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The Ultimate Vacation

Being a typical Southern California guy, Jay never thought that the East Coast had much to offer. However, after a good friend of his had taken a vacation there, he began to hear such good things about that area of the country that his curiosity was really beginning to stir.

"Maybe I shouldn't be so close-minded about the East," he began to think. "After all I have always prided myself in being open minded. There are so many places that seem to be much more exciting to me than the East Coast.....Hawaii for example!!!"

He continued to think about the East Coast but never really acted. Then one day he was at the mall and noticed a drawing being held by the travel agency there. First prize was a two week all expense paid trip to Europe. That really caught his eye.

"What the heck," he thought. "I have nothing to loose."

A couple of weeks went by, and one day upon arriving home from work he went through his usual routine of listening to the messages on the answer phone as he changed his clothes.

"Hello, Jay," said the recorded voice. "This is Cathy at Wade Travel, and you are a WINNER!! Call me back as soon as you get this message."

"Europe, Europe, Europe here I come!" he shouted.

He immediately called Cathy to hear about his trip to Europe. "Hi, Cathy? This is Jay calling to collect my trip to Europe!"

"Well, Jay, I have some good news and some bad news. The trip you won is not to Europe but to Connecticut," Cathy said hoping not to disappoint him too much.

"Oh, OK. But I thought the drawing was for a trip to Europe," he responded trying not to sound ungrateful for the trip.

"That was the first prize. The second prize was to Hawaii, and the third was to Connecticut."

"Why Connecticut???"

"Oh, at this time of the year it is one of the most beautiful states to visit. And the package we've put together offers a couple of ways to go. You can either travel with someone else, or we will give you $500 in additional spending money for while you're there. Which will it be?"

"I'll take the $500 and travel alone," Jay said thinking he would save that to spend once he got back. "I guess this will be a good opportunity to see how the other side of the country lives."

The travel arrangements were made, and the day arrived when Jay was to leave. The flight went well, and he spent it thinking and wondering about what would it be like, what would the people be like, what would it be like to travel alone, and many more thoughts raced through his head. Finally the plane touched down in Hartford. He could already see the difference in the scenery as there were many more trees than what he was used to in Southern California. It actually looked very pretty to him.

"Hmm, maybe this won't be so bad after all," he thought. "At least I can get some heavy duty relaxing done."

As he entered the airport, his eyes went back and forth looking for signs of where he would pick up his luggage. Finally, he found the spot and stood there for what seemed like hours. Where were his suitcases??? Now the sign above the carrousel changed to a different flight number and there was still no sign of his luggage. He went to the customer service counter and spoke to the lady who was very abrupt with him, gave him a number to call and then walked away. Jay was irate thinking already he was not to impressed with the people of this state. As he turned to walk away a voice said to him, "Not having a very good day, huh?"

He turned and looked and there stood this nice-looking, 6'4" hunk with a nice build. Jay immediately sucked in his gut as he was a bit on the husky side standing 5'11" and weighing 230#. Since this guy had spoken to him, Jay was hoping that he hadn't noticed his paunch sticking out between the opening of his black leather jacket. He reached down and tried to untuck his shirt without drawing much attention to his midsection. The waist of his pants would not let him pull his t-shirt out without a battle, so he decided to leave it alone and to stand with his gut sucked in as much as possible.

"My name is Bill," said the good looking stranger.

"Hi, I'm Jay," he said almost speechless thinking that maybe this trip wouldn't be so bad after all.

"Can I give you a ride someplace, or are you waiting for a ride?"

"Sure, that would be great. I'm not sure how in the world to get to the hotel," Jay lied knowing full well that there was a shuttle. "I'm staying at the Holiday Inn."

"Let's go," Bill said sizing up Jay's protruding gut that he had forgotten to suck in. "How long you here for?"

"Two weeks," Jay answered as Bill dropped a couple of steps behind to see if he could see the waist size on his 501's.

He couldn't because the jacket was covering the label, so he "accidentally" dropped his keys. As he had hoped, Jay bent over to pick them up exposing that incriminating 501 tag. 38W 32L the tag read, and Bill felt an electric charge rush right to his member.

"Did you travel alone?"

"Yup, I thought it would give me a chance to go where I wanted to go and not worry about anyone else. Since this is my first time to the East, I wanted to do it my way."

They got to Bill's truck, threw the one carry-on bag in the back, and climbed in. Jay tried to put the seat belt on, but it kept locking up before it got all the way around him. Bill noticed that right away and didn't hesitate to help.

"That's a little tricky. Here, let me help."

As he reached around Jay to grab the seat belt, he made it a point to make contact with Jay's belly. Jay felt a bit embarrassed, but said nothing. Bill pulled the seat belt slowly across Jay's lap so it wouldn't lock up again, and also so he could spend time rubbing across Jay's belly. He made sure that the belt wasn't fastened too loosely because that would make that mound of flesh stick out even more.

"Hey, are you hungry?" Bill asked. "I know of a great Italian restaurant where they make the best pizza. It's a bit smoky so maybe we could pick it up and pass by the grocery store to get some beer and then take it up to your room......Oh brother, listen to me. I've just met you and I'm already inviting myself over. Sorry."

"No, that's fine," Jay said amazed that Bill would still stick around after he obviously noticed his gut while fastening the seat belt. "I would really enjoy the company."

Bill thought, "I think I'll order 2 pizzas. I bet with Jay's help that second one will disappear no problem. He obviously has a healthy appetite, and I'd like to make it healthier. Send him back to California with a 20 pound souvenir of his visit. YES!"

Jay thought, "Man, I wish I would have lost that weight I've been putting off losing. He's gonna think I'm a fat slob. And now here I go eating pizza. Great!! That ought to really help. Maybe I'll just eat one or two pieces so he won't think that I don't at least make an effort to lose weight. I can't eat nothing after he's gone to all this trouble.

Bill ran in and ordered the pizzas, and while they were making them the two went to the grocery store to pick up some beer. They returned to the restaurant, and Bill ran inside to pick them up and tossed them in the back without Jay realizing that he had ordered two. This was to be the start of something big......and getting bigger.

Jay's room had a king size bed and a small dining table and chairs. Perfect for eating dinner and then what Jay hoped would happen after. As Jay had planned he had two pieces, one beer and stopped. This did not go unnoticed by Bill.

"Hey, what are you stopping for? There's plenty more pizza. I bought 2. Come on, eat up!"

"Oh, I'm full," Jay said as his stomach let out a loud growl.

"Yeah, you sound full," Bill chuckled. "Have some more. I have no intentions of taking home leftovers."

"I'm fine. Besides, I'm trying to lose weight," he said as Bill came around behind him and pushed another piece of pizza in his mouth.

"Not while you're on vacation....and not on my time! In this part of the country we enjoy life. Now eat!" As he spoke the piece of pizza "slipped " into Jay's mouth and Bill's free hand slipped down over Jay's chest, over his gut, and straight to the growing bulge in the crotch of his pants. This just made Jay gobble down that piece of pizza, and as soon as Bill realized he had found Jay's hot button, he grabbed another piece of pizza and stuffed it in.

"Do you like to get massaged?" Bill asked.

"I love it."

"Good. I'll give you one hot massage to relax you from your trying time at the airport, and you keep eating."

As long as Jay kept eating and guzzling beer, Bill kept the massage going. It was a kind of massage that Jay had never experienced...very sensual....and soon the beer made him forget his pledge to eat only 2 pieces of pizza. Bill took Jay's shirt off and began to massage his chest as he helped Jay shove pizza in his mouth. If Jay stopped eating, Bill stopped massaging until Jay somehow picked up that for this pleasure to continue, he would have to keep consuming.

Jay got half way through the second pizza and his gut stuck out more than ever. He now felt very comfortable with Bill and didn't try to suck it in......he couldn't have anyway even if he wanted to. Bill began to massage Jay's over stuffed belly. Jay had never thought that a belly rub could be so sensual, but the bulge in his pants grew harder. Bill reached down and unsnapped those straining 501's and this mass of flesh broke loose with a jiggle. He started licking and sucking on Jay's protruding paunch, and Jay was in ecstasy.

"Eat!" Bill said.

"I can't. I'm so full not another bite will fit!"

"We'll see," Bill thought as he went down on Jay rubbing his huge gut as he sucked him off.

Bill could hear Jay's pleasurable moans. Then he stopped.

"Let's get in bed, Jay."


They both undressed completely and Bill grabbed the remaining half of the pizza. Jay looked shocked as he knew he couldn't eat another bite and thought he had made that clear to Bill.

"You can do it, Jay. And I promise you that you'll never experience such a hot orgasm as when you have a full stomach. Really, I'll help. Just try it this once you'll see."

Bill began to massage that huge mountain of flesh as he offered another piece of pizza to Jay. Jay reluctantly opened his mouth and was amazed to find that that massage had relaxed his stomach enough that more pizza could fit in. Bill worked Jay over slowly and erotically bringing him close not letting him shoot until he fed him the last piece of pizza. Then, what an explosion! Jay came like he never had come before. Then Bill climbed on top of him and rubbed is dick across that huge mound of flesh. It didn't take Bill long and he shot too.

The two of them fell asleep in each other's arms. As he rubbed Jay's bloated gut, Bill fell asleep with the satisfaction of knowing that Jay would wake a few pounds fatter in the morning.

The next morning Bill woke up before Jay did. He stood back and looked at Jay as he slept. He thought how great it would be if the feeding sessions could all be like the one last night. He couldn't just come out and tell Jay that he wanted to get him fatter. That would sound totally weird, and he'd probably never go for it. He did realize, though that Jay liked to eat and he already had a good start on his gut. If only Bill could make it grow more. "He seemed to really respond to my massaging and sucking on his gut. And of course, I liked it too. Maybe if I make that his reward for eating, he will just want to keep stuffing it in. He already likes to eat so if I play off that he'll eat his way to a bigger gut yet."

Jay turned over, his belly rolling over with a flop, and woke up. He looked up to find Bill looking at him. He thought that Bill must be thinking that he looked like a beached whale. Why wasn't it fashionable to be heavy??? He really liked Bill and didn't want to turn him off by growing huge right before his eyes.

"What are you looking at?" Jay asked.

"You. I'm thinking what a hunk you are."


"Well, you are the only one lying there, aren't you?"

He came over to the bed and sat down beside Jay. His hand went directly to his gut as he gently massaged it. Jay could feel himself getting harder. But, why would Bill's massaging his gut make him get hard? He didn't question it any further and just enjoyed the feeling. Bill's hands worked their way around to Jay's sides and grabbed on to the soft rolls that were there. Then they made their way to the love handles. Bill got hard too.

"I like these," he said holding on to the two rolls of flesh.

"You do?"

"Oh yeah. I do not like skinny guys. Guys with a little meat on their bones look much more masculine."

Jay thought, "Did he say little???

"Hey, I've got an idea," Bill said. "Why don't I take you to my house and we can fix breakfast there? I live near here and the drive will give you a chance to see some things."

"That sounds good to me. That's what I came here for."

Jay realized that the time he thought he was going to be alone was going to occupied. That was fine with him since he and Bill hit it off very well. They got dressed (which was a bit of a challenge for Jay when it came to buttoning those 501's) and left for Bill's house. Bill stopped at the grocery store and stocked up like he was going to feed an army. He noticed that Jay's stomach was growling so he bought him a dozen donuts which he encouraged him to eat on the way. Without realizing it, Jay put down 11 of the dozen. Bill told him he might as well finish the last one, so he did.

They arrived at Bill's house and were greeted by the barking dogs. They went inside and Bill fixed Jay a "snack" to keep him busy while he fixed breakfast. Bill prepared a huge breakfast of eggs, pancakes, bacon, sausage, hash browns, and coffee. Jay didn't realize that Bill had prepared the whole dozen eggs. Breakfast seemed like a repeat performance of the previous night's dinner. Bill did not allow Jay to stop eating just because he was full. His stomach from having been stretched the night before held more food than ever and soon began to stick out a mile again. Bill gave Jay that same special "treatment" as the night before unbuttoning his jeans to allow that belly to stretch, and Jay ate with less coaxing than it took before remembering how hot it was to shoot with a gut stuffed full. They ended up in Bill's room with a plate full of pancakes soaked in butter. Before Bill stuffed the last one in Jay's mouth, he rubbed the buttered side on Jay's huge swollen gut and then climbed on top. As he stuffed the last pancake in he rubbed his dick up and down on Jay's gut. Jay realizing that this brought much pleasure to Bill, pushed up the loose flesh of his growing gut and wrapped it around Bill's rod. Between the slippery feeling of the butter and being enveloped in flesh, it didn't take Bill long to lose his load.

"Oh yes, my piglet. Your gut is getting so fat. You are such a stud, Piglet. You're getting fat as a pig ... oooooooooooooooohhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!"

Jay found these words turned him on and he got harder than ever. Bill rolled over pulling Jay on top of him and scooted down so that Jay's gut was hanging over his face. Jay moved his massive gut back and forth over Bill's face and Bill went hard again. He grabbed Jay's hard throbbing cock and began to massage it with one hand and his own with the other hand. Between the butter, the cum, and the sweat, it was like Bill had a greased pig sliding all over him. They both came in total ecstasy and then just laid there for a couple of hours while Bill played with the new forming rolls on Jay's gut planning the next few pounds he would pack on Jay's expanding midsection. Bill imagined how he could get a beachball sized protrusion to grow in the time they would have together.

Suddenly Bill realized that a couple of hours had gone by and he hadn't fed Jay. He got out of bed and headed for the kitchen.

"Where are you going?" Jay inquired.

"To fix you something to eat."

"I just ate a couple of hours ago. Hey wait, I get the feeling that you're trying to make me fat or should I say fatter."

"Jay, can I be honest with you?"

"Yeah, sure you can."

"How can I say this? Well you've probably noticed that I like guys with some meat on their bones. Something else that really turns me on is watching a guy grow bigger. I think that when we first met you were a little self conscious about your weight. But that's what attracted me to you. I think you really like to eat and I really like to feed you. You are getting hotter and hotter as you grow. Come on. Your vacation is just two weeks and I think we could have some real fun during that time. You are a turn on to me and watching you get bigger is even more of a turn on."

Jay had never met anyone who liked "heavier" guys. He had always been bugged by societies dictates as to the "perfect size."

"Oh what the hell. This could be fun. And besides, everyone puts on a little weight while on vacation," he said to Bill.

"A little??" Bill thought. "You're going for the gusto, my fat friend. That gut's gonna be stretched to the limits when you leave here!"

"That's right," Bill said. "Everyone puts on a little."

Jay did not return to the hotel. He and Bill traveled around seeing the state, and Bill always packed a large picnic lunch. They stopped and bought Jay a pair of casual pants with an elastic waistband, and when Jay wasn't looking, Bill swapped the size 40's for 42's. The feeding sessions continued for a few days and Jay was not real aware of how much weight he was gaining. He was encouraged to eat more and more by his new friend who loved to play with the evergrowing rolls. Then one day, Jay called for messages at the hotel.

"Hey, Bill. The airline called and said my suitcase showed up."

"Great, I've got to go that direction today so I'll stop and pick it up for you."

When Bill returned home with Jay's suitcase, Jay was happy to have some changes of clothes. He pulled out a pair of his favorite shorts to put them on, but much to his dismay, he could hardly get them zipped and fastened. Once he did, he turned around and the whole seat of his pants ripped out. Bill burst into laughter.

"Well, my piglet. It looks like those are history."

He went over and gave Jay a big hug and started rubbing his gut. Both of them got instantly hard. Bill asked Jay if he would do a "fashion show" and model all his outgrown clothes. At this point, Jay liked Bill so much that he would do it if he knew it would turn him on. Everything in Jay's suitcase was like 4 sizes too small. T-shirts looked like murals painted on that huge gut. Pants couldn't be fastened or zipped, and when they could, this huge innertube hung over the waistband. Bill enjoyed every minute of the struggle Jay was having with his now outgrown clothes.

"Well, I hope you're happy," Jay said.

"You look so totally hot!" Bill said giving Jay's belly a good grab and a pat.

And with that they took some time for a little "afternoon delight."

Eat, eat, eat, eat, eat, eat, eat, eat, eat, eat, eat, eat, eat, eat, eat, eat, eat, eat, eat, and more eat. That was how Jay spent his remaining days with Bill. Now even his elastic waistband pants (yes, the 42's) were tight. He did find, however, that he loved the feeling of his expanding gut. To feel it shake when he walked and the growth of the love handles felt hot. He was especially happy to have that large gut when Bill would play with it. Bill would kneed it like dough, massage it, lick it, make is shake before his eyes, pat it....That would make him hot and hard anytime, anywhere. Obviously nothing he brought from California was going to be suitable for the trip home. Then Jay remembered the extra $500 that he had been awarded.

"Hey, Bill. I need to go clothes shopping. Can you take me?

"Sure, piglet. We can go see Omar the tentmaker. Just kidding."

They got to the mall and found a clothing outlet. Jay went in and headed for the size 40's. Bill just stood there and watched knowing full well that this rack would never work. Jay tried on a pair of pants but didn't even bother to come out of the dressing room to see how they looked. Next he headed to the 42's. Bill new that his elastic waistband pants were 42's and this rack wasn't going to work either.

As he came out of the dressing room, one of the clerks responded, "Hmm, getting a little porky huh? The 44's are on the other side of the rack."

Jay tried on the 44's, and they fit just right.....no room to grow though.

"I can't believe that I'm wearing 44's! My elastic waist pants are 40's and now suddenly I'm at 44???"

Bill just shrugged his shoulders pleased with the masterpiece he had created around Jay's midsection.

"Hey," Bill said. "If you get 46's and promise to fill them out, I'll pay for them for you along with some XXL shirts as a going away present."

"Hmmm, well, OK."

They left the store with a good supply of 46's for Jay's return trip. On the way out of the mall, there was a scale....one of those with the big dial that all the world can see.

"One last favor," Bill pleaded. "Let's check your weight."

"Here? Now?"

"I don't have a scale at home. What did you weigh when you got here?"


"OK, hop on .............. 252#!!!"

Bill could feel himself getting hard right there in the mall. Someone standing behind them yelled oink oink, and Jay quickly hopped off the scale.

"Oh why do you have to go?"

"I'd be big as a house if I didn't. But I really don't want to leave either. I'll have to come back next year."

"That would be great!!!"

The day arrived when Bill had to take Jay to the airport. Before boarding, they gave each other a big hug and thought about 2 weeks ago when in that very place they had just met. As they hugged, both could feel hardness setting in. The plane took off and Jay just looked out the window thinking, "I'm glad I came to the East Coast. It really is a beautiful area. It was a good trip that expanded my horizons...........boy, and that's not all that expanded!!!"

He looked down and the seatbelt, even though buckled, was nowhere in sight.

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