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YMCA Diary - Part 3
January - 

The holidays were a fucking disaster. That's about the best that I can say about them. I tried to spend Christmas with my mother but she got on my case again. "That place sure must agree with you. Look at the weight you've put on!" was how she greeted me and it went downhill from there. So after a couple of days, I packed up and went back to the Y. There wasn't much of anyone there - just about everybody else had other places to go for the holidays. So I just kinda hung around and ate, and read, and ate, and watched TV. I've got to admit that with the change in my eating habits that I've put on a lot of weight. My belly is much larger now, and while I was never really muscular, I've gained a lot of weight in my breasts as well. They're large and soft now and sag down a little. Before he took off for Christmas, Joe gave me a small present. It's a gold chain with a cross on it to wear around my neck. He was kidding me that the cross is to "..... keep the vampires and queers away." I told him that I thought garlic might work better. Anyway, when I wear the chain now, it hangs down in the crevice between my breasts. I don't play basketball with the guys anymore because they kid me about the weight I've gained. It's not that I mind how I look, the weight gain doesn't bother me, I just don't like the kidding from them. Plus, it's a little tougher keeping up with them on the court. I'm not as nimble as I used to be, and I usually get pretty winded about half way thru the game. Maybe I should take up wrestling as a sport............ 

I realized while I was shaving this morning that I now have a double chin. Of course my face looks fuller all over, but now I have this additional roll of fat below my chin. There's no problem shaving it or anything, it's just that it looks kinda funny as it jiggles when I move. For some reason, with the added weight, my cheeks not only are fuller but they're a little redder - almost "rosy." Where have I heard about rosy cheeks before? Oh yeah. Maybe I can play Santa Claus next Christmas. I am NOT gonna grow a beard though. I'm drawing the line at that! 

When I'm on the second floor now, I don't even worry about wearing underwear - just walk around naked like most of the other guys. It's not like I want to show off or anything, it just seems like the natural thing to do. Of course it's not like I walk around with my dick hanging out or anything because my belly pretty much covers that up. With the weight I've been gaining and the way it seems to all go to my lower abdomen, my belly has gotten large enough that it sags down now. In fact, it's big enough that my crotch is pretty much covered up by a big white roll of fat. 

Speaking of "showing off." Someone who really can't do that is Mike. I was taking a shower today when he came in. It's not like I was staring at him or anything, but I was doing the regular "guy" thing in the showers. You know, whenever you're with a group of guys and they don't have any clothes on, you kind of take a quick look around to check out their "equipment." Well, Mike sure doesn't have much in the way of equipment. Now I can see why he wears those bikini briefs all the time instead of going naked like most of the other guys. I don't know how old Mike is - with his slim build and lack of body hair it's tough to tell - but I'd guess he's in his early twenties. But his dick is a tiny little thing - more like you'd see on a ten-year-old kid. I don't know why I never noticed it before but his nipples are bigger then I've seen on most other guys. Heck, they're bigger than I've ever seen on a guy. They must be about an inch across, and they're a dark brown color and look kinda puffy and stick about a half inch. It doesn't seem to bother Mike though. He seemed to spend a lot of time soaping and rubbing them in the shower. 

Joe came back from his holidays with a tan. That asshole had gone to Florida and left me hanging around here alone! He was surprised when I told him that I would have liked to go with him. He noticed my clothes and suggested that we should go shopping so we did. I got a bunch of these big polo shirts, in the largest size that I could find. It's like they're big enough for about 4 people and come all the way down to my knees. And I got some really big baggy jeans. Joe suggested that I get a couple of pairs of suspenders and that seemed like a good idea. The jeans that I had been wearing kept slipping down below my belly and I had to keep pulling them up so my belly wouldn't show below my shirt. When I was alone in my room, I'd like to pull on my tight jeans and see how difficult it was to button them up and how the large white sack of my belly poured out and down over the waistband, but in public I didn't like that to show. So I really like the new clothes. They cover me up so people can't kid me. Well, the guys on the second floor wouldn't kid me cause I'm good friends with most of them. But like when I'm working in the cafeteria or walking around outside, I'd notice people staring at my belly when it kind of bulges thru the gap between my shirt and the top of my jeans. The new clothes are really loose and baggy and comfortable and really hide the bulges and rolls of my body. That is, you can tell that I'm getting pretty big, you just can't see the exact shape. After we finished shopping, Joe took us to an ice cream shop and we got hot fudge sundaes to celebrate my new wardrobe. Well, actually I had four of them. I felt like a pig to keep eating and eating but Joe said to go ahead and enjoy myself. My second chin has developed a chin of it's own - guess that means I've got a triple chin. Joe was kidding me about how cute I looked with the hot fudge dribbling down my chins. I couldn't help it, once I felt my belly start to fill up with the ice cream and fudge sauce, I couldn't stop shoveling more and more ice cream into my mouth till I was totally filled. Then I could just lean back in the booth for a couple of minutes enjoying the stuffed sensation in my belly. 

February - 

It was kinda warm working in the kitchen this morning and I had my shirt sleeves rolled up to try to cool off a little. YoYo kidded me about my "wings." "Wings?" I said, "I'm no fucking bird." "Yeah? Look at your arms" he replied. I held my arms out in front of me and I saw what he meant. I'd put on some weight in my upper arms (is that the biceps?). When I held my arms out straight, a sack of fat hung down about 3" or so beneath each arm. And when I moved my arms they swung back and forth. I'd never really noticed them before. Then when I put my arms down at my sides, the bags of fat sagged down and kinda covered up my elbows on the outside a little. Interesting but so what. 

When I got back to my room after work, I took off my clothes and checked my body out in the mirror. Of course the mirror is only a small one and hung up over the dresser, but by moving around enough I could see my whole body. I guess everybody gains weight differently. For some reason most of my weight gain seems to be in my lower belly and my upper chest - and of course a little on my arms. There's a really fat guy on this floor but he's fat all over. When he walks his thighs even rub together and he has these sacks of fat on his legs. Now my legs and thighs have gotten bigger, but nothing like that. And I was surprised to see that my butt hadn't really gotten huge like the fat guy's had. Again, interesting but so what. 

I've taken a break from going to college. I didn't really like it and I found out that I could take a semester or two off without getting kicked out permanently. So I did. It's nice not to have that chunk of time out of my day anymore. I still have to get up just early in the morning, but now I can relax more during the middle of thee day. I find that I spend a lot of the time in the cafeteria. YoYo's teaching me how to become a short-order cook. He tells me that I've already got the figure for it. Joe's started calling me "Chubs" now. I know that he's just kidding so it doesn't bother me. 

As I was sitting at the desk in my room writing this diary, I realized that my belly has grown large enough that it rests on the top of my thighs when I'm sitting down. I don't know how to explain it but it feels good. I like it. I can spread my legs and let it sag down into the opening between them a little. After a couple of minutes of this I had a huge hard on. I kind of played with my belly a little, massaging it and moving it around, and then I came. Big jets of cum all over the desk. What a mess! I don't know why the sight and feel of my expanding body excite me so much. 

Mike's been bugging me a little lately. Most of the other guys on the floor won't have much to do with him and I think that he wants to be my friend. Well, I don't mind talking to him every so often, but it's like several times a week he wants to come over and spend time with me in my room. Like last night, he brought his computer over and we were playing around and found some really gross sites on the web - which was fun. But it's like Mike was snuggling up to me till he was almost sitting in my lap. And he kept "accidentally" touching me with his hands. Like he'd be typing at the keyboard for a minute, and then he'd just kinda let his hand slide down into my lap. Well actually, it didn't go into my lap so much as lay on the top of my belly. Finally I had to tell him that his touching me was making me feel kinda funny and I wished that he'd quit it. I think that he finally got the message cause he moved away from me and didn't bother me again that night. 

March - 

I've been trying to take showers at the Y when the other guys aren't around. It's not that I ashamed to have anyone see me or anything, it's just that I like the privacy. When I'm alone in the shower and I've got myself all covered with soap, it feels good to run my hands over my body, feeling it's new softness and growing size. Sometimes I'll take both hands and reach down and lift my belly up a little and roll it's layers of fat around between my hands and then drop it and watch it jiggle and sway back and forth. It feels so good to stand there with the warm water running over by body and dripping off it's bulges of fat that I usually end up jerking off - not something I'd like to do in front of a group of guys! 

Today was warm, relatively, for winter so Joe and I went out for a walk. We were passing a tattoo parlor and I commented to Joe that some of the guys on the floor had the dumbest tattoos. "Yeah" he said, "I'll bet you ain't got the balls to get a tattoo." Shit, here we go with the bets again, I thought. "They're too expensive, and I didn't bring any money" I said. "Hey" he said, I'll pay for it. So what's your excuse now, you chicken." I gotta admit that he hadn't left me much room to maneuver so I agreed - but just a small one. So we went inside and I was looking at the designs on the wall but Joe said that he wanted to pick a design that would surprise me. I started to argue with him but figured that I'd just lose again so I gave in. So Joe told the guy what to do and I just sat there for over an hour while he put some kind of design on the upper part of my right arm. I thought it was going to hurt a lot but he put something cold on my arm and all I felt was a weird tickling feeling. When he was done, I looked at my arm in a mirror and the whole upper part was covered with a huge tattoo of a HOT FUDGE SUNDAE! Talk about stupid. "You made me look like a fucking food advertisement" I told him. "There are worse things" he replied. Sometimes I don't understand Joe. And I'm the one stuck with the picture of calories on my arm. 

Well, I guess that Mike has found somebody to hang around with. There's this new guy on the second floor, Chuck, and Mike has been spending a lot of time with him. When I saw Mike yesterday, I could swear that he was wearing eye shadow, and when he brushed his hair back, I could see that he had a number of rings in his ear - like maybe 5 or 7 small gold rings. I saw Mike and Chuck in the TV room the other day and Chuck had his arm around Mike's shoulders. Whatever. 

Even with my tent-like clothes, I know that Joe's aware of the weight that I've put on. Not bad comments. Just ones like "You're looking better these days, Chubs." It's almost as if he likes to see me gaining weight. Well, if he didn't want me to gain weight, he's doing all the wrong things. Whenever we're together, It seems like he's doing something to encourage me to eat. Like the first thing in the morning when we go to the cafeteria to work, he'll toss me a couple of jelly doughnuts as a "wake up snack", and it keeps on like that all day. 

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