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Un-Most Welcomed Weight Gain
Frank McAlister was your average run of the mill slender built gymnast; devoting most of his time to three things, family, exercise and promises. Frank was not like not jock heads with a one track mind; he was a mixed brown and crème toned Hyena with body built like a dream. Frank had devoted most of his time to doing what he could and done a lot of thinking, resulting into turning his bad negative energies toward physical activities instead of tv and food like most other poor souls done. Fank had seen it all his near three years in the gym game; they’d wobble inside, or wear tight sweats hoping to shred the Burdon of the weight that consumed their bodies. Frank in a way felt sympathy for them; as he always felt the urn to assist them and lead them in the right direction, even if its offering advice. As his momma said, “sometimes little acts, make the worlds most powerful impacts.” Frank smiled thinking about his family, and how he missed them since getting his own place in the city near hour or so drive home. Though as his mind wondered about those pleasant thoughts, they were immediately interrupted by sound of familiar laughter at the front desk of the break room.

Peeking from the blinds of the small sit and dinning area, with two vending machines and broken microwave and over aged coffee maker, that’s when Frank would see something change his life as he knew it. His dark fured canine claw gentally poked the blinds upward motion, as he peered into the lobby as a fur that was quite large waddle his way into the front lobby. Studding the large male furry that entered the room; maybe close to four hundred pound blue and black striped tiger with white furry round belly extending, and his furry white fluff could be seen from his chin to his covered tight sweat pant. Frank couldn’t keep his eyes off the shirt ridding upward, and not fitting properly, blushing and him actually smiling as he observed the funny blue and black striped tiger. As watched the moderately large blue tigher make his way to the front desk and frowning cause of Marco clearing not taking him seriously. Frank looked away as he saw the other trainer’s loud laughter, making the tiger appear from distant to almost express a sad sigh knowing what the Doberman pincher was teasing him.

Though Frank McAlister was a lot of things; being fierce wasn’t one of them, as he turned his view to the corner of the room. He could hear the beef head smart off to the tiger making an public mockery of the poor individual, “Hey look everybody…fatty decided to remove himself from Twinkie truck to actually burn some calories.” Frank felt helpless as he watched the other members of the gym laugh and join in, as Marco’s mean remarks continued, “Hey, fatty want a Twinkie or…dozen boxes.” Frank watched the muscled beef for brain employee actually pat his white belly, as the tiger hung in head in shame and look away. The Dobermin Pincher body builder guessing apparently knew the tiger or something, as Marco teased further with the insults, “whats wrong…life time supply of fat snacks not good enough, tubby the Tiger.” The whole gym chorused in laughter as Frank watched the poor soul turn and walk away. Feeling concern for the poor soul; Frank expressed a low audible growl as he clenched his fist and exited the break room making his way to the lobby of the front larger open area of the gym.

As fate would have it; Frank wouldn’t make it in time, as the large tiger burst into tears and with his large body bolted from the establishment. Frank raced toward the front counter, as the door swung shut and large blue tiger ran off outta view of the front open window layout. Frank glared in the direction of Marco and watched as him and other reptile buddy of his high fived and snickered. Frank watched as the store was in akward silence as he barked in a audiable toned voice, “Marco?! LEAVE….” The muscle jock stood firm at attention; as Frank McAlister met his dark warm honey brown eyes, as he exspressed softly, “Boss!? Um, what a pleasant surprise.” Frank rolled his eyes of the but kissing attempt; as he felt the wrinkle of fur above the middle of his brow wrinkle as he snarled in a harsh tone, “Pleansant my ass, now…leave!” The dobermin Pincher rolled his eyes gathering his stuff off his desk, as he smarted off audiable tone, “Maybe if the fat for brain tiger, wasn’t hell bent on consuming his truck, maybe Tyler’s fat ass wouldn’t be mad fun of.” Frank immedatley met him half way and griped the under part of his elbow bicep as he began, “That’s no excuse to make fun of someone, so until you apologies to him, don’t come back to the gym.” Marco only snarled as his muzzle twitched and ears slightly folded back as he began, “You know what, this job blows…I quit.”

Frank McAlister ushered the beef head to the door; as the hyena smiled and shut the door, as the patrons watched him. With a few forceful claps; “Alright animals, nottin to see here, back to what you were doing.” With that command; the gym went back to its regular routine as furs worked on their physic. Frank knew losing a instructor would come back to bite him eventually; but the hyena also knew there was policy on treating clients and running off possible business and not choosing select clients based on appearance. Making his way to the desk, he noticed something on the floor carrying companion, for like ID’s and such. Picking up the small zip enclosed personal belonging; Frank immedatly could tell it belonged to the large tiger with some grease stains and blue paw print with “Tyler Trenton Tiger” Frank smiled at the thought of the furs name and tucked the personal belonging to his side, noticing an address as he turned to reptile at the front desk and began, “Hey, Keith?” The light brown lizard looked up at him, Frank could read the shamefulness as he stammered, “ya?” Frank approached the desk and began in a forgiving voice, “Imma go run some errends, lock up for me?” The lizard smiled as he nodded cheerfully, and began, “yes sir.” With that; Frank the hyena grabbed his shirt and pulled it over his exspsed chest as he made his way out the front door greeted by the city life.

After twenty minutes in traffic and stop by drive through to grab a bite to eat; Frank couldn’t help gaze over at the large tiger’s personal belonging and didn’t know why. He couldn’t get him outta of his mind; as he sat there in the driver seat of a car as he picked at his food slowly. Setting the burger to the side; Frank Hyena couldn’t help but curiosity got the best of him, as he slowly unzipped the companion open. Wasn’t much in the tiny personal compartment, his ID and cell phone. Knowing it was improper to mess with someone’s phone; Frank was just curious to look at his belongings. Hitting the unlock tab key on the Name brand Apricot-I5 model phone, the hyena started looking into the phone. Smiling at the few collections of photos in the gallery, of very interesting foods made the hyena feel bit hungrier as he gazed at the photo’s. Taking a bite outta his burger; Frank couldn’t help but think about the plump tiger, as sat in the driver seat of the car. It was then; going over the phone and ID card, he caught the file marked private.

As curious nature of him took over, he gazed around the parking lot just him in his car on the hill side as he tapped the button. Video started out slow as the large shirtless tiger came into view on the video screen; as the cute voice of the tiger introduced himself and Frank watched as he sat in kitchen of sort as he removed the move with a white badger on the front with yellow sinful dessert on the cover. Frank watched as the Tiger seeming like seconds turned into minuets, as he opened the box and tore into the box of fat snacks. Frank was so star struck as the heat of the collar of his shirt could be felt, as he kept watching the large tiger eat into the food. Seemingly not realizing as the hyena tore into his own food, his head leaned back a moment in the driver seat of the car, Frank’s own muscled thighs rubbing together uncomfortably as he felt the slight hard on rub against his thigh.

He watched as the large furry literally tore and ripped the fat snacks open; and genially pocked the yellow crème and some raspberry filled treates into his mixed blue and white tiger muzzle. Dash of red and crème, dripped off the corner of his lips, as he continued to eat the sweets treats. The blue and white tiger’s pudgy frame jiggled as he bit into the treats and then Frank could hear him moan murrs of pleasure. Food crammed into his muzzle; as his cheeks almost appeared like chipmunks, stuffed with Twinkies and such. Franks gaze was on the excessive large moobs and belly this tiger had and wondered how this guy ended up that size before, but his answered question only made the hyena’s mind want to understand more about him. Devouring and tri-dogging the pastries into his muzzle, as flakes of sweet food smeared his face. Frank could feel the inside of his muzzle water, as he watched the large furry chow down.

His cock getting a further hard on; as he sat in the driver seat of the car, yearning to play with it but the hyena refused being broad daylight in a public parking lot. As the firm package of his then brushed against his anthro legs inside his wind breaker pants, as Frank McAlister continued to watch. Struggling at a state of both concern and urn of lust of turn on; the hyena immediately licked his lips fighting the thought of his perverted imagination. Feeling about both sense of shamed feeling and serious turn on; Frank couldn’t help but watch as the tiger gorged on the last four, and licking his chops. Tyler’s videoed exspression was bliss, as Frank watched the tiger’s pink tongue cleaning his whiskers and chops of his face, as he leaned back into the tiny chair and literally purred lavish type expression. His large paws slowly working down side of his large moobs, teasing his nipples as he worked them down to his belly giving it massage type firm slosh of jiggle. The tiger released a firm belch followed by the blue furry and black striped paws move downward to his lower section of his girth. Tyler’s porky frame was in full view of his large white belly the size of a large beach ball from Frank’s estimated assumption. As his rolls hung over the sides of his mesh shorts, accommodate his large frame.

By the time the video was over; Frank literally come to the conclusion of two things, he was getting turned on by this and that he unnoticing like finished his food quicker than usual. Frank still felt the hard on as he sat in the car; video long ended as he tapped out of the video screen and back to home station by tapping the apricot logo on the front. Tucking the phone back into the companion; Frank gazed over the ID card of the large Tiger on the photo as he gazed over the address. Frank tapped the card with his nail as he gazed around the car, and back at the companion as he slipped the identification back to its compartment as he knew the address just a ways from the fastfood parking lot. Tossing the rubbish into the fastfood bag, Frank immediately smiled as he zipped up the maroon and black grease stained personal property back into the front seat as the hyena revved the engine to life and pulling the silver car into reverse and then exiting the parking lot and toward Mr. Tyler’s address.

By the time the Hyena reached the address of the Tiger’s home; he saw the blue cruiser parked outside the town home. The neighbor hood was modestly nice and very upcoming as he drove past the curve and pulled into the driveway. Stepping out the vehicle parked in the small driveway behind what he guessed was the car of the large tiger. Frank watched as he passed the car parked into the driveway as he smiled approaching the door step of the home. The gym owner couldn’t help as he found himself smiling. Stepping in front of the door, as he hesitated to knock on the red door of the small two story home. Finding the courage to push the door bell; Frank McAlister waited as he could hear someone assure they were coming to the door.
It was then; he saw the large tiger peek from the drapery as he began not opeing the door, “What are you doing here?” The Hyena couldn’t help but peer into the honey mixed honey and green eyes of the tiger, as the large fur began once more, “haven’t you muscle heads done enough damage to me at the gym.” Frank lowered his smile abit as he spoke more like business figure; as he met the eyes and felt a slight patter in his chest, as he spoke, “ your Tyler right?” The Tiger opened the door as he exclaimed softly, the hyena could tell he’d been crying from the red eyes as Frank watched him nod in agreement, as Frank further explained, “Listen, my names Frank McAlister Im owner of the gym. And I wanted to extend our deepest apologies from the gym and myself.” The saw a flicker of light in the large tiger as they smiled; and Frank looked away for a moment; as the door shut. Frank heard the chain lock being un done as Tyler let him into the house, as he answered softly, “yes, my names Tyler.” While stepping inside the moderately decorated home; Frank saw the photo’s of the tiger on the wall in a delivery uniform as Frank smiled and looked at Tyler as he began looking the much smaller fur in the picture. Frank’s paw digit tapping the glass photo frame as he exclaimed, “this you, Tyler?” The blue and white mixed patterned tiger literally blushed as he answered the hyena with responsive smile, “yes, yes it is.” With the plump arm of Tyler over his shoulder, Frank literally was pulled into a sorta hug as he paused moment and began, “Back when I started with the company and when I was a much, light weight.” Frank watched as he chuckled and shook his large belly.

Immedatly Frank was reminded of the video on the phone and blushed, fighting to hold his urges in check. The Hyena came there for a purpous and decided to hand the tiger the missing personal belonging as he exclaimed, “here, you dropped this as you ran out of the gym.” It was then Tyler beamed with brightened expression; as he began, “oh geez, thought I lost this…thank you sooo much.” With another full body hug from the plump fur, Frank and Tyler were near face to face, as the hyena’s hand was found in the lower area of the tigers plump thighs. Pulling away for a moment; the muscled hyena attempted to clear his throat as he was red faced as he handed the personal belonging to Tyler. Awkward moment of silence passed as the tiger opened the components of the carrying type belonging. It was then; he gazed at the Apricot I5 phone as he gazed at it curiously and back at muscled hyena. As Frank inched to the door; it was the tiger’s voice that broke the silence going through the phone and began, “did you go through my phone?” It was then; Frank swallowed hard and literally fumbled his speech as he began, “phone, no…” The tiger sneered and smiled in a coy like manor as he slammed the door fully shut now; the lock fully fastened, and blocking Frank’s only exit.

The large tiger looked at the hyena as he began with expressed soft jolly laughter, “oh man, your terrible liar.” Moment the blue and black striped tiger with the white large belly literally planced his large paws into his sides of his hips as he continued, “Imma be honest, Im a special kinda guy.” Frank’s eyes opened abit as he swallowed once again, as he began, “what do you mean, special?” Making his way to the muscled hyena only two inches taller than him, as the plump sausage like paw digit of the tiger trickled up his shirt, as he smiled and answered softly, “Im not your ordinary tiger, you think I couldn’t teach that muscle head a thing or two.” Frank immediately felt slightly different stepping into the home, like he was losing courage in himself, as he lowered his head and began, “but…your,” Before he could finish, Tyler interrupted the gym owner and finished the statement, “WHAT FAT!?! Obese, porky…” Frank watched the tiger slosh his belly purposely slosh his padded girth, as Frank didn’t feel too great about being in this tiger’s den.

It was then; Frank McAlister couldn’t move, his body felt like it was being drained, as he uttered a single word, “magic.” The tiger smiled and conveyed a dark smile and began fully explain, dragging his phone out, as Frank fell to his knees. Frank found his hard to speak as he exclaimed, “…why?” It was Tyler literally feeding off his energy as he smiled and approached him; his eyes highlighted and glowing fierce mix of blue and green. Frank was powerless as the assault of mana was inflicted upon his body as bright aura of consumed his body. Suddenly he could feel a sensational pressure in his stomach like a heavy feeling in his own stomach, as a loud audible growl escaped his belly. Frank blushed and couldn’t look away; as the tiger’s paws motioned his direction and with wave of his paws found he was in control of the tiger’s magic. Like an effortless battle; Frank McAlister could feel the pulse on the side of his neck strain as his body motioned and moved to the kitchen area down the small hall. Same area as the video was shot before from the phone.

Like the energy to even move settled into play, as the tiger with wave of his paws moved a chair under him and immediately slid him close as his body allow to press against the table. Frank McAlister was helpless; as the tiger smiled and took a seat of his own. The metal kitchen chair creaked under the massive furs rump as his heavy frame pressed against the seat; as the Hyena began in nervous manor, “Tyler why are you doing this to me, I never did anything to you.” He could feel the same pressure and heavy feeling consume his body as he sat at the table, his muscle toned body unnoticed by the hyena unable to move by the tiger’s magic as he grew a small belly and began to slowly pack on some weight. The cunning tiger smiled as he watched his helpless newest victim sit to his fate; linked to each other, as Tyler exclaimed, “you know, im finding myself famished…are you hungry, Frank?” The Hyena did his damndest to say no and even shake his head in negative nature; but under the cats control, as the voo doo type magic made him give answer he didn’t want as hunger erupted from his belly. “That’s good; you see you are under my control. No escape, Mr. McAlister.” Frank hadn’t noticed the table suddenly set itself; as he found courses of fancy plates piled with food and other delectable treats, as Frank found his muzzle water uncontrolled manor.

His arms slammed onto the top of the table as the hyena was full control of the magic maniac tiger. Like a ravenous creature bent on hunger; Frank found himself toyed with like child to a doll. Fighting every ounce of his body; as it was slightly growing softer, as Tyler’s magic began to load his plate high for the both of them. He nearly spoke in hiss manor as he spoke to try and speak, “Why are you doing this to me?” Tyler smiled a coy smile and sipped some crème, as he exclaimed, “its very rude to trifle through other people’s belongings, my dear. The Tiger’s words were almost deep like a knife as Frank felt himself ashamed and express softly, “Look, Im sorry…it was wrong of me to do that and I…” Before he could even attempt to finish, his muzzle was jerked upward motion and food was placed in front of him, as the Tyler spoke. “Now, less talk…more stuffing. You want to watch fatties eat…time to make the inner fatty you come into light, see how I feel.” Frank was very uneasy now; as he struggled more against this invisible bind; but was frutile as the Tyler began once more, “Cause more of this magically eatin food ate by the both of us, you gain the weight.” The hyena was helpless to the magic infused hold upon his body as he sat in the chair and like chain to a hungry animal to his master, Frank feed and shoveled food into his face, as Tyler followed right behind him and ate.

The food was unnatural and amplified in taste by eleven fold than average food, as well as very filling. Sitting there in the chair of the kitchen; as two of them ate the food, though sadly Frank’s waist line was only one taking the damage from the consumed food. Frank’s sides began to spill out into soft love handles, covering and making his once chiseled muscled frame with now layers of soft padded flesh. The mounds of flesh building as both their faces were smeared with food substances. Like a couple of hawgs; both Frank and Tyler ate at the magically infused food created by the mad tiger wizard. The hyena could feel the soft squish of his body as his elbows and padded arms poked the growing belly and frame. Soft moobs sagging by the second, as the blubber grew softer on his face and rested multiple chins. His windbreaker pants strained and buttons forcing themselves open simultaneously as he and Tyler consumed more food.

The chuckled laughter erupted from the blue and white colored tiger sat across from him at the table and ate shoveling more food into muzzle, only Frank feeling the negative effects of the charmed food. The tightness of his bellies soft flesh now sat in his laps of his massive thighs exposed. Slowly more and more of the padded as his hips grew more cushioned and widened outward. Feeling the painful effects of the blubber and warmth feeling that consumed his body, as he was forced by unnatural forces to stuff his face. His body even jiggled like jelly as he ate and stuffed himself; his frame wobbled as his paws tossed the silverware and just used his paws to dig into the food like a primitive creature. Seconds turned to long minuets and eventually hours time. As the two feasted upon the food and Frank could feel his hyena body become more blubbered and girth met at the edge of his knees now. Shirt like a sports bra, as his moobs were cradled in the red shirt and crème belly fur exposed to the open of his new doughy form.

An belch escaped his muzzle as he now leaned back, the spell now removed, as he gazed in the kitchen mirror at the new blubbered fat fur that sat in the chair. Frank McAlister seemed like a slob than a hyena; anyone see him now the once propionate gym owner now a complete fatty. The feeling seemed…invigorating rushes kind of feel. Frank blushed as he closed his eyes complete control of his body as he jiggled his massive frame, feeling the comforted padded cushion of his large rump hanging out of his chair. This time; Tyler had the pleasure of seeing the now plump hyena rub and jiggle his vast deep weighted figure. Even softer than Tyler was now; the blue tiger smiled as he rose from the chair, his belly jiggle and shake as he made his way to the near food exhausted coma hyena. Their soft bellies touched now as the blue tiger smiled and both chest pressed against one another, and Tyler snickered an evil smile as he spoke, “now…whose the fatty now?” The Weighted hyena blushed as the tigers paws hit the right spots of his massive blimped girth, as an murr escaped his muzzle and he shuttered as he spoke, “me, im the big fat fatty….” With that; on Franks own will began to shove his face into the soft stomach of Tyler and lick and nibble him. Nuzzling the Hyena’s head; Tyler’s voice exclaims, “That’s right…” With that…the heavy hyenas succumb to slumber.


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