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Welcome to Merlin's

Part One: The Beginning:

This is a quite a story to tell and the best place to start is at the beginning. I am reporter for a gay newspaper in South Florida. Months ago, I was sent on assignment to scope out some hot new bar in a little town in North Carolina. It was getting quite a reputation, but no one was willing to comment about it personally. Such a mystery.

I took a taxi to this bar in the middle of the woods on the outskirts of a town called Hogshead. At the end of the dirt road sat a tiny bar called Merlin's. Not much more than a shack, a glistening neon sign with a giant wand over the name that looked like a huge cock, made it stand out like a sore thumb.

As I entered, there was the figure of a large man behind a large partition. I couldn't make him out and he growled at me, "You gay, fella?" I told him I was and he allowed me entrance after I laid a five dollar bill in his meaty palm. I had never seen such large, thick fingers in my life. Like sausages.

Anyway, as I entered the bar, I saw in the gloom that it wasn't much more than a bar with a few stools. The music was loud, but there didn't appear to be a dance floor anywhere. I could barely make out a group of guys on the far side of the bar, talking.

I pulled up a stool and sat down. My eyes, after adjusting to the poor light, caught sight of the shirtless bartender. The man was amazing!

He stood on the far side of the bar, his broad, heavily muscled shoulders rippled as he turned. I guessed him to be about 210 pounds packed with muscle. Not to mention a beautifully round "bubble butt ".

Watching him turn, I caught sight of his enormous gut hanging below an expansive chest! No wonder he wasn't wearing a shirt. I doubted if he could find one that would cover that beefy torso of his. His belly looked hard like marble, as full and round as if he swallowed a basketball. His large hand caressed it lovingly as he smiled at me.

"My name's Rick. What can I get for you?" he spoke with a deep Southern twang that sent chills up my spine. I noticed that his hand didn't leave his stomach the entire time.

"My name's Jack. I'd like a gin and tonic, please."

His grin got even larger as he told me they only served "sweetbeer".

Before I could say anything, Rick had poured me a tall glass of beer.

"This one's on the house. This is going to be a whole new experience for you, Big Jack."

I lifted the glass to my lips and said "Cheers." Rick continued to grin as both his hands stroked his full gut.

"Drink up, Jacky boy." he said under his breath.

Part Two: Sweetbeer

I had never tasted anything like the beer that big Rick had given me.

It was oddly thick and very sweet, but the aftertaste was more like actual beer. It made my stomach tingle and grow warm. Without realizing it, I had guzzled down every drop of the sweetbeer.

Subconsciously, my hand traveled over my stomach. It felt full, heavy.

"How do you like it?" Rick asked, tilting his glass to his full lips.

"It tastes great." I said dumbly. "Another, please." I went for my wallet, but Rick waved his hand and told me that it was "taken care of." I thanked him and took the beer he handed to me.

Across the bar, the men who had been talking to each other were now getting it on with each other. One of the guys had gotten on his knees and proceeded to suck the other guy's cock. The man standing made Rick look skinny. He had dark hair with a thick beard and mustache. His T-shirt had ridden up his tremendous, hairy belly as his large paws stoked it. Every so often, he would place his hand on the back of the head of the kneeling guy, encouraging him to suck harder. I guessed the big guy had to weigh in the neighborhood of 350 pounds, mostly solid gut! He turned his face to me and raised his beer glass. "Drink up," he ordered. I didn't need any encouragement, Rick was pouring my fifth glass already.

"You might want to slow down, Jack. Not everyone can handle the sweetbeer like these guys." Rick whispered. "Before you realize it, there may be no turning back." I looked at him bewildered and realized that I had to take a wicked piss. I excused myself from the bar and sauntered over to where the bathrooms were. I felt strange and light headed, but at the same time happy.

I entered the bathroom and closed the door behind me. Staring into the mirror, I realized that something was happening to me. I looked the same, maybe a little punch drunk. That's all. I stood at the urinal and relieved myself. It felt like I was pissing a river! Just when I thought I was done, here came some more!

Finally, I finished and went to button up my 501's. They wouldn't button! I pulled and tugged at them, but they refused to close over my waist. I stood before the mirror again, turning sideways. My stomach has grown rounder and jutted out away from my body. As I rubbed it, I noticed it felt hard underneath it's fleshiness. I'd always prided myself on my physique. Having worked out most of my adult life and even running ten miles a week. Most guys were turned on by my trim, hairy body. Look at me now! I'm a fucking pig! I thought.

No sooner had I realized what was happening to me, then I let out a long, loud belch. My stomach, in response to my piggishness, began to expand like an inflatable inner tube. Buttons popped off of my denim shirt and clattered to the floor. I was getting huge! I ran my hands through the dense, brown fur on my swollen gut. "Wait till they see the new and improved Jack," I said under my breath.

Part Three: Here's Jack!

I exited the bathroom, my heavy gut leading the way. My shirt hung open, exposing my big belly hanging over my unbuttoned jeans. Rick saw me and a huge grin spread across his handsome face. "Beautiful." he said stroking his own paunch. Was he bigger too? He certainly looked it. I waddled over to the bar to get more of the sweetbeer.

I noticed that the two guys across the bar had stepped away from the bar and were now continuing their fun at the pool table. The smaller guy (I found out later that his name was Chris), was lying face down on the table, his arms stretched out to hold onto both sides of the table. His big, round butt was being penetrated by the huge hairy guy. He was called Bear. Bear had his large hands on Chris' bloated midriff and was plowing his ass with his fat cock. The man was enormous! Nude, his entire body was covered with dark brown hair. Bear's gut must've been at least 60" around. Hard and swollen, his belly pressed into the small of Chris' back as he fucked him. Both men growled, their pleasure reaching a climax.

For the first time, I noticed that two other guys had entered the bar.

One, a very large bodybuilder, was sitting on a stool drinking the sweetbeer. The other, a cute blonde guy who looked very out of place because he was so slender, was busily massaging the bigger guy's huge muscles. "Who are they?" I asked Rick, taking the beer from him.

"That's Big Dave and his boyfriend Mark. The bossman made sure that Big Dave got an invitation to the party at the gym he works out at. He's obsessed with size and will do anything to get bigger." Rick smiled.

"He's in for a big surprise, huh Jack?"

"I'll say," I answered. Subconsciously, I was rubbing my own hairy gut.

Rick leaned forward and placed both hands on my widened belly. "You've gained at least thirty pounds, Big Jack." he admired.

"Will my muscles grow like yours?" I asked Rick. I began to play with his hard pecs.

"Not unless you intend to do some heavy duty bodybuilding. The sweetbeer didn't build my muscles, only my gut. I used to be a professional bodybuilder until I packed about 40 pounds on my gut." Rick didn't look disappointed, he liked that he had grown fatter.

From across the room, Big Dave yelled, "Who do I have to fuck to get a beer around here?" He was leaning his large frame over the bar trying to reach the beer tap. I noticed that the rippled abs he had sported when he walked in were beginning to fill out considerably. "Who needs that washboard stomach, huh Big Dave?" I thought.

Mark had come around the bar and was busy attaching a thick hose to the beer tap. Instead of stopping him, Rick sauntered over to him, his large gut pulling him along. "You like big guys, don't you Mark?"

Mark answered, "The bigger, the better, Rick. Wanna watch me make Big Dave even bigger?"

"Hell, yes." Rick moaned, grabbing his swollen crotch. I noticed that my cock had grown erect in anticipation of Dave's stupendous growth.

Part Four: Bigger Dave

No one needed to twist Big Dave's arm to get him to get his fill of the sweetbeer. At first, Mark teased him by giving him just a little bit at a time. Dave seemed to be angry and demanded to have it all! He wanted to drain the tap! "Okay," Mark said, "but you'll have to get on the pool table."

Dave looked confused. "I don't care where I get it, I just know that I want it!" Dave barked. I noticed that his washboard abs had disappeared and his gut was beginning to spread.

Dave obliged Mark by lying on his back on the pool table with his head closest to the bar. "Do you have a long hose?" Mark asked Rick. Rick produced a brand new garden hose which Mark quickly attached to the beer tap.

"Hurry up, Mark. I need it. I've got to have it all inside me!" Dave pleaded, holding his rounded belly. Remarkably his muscles remained unaffected. They were still firm and cut, especially his arms and chest.

The others gathered around the pool table to see what was going to happen to Dave. I can't speak for the others, but I was getting a huge hard on! Rick seemed to notice and handed me another glass of beer and positioned his large body in front of me. His round bubble butt pressed against my cock as he smiled up at me. My free hand reached around Rick's expansive gut and began to caress him. He moaned in response.

"I'm going to want to fuck later," he whispered.

"Anytime," I answered and belched in his ear. He laughed and pressed his ass harder into me.

Dave was really getting impatient. Mark tried desperately to find a way to keep the hose in Dave's mouth. "Just hold it. I won't miss a drop." Dave assured. With that, Mark had Bear turn the tap on. It was time to fill up Dave. At first, the men thought Dave wouldn't be able to do it.

Sweetbeer dribbled out of the corners of his mouth as he gulped it down. Soon, Dave got a momentum going and was consuming the beer in huge mouthfuls. The guys stared as Dave's gut began to expand bigger.

Part Five: Monster Gut!

For nearly two hours, Big Dave guzzled gallon after gallon of the sweetbeer. Every time Mark went to pull the hose out of his mouth, he would growl and try to say "NO!" Mark looked both scared and excited.

"He's getting too big!" he yelled at the others, watching as Dave's shorts split exposing his beefy thighs and crotch. His shirt had already ridden up past his pecs and was beginning to tear. Dave's stomach was extending up towards the ceiling and filling out to the sides of the pool table as he drank. At one point, he tried to lift his head and noticed that he could no longer see his feet! His stomach had blown up like a balloon filled with liquid. The most amazing thing was that his muscles were still firm, not an ounce of the sweetbeer traveled to the rest of his body. His belly was holding all of it!

Rick disappeared into the office for a minute and returned with a tape measure. "Let's try to measure him," he said excitedly.

"I think we should have thought about that before. We'll never get to the underside of him to be able to wrap the tape around that enormous gut." Chris said. Everyone now stood in amazement as we watched Dave grow visibly.

The sides of his gut had grown to the width of the table and were now starting to grow over. It continued to stretch towards the ceiling!

Finally, the sucking sounds Dave was making ceased. He had slurped up every drop of the sweetbeer and it sloshed inside that massive, hairy gut!

Mark walked around to the far side of Dave and disappeared from my view.

Dave's stomach had stretched so big that it someone could stand on the opposite side of him and not see over or around! Bear and Chris went over to Dave and soon everyone was rubbing and caressing his gut in awe.

It was firm, like a watermelon. Rick and I joined in and soon we were all admiring Big Dave. "He must weigh over 400 pounds." Chris suggested.

"More," Dave whispered repeatedly. It seemed the only thing he could say.

"There is no more," Mark replied. "You've sucked the tap dry."

From behind the group a voice bellowed, "There's always more!"

Part Six: The MAXimum

I turned towards the voice and nearly fainted. In the doorway of the office stood a mountain of flesh! At nearly 7 feet tall, the man had to weigh in the neighborhood of half a ton. The most amazing thing was that he was even standing. His stomach, even bigger than Dave's, seemed to sway before him as he walked. Rick and Mark were grinning from ear to ear at the Incredible Bulk. "I was wondering when you'd show yourself, Max" Mark said and went to the gargantuan man. He tried to wrap his arms around Max. Totally impossible, so he settled on grabbing as much in his arms as he could. Max looked as firm as Big Dave and as wide as the side of a barn!

"I couldn't let my guest of honor down." Max said crossing over to the pool table. Everyone stepped back to let these two behemoths have some room. I noticed that Max's legs were thick and muscular and assumed they had to be strong to support his great size. Dave's legs were twigs by comparison. "Are you ready for the final mouthful?" Max asked Dave.

"Give it to me. I need it so bad." Dave pleaded. His muscular arms tried to stroke his massive belly, but it was hard for him to raise them high enough to catch hold. Max produced a vial of pink liquid and tilted it into Big Dave's waiting mouth. He drank every drop greedily.

We all stood by anxiously to see what Dave's transformation would be.

In minutes, Dave's gut actually began to shrink. Mark looked visibly disappointed and Dave moaned, "No, I want to be hugely fat!"

"Be patient," Max answered, "We're just making some more room." A huge smile spread across Dave's face. The weight wasn't evaporating, it was redistributing itself in other areas of Dave's bulk. Mark caressed one of Dave's thighs as it hardened and grew larger. I stared in amazement as Dave grew longer his big legs extending longer than the pool table.

In minutes, we were all looking at a much bigger Dave. "Get up." Max ordered and Dave obliged easily. His gut gave him some trouble and we all thought he would fall forward with it's incredible weight, but he merely threw his broadened shoulders back to balance his corporation.

He tilted his head back and laughed loudly as he caressed his monster gut.

Part Seven: Epilogue

It's been six months since I've been to Merlin's. I still receive cards and letters from all the participants that night describing their continued growth. Chris and Bear are now lovers and together weigh nearly 900 pounds! Chris says he's stopped gaining (at around 350 pounds) mostly because it was getting harder and harder to get the sweet beer away from the 600 pound Bear!

Mark and Big Dave moved onto Max's farm. The letter I received described Big Dave at 1250 pounds! His gut measured about 160" around!

More amazing still, he was still walking. Mark admitted that Dave preferred to just lay around gorging himself on the sweetbeer, but with the huge muscles that Max had grown on him, he made the Incredible Hulk look like a 98 pound weakling!

Max himself had let Dave outgrow him. He only tipped the scales at roughly 1100 pounds, but he was making plans. He was going to distribute the sweetbeer and the magic potion to college coaches all over the country.

I could just imagine the size of some of the new football players, basketball players, even the gymnasts! As for Rick, well he lives with me now. I've lost most of my belly weighing in at a trim (Not!) 240 pounds. Rick is a different story. His muscles help him to maneuver his nearly 500 pound bulk around our house while he works out at home.

I get horny every time I think about Rick lying face down on our king size bed, his enormous bubble butt stretching to the sky inviting my hard cock to come visit. Which reminds me, it's time to satisfy my huge lover! Until next time, Happy Growing!

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