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YMCA Diary - Part 1
September - 

Things are kind of boring so I thought maybe I'd kill some time by starting a dairy. So I'm sitting here trying to figure out what I should write about. "Here" is my room on the second floor of the down town YMCA. It's not really great but it's better than what I had! Things at home were getting so bad with Mom that I just couldn't take it any more. I thought that as you grew out of your teens that you were supposed to get along better with your parent(s). Well it never worked that way with Mom and me. The older I got, the worse we got along. Maybe I could have put up with it during the school year when we didn't see each other except for an hour or so in the evening, but during the summer we got on each other's cases so bad that it was like constant screaming at each other. I was all set to drop out of college after my junior year and move out of town - but she didn't want me to do that. So we cut a deal - I stayed in school but could move out of the apartment. So here I am, just starting my senior year in college, and living in the YMCA. Mom's paying for my living expenses, which aren't much, but I have to have a part time job to earn spending money for things like movies and clothes. 

In the mornings and evenings I work at the cafeteria here at the Y. The pay's strictly minimum wage, but I don't have to travel like more than about a flight of stairs to get to the job. And I get to eat for free which helps on the budget a little. There's only three of us that work in the cafeteria: YoYo, me, and another kid named Joe. YoYo is kinda the boss and cook. He's a big black guy and he's kinda weird. Like I think he does drugs or drinks or something cause when he comes in in the morning he's usually not in great shape - mumbling and bumping into things. But once he wakes up he's OK to work with. Mostly I just help serve and clean up the dishes afterwards - not too hard a job. I'll work from about 5am till 8am, then break for classes, and then work from 4pm again till 7pm in the evening. After 7pm I've got free time for whatever I want to do. 

The Y is really a kinda weird place to live. Like it has a library and TV room, and a game room, pool, gym, workout rooms and all that stuff which is kinda neat. But there are really a bunch of strange people living here. I'm on the second floor. There's like five floors in the building and to get above the first floor, you have to take the elevator. Everybody who lives here has a key for the elevator, and the key only works for the floor that you live on. I guess that's their way of keeping the different groups of people separated. From seeing some of the weirdos that live here - that doesn't bother me AT ALL. I guess that I'm in the "group" of young guys. At least all the guys on this floor seem to be like no older than 25 or so. There are about 30 occupied rooms on this floor and most of the guys seem pretty normal, although a couple are kinda stupid, and I saw a couple of the other guys holding hands in the hallway the other day - yuck! 

The guy I work with in the cafeteria, Joe, isn't bad. Even though he's a couple of years older than I am, he's still going to community college part time. I don't think that he's really serious about it. It's just something for him to do. Sometimes after we finish work, if I don't have any studying or anything else to do, we'll go up to his room and watch TV. He's got a small black and white TV set. Like I don't know when the Y was built, but it musta been a long time ago because except for the first floor, there's no air conditioning. On the residence floors, all you can do is open the window in your room and most of the rooms face out onto a big air shaft so there's not a lot of cool air coming in that way. I guess I could leave the door to my room open to help the breeze but I'm not sure about a couple of the guys on this floor and I feel safer with the door closed. It's September and the temperature is still pretty warm and the rooms and hallways are usually about 90 degrees or so. So a lot of the guys just walk around in their underwear. Joe and I must look funny, just lying around in his room in our underwear, drinking coke and watching TV. 

Joe's got a pretty good build on him. I think he spends a couple of hours a day working out. Course I spend all of my time sleeping, or at school, or working in the cafeteria so I don't have time for that. Sometimes in the evenings we'll get a pick up game of basketball going, but that's about my involvement in sports. It's not that I'm in bad shape or anything - just that I'm not as well developed as Joe is. Actually, some of the other guys around here are really into body building. Like it's the only thing in their lives. And their bodies really look good. 

October - 

The rooms here aren't really that great - but they're cheap. My room just has a single bed, two chairs, a desk and a dresser. There's also a small closet. And two windows that open onto the air shaft. Tonight I was up late trying to finish some Physics lab write ups for tomorrow and it was kinda warm so I had the door to my room open part way to try to get a little breeze. Musta been about midnight when I heard somebody say "Up late tonight, Dan?" I turned around and Joe was standing in the doorway. He asked me if I wanted to take a break and go for a swim to relax. I reminded him that the pool closes at 9pm and he said "No problemo. I gotta key that will open almost any lock in the place except for the main office. Lifted YoYo's keys when he wasn't looking, ran outside and got copies made of his master key. Now I got the run of the place." I had to admit that anything (almost) was better than Physics so we went down to the pool, being careful so that no one saw us unlocking the doors. When we got there, Joe just took off his clothes and jumped right in. I just stood by the side of the pool and he swam back to me and asked me what was wrong. I said something like "Uh, well, I'm not sure I want to go swimming naked. I usually wear a swimsuit, and I forgot that I don't have one." Joe looked at me and said "Well, if you don't like to be around naked guys, you're sure living in the wrong place. But I think I can help you out." He got out of the pool and went into the locker room and I heard him opening some locker doors and after a couple of minutes he came back and tossed something at me, saying "This oughta fix you up. Figured somebody would leave their locker open." What he'd tossed to me was a black speedo swimsuit - looked like the ones the guys on the swim teams wear. I wasn't really wild about putting somebody else's suit on but I didn't want to turn Joe down so I turned my back to him, took off my clothes, and pulled the speedo on. Geez it was small. Like it wasn't much more that a little pouch with strings on it but at least it covered me up. It made me look like I'd gained a little weight though cause my stomach stuck out over it a little in a small rounded swelling. Musta been because the thing was so small. Anyway, Joe and I swam around for an hour or so and just talked a little. Then we came back upstairs and said goodnight to each other. Joe's not a bad guy. 

Last night the guys on the floor were having an "underwear party." That's where they wear only their shorts, and run around squirting water and smearing shaving cream on each other. It's too weird for me so Joe and I decided to go out for a pizza. We hiked a couple of blocks up to the college campus. So Joe and I went into this little pizza place and ordered a pitcher of beer and two large pizzas. And we just sat there talking and drinking a little beer and eating the pizza. Just when the pizza and beer were almost gone, and I was feeling pretty "stuffed", the waitress brought two more pizzas and another pitcher of beer. Seems like it was a "twofer" night and the second round was free. I didn't really want any more but Joe ate a little so I had some too. About halfway thru the first pizza I was feeling really full and I told Joe that I couldn't eat any more. He said: "Hold on. This may help." And before I knew what he was doing, he reached down and unbuttoned my jeans and unzipped my fly. Like I'd never had another guy touch me like that and if Joe hadn't been sitting on the outside of the booth, I would have gotten up and left. But he said: "No offense, but when I get full it helps if I take the pressure of my stomach." I gotta admit, that with loosening the tight jeans that I did feel better. So we kept on and finished the other two pizzas and the beer. Actually, I think that I did most of the "finishing." Joe ate a little but mostly he talked and I did the eating. When we got up to go back to the Y, I felt so full that I didn't even try to zip up my jeans. I was wearing a big baggy shirt that came part way down to my knees do I was all covered up any everything. Joe had to help me to my room, I kept stumbling and almost fell down a couple of times. But he got me back to my room and helped me down on my bed and I went right to sleep. Or passed out is more like it. I woke up in the middle of the night and was so dizzy and like the room was spinning around, that I thought I was going to barf. I tried sliding over to the edge of the bed and putting one foot on the floor to see if that would stop the room spinning but that didn't help so I took off my clothes and just lay on the cold floor and after awhile I felt good enough to get back in bed. I just lay there for the rest of the night, feeling my full belly grumble as it digested about 3 pizzas and over a pitcher of beer. I must a looked awful in the morning because YoYo told me that I looked worse than he felt! At least I could get my jeans zipped up even though they were a little tighter than they had been. The pizza was OK but never again that much beer! 

I had to go shopping for some clothes this afternoon, my jeans had shrunk from the Y's laundry or something cause they were starting to feel really tight. Like it was a struggle to button them and then they were so tight I was uncomfortable so I decided to get a couple of new pairs. The pairs I had were 30" waist and 32" in seam. I'd always gotten Levis 501's cause I liked the tight fit. Yeah, I know it's stylish to have baggy pants, but I always liked mine skin tight. Anyway, I tried on a couple of pairs of 30x32's and they were just as tight as the ones I had been wearing. So then I tried a 32" waist and that was a little better but it still didn't feel right. One of the sales clerks came over and we talked for a little and then he went over to another pile and pulled out a pair for me. I tried them on and they felt pretty good so I got a couple of pairs. As I was paying for them I noticed that he had given me a 34" waist and they weren't 501's but a style called the 550. I asked him what the difference was and he told me that the 550 is cut for a "fuller figure" with more room in the waist, seat and upper thighs. Well, whatever the difference it was, they sure felt better. I didn't realize that my waist size had increased that much though. 

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