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It was 6:00 on Saturday morning and the phone rang. Who would be calling at this hour on Saturday morning? After realizing that it was not a dream, I answered.

"Hello," I said with a groggy voice.

"Hi, Jay. It's Derek. Hey I got a good deal on a trip to Denver for two and just wanted to see if you wanted to go with me. We'll be gone a week"

"Couldn't you have called me later?"

"No. We leave this morning.........that is if you want to go. We can stay with some friends for the week so you don't have to worry about a thing. Can you get the time off work?"

"It sure is sudden, but I should be able to. It sounds fun. I'll call my boss at home and tell him I had to go out of town on a family emergency."

"Perfect." Derek said. "I'll pick you up at about 9:00 Hurry cause that's only about 3 hours away."

I showered, packed, and got all ready for Derek to pick me up at 9:00. We got to the airport in plenty of time, and the flight to Denver was very nice. When we arrived at Stapleton Airport, we were received by two really nice looking guys, Jason and Mike. Although they lived together, their relationship was purely platonic. Almost immediately, Jason took to me, and I have to admit that I took to him.

We got to their house right about noon. They were great hosts from the start. Jason called and ordered pizza for lunch and would not let us pay even one dollar toward its purchase. When the delivery man got to the door, I was so surprised to see that they delivered 4 large pizzas.

"Why did you order so many?" Mike asked.

"I think it's better to have too much than not enough," Jason responded.

We sat down to eat, and Jason served himself and me. Mike looked over at Jason as if to realize that there was a chemistry between us and suggested that he and Derek eat on the patio. They took one of the pizzas and went out to the patio. Jason and I started to eat.

"They left us with 3 pizzas like we're going to eat them all," I said.

"We might. You look like a guy with a good appetite. I think that is so hot...a guy with a good appetite," Jason said.

I didn't give any thought to what that comment was to mean in the next few days, but I thought if this hunk wants a guy with a good appetite, I'm going to be just that. I love pizza so I dug in with enthusiasm. After a few good sized pieces, I began to slow down. This did not go unnoticed by Jason. He reached over and picked up a piece of pizza and fed me the first bite.........then the second, the third.........

"I am stuffed. I can't eat another bite," I said.

"Oh sure you can," he said as he began to rub my already swollen stomach.

I began to feel a sensation that I have never felt before. Having someone else rub my stuffed stomach felt quite hot. He continued to rub it and after a minute or two reached over for another piece of pizza.

"Oh, no! I can't."

"Sure you can."

"No, really, I can't!"

He immediately stopped rubbing my stomach and put the piece of pizza down. I wanted him to keep rubbing my stomach because it felt so good.

"Well, OK. Maybe one more piece"

"Good," he said as he started rubbing my stuffed stomach again.

The rubbing felt so good that I didn't even realize that he managed to get another half of a pizza down me. I was truly stuffed. I noticed that Jason couldn't keep his eyes off my distended belly. He asked me if I wanted to lie down for a bit and I said I did. We went to a bedroom which come to find out was his bedroom. I took off all my clothes except my briefs. Jason kept staring at my belly which to me looked like I was 9 months pregnant. I laid down and he began to rub my stomach again. I could feel myself getting hard, and apparently he noticed too. At that point he removed my briefs and began to give me the nicest head as he continued to rub my belly. I thought I was in heaven. He got me so hot, and then suddenly he stopped and walked out of the room. I was a little baffled by that, but he soon returned with more pizza.

"I told you I like guy with a good appetite," he said.

At that point, I would eat the box to get him back doing what he was doing to me. He sucked me, rubbed my belly with one hand, and fed me with the other hand. I couldn't believe how much more pizza went in. Finally, I came like I've never come before. It was the hottest thing I've ever felt, and Jason new it. We fell asleep in each other's arms.

I woke up at about 5:00 and had a raging appetite. I couldn't understand that considering how much food I had eaten at noon. I got dressed and went out to the smell of home made pies. Jason, Mike, and Derek were sitting around talking while the pies were baking. Mike and Derek looked at me like they new something was going on. We each had a slice of pie with ice cream which was to "hold us over" since we were going to have a late dinner.

For dinner, Jason made fettucine with Alfredo sauce, another favorite of mine. As he prepared the plates, I couldn't help but notice that he "slipped" a substantial amount of butter into my fettucine. I didn't say anything and found that it tasted pretty good after all. After dinner, Mike asked Derek if he wanted to run down to his office with him. Both of them left, and Derek whipped out the dessert. It was a coconut cream pie and he cut about a quarter of it for me.

"Aren't you going to have any?" I asked.

"Not right now. I'm kind of full," he said as he reached over to rub my gut again. This time, though, he went from my gut to below the belt. I immediately got hot again.

"Man, if I keep eating like this, I'm going to get as big as a house!"

"Nah, you'll be fine. Besides, I think a man with a little meat on his bones is too hot for words. I love something to grab onto."

It seemed like that was all he had to say, and something like snapped in me. He rubbed my gut as he fed me the rest of the pie.......every last crumb! Once again we retired to his bedroom where he gave me the royal treatment.

At about 1:00am, Jason got up. I heard the blender going in the kitchen and he returned with a milkshake. I later found out that it was made with half and half, a pint of Ben and Jerry's, and weight gain mix. As I drank it, again he made love to me. After I had finished all the shake, he made me cum like I've never cum before.

This treatment continued and I soon noticed a roll of fat growing around my mid section. Jason noticed it too and couldn't keep his hands off of it. And if it made him happy, I was going for it! For the rest of the week, I stayed stuffed 24 hours a day......Jason made sure of it. The more fat that grew around my middle, the more sensitive and erotic it felt. I couldn't believe it! I actually was enjoying this roll of fat. I wanted more! By the time I left Denver, I had gained about 10 pounds! Jason was constantly playing with my newly acquired roll which jiggled with his teasing. I knew that this was only the beginning. I couldn't believe how great it felt. I wanted to get fat! I decided to continue this gaining once I got home!

We said our good-byes to our hosts. I was sure going to miss Jason! They took us to the airport and we soon boarded our plane. As we were flying home, Derek looked down at my midsection. There, over the seat belt, was a soft roll of fat: compliments of Jason. Derek couldn't help but comment.

"Geeze, look at that gut! You're turning into a blubber boy," he said as he grabbed my soft growing belly fat.

Immediately, my cock stood at attention.

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