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The Scots Werewolf Part 1

Shamus Magruder shouted to his grandson across the greensward: That’s the third time this year.

Down by the River Teith, Ian Magruder was looking at the torn remains of a sheep as his grandfather hobbled over with his massive carved oak staff for support.  Not much of the sheep was left except fur and bones.

Ian: Does it look like a wolf to you?

Shamus: No, lad, it’s a werewolf.

Ian: Werewolf?

Shamus: Yea, another lone one has emerged somewhere hereabouts.

Ian: What do we do?

Shamus: Hunt it down, and kill it. I’ll leave it to you, Ian. We don’t want it interfering with the sheep or the tourists. They’re our bread and gold these days here by the River Teith.

Ian: The monthly cycle with the moon, is it true?

Shamus: Yea, mostly. Last night was full. Check back on the others.

Back in his dungeon, the technological control center for the castle, Ian checked and found the three attacks coincided with the full moon. He did some research and ordered some new nighttime surveillance equipment, more SM equipment, and tranquilizing darts. He ordered workmen in to repair several of the cells in his dungeon retreat, hiding preparations for hunting and holding the werewolf with the refitting of what seemed a new pleasure pastime. The workers snickered as they installed various devices of pleasure, several pedestal beds, and steel toilets and sinks in all of the cells and one alcove. Of course, Ian kept one cell bare of any furniture. The local blacksmith reinforced a cage wagon that could be pulled by Ian’s Land Rover. Everything was ready, and Ian just waited for the next full moon. He tried out the night vision tools as the moon grew towards full.

Right on schedule, the wolf appeared, and Ian hunted him after letting him feed once. The tranquilizer knocked him down in a few moments, and by the time that Ian brought up the cage, the wolf had transformed back to a strapping dark hairy lad from the village. Ian knew him vaguely, thinking his name was Devon, and was turned on stuffing him into the cage. Ian buried the remains and then took him to the entrance to the dungeons and wheeling him to the empty cell took until about four.  Ian threw some blankets into the cell and wrapped the young man, covering his distended belly and genitals. Ian went to one of the beds with a view of the cell, beat off, and slept.

A couple hours later, Ian woke, and the werewolf was watching him.

Ian: Morning, ahhh…Devon?

The werewolf: It’s Declan, Declan MacGregor. What have you done to me?

Ian: Declan, I’ve captured you in the act of poaching sheep from the castle herd.

Declan: I’d never do no such a thing.

Ian, pointing to a large monitor: Watch here.

He ran the surveillance video.

Declan: That’s a wolf, not me.

Ian: Oh, but it is you. I tranqed the wolf, and it was you that I caught, don’t chya’ know?

Declan: I was just coming home from the pub. I don’t remember nothing about that.

Ian: I could run some tests on your stomach contents, but I don’t need to. You filled your gut on a whole lamb.

Declan, seeming to accept the werewolf explanation: Okay, when are you going to let me out?

Ian:  I don’t know about that. Hungry? I’ll get you some food.

Declan: Sure. I’m starving.

Ian shifted his pudgy body out of the comfy chair and went for a double breakfast tray. He reappeared with a tray and piles of food for himself and his prisoner.  He slid plates and coffee into the secure pass-through and started munching while going to his favorite websites.

Declan ate ravenously.

Declan: You into kinky stuff, Ian?

Ian: You’ve noticed the other cells.

Declan: Yeah, while I took a shit.

Ian: Of course, you?

Declan: I’ve been known to indulge.

Ian: Yea, you would. So what can I do?

Declan: We’ll see. Reading any good books lately?

Ian: No, not lately.

Declan: Maybe you’d get me a few so I can pass the time. I don’t suppose that you’d let me use a laptop.

Ian: No, not likely.

His breakfast demolished, Declan paced around the cell, his gut protruding obscenely. Ian went about his chores after carefully locking the cellars, brought Declan a snack and some books, then later lunch ,and some loose sweats, thinking he might be cold. They talked as Ian did tech stuff, then tea and dinner and a dessert.

Declan: You know you’d only need to keep me here for the full moon.

Ian: I’d have to catch you before the full moon each time. That’s not worth the trouble.

Declan: You can’t keep me here forever.

Ian glinted evilly. That’s exactly what I have planned.

Each day Ian brought Declan piles of food, and Declan ate it all. Each night Ian returned to watch his prisoner and sleep. The distended gut rearranged itself, smaller with love handles, bulging rolls on the muscular abdomen, and soft tits, but Ian saw that Declan ate everything. Sometimes Declan lay nude with his belly distended from a day of gluttony and wacked off before sleep.

After about a week, Declan watched Ian settling in for the night on the couch: You know, I could help with that.

Ian: What?

Declan: I do that sort of thing. I’ve watched you looking at porn, and I’m gay.

Ian: Really?

Declan: I am. I would give you a good blowjob, if you’d like it.

Ian: Why?

Declan: Would you like it?

Ian: You’re just looking for a reason to get me too near you.

Declan: What good would it do if I did something to you?

Ian: Eventually someone would find you and release you, even if you killed me.

Declan: I don’t want to kill you, even if your grandfather does.

Ian: How would you know that?

Declan: I’ve heard it said. That’s what they always did to werewolves. They wouldn’t want packs forming in the highlands.

Ian: Yea, I’ve heard it, too. Grandad said it. He did. He’d have shot you and buried you in the crypt of the chapel, but I won’t do that. I think there are others there, too, but I’m more interested in keeping you.

Declan: So we need to come up with something more, or you’ll have to keep me here forever, and that’s a long time. You’d get bored. I’m already bored. I need to do something. How about you give me a blowjob?

Ian: You’ll have to stay in the cell.

Declan: You’re afraid?

Ian: You’re a werewolf, remember?

Declan: Oh, yea, that’s true.

Ian: You know it?

Declan: Yea, I do. I realized it was true the first time you mentioned it, and I knew myself in the video. Not doubt about it at all.

Ian: I guess that’s something.

Declan: And I’m getting really horny.

Ian: I watched you masturbate a couple’uh times.

Declan: Yea, but it’s not the same. It’s not as exciting. You could cuff me.

Ian:  Sure, I could. I’ve got cuffs in the other cells.

Declan: You could chain the cuffs to something. I could put my mouth to the bars and you could come close. I won’t bite you.

Ian: I have a hard time trusting you.

Declan: I understand that.

Ian: I’ll cuff you and chain you, but we’ll see about what else happens. First dump the clothes and blankets out of your cell.

Ian got the cuffs and a chain that he cuffed to them and then to a bar far out of Declan’s reach. He moved the clothes and blankets away

Declan: Ahhh, that’s grand [shimmying up to the bars of his cell].

Ian: Let me look at you.

Declan: Like what you see? I’m getting fat.

Ian: Don’t complain to me. I’ve been fat all my life.

Declan: Oh, I’m not complaining. I like it. I like fat guys.

Ian: I doubt that.

Declan: Okay, doubt it, but come closer, touch me and see how I feel.

Ian approached the naked, cuffed, and chained prisoner, shedding clothes as he came closer.

Ian: You really like this thick layer? [lifting his belly flab.]

Declan: I do. See.

Declan’s erection had already risen to its full upright position.

Ian: That’s nice.

Declan: Touch it. Please touch it. It needs you.

Ian: I can see that. I want it, too.

Ian leaned towards the bars a little and stroked Declan’s cock.

Ian: How old are you, Declan?

Declan: Twenty-two. You?

Ian: I just turned twenty.

Declan: That feels great. Don’t stop.

Ian: I want to feel you a little more before I touch it again.

Declan: I call him Dec Little.

Ian: He’s not little. He’s a fine size, but not a porn size. Mine is bigger.

Ian pulled his cock out from the fat, and it was thick and long.

Declan: Oh, I want Ian Little in me.

Ian: No, not now. Kneel down and kiss it.

Declan obeyed. Ian watched for any sign of an attack, vulnerable, scared, but extremely excited. Declan licked and kissed, straining into Ian’s fat to lick more of the shaft before sliding out to the head. Ian shot before Declan got there.

Declan: That was fast.

Ian: I always wanted that and more. I want you to fuck my fat belly underneath where it hangs down.

Declan: Your wish is…

Ian’s belly bulged through the bars, and Declan was at it with his cock, coming quickly. They stood there a few minutes, unfocused.

Ian: I liked that.

Declan: Kiss me.

Ian: No, not yet, maybe some day.

Declan: You could chain me the other way, and take my ass.

Ian: I might do that in a while. Here’s the key. Uncuff yourself, and throw it to me. Then cuff yourself, so I can fuck your butt.

Ian looked and then stroked Declan’s well-muscled buttocks, feeling the lower back, the starting love handles, and down the sides, the thick thighs, and finally examining the anus – very hairy. He did this with a leisure that began to excite Declan and himself.

Ian: Who’s been here before?

Declan: Several guys.

Ian: Who?

Declan: Donnie, Trent, Sylvio.

Ian: Anyone else?

Declan: I’m not a whore.

Ian: Only those three?

Declan: Yep.

Ian: Using what?

Declan: Condoms. Always, condoms. I’m not stupid.

Ian: I’ll use one, too. I’ll get them, back in a jiff.

Declan: Do that.

Excited, Ian dug through a chest of drawers for a pack of condoms, then returned, and rolled the condom carefully onto his erect member.

Ian: Feel this [using his plastic coated, lubed cock to beat about Declan’s butt].

Declan: Feels grand. I’m ready.

Ian lubed some more, went in, and had his way with Declan through the bars. Declan was aroused again.

Ian: I’ll clean up some, then give you a hand job if you want.

Declan: Okay, I could probably use a major cleaning.

Ian, coming back with some hot wet towels: See how this feels.

Declan: Oh, grand.

Ian: Now back up here, and I’ll use some nice warm lube on your cock.

Declan: That’s wonderful. Ohhhhh, yesssssss.

After a little work, Declan released his second load.

Declan: Now, that was fine. I don’t know why I didn’t think of it sooner.

Ian: Maybe we can do this regularly.

Declan: That would certainly make captivity more bearable.

Ian: Key! Uncuff and throw the key out. I’ll pull the chain the other way. We’ll probably use it again.

Declan: I certainly hope so.

Ian: I’ll also get a tub of hot sudsy water, so you can bathe somewhat.

He returned with a big bucket on wheels, soap, and some towels.

Declan: A great improvement! A shower would be great.

Ian: I’ll work on it tomorrow.

He rigged a shower of hot water that flowed into a drain. The sex sessions became twice daily activities. Ian carefully avoided Declan’s teeth, but he wanted more and more to have Declan blow him.

The next full moon approached, and Declan’s mood got darker and his body notably hairier, hornier, his scent stronger. He became agitated and hyperactive. Sometimes he growled in his sleep, his erection massive. He tore into food voraciously.

Ian: I was thinking of getting you a sheep for the full moon.

Declan: That would be good.

Ian: Would you prefer a ram or a ewe or a lamb?

Declan: It really doesn’t matter. I’m not going to have sex with it.

Ian: Exactly what will you do to it?

Declan: Kill it. Drink its blood. Eat some of it, or maybe all of it, especially if it’s small. What did you think?

Ian: I thought so. I’ll bring it in this evening. I won’t get you a small one.

Declan: Okay. Are you going to watch?

Ian: Of course, and I’ll have my dart gun, just in case.

Declan: You think I might get out?

Ian: I don’t think so, but I’ll be ready. I’m gonna video it, too.

Declan: Gee, really? I’ll be a star.

Ian: Maybe someday. We’ll see. I’ll collect a video feed of the moon to use and some of the mists at night. Maybe I can sell it online.

Declan: Nothing like a stream of income. Will you split that with me since I’m the talent? Maybe you can advertise the mysteries of the werewolves of Scotland. I’m sure hunky werewolves would bring more tourists. I wonder if there are werewolf tourists who’d like to make the trip.

Ian: Yes, but will fat werewolves have the same effect?

Declan: I don’t have much to do here but eat, sleep and have sex with you. You seem to like my fat, and I like yours.

Ian: Just remember that and keep eating.

Ian set up twelve cameras. He put a large old ram into the cell with Declan, and, as the moon rose, started shooting video with the tranq gun nearby.

The transformation was gradual as Declan reached a level of hyperactivity that made it hard to watch him. He ran around the cell and battered himself on the walls and bars. The ram bleated frantically trying to avoid him. Declan growled and twitched spasmodically. He seemed to cramp suddenly, and his posture began to change. His eyes reconfigured slits and turned glowing yellow. The ram tried to hide under the toilet. Big yellow canines popped out. His muzzle swelled, as his ears grew huge and pointy. Fur erupted everywhere, and claws extended from hands that were changing to paws. He sniffed around and went for the frantic ram, crushing its throat and tearing it out. Blood gushed. He howled and then sucked in the warm salty fluid, before tearing the ram open, consuming heart, liver, lungs, kidneys, and stomach lining, and then ripping away big chunks of muscle and fat from underneath the wool, swallowing without chewing. Meaty legs were ripped off. Hunks of raw flesh disappeared.

Part 2

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