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The Sins Of Gluttony: Victim One
The Sins of Gluttony: Victim One - The Greedy Round Gut Pig

Bryan was what you can truly call "living high off the hog" as he was into stuffing his face like one almost 24/7. Whether it was doing fast food crawls or hitting a buffet until the place closes down, he forever wanted to gorge on food whenever and however he can.

Though he was not the fattest guy out there with only being 330 pounds and 6'1". On top of that he was a bodybuilder so his weight lifting kept him from growing massively fatter. But yet he still had a solid round ball gut on him that he loved to rub whenever he overstuffed it, which was daily and nightly.

However, every night he dreamed and yearns to be huge, fat and just obese beyond belief. So much that he usually woke up during the night or in the morning with a raging hard on that needed some attention.

One day as he was leaving from work for his lunch break, he decided to head over to the local buffet that was just around the corner. He knew there was always good eats there and it kept him overstuffed for the rest of the day. That's how I got to meet him...

"Well hello there Bryan, good to see you again. Back to reload there?" I said with a chuckle while coming from around the corner.

"Sure am. Say...you know my name so well but what about yours?" He said while trying to wedge his round gut into the booth as he sat down.

"The name is Ron and I know your name since you are definitely a regular here by the way that gut of yours is sticking out there," I said while poking my finger into his round firm belly, "So you want me to grab some plates full of food for you or can you manage getting out that booth there?"

Bryan's gut looked tight and firm into that booth as it barely cut into his ball like belly. It was almost like watching a nicely inflated basketball as he breathed hard from the struggle into the booth. "Well if you don't mind, could you just send the food here via plates? I'm sure you know what this big boy loves to eat, right?"

I chuckled as I headed to the buffet tables. Bryan sat there and began to gorge more and more on the plates. The plates was starting to come up empty before I was even able to go back to the tables to load up on more, lucky for him he was up there in his job so he can afford to have a lunch break for an hour.

Over 10 plates later, he looked overstuffed and ready to blow. I came back with two more plates that were filled with dessert from the dessert bar.

"Ooof! I don't think I can take much more into this belly here Ron," he said while rubbing his overly bloated belly, "I think I might pop something here if anymore get added to this gut of mine."

"Oh I'm sure you can stuff much more in there you fat ass piggy," I said under my breath.

"What's that?"

"Nothing my friend. Here's your bill...and if you are interested I am going to the local warehouse here for inventory on the food for the buffet. I think you might like it since you pack away a lot of it there," I said while rubbing his belly. I stopped suddenly from rubbing his belly as a panic look came over my face.

"Don't worry about it man. It actually felt good to have you rub it instead of me here," Bryan said as he smiled, "And I'll definitely be here to join you for the food run. You think I can get some free food to take home with me there?"

"More than you can handle I bet," I said as I smiled back at him. He grunted as he wiggled out of the booth, his belly fully distended outward with his buttoned shirt looking ready to split apart that the buttons. "I'll see you after closing here then," he said as he burped and waddle out after putting the cash down for the bill.

Hours later...

Bryan walks over to the closed buffet door as he peeks inside. Nothing but darkness inside the place as he gets anxious on wanting to go to the warehouse. He can feel something stirring inside him like he yearn to go to this not only for the food but also for something else more needing.

Ron appeared out of the back of the buffet place as he comes to the door and unlocks it.

"Well then, are you ready to go?" Bryan asked anxiously.

"Not yet. I have a few more things to clean up here but you can come inside and wait...it won't take long," I said.

As Bryan walked into the darken buffet place, he wandered over to the booth he sat at before as Ron walked into the backroom. Moments later, he reappears with a big ice cream dispenser.

"Care to have some ice cream while you wait? We have to clean it out anyway..." I asked Bryan.

"No thanks, I rather wait here."

"That wasn't a choice you know...it was more of a command," I said as I climb on top of the round ball bellied guy while pushing the hose into his mouth. I never felt so alive and with the rush of arousal I couldn't stop now!

Once the hose was placed into his mouth along with some secure clamps to keep it for being removed, I worked on his arms and legs as I tied them down with some of the nylon apron strings we had in the back. It wasn't hard to tie him down...it was almost like he wanted this.

"Comfy now piggy?" I said as I laughed at the sight of this big guy tied down like a fat county hog for the slaughter.

Bryan grunted as the flow of ice cream started into his mouth. "Oh I forgot we have some pudding left as well," I said as I grabbed the big container of chocolate pudding and poured it into the top part of the dispenser, "That should thicken up the mixture there some."

I watched on while rubbing his swelling ball belly. Bryan looked very content on chugging all that mixture down and grunted whenever he felt his belly stretching and growing tighter.

"Well you definitely are the greedy fat piggy there, eh?" I said with a chuckle as I watched the dispenser go dry and the hose start to empty out the remaining mixture into Bryan's mouth. As soon as I pulled the hose out of his mouth, he let off a huge burp that I thought would shatter the glass windows in the buffet.

"What the hell?!?! I can't get up now. Ron, you did this...fix it!"

"Oh...I planned to do just that. This is only the first course," I said as I put a cloth filled with chloroform over his mouth and nose. Bryan grunted and moaned slightly as he drifted off to sleep, all he could hear was Ron calling out to the back for some help.

Bryan woke up in a daze to find himself strapped to a reinforced chair with both his arms and legs tied down and his belly sticking out twice as big as it was when he came to the buffet and was forced fed.

"Where am I?" he asked nervously.

"You're in the warehouse my fat greedy porker," I said over the loudspeaker, "This is where I will fatten and grow many porkers like you. You will be the first of my fat farm warehouse!"

"WHAT?!?! You can't do this! I don't deserve to be treated like this," Bryan said as he struggled to get out of the chair.

"OH? You came to the buffet everyday for lunch and after work. I saw you stuff yourself more and more. Fuck it piggy, you got to face it! You are a GREEDY FAT HOG and you deserve to be fatten up as such!" I shouted.

Suddenly the sounds of machinery started up around Bryan as he looked out in the room to find a conveyor belt rolling down fattening cakes and pastries down the line towards his chair and his mouth.

"What if I refuse to do this? What then?" said Bryan.

"Well then you will get injected with some needles that are on the back of that chair automatically. Whenever the chair sense that you are not getting fatter, it will inject you with some appetite enhancers to make sure you eat," I said as the first needle began to stick into his skin.

Bryan grunted loudly as it pushed the liquid into his body. He suddenly felt like a hungry greedy porker unlike he never felt when he ate at the buffet and started to dive into the cakes and pastries one after another quickly head first every time.

Hours passed by as Bryan ate more and more food, his belly doubled and triple in size as it became more round ball shaped like with every bite of food. Once the conveyor belt ran out of food, I personally came out there and funnel fed him half to full gallons of milkshakes and heavy creams one after another. It was a hot sight to see this huge fat porker just ballooned out of his control and only into mine.

"Yeah you fat fuck...you are enjoying this now finally!" I exclaimed as he grunted and oinked like the true hog he was. His belly distended beyond belief, as it grew tighter and bigger. The chair had a small-scale indicator that told me how much he was weighing. Surprising enough with the hours I did overstuffing him, it was already afternoon. He was truly porked out and overstuffed for over 10 hours straight with his weight at a massive 660+ pounds. It doubled his weight, which he was only a mere 330 pounds.

The greedy hog passed out a few minutes before I realized that he was doubled his weight already. The porker drooled as he slept in the chair; the chair itself was feel the pain of having all that massive blubber and fat on top of it but it was still holding steady. It made me think of getting a stronger chair before my gluttonous fat man watch up for his next ongoing feeding session. And even more on the guys I've seen out there that definitely need to experience how fat, greedy and hog like they truly are.

"I starting to like this already," I said with an evil grin.

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