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The New Product
The New Product
One day a man named James was walking through a superstore buying things for him and his wives new apartment. He stumbled on to a new isle that he never saw before in his life. Down at the very end of the isle he saw a new product that was just delivered to the store. On the bottle it read Help to all your problems. James wondered if it would help him lose weight like he wanted to. When he was done pondering he picked it up and put it in his cart.

The Next Day:
On the next day his new wife said, "What did you buy at the store yesterday?” James said, "I will bring it in, in a minute.” When James’ show was over he went out and got the items out of the truck. When he looked at the bottle he bought it said it must be used in a bath. So James started the water and let it fill up a little over his belly like it said to. James then got undressed and got in the bath with three cotton balls and the bottle just like the bottle said. Before James got in the bath he weighed himself to make sure it would work. After he laid down it the bath he read the bottle further. It said to dab some liquid on one of the cotton balls and he did then it said to stick the end with the liquid on in his belly button. As it said James did. Then the bottle said to wait there for 35 minutes.
After the minutes were up it said rinse off and do the same the next two days. James did everything the bottle said.

Three Days Later:
The day after James was done doing what the bottle said he woke up feeling really hungry. He got up and walked into the bathroom to get his morning shower and took his shirt off and looked in the mirror and yelled. His belly was full of stretch marks and it was hanging over his belt and pants and it was all soft and gooey like Jell-O. He started to laugh about the dream he had and his belly shook and shook.

(Image of him below):eek: It didn't show!

That night James weighed himself and he saw he went from177 to 188. After weighing himself James went to bed and conked out as soon as he hit the pillow.

Three Months Later:
James side view was horrible to look at and he went from 188 to 325lbs. 

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