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Back of the Field Pt. 1
It was hard to believe that just four years ago Chad stood on this very field a champion. He remembered the day like it was yesterday. Chad was an 18 year old track and field star that beat out kids from 16 different high schools from around the state. He paced the stony barrier surrounding the track thinking about how his high school years were the best of his life. He remembered how great it felt to run with the wind at his back, his tank tops rustling against his rock hard abs and 130 lbs. of lean runner’s muscle. He thought of the way his girlfriend would twirl his wavy brown hair and stare deeply into his eyes. He remembered how much sense it all made. She didn’t make him feel complete or give him butterflies or anything, but he felt normal. And isn’t that what you want through your formative years, to feel normal?

On that fateful day as Chad held his trophy and tried to navigate a sea of parents, friends and the local paper congratulating him, he thought to himself: “This is my life. This is what it’s all going to be like. My hard work is finally paying off!” He knew college scouts were watching, and he knew he would probably get a full ride with all of his athletic achievements. It was only a matter of time!


Present Chad walked over to the locker room and was about to open the door when a shiver ran down his spine. He cursed himself for the thoughts of what happened when he went for a post race shower those years ago. He could’ve waited until he got home, his parents were ready to take him!


“I’ll just take a quick shower so I can head over to Stacey’s,” the younger him reasoned.
Inside the lockers young Chad began to strip down and got a fresh towel. Unfortunately for him when walking into the shower he pulled back the curtain on another man. Both were startled, but Chad stunned. Staring back at him was a college student, who looked to be in his senior year. He was a massive man, with a large protruding and hairy belly, thick muscular arms and legs, and a beard that covered up his double chin into a very dashing layer of fur.

“Sorry bro I’ll be out in a second,” he said calmly.

Young Chad was confused by what he was feeling. He felt a sort of rumbling in his stomach that he wasn’t used to. It was a sort of excitement, and a sort of… attraction. He tried to step back to hide a protrusion that popped through his white towel, but he ran into the wall.

“Are you okay little bro?”

The man looked down at the bump in Chad’s towel.

“Well you appear to be pretty damn okay down there!”

Chad looked at the large dick staring right back at him and wondered why his brain was moving so fast. Why did he never feel like this staring at Stacey naked?

“Were you in the race?” the bear spouted out to break the tension.

“Y-yeah, I won,” he finally stammered.

“Nice dude! I won my high school state champs, too! I was a swimmer, though.”

Chad almost started to laugh. This was a joke, right? This guy is upwards of 300 pounds, and he’s saying that only a few years ago he was an elite swimmer?

“Don’t look so surprised,” he chuckled while tapping his gut, “I bet you’ll feed the ol’ tank in college, too! You’ve got the look in you.” He winked.

The look? What look? Chad was 130 pounds of lean muscle. His friends were always telling him how jealous they were that he could pack so much in and never gain a pound. This guy had to be crazy! And yet that’s all Chad could think about for weeks, maybe even months.

If the spark between Chad and Stacey was dim before, now it was scorched earth. Chad couldn’t figure out his feelings and as a result started skipping out on his date nights to go drinking alone. The night before his first day of college Stacey found out, and gave him about 10 minutes to clear his possessions from her place and get out of her sight for good.

As a result college started less than spectacularly. Chad walked from class to class thinking only of what he’d become. He was a shell of his former self, and no longer felt like a champion but a dud. He felt like something was wrong with him and that he let down Stacey by not being able to get it up. Each night before bed he’d lay and wonder if he had one more chance if he would be able to show her a night as wild as when they first made love after prom. Probably not. Every night this realization burned into his head more and more.

His college diet became a mess of pizza, burgers, beer and ramen. His classes were way harder than he was expecting, and he had to keep his grades up to keep his scholarship. His track practice started becoming optional for him, and after a string of less than enthusiastic late arrivals he finally decided to stop showing up altogether. He changed his major to business management because it required less math, so he could study less and go out drinking five nights a week.

Most kids would be worried about these drastic lifestyle changes, but not Chad. He had the highest metabolism of anyone he knew. Sure, when he looked at himself in the mirror he looked a little softer, perhaps, but he certainly wasn’t fat. He just needed to get back to his running routine and the pounds would melt right off!

Immediately after finals ended Chad picked that first Saturday to get up at the crack of dawn and go for a run. He put on his old running shorts and a t-shirt. The shorts seemed a little tighter than usual, which he found funny. His shirts, too. He wondered what he was doing to wash them differently so they’d start shrinking like this. It was something he could worry about after his run, whatever it was.

As he walked out to the field, he took in a deep breath and really revelled in the feel of the morning. He’d almost forgotten what that felt like after a whole semester of sleeping in too late and having to rush straight to class.

“Chad, hey Chad!” he heard from behind him.

It was a lean and muscular guy with hunky yet trim biceps and a jawline that could cut rock. His curly hair and L-shaped nose made him basically a walking Greek God. Chad tried to give him a timid wave.

“Dale! Remember me? We competed together in high school! You kicked my ass!” he chuckled.

What school was he from, Chad wondered? Did it start with a D or a G?

“Oh yeah, of course! Good to see you’re still into running!”

“Are you kiddin’? It’s my life! Ever since you beat me I’ve been determined to get my numbers down, haha.”

Chad’s posture became a bit sheepish.

“Hey, you wanna run with me?”

“Oh, I don’t know. I’ve been so busy I kinda skipped a few weeks of practice.”

“C’mon! We’ll start slow and warm up. A runner like you will be lapping me in minutes!

Chad was getting anxious. He didn’t want to say how long it had been since he’d last done any sort of physical exercise, but he didn’t want to seem dismissive, either.

“Alright, just… take it easy on me.”

They both gave a little laugh, and positioned themselves at the starting line. Chad took the position he’d taken so many times in his past, and felt at home like he hadn’t in months. What was he worried about? He’s the master!

“Mark. Set. Go!” Dale barked as they both started running off.

Chad pumped his arms and brought his creaky old legs to life. He remembered all of that practice he spent years of his life perfecting. Then it hit him. Sharp shooting pains sprung through his chest. His body was moving funny. He felt somehow off. He felt like he was carrying extra weights with him that didn’t exist before, and his pants started digging into the side of his skin.

Chad stopped, barely making it 500 feet.

“Hold on, I have to stop.” Chad was filled with embarrassment as he noticed he was already starting to sweat.

Dale seemed kind of perplexed: “Are you serious? We’ve been going for like a minute.”

Chad was trying to catch his breath: “I swear… I’m not usually… I don’t… I’m getting over a chest cold…” Chad let out an involuntary cough.

As if the curtain of admiration had been lifted Dale finally gave Chad a serious once over. He noticed that as his shirt was wet and sweaty it clung to Chad’s belly which was just ever so distended. He looked at Chad’s arms which looked like wet noodles, and his thighs which seemed to be too large for his tiny short shorts.

“Jesus Chad. Did you switch life goals to become a state eating champ instead?”

Chad’s face went flush. His insides tied themselves in knots as he still tried to gain his normal breath rate. He felt humiliated at the face of Dale, but at the same time he felt like he “noticed” his body more. He noticed how his ever so slight belly wraps around his shirt, or how his thighs slightly rub against each other with every step. Or how his ass jiggles ever so much in those tight and sexy short shorts. This was all too much to take in. He ran away from Dale muttering something like “Sorry,” but leaving it to hang in the awkward silence.

He ran and ran, which turned into walked and walked, until he reached the commons. He looked over at the trendy vegan restaurant that served up all of the thin hipsters with their too-tight button downs and spray on skinny jeans. Then he looked over to the coffee and donut shop. What did he see sitting in the chairs out front but a familiar face! Barely squeezed into a tight wiry metal chair, he saw the large cascading belly he saw over a semester ago in the showers. The man was reading a paper and eating a plate of glazed donuts. He flips the page but glances over to see if he’s missed anything, when he catches a familiar face of his own staring back at him.

“Happy cock!”

Chad nervously stepped over with the timidness of approaching the President.


“I was wondering if I’d ever see you again!” He gave Chad the old once over: “Whew you’re looking good! The freshman 15 treated you nicely! You could probably use some newer clothes, though.

“I… I mean I don’t know if…”

“Quiet now, no need to explain anything. Just sit down and have a donut with me.”

“I don’t think a donut would be best. I need to start watching my figure.”

He gave Chad a look that told him everything about his own life is as easy to read as a book to everyone but himself.

“You don’t need to watch your figure, I need to watch it for you.”

He held the donut out for Chad to grab, like a Morpheus for a sexually confused starving piggy. Chad realized that he was pretty hungry, and without using his hands took a bite right out of the man’s hand.

While chewing: “Wait, but what do I even call you?”

“Shh… you have a lot of meals to go before you need to worry your little piggy brain with facts like those.”
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