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The Quarterback Part 1
I had just left Katherine with a good night kiss on her parent’s front porch on a crisp December evening. I was back in my truck and headed down Route 6 to my parents house 20 miles away. It had been an incredible evening. The guys had just voted me captain of the football team, that night at our awards banquet, for the up-coming season, my senior year. I had a beautiful girlfriend and an incredible record that was going to thrust me into the NFL. Me, Scott Braden in the fuckin’ NFL. I was pleased.

I fantasized each night on this dark, lonely drive home that I would be offered commercials and have television and movie rolls flooding my agents office. Last year, I was asked to be in a calendar called "University Sportsmen of the South”. When it came out, I was on the cover and the Coach had told me that I’d be able to right my own ticket. I had every intention of doing exactly that. I would lead the team to the third consecutive bowl and of course, victory over the Eagles, our biggest rival.

The Eagles had beat us only twice in the last twelve years. They even hired a new coach over there but it hadn’t helped. It was embarrassing for such a rich school for us to pull off another devastating win.

And as humble as I can be when I say it, I am the reason for those wins and championships. My teammates are super athletes and could always do a great job on the opposing players but I had been blessed with a gift. An incredible throwing arm that could put the football into the arms of any player 70 yards away. And speed, 6’ and 188 muscled and toned pounds, I could move faster than any other quarterback in the division. So, I was cocky. I guess it all goes together.

A guy in the middle of the road jerked me back to reality and the present and I slammed on my brakes.

He was standing next to a van with the door open and the hood up. Broke down out here seven or eight miles from anything but cow pastures.

I jumped out of my truck and asked him what the problem was. He replied that he had a leak from one of the hoses under the hood. I walked toward the van and took a look. Bamm!!

That was the last thing that I remember until I started coming to. My head was pounding. It felt like my eyes were crossed. I couldn’t focus. I was laying on something but I don’t know what it was and I just couldn’t get up off of it. I struggled and tried to stand but I couldn’t move. I spoke out and got no response.

Eventually I began to yell and then I heard someone open and shut a door behind me. The lights were coming on. They were very dim and although I couldn’t see behind me I could start to make out what I was laying on and why I couldn’t get up.

I was on a black leather contraption that was hung by large chains from above. It was a solid piece of thick material with spaces open where my chest, belly and cock was exposed. It was then that I realized that I was nude.

Two lengths of the contraption supported my legs that were spread a few feet apart. My feet didn’t quite reach the concrete floor. My arms were stretched up the length of chain holding all of this and me up and were handcuffed to one of the links. I was tilted at an angle, not quite 45 degrees and faced a mirror. The mirror so that I could see what was done to me.

My head was pulled backwards by straps across my forehead and chin. I have never been so afraid in my life. I jerked around and screamed. I had never heard myself scream like that before but I couldn’t stop. I heard myself begging to be released. No one answered. Eventually my pleading became demands. I screamed for somebody to tell me what was going on. No one responded.

I felt a sharp sting in my ass. A needle. I jerked and yelled "No!” as loud as I could. I was crying with fear by now. Everything began to slow down and then the room was black again.

I began to wake up again and could feel something hard being pushed into my mouth. Hard like plastic. I began to wiggle about to see if I could get up. I couldn’t.. I couldn’t see much of the guy that was putting the thing in my mouth but he assured me that the more I fought the worse it would be. So, I waited.

When the guy bent over I could see that what was in my mouth. It was a black plastic tube with a funnel at the other end. It was attached to the harness on my head. Suddenly the guy stood back up and had a gallon jug in his hand.

I couldn’t tell much about his face but I was able to look him in the eyes. I couldn’t speak. But I begged and pleaded through moans as much as I could, but all he said was not to fight it.

He began to pour the contents of the jug into the funnel and a second later it washed over my tongue and into my mouth. I gasped and choked and swallowed. There was too much coming in at once! I could feel the sweet, thick, milky liquid spill out of my mouth and run down my chin, to my neck and chest. All the while gulping trying not to drown. I swallowed huge amounts of the fluid trying to keep ahead. A minute or so later it slowed. Still swallowing, I heard the guy say breathe. I coughed and gagged and tried to catch my breath.

"Breathe! Breathe through your nose!” he said sternly. I did and the liquid started again. It came in a little slower this time. As I was choking and spewing liquid, I started developing a rhythm of swallowing. Taking more into my mouth than I ever thought possible. I was breathing through my nose between huge gulps.

Suddenly I was aware of the pressure on my stomach. It felt as if weights were being placed on top of my abs. But it was the fullness pushing outward that I was feeling. It hurt. Dull like. I knew that the more I moved the more it would hurt. I tried to lay very still all the while gulping the mix in rhythm.

Inhale, swallow, exhale, swallow. Inhale, swallow, exhale, swallow. Suddenly I felt the liquid in my throat and I could not swallow more. The mix started to spill from my mouth. My belly churned and I knew that in just a minute every bit of liquid that had just been poured into me was about to be thrust back out.

Then, as if he knew this the guy stopped pouring the liquid into the funnel. I waited for more but none came. My breathing, though rapid was returning to normal. My stomach ached inside and out.

"Almost a gallon…” broke the silence as he showed me the gallon jug with about a inch of the cream colored liquid remaining. "…you did good. Remember that rhythm next time.”

"Next time?!?” I thought to myself. I began to cry quietly.

"Nice. Very nice.” I could feel a hand on my stomach. The guy had moved around me and was slowly caressing my full stomach. As he continued, I fell eventually fell asleep.

When I awoke, I was alone. Again, I tried to break something, anything to get loose. Nothing. My arms were cramping and belly did too.

"What was he feeding me? And Why? What did I do??” ran through my head along with a dozen scenarios. Was it drugs? If so, then why not just shoot me up? Was it an alien experiment? Stupid! The questions and tries at reasoning flowed through my head until I fell asleep once again, exhausted.

I felt someone touch me and I jumped awake.

"Calm down, boy. You’re all right.” It was the guy again and he was placing the funnel thing back to the gear on my head. I moaned again. But that was all I could get out before he began to pour. I choked and coughed but not quite as much this time before I got the rhythm going again.

"That’s a good boy. You are doing fine. Yeah drink it down…” He was standing next to me as he poured. I could look up at him and he watched me watch him as I gulped.

Then I felt a hand on my stomach, rubbing it, massaging it with oil or something slick. It had to be someone else with us the first guy was still pouring the mix into the funnel.

The hand slid from my abdomen down to my dick and started to pull it and knead it. My breathing quickened. I started to get hard. My belly was again filling up to the point of pain and I was trying not to concentrate on my dick which embarrassed me, nor my belly which hurt, but breathing and the rhythm of the gulps.

My dick was rock hard as the hand moved up and down the shaft. I faltered in my swallowing a couple of times and moaned displeasure. Choke. Cough. Spew. The liquid kept coming. I felt like my skin was going to stretch to the point of ripping on my full belly and on my dick.

Then the liquid stopped but only for a few seconds and started flowing again. I began to unload my hard dick, just as the liquid was filling up into my throat and mouth and began over flowing on to the floor.

A few seconds more and the flow was slowing to a trickle.

"Good boy. You like that? Sure shot a load not to have. And take a look at this, you polished off a gallon and what you didn’t last time. Fine just fine.” With that he took a cloth and half hazardly wiped my face and neck down. He removed the plastic tube from my mouth and started around me.

I was so full that I could not have moved if I were able to get free. I tried to get the energy to speak.

"Why?” I whispered. "Who are you?” My words trailed off. I was so close to vomiting but I never did. I also never got an answer.

The next time I woke up someone was behind me. They were between my legs. Suddenly I felt a thrust and a pain shoot up my spine as something was inserted into my ass. I felt warm fluid fill the cavity and pushed outward under my belly. In a minute it was over and I had been cleaned.

I couldn’t believe that this was happening to me. I prayed over and over that I would wake up or be rescued anything. I just wanted all of this to end.

There was no windows that I could see so I never knew if it was day or night. I had been fed six times now. Each time my belly was massaged and I was jerked off. I had almost mastered the rhythm of the swallowing no matter how much attention my dick received or how painfully my gut felt. There seemed to be structure to it all. I was given an enema every other feeding and pissed in a container whenever the need struck.

The men that were there never talked much to me or to each other. Sometimes as the huskier one, named Joe, was feeding me he would reach over and play with my nipples lightly as not to interrupt the flow. But the muscled one would pinch, squeeze and twist them to pain.

After each feeding - I would have shot my load and I would fall asleep. Many times I would plead to be told where I was or who they were or for them to tell me anything.

I awoke and waited for the seventh feeding. It seemed like hours. I fell asleep again. Then I would wake up and wait. Nothing… My arms were not hurting anymore, I could no longer feel them. I waited and waited. I couldn’t tell how long. I drifted off to sleep again.

A noise! Somebody was in the room with me. I felt the tip of the enema bag inserted. Then I was cleaned. Then something different. Something thicker was shoved in and I gasped!

"What the fuck are you doing?!?! No!! Don’t!!!” I yelled out.

It wasn’t moving it just filled my ass. It hurt for a few minutes before just becoming uncomfortable.

"You’ll get used to it, boy. Just give it a minute.” It was "Chief”, muscled man, or at least that’s what Joe had called him. He walked around to face me. "You hungry?”

My first thought was that I was. I couldn’t believe it but I was. But I didn’t want him to pour more shit down me. So I lied by shaking my head.

"I think you are. I can see it in your eyes. You are hungry. That gut is needing filling.” He countered.

My mouth was watering at the thought of food or eating. I was hungry. I was so afraid though. I don’t want to give in. But I was starving.

He started again. "I can hear your belly growling’, wantin’ food. Man, you gotta eat. I can look into those eyes and see that you feel that hunger. Don’t you?” Silence. Then a whisper "Don’t you?… Are you hungry?…” he was moving in closer to my ear. His fingers started pinching my tit. "That belly is begging to be fed…ain’t it boy?”

I heard myself whisper "Yes.” I was hungry. I don’t know how long it had been since I had been fed but I was empty. That changed.

Within a few seconds the funnel was in my mouth and attached to the gear. He picked up a gallon jug and started to pour. It tasted incredible. Coating my tongue and all the way down until it hit my stomach. I gulped and swallowed for what seemed like only a few minutes. Then the mix stopped flowing. I had finished a jug.

But instead of starting a new jug, he moved behind me and then under and massaged my belly. It was dark enough that I could see his outline but not much else. It did feel nice to have him rub it. Then the thought popped into my mind that I could have taken more of the liquid. I couldn’t believe what I was thinking. I was full but it wasn’t up in my throat or threatening to spew.

Then, an incredibly warm and wet feeling engulfed my half hard cock. He was sucking me off. Between the soothing belly rub and this incredible headjob I was relaxed and going with the flow. I was close to filling his mouth with cum when he stopped and returned to face me.

"More?” he whispered.

I didn’t answer.

"I thought so.” He saw it in my eyes. Maybe not that I wanted more, but that I could take more. My dick was still at attention. He began to pour.

A few minutes later I was slowing down again. My belly was at the point of too full and discomfort. I knew that I was almost completely full. The mix was pouring out of the sides of my mouth and the flow slowed.

"Just a bit more. You can do it. Take a deep breath in… and out….in and out… one more in and let it out and just relax that belly…” I could feel his breath on my ear as he spoke.

Without thought, I did as he said and it seemed to make a little more room below.

"That’s it, boy. Here’s the last of it, just a bit more. There ya go. All gone.” He patted my cheek and wiped my face with his hand.

"You full now?” he teased.

I nodded slowly. I have never felt so weighted down.

"I bet you are…you downed two gallons this go.” He pulled up the emptied jugs to show the feat.

I was almost proud for some reason like I had just finished a marathon. He asked me if I’d like him to rub my belly. I could only nod.

The contraption I was on began to move. It lowered until my feet rested on the floor then tilted back so as to stand me up. The guy told me to watch my feet as I haven’t stood for a while and to get used to it. After a few minutes I was more balanced and was standing on my own, with my hands still cuffed above me and the leather sling still strapped to me across my back. Then with the new position I became aware once more that there was still something in my ass.

I was so full that the thought of trying anything was quickly discarded. Soon I was pushed back against a pole and my hands were lowered achingly down and re-cuffed behind the pole. Then the leather sling was removed. I was standing naked hands cuffed to a pole behind me.

Still very dark, I could only see a form move around the space. I was so intent on watching the form that I did not note that my dick was still hard or any changes that had taken place.

He was back. Standing next to me. He whispered again. "Still hard, boy.” With that he began to slowly stroke my cock again.

"Don’t!… Don’t touch me!” I protested. He didn’t stop. He moved his mouth to my tit and began to lick, suck and bite it.

I didn’t want it. I wasn’t a fag. But the feeling was incredible. When I was as full as I was then everything seemed slower and my reaction time was too but my body seemed to react with more intensity.

His voice back in my ear, "You are doing very well, Scott. Very well. You like this new gut? Huh? You like this belly I’m putting on you?”

"What? What are you talking about?” I was pulled back out of the trance that pain and pleasure seems to induce. "What do you mean?!?”

He began rubbing my belly again. "I’m talking about this fat, round gut that you’re growin’ here.” He grabbed at my belly and it was strange -I had never felt that before. He moved to face me, my breathing getting harder as I began to understand what he was talking about.

I felt his body press into mine. Hard. He whispered again "Do you remember when you said that you were hungry? Hmm? Remember that? Well, there are consequences to eating. You get that nice full feeling that I know you look forward to and your dick gets some attention too. But the price, which in today’s market is remarkably low is that those ripped abs become a thing of the past.” His hand moved to my dick that was starting to soften as fear took over my thoughts. "I like to think of it as becoming a man…” he continued "…’The Rites of Real Manhood’. You get a bit of a gut, settle in to life. A man.”

My dick, under his even strokes was once again a rock. My breathing faint and fast. I was looking straight in the eye and unable to speak.

"Scott, you feel me pressed against you? You feel my body on yours?”

I nodded.

"And see how far I am away from you? See that? Why it’s a good six to eight inches. Don’t you think? Well, boy, I don’t have a gut. So, its all you between us. All you and that gut of yours! About 20 pounds more than you came in here with.” he began to grin wide.

I felt tears welling up in my eyes and I began to sob.

He took a step back and moved in slowly. Slowly until his hard body and my belly touched. He was moving faster on his strokes and my cock was primed.

"Just about there. Don’t you think? Nice bloated gut. I like it. Do you?”

I continued to cry and writhe with his jacking of my cock.

"Its occurred to me that you might want to see my work. Would you like that?”

He moved across the room and slowly the lights came up. For the first time I saw my new belly without straining or guessing. I was in disbelief. I was fat. My belly was rounded out and jutted out away from body. It almost looked fake it was so tight and round. I cried harder.

"Why have you done this to me?!? Why!!? I got no answer.

He began to rub my belly and pat it. Then he played with my tits as I asked the same question over and over. My cock, still hard, was next. He was pulling me closer and closer to shooting.

"You know…” he started whispering in my ear again "…you can protest and beg and plead all day long, but you dick don’t lie. Its hard a as rock just like that fat gut. And deep down in that thick jock skull of yours you are turned on to that gut and being controlled.”

"No.” I was shaking my head.

"I’ve only just begun on you, boy. There is more in store for you. And that gut… this gut, is nothing to what you will be. Its only going to get bigger whether you like it or not!”

Suddenly, all the muscles in my body constricted and all the energy my being could muster went into the base of my cock and shot across the room with a force like never before. I heard myself moan loudly and grunt as the event climaxed.

When I caught my breath, Chief was gone. I collapsed.

I was put back into the sling and the next few feedings went about the same as the others. My ass had been filled with a butt plug and it was removed and replaced with a larger one after one of the enemas. I was in a daze during all of this. Only awake during the feedings, with help of a hand or mouth would shoot my load just as I got as filled completely with the mix.

I could feel my gut now. And, due to the lights being slightly brighter, I could see it too. Constantly aware of it. Feeling it tight and stretched to the point of explosion. My tits seemed more sensitive than ever before and seemed to have more mass.

Then one time the guy came in and washed my ass out replaced the butt plug and left. No feeding. I asked myself if this was it. Was this the end? Maybe they weren’t going to make me any fatter than this!! I waited, no one returned. My hopes were up!

The next day, same thing. I waited but no feeding. I was sure that this was the day that I had prayed for.

I woke up. The room was silent. I could see my gut in the mirror. How was I going to return to school looking like this? I’d be so embarrassed. And the team! How would I face them? And play? There was no way I could quarterback with this gut! I would have to lose it before the season. That’s all.

Eventually, I realized that I was hungry. Really hungry. My stomach was growling this time, no mistake. Again, I waited.

Hours passed and I wondered where the men were. Nobody came. I hated myself for thinking that I was hungry after all the shit that poured down my throat. I would ignore the hunger, not think about it.

It didn’t help. The hunger grew.

Again I woke to no one, no food. I was hungry. Hungrier than I have ever been before. I could tell that my stomach was empty. I had to have something to eat. I was beginning not to care how I got the food as long as I got some. I waited.

It must have been days. I was starving. I was beginning to think that starving me to death was the new plan in my captor’s plans. I wanted food and my gut wanted to be fed. With all my being, I needed to eat

Hours later, someone entered the room and I tried to see who it was. Were they going to feed me? I prayed that they would. My belly hurt now from lack of food.

The enema. I was being given my enema, but this time the plug was not replaced. I debated asking for something to eat. Before I could form the words in my mouth the one called Joe was facing me.

"How are we doing today?” he asked in a sly but cheerful voice. He moved around and rubbed my gut. I didn’t answer.

"Gut is looking good.” With that he started to walk away.

"Hungry.” I muttered weakly.

He returned. "What was that?”

"I’m hungry.” I whispered.

"Oh, you’re hungry? Guess a gut that big does need a lot of attention, huh? You want me to feed you?” He got no response. "Do you want me to feed you?” he asked again.

With no pride left and only thoughts of hunger I said "Yes.”

"I want you to tell me. Tell me to feed you. Tell me that you want me to grow that gut of yours.” he teased me.

I didn’t reply. He started to walk out.

"I want you to feed me. Please feed me. Make my gut grow. Feed me.” I hated myself.

"Is that what you want? To have that gut even bigger?

"Yes, feed me.”

With that he retrieved a jug and without the funnel began to pour it into my mouth. I lapped it up like I had never seen food before. It tasted so good as it flowed down my throat and into my empty belly.

Then, it stopped, much too soon. I wanted more. I needed more.

He stepped back and said "Won’t ya take a look at that cock of yours, boy.”

My dick was hard. Rock hard. I started getting excited when he began to feed me. I was aware more than ever that my ass was empty too. But my mind and my eyes were focused on that jug.

"I think its time we start trading. You want me to grow that belly of yours for you, but what are you going to do for me? He talked as he poured a little more of the thick liquid into my mouth.

"Remember having your dick sucked while you did nothing but eat? I think its time that you suck some dick yourself so that you can eat.” He looked defiantly into my eyes.

I shook my head no. As I felt the top end of the sling start to lower. My head was level with his crotch now. I had no intention of sucking any guy’s dick. No fucking way.

He reached down and unbuttoned the tight jeans that he had on. The top button remained in place under a small belly of his own. He pulled a short fat dick out that laid half hard on top of his hairy, golf ball sized nuts. I got a whiff of man and it seemed familiar, like the guys in the locker room horsing around. It was in my face.

His dick was touching my lips. I hated the thought of it but it wasn’t vile like I thought it would be. I still wouldn’t suck him.

He cupped his hand under his shaft and poured the liquid into his hand. I wanted to eat so badly. But I did nothing. Moving closer his index finger rested above my chin and under my bottom lip. I could smell the mix.

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