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The Sins Of Gluttony: Victim 2
The Sins of Gluttony: Victim Two - The Round Bear from the UK

Seven months later...

Since taking Bryan to be my greedy and gluttonous porker for my fat man warehouse, I've been wishing for more piggishly fat men to come into the buffet now. Sadly none of them have came close to getting my attention and attraction for several months.

But as I was changing the food from the breakfast buffet to the lunch/dinner buffet, I saw a short round bearish looking guy come through the door. He had to be about 5'5" in height and only 280-290 pounds at best. There was no way he could hide his round belly that was sticking out in front of him even with his vest fully buttoned up. He had a full beard on his round chubby face that just made him look like a fat teddy bear fit for some more "stuffing" in my own personal way.

"Hello sir, welcome to big boy's buffet. I take it you came in for the lunch buffet?" I asked, "By the way, my name is Roy and I'll be taking care of anything you need."

"Thanks, the name is Sean. I'm here visiting from the UK actually so definitely want to try out the American food here as much as possible," he said while taking his vest off and rubbing his round gut.

"Well then you came to the right place! What do you want to drink?" I asked.

"Beer for me. A few pitchers and a big mug would be a nice start off," Sean said as he wiggled himself into the booth.

I smiled greatly at the sight of him wiggling into the booth. Just means he don't have too much more to grow until getting stuck there for good. I rushed off to grab up several pitcher for the keg we had out back as Sean went up to the buffet and loaded up a few plates of food.

He started to devour the food left and right like he never ate in several days, chugging down the pitchers of beer with and without the big mug being filled. As I walked around to restock the food at the buffet, I couldn't help but keep my eyes glued to his rounding belly as it filled out and swelled from all the beer and food he was packing into it.

Sean ate like that for a good hour before leaning back and letting out a big healthy burp while rubbing the sides of his gut that has touched the table top nicely but not too much to get him stuck in the booth.

I looked at his round ballooned belly and laughed under my breath as I approached his booth, "Looks like I got another porker here..." I said under my breath, "So you got your fill there my friend?"

"Ooof, yeah I think I did but that custard and pudding mixture was just too hard to pass up on eating more than one helping," Sean said under his heavy breathing while trying to shift his weight around to get out of the booth.

"Well we do have an after hours for a select few who are interested. It is basically all you can eat of what's left here after the day is done so we can stock up on new and more fresh food for the next day. Would you be interested?" I asked Sean with a grin.

"Sure! My hotel isn't too far from here anyway so I can easily come back later. I'll be more hungry by then anyway," Sean said while rubbing his belly. His shirt lifted up slightly from underneath his vest which had me almost ready to grab him up and overstuff his belly even more right on the spot.

"Great then, I'll see you around 9 pm here...the lights will still be on so just walk on in."

Later that night...

Sean returned to see Roy waiting for him at the enterance of the buffet.

"Glad to see you made it there. C'mon in!"

Roy opened the doors and to Sean's surprise the place has changed over the duration of the day. The booths were removed and only one table was in the middle of the dining area with all buffet tables surrounding it.

Sean sits down at the table as he squeezed his round belly and body into the chair, "Looks great there!" he said as Roy started to pile on the plates full of food.

Without delay, Sean started to stuff his face with all the good food that Roy started to put on the table. Over time, he didn't realize his belly was getting fuller and rounder by the minute with every plate being cleaned by him. The food kept on coming as Roy just clean the plates, refreshed the drinks and placed more food in front of the ballooning fat bearish guy.

Roy could feel himself getting a raging hard on as he looked at Sean's rounding belly swell and ride the shirt up higher and higher. The vest on him was growing tighter as the round belly swelled and started to strain the buttons on it.

Sean rocked back in the chair and let out a huge burp as he rubbed his overstuffed ball belly as the hair from his gut was exposed and a few of the buttons pop off his vest as he exhaled from all the stuffing.

"Whew! That was some good eating there. I don't know if I can fit much more into me..." he said as he rubbed and squeezed the sides of his tight gut.

Roy was getting more and more worked up by the minute but noticed that the soft serve ice cream and pudding dispenser wasn't touched at all. He sneaked around and grab the machine loading/unloading hose to the machine as he walked slowly up to Sean.

"Well I'm sure you can fit a bit more in that gut," he said while rubbing Sean's gut, "you need some dessert in there anyway."

"Dessert? I don't think I...MMPPHH" Sean said half way until Roy stuffed the hose into his face as the machine unloaded the pudding and ice cream into the hose and down Sean's throat."

"OH but I KNOW you can..." Roy said as he rubbed Sean's belly as it ballooned even bigger and tighter, "I don't think you'll be leaving anytime soon there. Especially with that round gut of yours pinning you down."

Sean's vest finished popping off the other buttons as it began to swell and bloat bigger in size from the restricting fabric he once had on before the gorging.

By the time Roy was finally done feeding Sean the fattening liquid, the bearish guy grew into 320 pounds of ballooned ball of blubber. "I guess you won't be heading back home anytime soon," said Roy as he removed the hose and rubbed the round sphere of fat, "I guess I have to keep you like the other guy in my warehouse."

Sean couldn't say anything, he was so overstuffed and groaning over the straining of his belly. He could feel himself getting sleepy as he felt his cock ooze a bit of precum from all the overstuffing, if he could talk...he would be happy to stay with this man that has done this to him.

"BURP," Sean replied...it was the only reply he could express toward his feeder as his eyelids started to lower and feel himself getting sleepy.

Several hours later...

Sean awake to be in a clear room that was similar to an isolation chamber. His belly still pinned him down to the chair but he glanced around the area as he noticed he was in a warehouse and it had different devices and chambers that are still being worked on.

The figure in the chamber across from him was of another guy that looked like he has been eating and gorging for weeks even months. His body was overly bloated and fattened while his skin was showing several stretch marks all over himself. Sean noticed the sign on the chamber and read it slowly:

Bryan - Current Weight: 752.5 pounds

Sean was in awe on how huge the guy was in the chamber, almost unable to get out of the chamber due to his immense girth that is filling up the cell. He looked around slightly panicked as he struggled to get out of the chair.

"Now now, you can't go anywhere without trying out my feeding chair," said Roy over the loudspeaker, "At least you can stay awhile and see if you can grow bigger than Bryan over there."

Roy grinned as he started up the machine and began to process of Sean's continuing growth, "This one should be interesting with the way he loves to eat," said Roy as he sit back and viewed the monitor of Sean getting stuffed with a chute full of chocolate fudge syrup being drained into his forced open mouth.

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