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The restaurant
Josh was in a bad mood, the t-shirt he'd just ironed to wear to the
buffet tonight didnt fit, it was too tight around his gut. 'Man, I must
have out on a few pounds.' He mumbled grumpily under his breath. He'd
not bought the t-shirt a month ago, and it was fitted, so it was
supposed to be snug, but not that snug! He quickly pulled on a jumper
and pushed his shoes on and ran down stairs to the car. Dave was waiting
for him in the car. 'Come on we'll be late!' 

Dave a very attractive blonde 21 year old with a great physique and huge
shoulders, at 6'4 he made a great rugby player and played on the local
team. Josh had first met him when he started uni 2 years back. They had
been room mates, but their relationship had grown to much more than that
when they shared a steamy night together during freshers fortnight. They
soon became the hot couple around the camous and had since moved in
together. The buffet they were attending tonight was to celebrate their
anniversary and Dave wanted to make the night special so he had booked
them a table at the new restaurant in town. It had only been open a few
weeks and had been advertising all around the campus. It promised and
all you can eat buffet for all the students, and at the bargain price of
£4.99 the pair couldnt resist. It also boasted, some unusual features,
which the pair were both interested in finding out.

Dave parked the car in the car park and they both climbed out and
started walking round to the front of the building.
'Hope you are hungry Josh, I'm absolutely starving, I have been training
all day and only managed to nip out for a sandwich at lunch time. I'm
gonna give them a run for their money!' Dave boasted.
'Hell yeah, I'm fucking famished too, I could eat a whole horse!!'

They went to go through the door, but came face to face with a huge gut.
A young man, pushed open the door and virtually rolled out into the
street. His gut was so bloated his poor straining shirt had lost the
bottom 3 buttons. He waddled off to a taxi waiting for him, which drove
off, suspension audibly groaning.

'Well he sure had enjoyed himself, I hope theres food left for us in
there!!'joked Dave

'I'm sure there is!! They'll have loads of food, if they're advertising
'All you can eat! And dint we know that guy, isnt the the guy that owns
the flat above ours? He looks really familiar.'

'Cant be, he's much thinner than that guy, he must have been 300lbs!'

'S'pose, lets eat!' Josh excalimed as he turned round and made his way
into the restaurant. Inside was a similar story, 'Hey, that advert has
attracted all the fat guys in the college, must have been the thought of
free food that attracted them all!' Sat round the restaurant were maybe
15 men, all with huge guts sat in front of them. . There were about 10
waiters, all scurrying round with plates piled high with foods. Every
guy there though, appeared to be in various stated of undress, their
swollen bellies peeking out for all to see. The nearest man was cramming
a huge piece of cheesecake into his mouth whilst attracting the waiters
attention with the other, his gut was absoutely huge, and tight as a

'I think theses guys have all had enough, I think its our turn now!'
Josh whisered, conspiritoriarly out of the side of his mouth.

'Can I help you?' Asked a very cute waiter.

'Yeah, table for two please.' Replied Dave. 'And I hope you have food
left!! We're famished!!'

'Oh, I think we can help with that sir! If you'd like to follow me I'll
show you to your table'

They followed the waiter to their table and sat down. Dave ordered 2
beers and the waiter disappeared into the back. He came back out a few
minutes later with 2 beers and a huge bowl of chips. 

'Say, we didnt order these!' Josh inquired, but the waiter had already
gone. 'Oh well, lets eat them anyway, I feel even hungrier now we've sat
down!!' The chips were soon gone and the waiter came back to take their
order. Dave took one a brief look at the menu and ordered.

'I'll have the turkey roast please, that should put a stop to these
hunger pains!! And Josh'll have the 'gut buster' please! And can we get
another couple of beers' Dave ordered on behalf of Josh. He always did
that, he liked to do the blokey things. The waiter scurried off into the
kitchen. 'Hope you enjoy, you said you were hungry! It says you get a 36
oz stake with all the trimmings, baked potatoes, chips and veg along
with a quatre pounder and some various cold cuts!!'

'Man, I'll end up looking like these guys!! Hope you dont mind a fat

'Not if he looks like you i dont! Man I hope the waiter hurries up, i'm
so hungry.' No sooner had he said this when the waiter arrived carrying
a huge plate, loaded with so much food it was piled up on top of each
other. 'Your gut buster sir.' He said, placing the plate down in front
of Josh. A second waiter, just as cute as the first came round the other
side, and placed Daves plate in front of him. It was also piled high
with meat, and huge piles of potatoes dripping with butter along with
masisve piles of assorted veg.

'Holy crap!!!' Josh exclaimed as he stared at the colossal plate of food
in front of him. 'There's like a whole meat counter here!'

'Thats right sir, its what you ordered, "Gut buster" I hope you enjoy
your meal.' The waiter scurried off back to the kitchen. 'Man there's no
way I can finish this lot!' Josh complaied

'Sure you can.' said Dave 'You said you were starving and besides, I'll
race you, first to finish pays!! And besides, I've got like a whole
turky here.'

Grudgingly Josh dug in, he picked up his knife and fork and began eating
his meal. The meat was so tender it seemed to melt in his mouth and the
potatoes were like heaven, thick with butter and perfectly soft. He
found himself stuffing the food into his mouth faster and faster and
hardly stopping to chew, not that they needed it anyway it was all so
tender. He wolfed down the steak and the burger and started finishing
off the vegetables. No sooner had he started when he realised that he
had polished off everything on his plate. He looked at the vast empty
plate in amazement, there was no way he though he would have been able
to finish off that much food. Then he remembered the bet and looked to
Dave who was finishing off the last mouthfuls of his turkey.

'Hey you beat me, no fair!!' He said with his mouth full of sweetcorn.
'But I dont care, that was the nicest meal i think I've ever had. Looks
like you enjoyed yours too, Looking at that little bulging gut there!'

For the first time he looked down at his gut which was sticking out much
more than usual. To releave some pressure he undid his belt which
unfastened quickly, letting his belly expand a little. He put his hand
on it, stroking it and feeling how firm it was to touch. It felt
strangely full to touch but the hunger he felt before he started the
meal had not yet subsided.

'Yeah I know, it was fantastic' We should maybe order some more if its
all you can eat and get our moneys worth. I'm just gonna take a whizz.'

Josh got up from the table, keeping a hand on his swollen gut and made
his way to the little boys room. The gents was a small room with a
toilet a basin and a mirror. He wemt over to the toilet and unzipped his
fly and released his substantial 9 inch cock and took a very sattisfied
breath. With one hand on his gut and one on his cock he took a huge
piss, shook hismelf off and stood in front of the mirror. He liften up
his t-shirt and examined his chest and belly, his six pack was
defineately still there but it seemed to be blown out much more. His
nice flat gut was defineately not that flat anymore. 'Tomorrow I start a
diet!' He told himself 'But lets make it tomorrow, a mans entitled to a
last supper isn't he!' He covered himself up, undid another button for
comfort and went back to the table. He discovered to his delight, a
whole new selection of food laid out for him. At his place sat the
biggest lasagne he had ever seen. It must have been a foot across and
thick with cheese. Daves plate was also filled with some pasta, it
looked like canelloni and was covered in cheese and thick meat sauce. A
large basket of bread and a huge plate of baked pototoes sat on the
table, each covered in a thick layer of butter and herb sauce.

'What took you so long? I ordered your favourite but I've had to wait
for you to get back. Come on sit down before it gets cold.'

'Ok man calm down. I'm back!' he sat down and again picked up his knofe
and fork. Dave jumped in straight away too wolfing down a huge mouthful
of pasta. Josh looked down at his partners torso and notised that he had
also undone his belt, his wait line was looking decidedly larger too. He
didnt care though and dove straight into his own meal. The lasgagne was
at juts the right temperature to eat and had the best consitency he'd
ever had. I have to come back here, he thought to himself, the food is
to die for. Reaching out for a few pototoes and some bread he notised
the waiter hovering around the restaurant watching and taking plate
after plate of food to the customers, each wolfing down the food just
like Dave and Josh. It didnt register though as the hunger yet again
took its hold, he crammed the potatoes into his mouth and literally
stuffed down more of the divine lasagne. He started getting into a
rhythm of one potatoe and a mouth ful of lasagne followed by another
piece of bread. He totally gorged himself bloating out his gut even
further and again, without even notising he had started, he had finished
the enormous servng.

This time, they didnt even need to re-order, before the waiter brought
over some more food, each of them this time was presented wth a 15 inch
pizza. Without even stopping to breathe, they both teared into their
plates and devoured them as quickly as before. 

Josh was lost in a feeding frenzy, he no longer cared about who was
around or who was watching, all he cared about was this marvelous food.
It was like he had never eaten before, mouthful after mouthful of food
was swallowed into his ever expanding belly. He paused for a second to
undo yet another button, to which his hyper extended gut readily flowed
to fill the space. His t-shirt was gradually feeling tighter and tighter
as more and more food was forced into his swelling stomach.

After his 5th helping he stopped and leaned back, his gut was now
distended so much it nearly reached the table. His jumper had ridden up to
reveal good 3 inches of his tanned belly and his treasure trail. He let out a huge belch and
gazed across shocked to see a similar transformation in Dave. He was
still eating but his gut had also expanded a heck of a lot. It was
hugely distended like he was 6 or 7 months pregnant. The buttons in his
pants long gone and the huge balloon that was now his belly was spilling
out onto his lap. 

'Help me!' he yelled 'Feed me, I'm so fucking hungry.' Not caring about
the others in the restaurant, Josh clambered round the table, being
careful not to knock his own massive gut, and sat next to Dave, pausing to steady himself as his brain coped with what was happening and the loss of blood as it had all rushed to his enlarged ball gut.

The feeding frenzy lasted for about another hour or so. The pair took it in turns to stuff each other witht the continual chain of food brought by the ever present waiters. Whole chickens, joints, huge pasta dishes and stews and pints and pints of milk disappeared down their gullets into their guts. No one in the restaurant paid the pair any attention as they were all lost in their own displays of gluttony.

Dave was the first to slow down, half way through a beef wellington he gagged. He put the gargantuan roast down and sat there in stunned silence. He didnt dare look down to see the damage he had done. He glanced across to Josh who had just finished downing a shepherds pie. 

'What the fuck . . . ?' He exclaimed, looking across at his bloated jock. Josh's t-shirt had totally ridden up and was bunched up at the top of his over-swollen belly. From the bottom of his ribs, his gut jutted out at least 2 foot. He closed his eyes and looked down and opened them only to find a similar sight. His own stomach which was similarly rounded out and covered in sweat. Unable to believe his eyes, he let out a humungous belch which was way deeper than normal due to the huge drum that had replaced his once toned front. 

The waiter brought over the bill and their coats. 

'Enjoy your meal gentlemen? We accept most credit cards.'

Dave paid and stood up with great effort. Without even bothering to put their coats on, as they knew they would no longer fit, they both struggled to make their way out of the restaurant, having to aclimatise to their newly filled bellies was difficult but they managed to get to the car, passing a few ballooned jocks on the way out. They sat in the car in stunned silence for a while until Dave opened his mouth.

'Fancy a McDonalds on the way home

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