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What's in a Man
There he was, changing in the boys locker room after a late practice for the wrestling team. His body was lightly colored and his head messed with brown waves. He was one of the strongest wrestlers on the team but his strength came with a small price. A small bulge underneath his chest could be easily seen against the nice tone of the rest of his body. A though slightly bothered by it, he tended not to care too much about it.

In nothing but his light lavender boxers now, he heard a door close not that far from him. Walking in was his coach, who spotted the boy and changed his direction towards him. "Staying late again, Justin?"
"Sure am, Coach. We have that big tournament coming up in three weeks."
"Ah. Training the ol' gut I see, too." Coach joked, placing his hand Justin's pudge gently and giving it a slight jiggle. The sensation of his stomach being touched made Justin's genitals twitch as he let out a small chuckle.
"Yup, it's still there after all of this training."
"Well, don't worry about it. We need your strength, not your appearance. No offense."
'None taken."
"In my opinion, a gut suits a man, especially one like you."

Justin, now slightly blushing, replied, "Well, glad you like it."
Coach laughed. "Well, you best get going, I have to lock up soon. "
"Alright, Coach." Justin replied while pulling his his jeans. Coach walked out of the locker room waving good-bye at Justin. Justin looked down at his small pudge. He shook his head and threw on his sweater and slamed the locker shut. He was on his way home now.

The wind was cold on Justin's walk home. He was forced to put his hood up to block his ears from it. He kept his hands inside his sweater on his stomach, where it was the warmest. "This gut is good for something. " He laughed to himself.

Soon following his foot steps was a car horn, more like a jeep. He turned his head to see his coach driving a black jeep pulling up next to him."Hey Justin, is way too cold for you to be walking! Hop in! " Though slightly uncomfortable with Coach driving him, he agreed, and jumped right into the passenger side of the jeep. "Thanks Coach, any longer and I would have froze to death. "
"No problem, but at least you have a portable blanket to keep you warm. " he said referring to Justin's hands inside his shirt.
"Oh, yeah, this shirt's really warm. "
Coach laughed. "Not that, your belly. Nice and warm isn't it? "
Justin looked down at his arms which still rested on his swollen midsection. He pulled his arms through his sleeves. "Oh, yeah. " He paused. "Coach, how come you seem to know so much about me and my gut? "
"I used to have one when I was your age. I was actually quite large. Just about five' nine, like you are, but well over two hundred. I used to love the feeling, made me feel like a king. But college came and I lost all of it. "

Justin looked confused. He couldn't picture his coach, nor himself being over 200 pounds. "and you found it attractive? "
"Oh yes. Like I said, a gut fits a man. "
Justin looked now concerned. Coach looked at him. "Just go home tonight and look in the mirror, topless, and imagine yourself with a gut and see what happens. Tell me tomorrow. Alright? "
Justin nodded in agreement. He wanted to know what was so special about having a gut. "I will coach. Oh, my house is right up a head. " Justin pointed to a house on the side of the road. Coach pulled into the driveway and dropped Justin off. Justin got out of the car and Coach yelled to him, "Now you go upstairs and do what I told you to do, got it! "
"Alright, Coach. " Justin slammed the door and Coach pulled out of the small driveway, zooming away.

Justin walked in his small house walking right up the stairs into his room. His parents wouldn't be home for a another hour. He placed his gym bag on his bed and took off his shoes. "200, eh? " He said to himself as he removed his sweater, shirt, and after looking down at his pants and shrugging, his pants too.

Now back in his lavender boxers, he realizes he does not have a mirror in his bedroom. So he walks to the bathroom. He stands in front of the full length mirror, staring down at his midsection. "200... " he puts his hands on each side of his stomach, turning to the side and imagining himself heavier. "Hmm... " He rubbs his gut slowly.

After five minutes of rubbing and examining his gut, Justin notices something strange. Underneath his lavender boxers, is a growing erection. His face reddens and he slowly touches it. He leaves the bathroom to attend it in his room.

The next day after school Justin went to see Coach in his office. "Ah, Justin! Nice to see you. "
"Hi, Coach. " There was silence. "So, Justin, did you do what I told you to do last night? "
"Yes. " Justin put a hand on his belly.
"And? What happened? " Justin's face reddened. "Well, I, you see... I got.. well... "
"An erection? " Coach interrupted. Justin nodded. "Ah, see! Told you! Having a gut is quite a wonderful thing. You look good, feel good, and more. "
"More? " Justin asked.
"Yes, More, but you'll see that in time. Now, Justin. I found a flyer for a tournament for wrestling that only has chubby challengers. I want to be your coach and enter this tournament. What do you say? "
Justin looked at Coach in confinement. "Chubby? Like, sumo wrestlers? "
"Not really, just like regular wrestling but with fatter men. " Justin was silent. "Come on, it'll be a challenge worth it! You can drop out at any time, and I can always help you loose the weight. "
Justin nodded. "Alright. I'll do it. " Coach smiled. "alright, come here later and we'll go sign up! "

Justin went home to tell his parents about the tournament. They had nothing wrong with it, as long as he knew what he was doing. He went back to the gym and met up with Coach. The two of them then drove down the street to a Gym and Bar to sign up for the tournament. When he they walked inside Justin was surrounded by men his age with huge guts. Some flabbyer than others. He was much smaller compared to the rest of them. Coach signed Him up and they left back to the Wrestling Gym. "Coach, those men in there were huge! "
"Don't worry Justin, we'll have you bulked up in no time. "

They started training the next day. Justin arrived just on time. "Justin, Hi! Come here! " Justin walked over to Coach who was digging through his bag. "Here. " Coach handed Justin a large button down blue shirt. "What's this? "
"It's your training shirt. Your training will be complete when you bust though it. " Justin checked the tag. It was a double extra large. Justin was only a large. "Well, change into it! Let's see how it looks." 

Justin switched into the shirt on the spot. "Looks a little loose, but that'llchange" Coach put Justin right to work. He made him do push-ups while eating a whole pie on the floor in front of him. Next pullups while being fed a extra long hotdog. And for the end of the day running laps while drinking a calorie shake Coach made for him. By the end of the day Justin was tired out and his belly was sore. "Coach.. that was too much. "
"Nonsence! " Coach rubbed Justin's swollen belly. "You're doing great. You'll be busting out of that in no time! " Justin let out a large belch and passed out.

Justin woke up in the gym mats that next morning. He groaned and felt his belly that had grew over night from the workout the day before. The shirt was already starting to snug to his body. He got up and found Coach sleeping next to him. Justin woke him up. "Ah.. Oh! " Coach sat up. "Justin! I fell asleep next to you. I was feeding you in your sleep. "
"You where what? "
"Yeah, you're the quite the hungry machine when you're asleep. " Coach slapped Justin's gut. Justin's face turned red as he noticed an erection through his gym shorts. "Oh, look at that! You're hard again! Tell you what, when you bust out of that shirt, I'll treat you to something special. " Coach got up and left Justin to attend to his erection in privacy.

When Justin finished pleasuring himself he went back to Coach. "I want more training. " he said. "Excellent! " Coach jumped. "I made you a breakfast calorie smoothy. " Coach got up to his blender and poured Justin a glass. "After that we can repeat yesterday's workouts. " Justin nodded and chugged the shake. He then ran out into the Gym to set up the mats.

After one week of this training, Justin went to a large to an extra large. His gut became more round and his muscles began to soften. The shirt fit more tight on him now. Coach was proud of his student, and often treated Justin to a belly rub. Training soon began to take place at Coach's house where he was just fed. Within another two weeks of straight feeding, Justin was close to busting out of his shirt.

Justin walked into Coach's house, the buttons on his shirt stretching. "Justin! " Coach yelled. "You're about to burst! " Justin groaned and nodded. "I want to bust out of it... it's so tight. "

"Well then come here! I have something for ya! " Justin waddled into the kitchen to find one last piece of cake. "This is sure to make you burst! " Justin sat at the table and emideately ate the cake with his bare hands. Chocolate was smeared on his face and crumbs were falling onto his enlarged mid-section. 

Coach watched with a grin on his face. "How's the cake?" Coached asked. Justin responded with a loud belch. "So good.." Justin finished the last bite of the cake, licking the chocolate off of his fingers. Within a few seconds, a button burst off of Justin's shirt. Justin moaned and inhaled, the rest of the shirt came ripping apart, revealing a swollen, round, stuffed gut. Justin stat back in the chair as Coach came over and started to rub his naked belly. "Good job, Justin! this is an A+ gut!" 

Justin looked down at his gut. he had lost nearly all of his muscular appearence, you could only tell his had muscel when he flexed his arms now. His once solid pecs were now soft and swollen, along with the rest of his body. Justin let out another moan. "Coach.. I feel so good!" Justin let out anohter burb. "See, I told ya. " Coach slapped Justin's gut. "Nice and firm, can you walk? Let's get you on a scale." Justin nodded and forced himself up, removing the torn shirt he had just burst out of. Coach led him to the bathroom and pulled out the scale. Justin hopped on it, looking down to only see his large gut in the way. "Coach, I can't see it, how much am I?" Coach squated down next to Justin, glancing at the scale. He let out a whistle. "You ready for this big guy?" Justin moaned, burping. "Gnff.... Yes. " He stood there, rubbing his belly. "You just tipped it at 210." Justin paused and looked down at his new belly. He remembered he used to weigh around 160 before the training, had he really gained 50 pounds in 2 months? He rubbed his gut some more. 

Coach looked up at Justin, getting a good view of his underbelly. He also saw a bulge forming in his pants. Coach pulled himself up and stood behind Justin. "You like...?" he asked, rubbing Justin's newly formed love handles form behind. Justin moaned again. "I've gained so much... it feels unreal." Coach laughed. "It's real, you should be proud." Coach slid his hands towards the front of Justin. He rubbed the small bulge in Justin's pants. "See, you like being huge, don't you?" Justin gasped. "I do." He leaned back into Coach slightly,  rubbing his belly. 

Coach undid the tight button of Justin's Pants, making Justin's gut have more room to grow from the cake. Justin sighed in relief, and coach working his hands towards Justin's hard on. Justin was 23, and coach was 27, he had no problem with this. After a few strokes, Justin released his seed on the wall in front of him. He let out a loud belch when he finished, making Coach laugh. "There's you treat, Justin." Coach brought his hands up to Justin's gut and gave it a jiggle. "I'm proud of you, now why don't you spend the night here and we'll head over to your compotion tomorrow. There's a room right across the hall you can stay in,  and I have a wrestling suit specially made for you for your big day."

Coach turned around and left the bathroom. "Wait!" Justin yelled, turning to Coach. "What do I wear to bed?" Coach smirked. "Sleep naked, you have that gut to keep you warm." Coach laughed down the hall into his bedroom. Justin stood there giggling. His gut was nice and warm, especially after rubbing it for so long. He examined it's round, strong form. He stuck his finger in his navel that had now sun in deeper than before. He tucked his hands underneath it and gave it a jiggle. All of this examining had gotten him hard again, so he quickly took care of it and made sure to clean up, then ran to the room across the hall. 

He stripped down completely naked and examined the rest of his body. His legs were beefier, and his arms were swollen. He placed his hands on his butt, it too had grown with his new weight. Although he was slightly upset that he had little to no muscels now, he felt great. He streached, sticking his gut far out in front of him. Then he hopped into bed, making every spring in the matress squeak.  Soon he fell asleep, ready for the big day tomorrow. 

Justin was awaken by a smack on his gut. "Wake up big guy, the big day's today!" Coach yelled. Justin goraned and hopped out of bed. "Here you go, " Coach handed Justin a green spandex wrestling suite. "Change into that and meet me in the kitchen, bug guy!" Coach patted Justin's gut and left. 

Justin squeesed his way into the suite. It was skin tight on him, showing every curve and buldge of his body. It ended at his thights, and was cut just at the top of his girth, cutting under his soft pectorals. Justint took pleasure to the tightness of the suite, and he waddles his way into the kitchen. 

"Ah, lookin good!" Coach said, setting up a plate full of pancakes for Justin. "Now, devour these in one minute! I'll go warm the car. " Coach left and Justin tore right into the pancakes. After 47 seconds, they were gone, and Justin threw on his shoes and ran to the car, his gut full and ready for action. 

They arrived at the gym were the tornament was beng held. Men of all different sizes were everywhere. Justin and Coach walked in, and the ref set them up against Justin's first opponent. "Take him down, big guy!" Coach said, giving Justin's gut a lucky rub. Soon the bell rang, and the first round was on it's way. 

Justin's first oppnent was easy, a small, chubby man around his age who he knocked out of the rign in 7 seconds flat. Round two,  this time a heavier set man, maybe older than Justin. The two collided at the ring of the bell, their guts rubbing against eachother through the spandex. To Justin's advantage, his opponent was more flabbier than solid, and Justin easily grabbed his his love handles, and tossed him out the ring. Coach screamed  for Justin. "You go big guy!!" 

Justin felt powerful, more than he did when he was muscular. He sat on the bench with Coach, awaiting his next opponent. Coach handed him a waterbottle, Justin chugging it down. "Here, drink this protien shake, you'll need it for your last opponent." Coach said, handing Justin another bottle. Justin nodded and gulped it down, the bell ringing for the next match. Justin shot up and headed for the ring. 

His oppenet approached him. A taller man slightly bigger than Justin. Tan skin and a small beard, his gut hung out of his suite. Small hairs ran up his large gut, into a mess of chest fuzz. Justin was timmed at first, but when the bell rang, he ripped right into him. Justin's face was pressed into the small chest hairs of his opponent, his arms around his gut as far as they could reach. The large opponent was winning, pushing Justin closer and closer to the outside of the ring. 

"Come on, Justin!" Coach yelled. Justin let out a small roar, and pushed hard into the gut of his opponent. Just then, his suite teared, and his large gut was exposed. Justin gave all of his force, and pushed his gut into his opponent's, causeing him to tumble backwards out of the ring. The crowd went wild and the ref grabbed Justin's hand and threw them into the air. "We have a winner!" 

Justin was handed a champion belt and trophy, and him and Coach made their way out of the gym. "That was great, Justin!" Coach said. "Yeah... sorry about the suite." 

"ah, don't worry about it, it was bound to happen." Coach laughed. "Here, lets go get some milk shakes, then I'll but you some new cloths that will fit you." 

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