny as before.

Kal-Ork slowly spoke, "It was an ape."

"What terrified fat man has a chance against a razor fanged ape?" Jose murmured.

"But the village has been sending men out for years."

"Well, there may have been more of them once."

"So we're free?"

Jose turned and smiled at his chubby native man. Kal-Ork held himself against the massive sailor's giant middle. Two pairs of fleshy lips pressed hard against each other as the two fat men embraced, belly against belly.

They remained that way for a long time.

Jose grinned as he heard a soft rumble and patted the youth's bulging paunch.

"Hungry Kal?"

Kal-Ork nodded and started leading his huge lover back through the jungle. Jose's squeezed the youth's hand and spoke of their new future.

"I'm gonna feed you up so much that you'll become as fat as me. We'll be like two sexy man mountains..."

Kal-Ork's happy laughter trailed behind as they walked home.

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