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The Old Man
It all started with ray being at home sitting in his tatty old arm chair. He was listening to the radio about some creature that had awoken from below and was roming around somewhere. "Over to you Derek at the site of the awakening."
"Thanks Laura! Here at the large hole in the earth we have noticed some slimy trails leading to Texas...."
"Well that's were I live!" Called Ray.

The rest of it was just a blur as Ray started to nod off in his arm chair.

The creature slithered across the empty highway and past an abandoned gas station towards the little town of Ercxaville (This was where Ray lived!)
The creature stopped as it looked through the window of Ray's home.

About a day later...

Ray woke up to the sound of movement. He could see nothing except darkness and 2 red dots that were right in front of him. Now he could hear a squeek and even more movement! All of a sudden a leech like creature jumped on to Ray's face and entered his mouth! Ray felt a tingle go down his spine and he suddenly craved to be fat... A small light came on in the corner of the room to reveal a huge slug like creature that was transforming into a blob of goo. The blob of goo came towards Ray and he consumed all of the blob's mass which made his body turn into a sea of blubber and wrinkles. It had also felt like something had attached it self to his neck. On the back of his neck was a large tentacle that had inserted itself into the centre of his neck. He felt a strange goop dribble down his throat and into his now ever growing stomach.

A voice came from inside his stomach and said "I hope you enjoy staying like this fro the whole of eternity and your new job is to be the demon who is known as 'Gluttony'!"

The end.

Comment on what you think I would try to do next and thanks for reading!!!

Bye for now.......
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