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The Sleeper

Big Joe slept soundly on the bed Gus had built for him. After Joe had become too fat to move around much, Gus had created a industrial strength bed that would hold Gus's bloated 900 lb. body. Gus kept Joe chained to the bed all the times now and Joe accepted his fate happily. All Joe wanted to do now was see how big his body could be. 1000 lbs? 1500 lbs? 2000? He couldn't wait to find out. While Joe slept, another of Gus's creations fed Joe. This contraption consisted of an elevated vat (which now contained heavy whipping cream) that drained through a tube inserted into Joe's mouth and down his esophagus. Joe fed constantly as he slept, growing throughout the night. In front of the bed a crank and chain pulled tightly at a binding wrapped Big Joe's cock and balls. Joe's gut had become so big that at one point his cock was completely enveloped by fat. Gus changed this by building this contraption that yanked on Joe's cock and balls by crank and chain. He tightened the crank once a day, slowly stretching Big Joe's scrotum and cock to incredible lengths. His genitals now stretched just beyond his low-hanging gut.

Big Joe writhed in ecstasy in his sleep. He dreamed of reaching the ton mark and was having a giant feast of desserts to celebrate. Sprawled on the floor he was surrounded by cakes, pies, puddings and miscellaneous pastries. A mountain of squirming flab, he rolled around in the food, stuffing as much as he could into his face. Eventually he looked down at his body to see that his entire smooth pink body was messy with frosting and pie filling. He couldn't see his hard stretched out dick over his gigantic belly, but he felt its hardness intensify with excitement. Joe moaned with pleasure and fulfillment. What a happy piggy he was! Happily, he resumed eating and wallowing in his sweet sticky mess, stuffing himself until his stomach would not accept any more. He looked down at himself again and realized he was no longer a man, but a GIANT PIG! He reached his fat arm up to his face and felt his snout to confirm the transformation. He immediately began to ejaculate with ecstasy and continued to stuff his face while sticky goo erupted from his flinching prick.

He continued this dream of ecstasy throughout the night until the vat was empty. Soon he would be hungry again and it would be time for Gus, his master, to feed him.

Source: http://web.archive.org/web/20040824232837/http://gainerweb.com/archives/stories/stories/sleeper.shtml
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