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A new summer day at the farm, and my second day on the job. It was a mildly hot one, but I tried not to let it bother me. I go to check in when my boss comes to greet me. For someone in his thirtys, he was really attractive. Strongly built, messy brown hair with some scruff on his face. Today he wore nothign but Overals and boots, showing off his tan chest. "Luis, I have to run out today, I'm putting you in charge of the farm for the day." 

The whole farm was mine for today, and it was only my second day. But it couldn't be too hard, there were no animals, just crops. Just water and weed, can't be too hard. "Alright, boss. no problem. I just have to check on the crops and weeds, right?" 

"Correct, but stay away form the watermellons. They're ready to harvest, but don't eat them, I'll take care fo them when I get back. " Boss ran right out after that. I scratched my head wondering what he meant by not going near the watermellons, but i didn't fret. I grabed my hoe and headed outside to work. 

I must have underestimated the weather, even after unbuttoning my plaid shirt I was still sweatting. The heat was making my black hair stick to my face. After an hour of picking blue berrys, my mucels were starting to ache. That's probably the only reason I got this job, having muscels close to Boss's. 

At the end of the blueberrys was the watermellon patch. Rows of huge green fruit were staring right at me. I know boss told em to stay away from them, but the farm house was too far of a walk for me at this point. I was too thirsty, so I ran over to a mellon and cracked one open with my hoe. 

The red fluid leacked out from the mellon. I picked up on half and slurped the juice from it. It was so refreshing, I couldn't stop. It didn't hit me to think why the whole mellon was liquid, but it was so good, I just kept drinking. Once I finished the first one, I cracked open another. Before i sipped it, I noticed a funny feeling in my stomach. I looked down to notice my abs were someone faded, and a small bumb started to form. I thought it was just a water buldge, so I moved on with drinking the juice form the mellon. 

After that mellon, the bumb got bigger. my abs weren't noticeable anymore, just a round gut. But for some reason it didn't bother me. I was still thirsty, and wanted more. I cracked open my third mellon, and gulped it's juice down. I felt it running down my throat and filling up my new gut. The buttons on my jean shorts became snug, I had to lay down to becoem comfortable again. 

Luckly, I was surrounded by watermellons, so I kept drinking whatever I could reach. After the fith mellon, the button on my shorts poped right off, I looked down and saw a huge round gut. The area around my navel was starting to turn red like the mellons, i thought it was sunburn form the sun. No matter, I just kept drinking away. After my seventh mellon, I let out a huge belch and drifted asleep. 

I was awaken by a stong heavy laughter. I opened my eyes and saw Boss standing over me. "Didn't I tell you to stay away form these melons?" He asked. I moaned, "I was so thirsty..." I looked down and saw my elarged gut, that Boss was rubbing. It was so huge, he could rub it from just standing. It must have expanded three feet outwards. I also noticed that my belly was more red. "What was in those mellons?" 

"Those watermellons were special, I use them for protien shakes. But if they aren't proscesed, they just fill you right up! That's what happened to you, you're filled with juice!" Boss patted my large gut. It was so firm, it sounded like a drum when he pat it. I felt the liquids swish within it. I moaned. "I can't move... I'm so big" 

"Well of course you can't, you need to be juiced before you can move!" 

"Juiced? " I didn't like the sound of that. 

"Yup, you're navel should be soft now, I can pump the juice right out of you." Boss placed himself ontop of my chest, his butt right in my face. He put both his hand on my gut, and pushed down slowly. I felt a cold runing feeling coming down from my belly button. It feld odd, but nice. It was like a intense belly massage. I moaned and let Boss do his thing. After a few pumps, my gut was small emough for me to move. Boss hopped right off me, licking the juice off his fingers, but I still had a large gut. "Hey, what about the rest?" 

"I told you not to touch the mellons, so that's your punishment. " I stood up and looked down at my gut, I looked pregnant with triplets! I tried to squese the rest of the juice out, but it didn't work. "Oh.. come on... I look huge! "

"Well, I like it. " Just then, Boss started to laugh. My shorts had fallen down since I popped the button off. "Come on inside Luis, I cut some fresh watermellons for us!" Boss headed back to the farm. I sighed, shook my head, and waddled right behind him, the juice still sloshing in my gut. A sloshing I would now have to get used to.

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