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Touch from the Pharaohs Part 1
I was cursed by a man whom I trusted. A man who was one of my best friends. I never thought he would do me this terrible injustice to the human race. I never thought he would turn me into such a monster.
I'm only joking about the monster part. Yeah, I am cursed. But I don't really consider it a curse. Only the people I dated over the years considered me a monster and a terrible injustice to the human race. I kid you not. Those were the exact words that my last boyfriend said as he left the room.
What is my curse? I make people fat. I know, you're shocked. But I make people fat through touch. Call it a Fat Midas Touch. It isn't an instant monstrous gain. It’s very gradually, like one or two pounds for every minute I touch the person. That means if I fall asleep with someone in my arms at night, they could be 500 pounds heavier by morning.
Yeah, it is very unlikely that a normal human being could be cursed like this, but it actually happened. Let me share this story with you.
I was just your normal everyday boy in a pleasant suburban city, with normal average people with normal average lives. I grew up with my mom, who was always out, trying to make it big in the music world. When times were tough, she didn't drown her sorrows in alcohol. She was actually quite mellow and optimistic, never letting anything bum her out.
I had two brothers, who were always picking on me, the youngest. But that is normal. The oldest, Garrett, was the star quarterback for our high school. He went to college for Economics, graduated, moved to New York and married a nice girl. I remember the time when we were hitting golf balls at the park one time, and he hit one from like 200 yards away and it hit me in the chest. I got the wind knocked out of me.
The next oldest, or the middle child, Ozzy, was the sort of a rebel in our family. He was really into Goth stuff and always acting out. He ran away when he turned 16 and we hear from him from time to time. Last I heard, he was living in this commune in Australia and had like 10 children from at least 3 different women. I sort of wished that he would change his ways and come home.
And I wasn't that great. In elementary school, I was bullied by the tougher kids all the time. I tried to toughen up by attacking the ringleader after school, but I ended up in the hospital with a few broken ribs and a separated shoulder. By middle school, I was sort of an outcast, never really fitting in anywhere. I was socially awkward. I want to say it was around this time that I discovered that I was gay, but I know that was a lie. That didn't happen until high school.
Then I was shy, but adaptable, breaking out of the awkward outcast shell that I was in through high school. I was starting to get friends, albeit they were girls. I dated some of them, thinking they were the right fit for me, but only ended up just as awkward as middle school. 
So I started to think about the guys in my class. Some of them were really cute, but the one I had a crush on was Thomas "Tommy" Nichols. Ah, he was a major hottie. Just oozing with manliness. His soft brown hair, his strong muscley arms, and his swollen stomach. Yeah, I had a crush on a fat boy.
Tommy was a jock, linebacker for our high school. But he was also a great artist, receiving awards for his paintings in art shows across the county. He fit in everywhere, in every clique. Jock, preppy, nerd, Goth, outcast, and socially awkward. He was just awesome. We became friends and hung out more when the both of us could.
The sad part of this is, he was straight. He dated women almost every month, never really settling down with anyone. I asked him one time why he couldn't commit to a relationship. His response was that he never saw the need to choose a girl and stay with her for the rest of his life. I told him that he never really had the heart for commitment. He jokingly shoved me away, calling me a silly homo. I didn't mind the names, considering that he knew that I was gay.
After our senior year in high school, Tommy and I went to Africa for a two-month tour of the continent, visiting Cameroon, Uganda, Congo, and many other countries, with our final stop in Egypt. There, we received a tour of some of the old ruins of the pharaohs. It was really cool to see all the hieroglyphs and artifacts that the ancient Egyptians had way back then.
During our trip in Egypt, Tommy had bought a small vase from a small stand near our hotel. He had told me that the dealer told him it was a rare jar that the people who mummified the dead used to house the organs for the afterlife. I thought it looked creepy, telling him that he should keep it in his bag.
Later that night, as we were having a little party before returning home, I noticed that Tommy was acting strangely. His demeanor was more quiet than normal, along with his overall behavior, as he was more silent and shy the whole time. I asked him what was up, and he had told me nothing, just looked at me eerily. I brushed it off as a joke and continued to party.
After hours of partying, I went to bed, while Tommy decided to stay up a bit longer. He was still acting different but I didn't do anything about it. I undressed and lay down for a long sleep before our plane trip back.
During my sleep, I began to dream of freaky things. I dreamed that I was lying on some sort of altar-thingie surrounded by a lot of cloaked figures. I couldn't hear exactly what they were saying, but it was a low chanting. Then, this figure arose from the background and spoke in a language I didn't know. He raised his hands and placed them on my chest. I was scared out of my mind at this point, which seems kind of redundant, considering I was dreaming at the moment.
Suddenly, the figure spoke loudly in English, "Everything you touch shall feel this curse lay upon you from this day forth, for you have desecrated my life after I am deceased!" I could see his hands blazing with fire as he slammed his fists towards my chest.
I woke up in a flash, breathing heavily and covered in sweat. I looked over to see if Tommy had fallen asleep, but his bed was empty. I threw on some sweat pants and stepped out of our room to go look for him. I finally found him near the pool, sleeping in a lounge chair.
"Tommy. Tommy! Wake up, dude!" I yelled as I shook him.
"Huh? How did I get out here? Dude, what time is it?" He was sound asleep as he was wrapped up in his bed sheets on the chair.
"It’s really late, Tommy. What are you doing out here?"
"I don't know, man. I must've been really hammered."
"C'mon, dude. Let's get you to bed before the hotel manager kicks us out." I lead him back to our room and back to bed. I wasn't going to tell him my dream tonight.
The next morning, we rushed to the airport for our plane back. As we waited for our plane to trolley up to the gate, I started to tell him about my dream.
"Dude, it is just a dream. Why would anyone want to curse you? You are the awesomest dude I know."
"I know, Tommy, but it weirded me out. I woke up in sweat and I was out of breath. It was freaky."
"Colin, listen to me. You are not cursed. There are no such things as curses."
I felt better when he told me that. And just in time, too, because our plane just arrived. We flew back home and waited for our first day in college. I was still weirded out by that dream, but I didn't let it stop me. I moved out of my mom's house and into my own apartment close to campus. I even found myself a nice boyfriend. Everything was going good.
Until one night, when my boyfriend, Alex, and I were snuggling on the couch while watching a movie, I noticed that his flat stomach had a bit of softness to it that wasn't there before.
"Hey, hon? Have you been gaining weight?"
"No, why?" He reached down and felt his belly. "What is this? This wasn't here before." He got up from the couch in a fit of rage.
"I don't know, babe. I think it looks good on you."
"Really. Now come on and let's finish this movie."
He sat back down in my arms and we finished the movie. When he got up to get us drinks, I noticed that he looked heavier than before. I figured it was the bloat from the popcorn and water. I left it alone and continued with my night. We watched another movie and fell asleep together on the couch, with Alex in my arms.
When morning came around, I woke up to quite a sight. Alex had blown up to a huge fat man. He had to have weighed around 400 pounds. I couldn't believe what I was seeing. Was I dreaming?
As I stood above him in shock, I started to get really turned on by this morbidly obese man right in front of me. It was like one of my fantasies coming true. I looked over him thinking of the things I could do to him. I started to jerk off as I brushed up against him.
He started to stir as I was masturbating to the sinful thoughts. I was afraid that Alex was going to wake up before I finished. I had to hurry. But it was too late.
"Hey, babe. Whatcha doing, Mr. Happy? Hehehe."
I huffed and puffed as I tried to play it cool. "Hey, you sleep well?"
"Man, I feel like I slept for days." He spread his arms out and stretched. 
Then he started to rub his monstrous belly. His face went from delight to panic. Alex looked down and saw the exact thing that I saw when I woke up.
"Calm down. You might hurt yourself."
"What the Hell happened to me?!?"
I didn't know what to tell him. The more he moved around in a frenzy, the more turned on I was. My mind was racing about with him panicking.
"Don't know what happened to you, but let me get you some clothes so you can at least get dressed."
I left to go to the closest big and tall store and picked up some 3XL sweats that might fit him until he was able to figure out what happened. I returned home to see him in front of the fridge, devouring everything inside of it. He must've been eating ever since I left. His gut was bigger than before I left. I was really turned on now.
"Hey, Alex. Got you some clothes."
Alex grabbed the clothes out of my hands and hurried into the bathroom. I waited until he came out in a dark blue sweatshirt and gray sweatpants. He sat down next to me on the couch and started to cry.
"How did this happen to me?"
"I don't know, babe. Maybe you were allergic to the popcorn we had last night."
"No, I have no allergies."
"I don't know, babe."
"I'm going to head home for a while until I figure this out. I'll call you later, ok?"
Alex left and I sat there shocked by what had transpired. How could something like that happen? It wasn't even possible. I went to shower and nap before I left for my first class of the day.
While I slept, I had another weird dream. This time, I was seated in front the figure from before.
"Who are you?" He looked at me with confusion before speaking to a hooded figure next to him. The hooded figure looked at me and cleared his throat.
"I am Pharaoh Fati I. I ruled my kingdom with peace and food. We flourished and prospered with glorious amounts of food everywhere. Be the time of my death, my people suffered from a long drought and famine, nearly wiping out my kingdom."
"Why am I cursed then?"
"You were cursed for insulting my name. As prosperous as I was, my afterlife was affected by time itself. My tomb was ravaged by thieves, not heeding any warnings that might lie in it."
"I never stole anything from your tomb."
"You hold in your possession a canopic jar that housed my loving heart."
"I don't know what you are talking about."
"When you want to speak the truth, we will speak again."
I woke up and was covered in sweat. What was going on?
The next few days were lonely. Alex hadn't called me and I was getting worried about him. I went over to his place to see if he was home.
When I arrived, his place was really messy. The floors were covered in food wrappers and cardboard boxes. It led to the bedroom where I saw a sexy sight. Alex was lying in bed, but it might as well have been nothing. He had grown to immense sizes as he slept. He must’ve been eating ever since that day he left my place. He looked at least 200 pounds heavier.
I was turned on by his size, but was scared of what was going on. I ran out of there and decided never to come back. He hired an attorney a few days later and tried to sue me for fatten him up without his consent, with him calling me a monster and an injustice to the human race. The case was thrown out due to insufficient evidence. The last I heard from him was a letter he had sent me, saying that whatever happened to him, it wasn't my fault after all.
I started to wonder what was going on with me. But then, I started to remember that one dream. A jar? Tommy was the one who bought that jar. I called him up and asked him about that jar.
"Colin, I gave you that jar. The night when we partied and you woke me up at the pool, remember?"
"You never gave me that jar."
"Sure, I did. You were really drunk and asked me to give you that jar for your mom. I gave it to you after I dared you to suck my dick."
"I don't remember that at all."
"Dude, I don't want to remember, but I do. It wasn't weird, but let's just say I laying off booze for a while."
"You are sure you gave me the jar?"
I finished talking to Tommy before searching through my apartment. I searched for hours before finding it in the back of my closet. I was scared because I knew that the Pharaoh would be back in my dreams.
Sure enough, later that night, I dreamed I was in front the Pharaoh as we conversed again.
"I see you found my jar."
"I wasn't aware I had it."
"That is understandable, but unacceptable. You are tarnishing my possession by disregarding this jar."
"So, by not caring for this jar and having it in my possession, I am being cursed by you."
"That is correct."
"So what happens with this curse?"
"As I stated before, everyone you touch will suffer from this curse."
"I know that, but how are they affected."
"Everyone that you touch will enjoy the power of food and will gain through touch. Even after you are out of contact with them, they will suffer by stuffing themselves until the affect wears off in two weeks."
"You are joking?"
"I assure you, I'm not joking. You are cursed to fatten the world you live in."
"I thank you."
"Excuse me?"
"I wanted to fatten up people. It is one of my wishes. *Gasp* Oh, my God. That is what happened to Alex."
"Yes, Alex was unfortunate. I saw how much you loved him."
"It is okay. I found out that he wasn't really serious with me and was cheating with another man. Besides, now that I have this gift, I-"
"Yes. You may call this a curse, but I consider it a gift. I always wanted to fatten people up. How does it work, for future uses?"
"I am not sure I understand, but here are the rules with this curse. Rule one: You can only fatten through touch. Rule two: You can fatten yourself as well as others, but your gain will slower and not as effective. Rule three: The amount each person gains with be one pound per minute per touch. That means that if you leave your hands on a person for an hour, they will gain 60 pounds. They will also feel hungrier afterwards, making them stay fatter."
"I see. So, are there any limits to the gaining?"
"None that should be discussed at this time. By the way, your telephone is ringing."
I woke up to my cell phone blaring in my ear. I looked to see who it was. It was Tommy. Wondered what he wanted.
"Hey, Tommy. What's up, man?"
"Hey, man. Were you asleep?"
"It's cool. I was just napping before class."
"Cool, man. Hey, did you ever find that jar-thing that you asked about?"
"Yeah, I found it. It was buried in my closet."
"Cool. What did you need it for anyway?"
"Remember when I told you about that dream I had about someone putting a curse on me?"
"Yeah, but dude, it was only a dream."
"I'm not so sure it was. You know my last boyfriend, Alex."
"Yeah, I thought he was the one for you."
"Me too, but there was something that happened that caused a ripple in our relationship."
"Like what?"
"I don't want to talk about it over the phone. Do you mind coming over tonight?"
"Sure, dude. I'll be right over."

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