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YMCA Diary - Part 4
April - 

Jesus, the Y sure can't keep the temperature controlled very well. They've got the steam system screwed up and even with the windows open the temperature on the second floor is like 90 degrees. It was past 11 o'clock last night and I was lying in bed trying to sleep when I heard a knock on the door. I got up and went over to the door and it was Joe. "Hey Chubs" he said, "It's too fucking hot to sleep, let's go take a shower to cool off." I told him no thanks, that I didn't really want to. He looked at me for a minute, and I guess he knew what I was thinking because he said that "..... it's OK. Nobody will see you. We'll be the only ones there. The other guys were drinking beer in Jaymie's room and they're all asleep now." So I grabbed my towel and stuff and followed him down the hall. The showers on our floor are really just one big room, but it's broken up by partitions into 3 smaller rooms - with each room having 2 or 3 shower heads in it. I saw which room Joe went into and I went into the one farthest away, took off my clothes and stepped into the water. Boy did that cool water feel good after being in that furnace of a room. After a couple of minutes, I heard Joe behind me. "Come on Chubs, what are you doing? Hiding from me or something?" He'd joined me in my shower room. I turned around and saw his eyes travel over my body. I don't think he'd realized how much weight I had gained until now. My belly is now a large white sack of fat that sticks out over 12" in front of me and now hangs down in several rolls and layers almost half way to my knees. I haven't been able to see my feet without bending over for over a month now. My breasts are about the size of small melons now - large soft white mounds that sag down and rest on the top of my protruding belly. Remember the gold chain and cross that Joe gave me for Christmas? The cross is completely hidden under my swelling breasts now. As I stood in the shower room, with the water slowly washing off the soapsuds that covered me, everything kinda wobbled and slowly swung from side to side. But he surprised me by just saying "Hey Chubs, what's the matter? You look fine to me. But I can't soap part of my back. Can you reach it for me?" And he handed me his soap and washcloth. It was like nothing at all had happened! I took the soap and moved up to him, trying not to let my belly touch him as I soaped his back. "Oohhh, that feels good. Keep it up." He told me. I realized that I was getting a hard on and shortly had the mother of all erections. Suddenly he backed up sharply so that my belly ground into his butt. "Oops! Slippery spot on the floor there." he said, continuing to rub his ass into the sack of fat that my belly has become. I couldn't hold it any longer and came, splattering my cum down my legs and on the bottom of my belly. I don't know whether Joe knew what he'd made me do but he shortly turned around to me and said that "..... doesn't that feel a lot better? Let's dry off and go get something to eat!" I didn't know what to say by them so I agreed and we got dressed, headed out to an all-night pizza place and got a booth over in a corner. He ordered two large pizzas with double toppings and, when no one was watching, proceeded to slowly feed both of them to me, occasionally reaching under my shirt to slowly massage my belly as he fed me. We didn't talk a lot that night, just sat there next to each other. Finally we headed on back to our rooms and Joe said to me as he headed down the hallway to his room "Anytime you need help washing your back, just give me a call." I didn't sleep at all that night, just lay on my bed thinking about what had happened. My weight doesn't bother me, it's just a side effect of my eating. But does Joe actually want me to gain weight? I can't figure this out. 

May - 

Same old stuff at the Y. Get up at 5am to work in the cafeteria. Knock off for a couple of hours around noon when things get quiet. Then work again till about 7pm or so when we knock off for the day. Well, there's one thing that's different. Joe's being much more open about encouraging me to eat. It seems like he's always shoving some food my way in the cafeteria - hardly gives me time to do my job sometime. And our "pig outs" are now several times a week instead of just once. Last week we went out and "pigged out" almost every night. But it's me who's doing the pigging most of the time. Joe just sits there and talks to me and watches me eat. Sometimes if we're in a place where nobody can see us he'll actually feed me, continually filling my mouth with food. It's kinda weird but I like to eat so much that I go along with him. It's like almost a sexual thing now. After a night of stuffing myself when I'm sure that I can't swallow another mouthful, and Joe will slowly massage my belly till I can eat some more, I get this really strange feeling like I'm going to come in my pants - and usually I do. 

June - 

I've been having these really weird dreams about me and Joe. With us doing things I never would have thought of a year ago. After thinking about it for a couple of weeks, I figured the only way to put it out of my mind was to try it to see what happened. So late one Saturday night when things were really quiet, I went over to Joe's room and tapped on the door. When he opened it, I said "Hi. I'm gonna take a shower. Wanna join me?" Guess he didn't have much else to do cause it took him about a half second to smile and say "Sure, why not." We headed on down to the showers and did the usual lather up and wash off thing. After I'd done this a couple of times, Joe looked at me and said "Geez Chubs, you clean enough, or what?" I kinda stammered for a minute and then said "Uh, well, I was thinking about trying something if you wouldn't mind cause I've been thinking about it a lot but if you don't want to it's OK in fact maybe I just ought go back to my room now." Joe stepped closer and asked me what I meant. I blurted out "I want to suck your dick!" And then I was so embarrassed that I turned around and started to leave. Joe stopped me by saying "Chubs, it's OK with me. I want you to." So I turned and walked back to him as he stood there in the spray and steam from the shower. I slowly got down on my knees. Because of the size of my belly as it lay on the floor in front of me, I had to kind of kneel with my legs far apart to straddle it. When Joe walked toward me he had to spread his legs a little to straddle it too. Finally we were in position. His dick was at my eye level and about a foot in front of me as I reached forward and gently touched it. Joe groaned a little in pleasure as I wrapped my hands around it. It looked and felt so big. But I couldn't go any further. After a minute I blurted out "No! I can't do it!" And got to my feet and lumbered out of the shower room. Joe didn't say anything and I didn't turn to look at him or say anything as I left. I couldn't sleep at all that night - thinking about what I had done, and what I hadn't been able to do, and wondering what would happen the next time I saw Joe. The funny thing was that when I saw him the next morning, it was like last night had never happened. He treated me the usual way, tossing me a bagel full of cream cheese and saying "Here's the first of many." 

It's a couple of weeks later and Joe still hasn't said anything about that time in the shower. He was kidding me this morning that I've invented the "Chubs waddle." I can't help it. My belly is so big that it hangs down nearly to my knees now and protrudes about 18" in front of me. When I walk I kind of have to move my legs to the side and forward to clear it. And when I stand at the counter and serve the folks, I have to lean forward to be able to reach past it to serve the food. I gave up on the jeans and suspenders several weeks ago and got a couple of pairs of super large bib overalls. They're easier to get on in the morning and the straps over my shoulders keep them up better than the suspenders did. A huge flowing shirt completes my dress. Underwear is a hassle. Aside from not being able to find anything that's comfortable to wear, getting the shorts up over my feet is a problem with my huge stomach in the way, and then it keeps pushing the shorts down toward the floor as I walk. So just the bib overalls and shirt complete my dress in the morning. So what if I waddle a little. Joe doesn't know how good it feels to have my belly bouncing against and rubbing on my thighs as I walk. If he only knew....... 

Taking a piss is kind of a problem for me now. Other than getting my clothes off and on, there's the problem of just reaching my dick. With the layered rolls of fat that make up my belly sticking out in front of me, and my dick kind of hidden down beneath my belly and between my legs, it's tough just reaching it. Like if I lie on my back in bed, I can reach around my belly and push it out of the way and grab my dick - but that's obviously not a great position to piss from. The other guys on the second floor could just drop their pants, step up to the urinal, and let fly - the piss would just go into where it's supposed to. But the last time I tried that my belly got to the urinal about a foot before my dick did. And I'm standing there with my belly jammed in the urinal which wasn't too clean to begin with and full of cigarette butts - gross. So I've found what works best for me is just to go into a stall, drop my pants, back up till I hit the toilet bowl, sit down, and let 'er go. 

July - 

We were sitting in Joe's room watching TV the other night. Well, he was lying on the bed and I was sitting at the foot, with my legs spread out to the sides and my huge protruding sack of a belly lying on the floor between them. As I usually do when watching TV, my hands were continually moving over it's surface - playing with it, massaging it, and playing with the layers and rolls of fat that make it up. I didn't realize that Joe was watching me till I heard him say "You really like gaining weight, don't you?" I thought a minute. Did I really like to gain weight? No, that wasn't it. "It's more that I like to eat. And I like the way my body feels. Whether I gain or lose weight isn't all that important" I said. "Level with me" I continued, "You like to see me gain weight, don't you?" "Yeah" he said. "But it's getting late. Want to take a shower with me?" I figured why not, so we headed down to the showers. Joe in front and me doing the "Chubs waddle" after him. When we got in the shower he said "My turn to wash your back." "Whatever" I told him. So he came up behind me and started to soap up my back. It felt so good and relaxing - almost more like a massage. Then his hands worked their way down to my sides and the rolls of fat that hang over my waist at the sides. He soaped and massaged those for awhile. Then he moved in closer till his belly was against my back and moved his hands around to my front and up to my large fatty tits. Again, soaping, massaging and cupping them in his hands. "You've got better tits than I've seen on any girl" he said. I wasn't sure what to say so I just stood there. After he finished with my breasts, he moved his hands and the soap down to my belly. Playing with it, rolling it between his hands, and cupping his hands under it's rolls of fat and lifting them a little before dropping them and feeling them jiggle. By now I was getting really turned on and had this huge hard on - trapped below my hanging belly. A few more minutes of feeling his body pressed against me and with his hands moving over my hanging rolls of fat and I couldn't wait any longer. I came in huge spurts of hot cum. As I stood there with the cum dribbling down the bottom of my belly and the insides of my thighs, Joe said "Now it's my turn. But don't worry. This won't hurt." He moved me gently forward till my belly and breasts were pushed against the cold tile wall of the shower room. Then I felt him rubbing something greasy and cold on my butt and then something was shoved up my ass. He was shoving his dick into my ass! It came in farther and farther and when I thought he couldn't enter me anymore, he began to move slowly in and out. Oh my God. I had never felt anything like it. I felt fuller than any of the times that I had gorged myself. It seemed like he kept up the stroking for ever. I felt like I was going to burst but I didn't want him to stop. Finally he groaned and stopped the stroking and just leaned his body against mine and I knew that he'd come too. By then we were both so exhausted that we just cleaned ourselves off and went back to our rooms. I slept so well that night that I didn't hear the alarm go off in the morning and YoYo had to send Joe up to wake me up. "Hi big guy" he said when I waddled over to the door of my room, still half asleep. "Want to make a date for another shower tonight?" "Why wait till then" I said. "I have a feeling I'll be pretty dirty about 2pm this afternoon!"
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