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Touch from the Pharaohs Part 3

I woke up to see that Tommy had grown huge. His tits were like fluffy pillows that I wanted to buried my head in. His legs and thighs were like tree trunks, solid and round. He had an ass that I wanted to **** so badly, but I showed restraint as I looked him over some more. I looked at his face and it was twice as fat as it was before. His cheeks were puffy, with the slightest hint of a dimple. His neck was nearly hidden in his fully grown double chin. If anything, he was starting to grow into a triple chin.

But what I loved to most on him was his gut, as it was tripled, if not quadrupled in size from before. It was soft and jiggly, but still firm as it hung off of him. I started rubbing it as he slept, to get the feel of it running through my fingers. I loved the sensation of me rubbing Tommy's gut now more than ever.
"Having fun?" I looked over and saw that he was wide awake.
"You look gorgeous."
"Am I done growing?"
"See for yourself."
"I will, but first, I would like you to get me the tape measure and the duct tape."
"Sure, but why the duct tape?"
"You'll see."
I went to fetch a long enough tape measure. I had a hint why he wanted the duct tape, but I played it cool. I returned to see him standing in front of my mirror, admiring his new body.
"Having fun?" I said jokingly.
"Shut up. Did you get the tapes?"
"Yeah, here. Let me measure your gut."
I went around his waist as much as the tape measure would go. I finally got around his massive belly, after some complications (i.e. me smacking his ass just to see it jiggle).
"So what's the final number?" he asked in anticipation.
"88 inches."
"Damn, this thing is huge." He grabbed his gut and jiggled it right in front of my face.
"So did you want me to hold still while you tied me up?"
"Hehe, was I that obvious?"
"Hehe, just a bit."
I held still while he started to unravel the piece of tape. He took me hand and placed them on my stomach. Then he took the tape and wrapped me up tight so my hands wouldn't budge from my stomach.
"For the next 6 hours, you will be held here until the tape around you busts. If, at 6 hours, the tape hasn't busted yet, you stay until it does."
"So if I gain enough to burst from the tape, what will I get?"
"A chance to get me."
"Awesome. If you want, you can take my card and some extra sweats that I have and get you and me a whole wardrobe."
"Cool. Anything in particular that you want?"
"Anything that will accommodate two growing bodies."
He laughed as he left to clothes shop. I wanted to feel as comfortable as the change happened. I knew that Tommy wanted me to be just as big as he was for when we have some fun.
After ten minutes, I could see a slight change in my stomach size. It was puffing out more, but was still small compared to Tommy's monstrous gut. My tits were becoming small bean bags hanging off my chest. I couldn't feel the rest of my body, due to my hands taped nice and tight.
I started to get sweaty for some reason. I went to see the thermostat and see what it was set on. I looked at it, and it read 88 degrees. I smirked as Tommy must've turned the heat up. He probably set it high to make me sweat and loosen the tape as I grew. Tricky bastard. God, I love him.
At forty five minutes in, I noticed a better change than before. My tits were bigger than they were, more like a woman's breasts than men's tight pecs. I could feel my face getting heavier with each passing minute. My legs were heavier. My stomach had blown out considerably as the time went on. I almost looked like I was a good six to seven months pregnant. I was so turned on by what was happening.
I was getting tired from the heat and the waiting, but I just relaxed on the couch and flipped on the television. You know, having your hands tied up makes you appreciate your hands and what it means to have them. But it also made me teach myself the use my feet in use of my hands. As I watched daytime TV, I started to nod off to sleep listen to the bitches from The View.
I heard the door shut, which startled me awake from my nap. I looked around and Tommy was in the kitchen taking care of groceries that he had picked up. As I maneuvered around to sit up, I noticed that Tommy had gotten a bit bigger than before. Must've been eating.
"Hey, Colin. I see you are awake. Hope I didn't wake you up."
"Not at all. I was just resting my eyes. What time is it?"
"2:30 in the afternoon. I got back at 1 p.m. and you were sound asleep."
"I was asleep for three hours?" I looked down and I was amazed by how much my body had changed. I had huge tits, just like Tommy's, but more rounded than his. My legs were wide and solid, making me look larger. My ass had to be huge, considering that I hadn't moved from the couch. But I was more in love with the size of my gut. I had a good six inches of belly hanging off in front, like an apron. I had a fat guy apron. It was soft and mushy and I was playing with it as I was tied up.
"Seems like you enjoy your new body."
"I do, don't you?"
"Yeah, I love mine. And I am dying to feel your body."
"Me too."
He smiled and went back into taking care of the groceries he picked up.
"Is it just me, or do you look bigger?"
"Well, when I got the clothes, I started to get hungry. So I went to a fast food place and I...got carried away. You may need to take care of your credit card."
"Hehehe, I'll take care of it. How much time do I have left?"
"Hmm, I say an hour and a half. But the tape's about to rip apart."
I walked over to him and gave him a good kiss on the lips. While he was apprehensive at first, he was warming up to kissing me, even adding a bit of tongue in there.
"You're a fast learner."
"I learn from the best."
"Hehe. And don't worry about the tape. I think that I would be plenty big enough."
I leaned in for a hug and he hugged me for a while.
"Why don't you sit back on the couch while I make some lunch for the both of us?"
"Yum. Better make enough."
I sat on the couch again and watch boring courtroom shows until it was 4 pm. By that time, the tape had ripped off my body and my hands were free to rest. I had to move my arms to get the feeling back to my hands.
I stood up and went to the mirror to see what I had become. I was in awe at the sheer size that I had become. I love the new me and all it came with. I saw Tommy coming in from behind, naked, and tried to wrap his arms around me.
"You look incredible."
"You do, too."
"I'm ready to have some fun."
"What about lunch?"
"Not to worry. I ate some and ordered Chinese to be delivered at 7."
"Hehe, cool."
We locked lips once again and we embraced each other. As we lead ourselves to the bed, we started to feel each other up, feeling our tits, bellies, asses, everything. We were just exploring every inch of flabby fat we had on each other.
When we hit the bed, I was on bottom and Tommy was right over me, straddling me while we continued to make out. We were in love and loving every second of it. He had reached down and removed the last traces of the underwear I was wearing.
"I know I'm new to this, but I want to **** you so bad."
"There are condoms and lube in the top drawer of my nightstand."
He reached over and grabbed the condoms and the lube. He had quickly thrown on a condom and started to lube up my now giant ass. I wanted this for the longest time. He teased my asshole with the tip of his hard fat dick. I was ready to cum right then and there, but I wanted this to last. 
Slowly, Tommy had inserted his dick deeper and deeper into my ass, slowly bringing me to climax, even before any actions had happened. Once his dick was fully inserted, I nearly went crazy. He got his body situated, putting the bulk of his belly right on top of my prick, as he slowly went in and out of my butt. He went on ****ing me for a good twenty minutes before he had exploded right in my ass. I had cummed at least three times before he came inside me.
When we gathered our breaths, it was my turn to dominate on him. I took the lube and started really rubbing it his butthole. I put on my condom and just drove my dick into his virgin ass. He squealed a bit before relaxing, as I went and continued to **** him. It was like heaven, finally ****ing my crush and best friend. And I could see that he was enjoying it too, smiling and showing waves of pleasure and euphoria.
By the time I came, he was near the point of exhaustion. We decided to rest before the food came. I went to take a good shower while he remained on the bed, trying to regain the energy we had used in the "enjoyment."
The rest of the night was amazing. We both had a great meal, feeding each other with tons of fried rice and lo Mein. We watched a movie with me in his arms, for safety (Hehehe), and went back to the bedroom and had some more fun.
We decided after that day to move in with each other, but into a bigger place to fit both him and me safely. Both of our parents were happy that we finally decided to become a couple. They were a tad upset that we had blown up to obese proportions. But we didn’t care. We were in love and finally happy with our lives.
After a few months of living in our new place, I noticed that we never really thanked the one person who gave us the new lives that we now had. We built a small shrine and place the jar in the middle. I prayed for his soul to find peace wherever it was in the afterlife.
After that, I had one more dream of him, but this time, I was with Tommy.
"I see that you finally gave me a proper thank you."
"Sorry about that. We were just enjoying what had happened to us."
"I am just glad that you two gave me a proper send-off to the great beyond. I remove the curse given to you, Colin. Now, go and live your life to the fullest."
"Thank you, Pharaoh Fati. We will never forget you."
That morning, we woke up and embraced the new lives given to us and the blessing we had received.
After a year of living together, we decided to finally make it official and get married. We had a small ceremony for friends and family to celebrate our union. We had just gotten back from our honeymoon when we decided to adopt a child.
Well, to make this story short, we are the proud adopted parents of a beautiful baby girl and boy, both of whom came from Egypt. We were happy to see our lives come full circle. We were happy to finally become a family.
I noticed over the time that this whole thing started with a touch. A touch from my hand started a chain of events that made me go from a loner outcast, to a proud parent with the man of my dreams. And I wouldn't change it for anyone in the world.

When I wrote this story, I started to think of the way my life could change, just by making contact. One touch is all it takes for anyone to listen. So for those who are still out there, looking for that one person to be with, whether you are gay, straight, or bisexual, just making contact is all it takes. For who knows if you find that special person with that one touch.
I thank you readers for taking the opportunity to read this and I hope you enjoyed it.

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