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The Quarterback Part 2

"You know that you’re hungry boy. Its time to eat. Taste it.” he moved his cupped palm upward and smeared the sweet juice on to my lips. I could taste it. He poured more into his hand and used it as a cup to feed me. His growing cock was less than an inch from my lips. I didn’t want to suck his cock. I drank around it but he moved closer. It touched my lips now. It was soaked in the white liquid.

He asked "You liking that? Taste good, boy? Let me know if you want more.” He filled his cupped hand again. I drank it down.

"More.” I said.

"That’s it boy…” he filled his hand again by pouring the stream over his hard cock. As I drank I felt the head of his dick press into the corner of my mouth.

I couldn’t make myself shut my mouth. I wanted the food to badly, I needed to be fed. His dick slid slowly deeper into my mouth and the juice that I wanted so much was flowing into my mouth by pouring down the shaft of his dick. I lapped up the mix and sucked the mix from it

Before long I was sucking his dick. The mix had stopped and I felt his gentle torture of my tits.

Every now and then I felt his hand under my chin. He would pull his dick from my mouth and pour the food into me then his cock would take the foods place.

After a few times, I knew that it wouldn’t be long before I was full so I drank as much as he allowed and then go aggressively after his dick again. I would suck it as good as I could knowing that the better I did the more he would feed me!

"Yeah, that’s it. I own you now, boy. You want that gut full and you want that hard cock too.” His words didn’t matter to me now. I wanted to be fed. I wanted it to fill my belly up and I wanted to feel that fullness up into my throat and that dull pain of my gut stretching. My dick was oozing pre-cum. I was getting what I wanted not the other way around.

That point of being full was nearing. I didn’t keep count of how many gallon jugs he had used, three maybe, four? I was still sucking his dick and swallowing all that I could.

I noticed that his fucking motions slowed and I looked up, he was pulling his shirt out of his jeans and up above his belly and chest and then all the way off.

His belly was hairy and built like a pot. It looked as if he had ripped abs once to go along with his thick chest and expansive shoulders. I wondered about his belly and how much it could hold. Is that what mine would look like? I wouldn’t mind that. It was a gut but it was hard, tight and round.

I looked further up as his dick slipped from my mouth and saw him looking down at me. He was smiling approvingly. He moved to raise the head of the sling up about 10inches.

I watched as he moved his hand to the back of my head and shoved my face into his gut. It was firm and soft at the same time. I felt him force it out as far as he could and was shocked and undeniably turned on to how big he could make it!

He would pull my face back and pour the thick, rich mix down my throat. I was full but wanted to go further. I was no longer, in my mind, having sex with another guy but with this entity that had become my mentor, my creator. It was all about the pleasure now.

My mouth opened wide to accept the flow of the milky liquid he poured into me and then I would watch as he took the jug to his mouth and took down massive gulps himself. I was so close to exploding. I have never felt such incredible zings of energy shooting through my body.

I would begin to worship his gut again. The liquid was streaming from the corners of his mouth down his chin and across his nipples to his gut where I cleaned it off.

He had finished the little bit in the jug that was left and opened another. Number five I think. He poured the first of it into my mouth and that filled me up. My stomach was bloated and stretched and I felt the fullness into my throat.

He squatted down his face to mine. "You aren’t full? We still got this one to go. You’re doing so great. That gut is fucking gorgeous!!”

I shook my head and said "I can’t.”

"I saw how you went for my belly. I know you want this now. And you know it to…” he moved his lips to mine and began to kiss me. At first it was lightly then harder and I kissed him back.

"I want to stretch your gut. I want you more full than you can imagine. You want that? Huh? You want to feel that gut so stretched that you can hardly stand it?” his words were hypnotic.

"Yeah…” I had answered him.

With that he stood up and pulled my head up and put the funnel in. he started pouring and I gulped as he cheered me on. Soon I was numb from pain and swallowing as much as I could as fast as I could. Finally, he stopped.

"Hot damn!” he said as he raised the jug just less than half full to his mouth and without stopping, swallowed and swallowed and swallowed until it was empty. He rubbed his gut for a minute then released a long, well deserved burp.

"That makes me horny, boy.” He said slyly.

"Me too.” I thought to myself.

Then the next thing he did was move to the rear. I did not try to watch as I so full that I couldn’t move or speak. I felt him replacing the plug in my ass.

But he was moving it in and out and within a few seconds I realized that he was fucking my ass. I felt his fat cock fill my ass and his full belly mashed into my ass cheeks. It didn’t hurt. As he moved faster I started feeling those bolts of energy again.

I heard myself moan. It was a moan of ecstasy, not of pain as all of the emotion and pains and pleasures my body was experiencing all came together at this moment.

He had heard the moan too and reached around the contraption and me and rubbed my hard full gut.

I was weak now to the point of passing out as he took my virgin ass. he began to pump harder and deeper. His rhythm hastened and I felt jerk, jerk and a sigh as he filled my ass with cream as he had filled my mouth with the mix. Without a finger on my dick I shot at almost the same time.

I was trying to catch my breath when I felt his lips on mine again. He whispered "I own you.”

I didn’t say anything back. But I assured myself in my mind that I was in control.

The movement of the sling woke me up the next day. I assume it was the next day as Joe had on a different clothes. Chief was with him but he didn’t talk to me much.

My feet were shackled and I was removed from the sling. Again, it was hard to get balanced after being suspended for so long. My body was tingling and coming back to life. It was heavier too. Much heavier.

In surveying my new girth, I could see that my tits and arms and legs had gotten somewhat more fleshy, not fat just like a few extra layers of skin. Just under my tits though was completely different person. It was like the skin changed directions under my chest and went straight out instead of down. And rounded out to form a round ball like melon.

Reaching down I touched it. My first thoughts were more of intrigue than of fear or sadness. I rubbed it. It was tight like the man’s belly that put it there. But it was bigger than his. It was expansive and sensitive like my tits were. It had never been before. I was embarrassed as my dick was starting to grow.

That’s not to say that I was not apprehensive but I didn’t feel like a monster like I had built up in my mind.

Chief walked over to me and squeezed my nipple. With a chuckle he said "I’ve heard that you really liking this new look fat boy. Seems like you are.”

He led me slowly over to a corner of the room. There was a scale in front of a mirror. I could tell from the sling’s mirror that I was growing a beard from lack of shaving but it was long and bushy now and full of dried mix.

I stepped on the scale and looked down. I couldn’t see it for my belly. I started to move to see it and the husky guy stopped me.

"That gut in your way?” and he laughed. "We’ll tell you what it says just hold still.”

I did as I was told and waited. The answer came back.


My mouth fell opened and my heart began to race. All the expected feelings that had not hit me before was starting to now. I was shaking as the two men were reveling in the accomplishment.

I was led to small bathroom without a window. The older guy took a pair of scissors and cut my beard close to my face. Then put the scissors into the hands of the husky guy who took them away. I had thought about trying to grab the scissors but I wasn’t quick enough. Maybe something inside me held me back from trying.

I was left in the small room with the sink, a metal mirror, a shower stall with soap, toilet and a towel. I was told to clean myself up.

I took my time and when I opened the door the husky guy was alone in the room sitting in a large arm chair. His shirt was off, the top button of his jeans un-done and he had eight or ten jugs beside him. I stopped and stared for a minute, waiting for instructions. None were given.

He reached down beside the chair and grabbed a jug. When he removed the lid my mouth began to water. I was hungry again.

As he started to chug the mix his hand moved down to his gut and started to rub. My dick was immediately hard. I moved toward him and he stood. His belly was swollen and touching mine. Smiling, he handed me the jug.

I was standing, feeling his fat belly press into mine. My dick was like a rock and my belly begging me to drink.

I turned the jug up and began to swallow huge gulps of fluid. It felt incredible!! I poured as Joe ran his hands all over my belly and stroked my dick and lapped up any I spilled from my tits. I finished the first jug and reached for the next one.

Halfway through it, Joe was behind me his hard cock rubbing between my ass cheeks. He started talking directly into my ear. "Fucking drink up, fat boy. Fill that big belly up. You want it. You want that gut bigger, yeah that’s it!”

I had to stop after the second gallon to catch my breath, my gut was feeling bigger and bigger and it was driving me crazy.

Joe grabbed another jug and began drinking again. I could see his gut expand. And as his gut expanded so did his dick. I got down on my knees and began to suck his dick. This time I wanted to.

My hand rubbed his growing belly and then my own as I sucked him. I would look up and between gulping down the mix he would watch approvingly as I gave him head.

As we continued, Joe drank less and I drank more. I had to sit down finally because I was so full. I figure that Joe had downed close to two gallons and was moving pretty slow. I must have drank the five.

The end of the session came when Joe got me to stand, which took a lot of effort, juiced up my hard cock with spit and told me to put my belly into it.

Within a couple of seconds I was inside and pushing my gut into his back and he was yelling out. I shot almost immediately and then it was Joe’s turn.

He fucked me for at least ten minutes solid. I could feel the contents of my oversized gut sloshing back and forth. He erupted with a mighty yell and the deed was complete. We washed each other off and he led me back to the scale. I willingly got on.

After looking down, he rubbed my gut and said "246. Fuck.”

He led me over to a mattress and we lay down. He played with my gut and I played with his until I feel asleep.

Although, my feet were shackled together, for the next week I was allowed to roam free and even allowed to eat some real food. The creamy mixture was never absent though. Each day I was fed and fucked.

I was losing touch with the life that I had before. I wondered how big Chief and Joe would make me. When I hit 281, Joe slapped my gut and said "Not bad at all. Ninety-three pounds in just over six weeks. Seven pounds to go and you’ll hit your hundred mark!”

I felt my heart in my throat once again. That number was so high. Deep inside my mind I was beginning to panic again. It was like the day that I first had arrived. I looked down, I was fat. My gut was huge. What had I been doing all this time? I had given my body over to them in ways that I never even thought I could. For the first time since the beginning I knew that Joe had been right. It wasn’t me getting what I wanted it had been him all along. I belong to Joe.

"Why did you pick me?” I asked Joe directly and calmly.

Smiling back he replied "Baby, we didn’t pick you. We were paid to take you out of action.”

"Paid? Out of what action? Football?!?” I tried to remain calm. This idea had crossed my through my mind’s eye at some point in the ordeal but it was now being confirmed. "Who?!? Who would do this?!?!?”

"Calm down. I can’t tell you that and I ain’t going to. What the hell does it matter now? You like it. This what you wanted.” Joe was trying to reason with me.

"Its not what I wanted. I had no choice. I never wanted to be fat!” I yelled.

"You may have thought that you didn’t but once you saw the other side, you were cranked for it. hell the last thirty pounds you did to yourself!! Its the same every time, the gut spreads and expands and the sensations in that dick tells you what a fucking turn on it is and its over from there out!!”

"You’re saying there have been others? You’ve done this to guys before?” I was astonished.

"Fuck yeah, a few times. Its not like were picking people off with a rifle! We take people and point them in a new direction so that they are not in the way of others.” He was so calm as he described it.

"Who? How many?” my voice whispered in amazement.

"A few. A young do-gooder cop that busted up one too many bid drug deals, an athlete from Russia, no, the Ukraine that might have caused our client not to go all the way in the Olympics, an actor that had beat this other guy out of a role in some movie. He was a hot little fucker, we even gave him a pretty elaborate tattoo job too. And a couple of others.”

"How big did you make them?” I was searching for answers to my own fate.

"Different for each…the Olympic guy went up only about seventy pounds. Got really flabby. Enough so that it would be at least the next Olympics before he’d be ready again. The actor, right at a hundred. He got a nice jelly belly on him too but the tattoos it was sealed it for him. And the cop was the hottest. He gained like you do, all in the gut. Thirty years old, dark hair, Italian, beefed up, nice stache, hairy in all the right places. His took a while but a hotter man had never been turned out of here.”

My dick was growing at the thought of the other’s gaining. "How big was he when he got here?”

"Who? The cop? 190 - 200 I seem to remember.”

"And at the end?” I waited to hear the number that had become this man’s belly.

Joe walked over to me with a jug in hand. He took my hand and placed it on my hardening dick. He played with my tits and rubbed my gut before he spoke.

"You really want to know? You want to hear how big his gut grew to be?”

"Yeah…” I released as I huffed over the jacking.

"430. Almost all gut!” Joe finished slyly.

He lifted the jug to my mouth and I began to drink down my nourishment. I shot as I finished the third gallon. That one meal had pushed me over my hundred pound mark and the next stop was 300.

I thought more about getting out in that next week, wondering if they ever would let me go. What would I do? How would I face my friends, my family and the team looking like this? Before I knew it I was downing huge meals of real food along with the jugs of liquid. 300 came easily.

My gut felt like a toy, not like it was really me. This brought on too many emotions to deal with so I tried to think of other things. At least until I was freed. I tried to imagine the gain on the other guys that Joe had talked about and from there wondered if other guys that had beach ball bellies were turned on to them too. It was difficult to imagine that they weren’t.

Over the next few weeks I ate and ate. Most of the time Joe was with me and would fuck my ass, get me off in some manner at the point in which I was full.

My legs and arms had gotten so thick, the fat around my cheeks and under my chin was full and chiggled. By this point my chest had already become big and fleshy, swollen like. But now they had started to hang and get flabby. They rested on top of the incredible mass that my gut had become. I could not think of anyone that I knew who belly was bigger than mine at this point. I weighed 340 pounds. That was 150 more than just over two and half months ago when I was brought there.

I had eaten so much that it was difficult to get up and down from the toilet of a chair. I was winded easily and often wanted to nap most of the day. But the last night I was so sleepy that I could barely stay awake. I lay down and fell easily into sleep.

When I awoke. It was dark. Night time. Outside. I was in my truck and on Route 6. I jerked around to see anybody but I was alone. I sat still for a solid ten minutes and then began to sob uncontrollably. Finally, I started the truck to finish the journey I had started almost 3 months before. It was difficult to move the steering wheel as my belly impeded it.
I arrived at my parents house. How was I to face them looking like this?

My parents got over the initial shock of my looks quickly as they were more relieved that I was alive. Seems the entire county had been looking for me for some time.

Katherine and I just seemed to fade away. I don’t think that she could deal with the changes in me and I was having a hard time dealing with everything else that had been done to me and that I had done.

I stayed out of school the rest of that semester and worked hard to get back in shape. I would catch myself sometimes shoveling food into my mouth. I knew that I had to control that to beat this. But it was difficult. I still wanted that feeling again.

With help of a trainer that my Dad had found and paid for, I began to see some evidence of toning and weight loss. I was at 280 by mid summer. I worked hard for hours every day and did not allow myself to remember the feeling of being so full.

My worries focused on the night. I would lay in my bed as many nights throughout my high school and college years and beat off. I would start off with Katherine or some playmate of the month in my mind and the closer I got to shooting the images changed to Joe and him rubbing my belly. A belly that was bigger in my mind than the one I was rubbing at the time. I never told anyone about those nights.

I had kept in touch with the coach and letting him know my progress. He was encouraging but I could tell that he never thought that I could be an effective weight to quarterback by the start of the season.

He was right. At the start of the season in September I weighed in at 260. I had dropped almost a hundred pounds. I was an effective tackle with the weight and trained with the new quarterback to ensure the win over the Eagles. I was still dropping the weight and pumping the muscles. I was much thicker muscled now and the belly was tight but still round like a ball.

After one mid-season game the coach said that he needed to talk with me in private and suggested we get out of the gym and go somewhere out of the way to talk. We ended up at truckstop restaurant on the edge of the town.

We sat in the booth and he ordered to big plates of food. I didn’t want to appear rude or let the Coach know that I had a problem with stopping once I started. And I really wanted to eat that plate clean too. As the Coach talked to me about not pushing myself and that he understands that I had been through a difficult experience and so on I was noticing that all the truckers coming in and out were built huge. Big proud bellies were pushed up against the tables and were being filled. My dick began to stir.

I had zoned away from the caring pep talk that the Coach was pouring out and watched as at least three guys finished their meals by rubbing the swollen paunches in front of them. The hottest of the three stood to leave and his shirt could not cover the gut he had. About half of his belly button showed and I was hard as a rock!

I was jerked back to the conversation by the Coach asking me if I was ready to get back. I had cleaned my plate and finished the pie that he had ordered for us too. I was still hungry. My dick was raging and I could not get my mind in order. On the way back the Coach’s belly even looked swollen from the plate he cleaned.

I had to make myself snap back and remove my mind from food, bellies and anything else. I reminded myself that my goal for the end of this month was 245.

When we arrived back at the gym I followed the Coach into the locker room and started gathering my gear as he went into his office. The place was dead by now. Everyone had gone home or out to celebrate our victory.

Just before I left the Coach yelled for me to come into his office. I walked in and found him behind his desk with his shirt up and absently mindedly rubbing his full belly. My heart raced. I felt my dick starting to throb and quickly took a seat in front of him. He stood and moved to close the door. His belly looked incredible. Not as big as Joe’s was but nice and round. He stood in front of the door and continued stroking his gut. I could see the outline of his thick dick and it seemed to be getting bigger.

"Scott,…” he started. "…I have been worried that you. Did you get enough to eat at dinner?”

"Um… yes sir.” I stuttered as I was engrossed.

Coach moved back to his desk and opened a drawer. He reached in and pulled out a funnel with one hand and a jug from under the desk with the other. He sat them on the desk and said "I don’t think so.” He walked back around to me and stood with his stretched gut inches from my face. "I have been paid an incredible amount of money to make sure that the Eagles take the cup this year. And you are the only thing in the way of that…”

In shock, my eyes widened. "N… no… not y…” I couldn’t speak as a chill went up my spine. I was frozen, unable to move.

He stepped closer so that his belly touched my cheek "…and besides, you’d rather have it this way anyway.” He reached down and pulled my shirt up and freed my fat.

I was breathing hard. My dick was about to rip out of my pants. Without realizing it I had my face in his gut licking, chewing, worshipping.

He began again "Yeah… you want it. You want it. Open wide, fatboy.”

I did as he said and the funnel was inserted into my mouth. 

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