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The Remote
Mike was an averaged hot young man. He was always the most popular in school and throughout college. He always had the best of everything, to sum it up he had the perfect life.little did he know that his life was going to completely change in an instant.

On the morning of his 25th birthday the doorbell to his apartment rang. He answered but no one was there. He started to go back inside when out of the corner of his eye he saw a box on the floor. He quickly picked it up a and went inside. When he opened it he was surprised at what he found it was a screen. He had no idea what it was for. So he put the screen back into the box and forgot all about it.

Later that day mike looked at the coffee table where he had set the box earlier that morning and it wasn't there. He thought that this was odd but he kind of just blew it off. Then he walked into the bathroom to clean up, and the screen was mounted in the wall of his shower...

He then decided to take a shower to just see what happen. When he turned the shower on the screen turned blue. Then as he steped into the shower the screen said mike your current weight is 170 pounds. He then said ewe I had better lay off the Swiss rolls. Then the screen asked him to make a selection. So he did as he was told. All of the sudden the screen showed a bunch of spaces with abbreviations of lb, ht, and in for the length of the limbs on his body.

So he thought about it for a while and desided to make his weight more then double he decided to set it for 475 pounds. Instantaneously his body changed and he loved the feeling of being fat. Then he decided to do come thing gerastic! He decided to make himself weigh 750 pounds. Once he got to that weight he felt that this was way to skinny and he needed to weigh at least 1250 pounds! When he reached that weight he loved the feeling and decided to stay at that weight for quite some time to come.

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