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You’re Gonna Get Fat!
The doorbell rang a few minutes before schedule, but I wasn’t really worrying. Everything was all set and pretty much ready. The pizza should be here momentarily…unless that was the pizza…

It wasn’t the pizza, but something equally wonderful. Brad, a coworker of mine stood, no, filled the doorway attired in his usual, jeans and a tight t-shirt that left very little to the imagination. Clutched in his right hand was a six pack.

"Hey, great to see you! It’s been, what, four hours since we last saw each other?”

We both chuckled as I led him in. Though we were both mechanics at the same shop, one would be hard pressed to imagine us both working in the same industry. 

While Brad’s hulking frame sported muscular arms that looked like they could rip steel, meaty pecs covered in dark hair and (my favorite), a hard, round ball belly that jutted out in front of him proudly (barely contained in his ever present t-shirts), I had to be content with my swimmer’s build and practically nonexistent belly. I was pretty hairy, which was a plus, but all my life, I had heard from every family member I ran into that I needed to gain more weight, or that I "looked so wan and thin” etc etc. I had tried on several occasions to meet their standards, but always fell short.

I glanced out the door as I closed it. "The other guys running late?” 

He gave me a disappointed look. "There was an issue. Some idiot slashed the tires of everyone who stayed late and they’re off chatting with the police. Jeff, Dave and Rick can’t make it, but they send their apologies.”

My shoulders sagged. "It’s not their fault. They need to focus on catching that bastard.” I glanced around the room quietly before adding, "The game’s still gonna be on and I have everything set up, if you want to just hang out tonight, we can do a game night some other day.”

He nodded. "Sounds like an awesome idea. And don’t feel bad, Mark. I’ll host the next game night so you don’t have to go through all the trouble again.”

"Hey, thanks,” I replied moving to the couch.

"Besides,” he added, winking devilishly. "Have I ever been one to pass up food?” To emphasize his point the slapped the side of his gut hard. "I’ve gotta keep this thing full or it starts complaining.”

The contents of my pants shifted slightly at the comment, but I ignored it and gestured to the couch. With a loud groan, he hefted his bulk onto the sofa and sighed heavily as I fetched some cold beers from the fridge, depositing the six-pack he’d brought in there to chill.

"It’s kinda warm in here, Mark,” he pointed out in a friendly tone.

I handed him his beer. "Yeah, sorry about that. The air conditioner’s been acting dumb lately.”

"Not a problem. Not a problem.” He slugged back the can and began gulping down the frosty beverage, chugging loudly.

I casually sipped mine, trying hard not to look at him. His jeans were always form fitting and his shirts were consistently a size too small, allowing for a small patch of his basketball-sized stomach to show through above his waistband. Though he’d showered after work, only six hours earlier, he still smelled of sweat and I could see droplets running down his arms. Was he nervous about something, I wondered.

Setting the can of beer on the coffee table, he sat quietly for a moment before asking, "I hate to be rude, but would you mind if I just took off my shirt for a while? It’s getting really hot here.” There was the slightest quaver in his voice.

My cock began to slowly come to life as my pulse quickened. Brad? Shirtless? Here?

"Uh, sure, if you want to…” I said, struggling to appear casual and at ease while my mind was racing a mile a minute.

Reaching behind his head, he jerked on his collar and his shirt strained slightly as it got past his gut, but then came off easily. He set the shirt on the arm of the sofa and leaned back, looking more nervous than before.
I couldn’t help myself. I drank in his body. His round belly jutted in a hard shelf form under his pecs and curved in a smooth arc down to the waistband of his jeans, which he wore as low as possible. His chest looked like two furry slabs of meat and twitched whenever he moved his massive arms. 

Studying his face, I watched his eyes dart nervously back and forth as he obviously was thinking of what to say. Finally, he broke the silence.

"You know, Mark, we’ve worked together for about two years now and I’m not one to not notice things. Could I be wrong, or do you, whenever I’m gonna step into the shower at work, stay in the dressing room just a smidgen too long?” At this he looked me straight in the eyes, baring his feelings as easily as he’d bared his chest.

I smiled weakly, my pulse racing. "I might have, once or twice, accidentally, maybe stolen a glance at you, yes.”

His nervousness seemed to begin to fade. "And would I be accurate if I said your attention seemed to always focus on this?” He began to rub his belly slowly. The bulge in my pants was getting almost painful. He also noticed this little detail. "You don’t really have to say anything, ‘cuz I know it’s true. And, since we’re all being honest here, I’m gonna say that I think you’re one who would look really nice with a bit of fat on you. You haven’t been the only one stealing glances in the changing rooms, you know.” He moved closer and half-whispered, unusually tender for him, " You’ve got a body that would fatten up real nice.”

I almost pounced on him, but restrained myself.

I’m glad I did because at that point, the doorbell rang. "It’s…” I could barely talk. My throat had gone dry. "It’s the…it’s the pizzas.”

"Say no more. You just stay right there and I’ll handle it.” He heaved himself up, still shirtless and answered the door, earning himself a rather confused stare from the delivery guy. Normally I would have protested, but I couldn’t move and my cock was fighting for release and my mind kept playing over what he’d said, over and over again. 

"You’ve got a body that would fatten up real nice.” 

Returning with the pizzas, seven in all, he placed them all on the coffee table. Neither of us seemed to notice, or care that the TV was still off. There was just me and him.

He began talking again and I had to force my mind to stop wandering and focus on his voice. "Now you’re muscular and furry. All we need now is to get your stomach growing.” He gestured to the pizzas. "Now since Jeff, Dave and Rick can’t make it, we’ll have to make do without them. I hate cold pizza so we’re gonna have to eat it all tonight.” He gave me another eye to eye glance. "You’re gonna have to eat it all tonight.

My eyes bulged as I surveyed the pizza boxes. "Um…all of it?” I looked at him nervously.

"It’s not so hard. You’re stomach will stretch and you’ll do fine. Just get your shirt off and loosen your pants cuz they won’t fit too well after this.”
Chucking off my shirt, I undid my belt and glanced back at him as he eyed me with unrestrained gusto. My chest was firm and covered in light brown hair. My arms were well defined, though not very large. My furry stomach was flat, showing the early signs of a six-pack, but I was never really good at getting totally chiseled, despite the buff physiques everyone else at the shop sported due to our workload.

Brad reached over and patted my flat stomach. "You think you can get it all in there?”

I vaguely nodded.

"Great, come here.” He gestured to his own gut and patted it. "You lay back, put your head here and I’ll feed you the pizza. Don’t look at the boxes or you’ll psych yourself out.”

Not needing a second urging, I lay back and rested the back of my head on the top of his stomach which was firm but still allowed my head to sink into it slightly. I was in heaven.

Without any warning, he had the first piece to my lips. Opening my mouth, he slid it in gently, not letting me take much time to savor it. I chewed and swallowed as fast as I could.

Piece after piece went down my throat as he fed me, slowly, but steadily. My nervous jitters vanished and my appetite returned in full force, reminding me that I hadn’t eaten since lunch.

He began to feed me faster, as I began to eat faster, my chewing motions causing my head to bob up and down slightly. His belly jiggled as I ate.
Before I knew it, the first pizza was in my stomach. Brad paused slightly and began to rub my full gut. Muscles relaxed as my stomach got used to its current load. He began feeding me again, this time more forcefully. Chew. Swallow. Chew. Swallow. The pattern continued until I had fit the second pizza into my swelling belly.

Breathing started to get more difficult, but that soon passed as he again paused to rub my belly. I could feel his hand and I could feel all the pizza sitting in my bloated stomach and that just made me hungrier. I wanted it all in me.

The third. The fourth. At the fifth pizza, I began to feel really full and asked him to stop. My belly now looked like a bowling ball and felt as hard as one. My belly protested at all the food Brad was forcing into it, but he wouldn’t give up.

"Just keep going. You’re doing great!” He massaged my bloated stomach with one hand and began to feed me again with the other. The feel of his large hand on my gut, slowly massaging it made me hungrier. I didn’t want him to stop. I knew that if I stopped eating, he’d stop rubbing me. It felt so good. I could do this forever.

He got the last of the fifth pizza into my stomach and started on the sixth. Slowly but steadily, he got it all into me.

"Six pizzas. Almost done.” His voice was comforting and gentle, a side of him I never expected to see.

I began rubbing my swollen gut, unable to help myself any longer. He put his left hand over my hand and our two hands traveled over my swelling gut as he continued to stuff pizza into my mouth.

The pressure inside my stomach got more and more unbearable as more food was stuffed into it than I had ever eaten in one sitting. I could hear it start to gurgle loudly as it began trying to process the huge amounts of food I had eaten.

One piece. I moaned. He rubbed my belly.

Another piece.

Another piece.

Another piece.

He stopped. Despite the pain in my bloated belly, I looked up at him.
"That’s it.” He smiled. "You ate them all.”

Working on pure instinct, I clutched my gurgling belly as I rolled over and began struggling with his jeans. My stomach hung down, heavy with food as I finally unzipped his jeans and pulled down his underwear. His thick cock was already hard as I rammed it into my mouth. He moaned as he struggled to pull off his jeans, but they were sweaty and sticking to him. I didn’t care. 

With my free hand I explored his massive gut, rubbing and massaging randomly. I was working on adrenaline and couldn’t be bothered to slow down and do things right. I sucked on him, driving his cock as far back in my throat as it would go. His huge frame shuddered as his moans intensified. He made as if to make me stop, but I couldn’t stop. I wanted him. I wanted his meat.

My tongue explored every part of his cock. Though an average six inches, he still gave my tongue a workout. The muscles in his legs began to tense up and I knew what was coming.

I sucked him like a madman, ignoring him completely. He moaned and said something, but I wasn’t listening. I would later find out that it was my name.

Finally every muscle in his body tensed as though he was being electrocuted. Wave after wave of his hot cum splashed into my mouth. I gulped it all down, sending it down to my swollen belly. He eventually relaxed and fell back as I sat up, swallowing the last of his cream.

He laid me back, the weight of my pizza-bloated stomach pressing down on me. Pulling off my pants and boxers, he exposed my throbbing cock and began to stroke it with one hand. With the other, he massaged my gut. The combination of feeling all that food moving around inside my stomach and his hand around my rod send me into waves of ecstasy.

Pulling myself up, I began to massage his belly, feeling the soft fat around his middle. The thought that I could have a fat stomach like him only made me hotter.

Sweat ran down his chest freely as he rubbed me.

My breath came faster as I began to near my climax. "Oh, I’m gonna cum soon…” I moaned as he stroked my cock faster. Electric pulses began to shoot from my cock. He pulled me up so I straddled him and he lay back. The pizza in my stomach shifting audibly.

He stroked me faster and gasped. "I want you to cum on my belly.”

My legs suddenly felt weak as I let go. My sticky cum splattered all over his belly. Wave after wave as what seemed like torrents of my cream spewed from my cock. He let go of me. With a gasp, I fell back, exhausted.

"Wait, you’re not done yet.” he said weakly as he began to rub my cum all over his round belly. My muscles were like jello, but with a grunt, I pulled myself up, feeling my belly gurgle loudly.

"I said you’re gonna eat all of it. I want you to lick my belly clean.”

Shoving my face into his slippery belly, I slowly licked my salty juice off his hairy ball belly. Swallowing it, sending it down into my stomach where his cum sat already, mixing with the seven pizzas he had forced into me.
Finally, we both collapsed into a sweaty heap on top of each other. For a full minute, the only sounds were our breathing and the loud gurgling of my bloated stomach.

After a while, he gently whispered into my ear, the conviction in his voice sending shivers down my spine. "You’re gonna get fat and I’m gonna do it to you.”


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