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Brad, SIR

Brad had been hustling for almost a year now, and the older guys he met at parties just couldn't seem to resist his blond good looks and tight swimmer's build. One sexy smile would usually be enough to start a mutually rewarding relationship. He'd been to Hawaii a couple of times and even to Europe once with a rich executive. The last guy he'd been with gave him enough cash to take a short vacation on his own, so he'd gone back to Wisconsin to see some old friends and party down. He'd stuffed himself with lots of beer, pizza and fast food for a few weeks--after all, grass always gave him the munchies and he'd always been able to eat like a horse without gaining pound. Still, as he put on his tight jeans for his first evening back in the city, Brad felt a little discomfort as he cinched them closed around his waist. Gazing approvingly at his handsome face in the full-length mirror on his bedroom door, his satisfied smirk disappeared as he lowered his view. A small jelly roll of flab bulged over his jeans, and jiggled ever so slightly as he moved. No doubt about it, Brad thought to himself, got to join the Y and start swimming again. He slipped on a T-shirt and headed out for a night of partying and greasy pizza.

3 months later...

Things had been kinda slow the last few weeks for Brad. He went to the same bars, but somehow the guys weren't responding as often, and he had to be more aggressive to find a guy. One 40-ish looking guy he'd cruised even chuckled and grabbed the small mounds of flesh Brad had hidden, or thought he'd hidden, under a loose- fitting shirt. Man, I really gotta start jogging or something, he thought at the moment...but he ended up finding a guy that night and going out for a late night 6 course Italian dinner. Oh well, he'd start exercising as soon as spring rolled around, and anyway it wasn't like he was really fat or anything, just a little "bigger" than he used to be. He could knock off a few pounds easy once the weather warmed up a little. Brad lit a cigarette, downed his scotch and left the restaurant.

4 month later...

190 lbs! Brad looked at the scale in disbelief, then into the mirror at his 5 foot 10 inch frame. Not only had he gained at least 15 lbs, but he was sure a lot of what had once been muscle was now pure butterfat. His cheeks were plumper and rosier, and he even saw the hint of a double chin. He was having a hard time finding guys these days, and he was behind in the rent. No way he was going back to working in a K-mart in Wisconsin, he thought to himself grimly. Summer had arrived and Brad was dressed in a tight pair of shorts and a T-shirt. The elastic waistband on the shorts dug into his softening waist, he noticed, while his tits and belly tugged slightly against the large T-shirt he'd bought only a month ago. Almost broke, Brad went to the donut shop down the street and bought a bag of day-old donuts and a coke. As he started scarfing the donuts and worrying about how to pay the rent, he noticed a good-looking guy in his forties on the other side of the shop. He was well-dressed, about 6', with a tight build, ex-military maybe. Brad couldn't help noticing the guy had returned his stare, and suddenly wished he'd put on something that covered up his spare tire.

After about 20 minutes, Brad had finished the donuts and was working on the last of his Coke. He'd exchanged a few more glances with the handsome guy, but was surprised when the guy got up and started walking straight toward him. The man dropped a business card on the table in front of Brad, and left without saying a word. Brad looked at the card: Donald Hansen,J.D.

On the back their was a hand written note: "I think you're a hot-looking guy. If you're interested in a mutually profitable relationship call 356-9394." Brad shrugged, put the card in his pocket, and polished off the last donut in 2 bites. He got up and left, letting his belt out a notch and patting his stomach. Good thing he didn't get a good look at this fuckin' gut, Brad smiled to himself as he left the donut shop.

2 weeks later...

Brad had just received an eviction notice from his landlord, and was living on peanut butter and day old pastries, washed down with milk or beer. Sitting around all day watching TV, he had packed on another8 or 10 lbs, and resigned himself to going back to Wisconsin. Suddenly he remembered the business card. He dug his jeans out of a pile of clothes he'd outgrown, and found the card. He puffed a Marlboro nervously as he dialed the number and listened impatiently for an answer.

"Hello" came a smooth sexy voice. "Hello?" the voice repeated.

"ugh...hi there, um I'm the guy from the donut shop.."

"Oh yeah, how are ya' guy?"

"Good...ugh...well not so great, actually. I'm being evicted." Shit, Brad thought, I've blown it, now he'll think I'm trash and hang up.

"No sweat, big guy, I've got a spare room at my place if your interested...."

Yes!! thought Brad, a sugar-daddy...and a pretty fucking hot one too... But, hell, why not hold out a little?....

" I dunno", Brad said, mock-reluctantly, "Id have to think about it..."

"What's to think about? Room, board and $100 a week, how's that sound"

"It's a deal" answered Brad quickly, "...oh, and can ya pay a couple a hundred in back rent?"

"Sure, guy. Call it an advance".

Brad sensed that a new life had begun, rich, lazy luxurious...he'd finally got what he came to the big city to find: an address on Easy Street, with some sap to pay the bills...

3 months later.

Brad polished off the last of the waffles and started in on the first piece of bacon, dipping it lovingly into syrup before he popped it into his hungry mouth. Life with Don was sheer heaven. True, Don had made him stop smoking, and he'd started eating like a fuckin pig to compensate, but Don didn't seem to mind the extra pounds. In fact, the sight of Brad's swelling, jiggling tits, ballooning waistline and round rippling ass-cheeks seems to get him hotter than hell. Don loved to run his strong, sensitive hands over the rolls of flesh, nibbling Brad's ear as he caressed the bloated warmth of Brad's belly, cupped his bouncy tits and teased his hard, erect nipples until Brad moaned in ecstasy. Shit, Brad thought, chuckling, all I have to do is lie around eating, and this guy'll service me AND support me for life.

Just at that moment, Don appeared, not in his customary business suit, but in army fatigues.

"Kinky," said Brad, grinning, "but I'm really not up for anything this early, maybe later we can...." But Don hadn't waited for an answer. He slipped his hands under the mattress and rolled Brad's 220flabby pounds out of bed. "Hey, man, what the hell..."

"Shut up, private" barked Don, yanking brad up off the floor.

"Shit, man, what the fuck..." Brad felt a twinge of pain as Don twisted his arm around behind his back in an iron grip.

"From now on, you're to address me as sir." Don menaced between clenched teeth. He loosened his grip on Brad's arm, and Brad spun around, glaring.

"Listen, man, I don't know what you're new scene is, but I'm outta here...", Brad but on his sweats and headed for the door.

"GO ahead," Don grinned wickedly, "see how much money you make hustling YOUR big fat ass.." Don gave his ass cheek a sharp slap for emphasis. As Brad felt the flabby globes of his ass ripple under the sweat pants, he realized that Don was right.

"OK, you bastard, what's the deal?" Brad glared sullenly. Don grabbed a handful of Brad's hair roughly...

"For starters, as far as your concerned my name is SIR, got that, lard-ass?" Brad nodded, submissively. "Good! Now, as my slave you've got 2 jobs: fulfilling my every wish in bed, and EATING. I'm gonna grow a chubby, Brad, and you're it. If you cooperate you get a life of luxury...If not, well...believe me big guy, you don't want to know."

Part 2

Brad rolled over on the couch and grabbed another handful of nuts, stuffing them into his mouth and washing them down with a swig of beer. He'd hit 245 lbs that morning, and when he'd ballooned up to 250, Don was gonna give him a check for a cool grand. So he'd been pigging out every day, fattening up like a prize hog to please his master. "Yeah, right", Brad thought to himself. "What that crazy fucker doesn't know is that that check is my ticket outta here". Brad smiled at the thought of freedom, and grabbed the last few potato chips from the economy-sized bag he'd opened that afternoon. "Yup," he thought to himself, "I'm eatin' my way right outta this dump."

His reverie was interrupted as a cold rough hand clamped the wobbly spare tire that exploded over his sweat pants in concentric rings of flab. Don's hot breath, lips and tongue were exploring Brads ears, face and neck, even as his strong callused hands kneading the fat young stud's tits. Don pinched Brad's nipples gently and worked his fingers over the mounds of soft flesh which sagged from his once-muscular chest. Although plotting his escape, Brad couldn't help but get aroused as Don's knowing hands tenderly made their way down his bloated torso. They seemed to linger especially lovingly at the twin mounds of fat that poured over the sides of his sweats. Don's fingers traced the full curves of Brad's love handles over and over before finally making their way to his waistband and exploring Brad's cock as it quickly engorged between his big, lardy thighs. As Don made passionate love to him, Brad was starting to have second thoughts. Why not stay and just keep blowing up? The sex was hot, he didn't have to work, and the food....Jesus! Eggs, waffles, sausage and bacon for breakfast; greasy burgers and fries or pizza for lunch washed down with imported beer. Don took him out to a different restaurant every night--usually some all you-can-place where he could chow down. In between, all the Entenmann's pastries he could eat, with gallons of half-and-half if he got thirsty...Best of all, though, was the sex. Don started him at once a day, but now he couldn't seem to get enough kissing, stroking, sucking and hot, sweaty fucking.

Lately, though things had started getting a little kinky. As fat as Brad was, Don loved watching him cram his flabby thighs and ass into a tight pair of jeans and strutting around. He couldn't button the goddamn things but his jiggly belly and swollen love handles still hung over the waistband. Once, Don even brought over two of his buddies to "share". They forced him to put on a pair of bikini briefs and pose. They were all hot, masculine guys who seemed to get off on seeing his big fat ass exploding out of a tight pair of shorts.

Tom was in his forties, like Don, and in great shape. He had short dark hair and dreamy brown eyes that took in Brads physique with tender appreciation. Tom's lean, tight body made Brad want to cream the minute he saw him. Hank was a big Texan cop, with a mean smile and cold blue eyes. Hank might have been in shape once, but lately he looked like he spent a lot of time behind a desk. His belly ballooned over his belt and strained the buttons on his uniform. He guzzled beer after beer while he the three men discussed Brad's sexy body with lust shining hungrily from their eyes.

The three horny guys took turns exploring his body. While Tom sucked Brad's hard cock and worshipped his big hefty balls, Don got behind him and kissed the back of his neck. Don worked his way down, pausing to lovingly kiss Brad's flabby upper arms and running his mouth down Brad's back . Brad's nipples stood at attention and that's when a Hank moved in to suck his bloated, sensitive tits. Brad moaned in ecstasy and felt Don's mouth working down to his ass cheeks. Don plunged his face into Brad's hot sweaty ass running his tongue over the twin globes of junk- food fattened flesh.

"Oh man, I'm gonna cum in a minute" Brad yelled, as Tom sucked greedily at his engorged cock.

Don looked up and smiled wickedly at the other two guys, then grabbed a tube of lube from a table nearby, still sucking and nibbling at Brads swollen, jiggling ass cheeks. He took some lube and slathered in into Brad's ass crack, while Hank grabbed something from a paper bag he'd brought with him. It was a big bag of chocolate eclairs. Brad was about to come and the other guys knew it. Grasping Brad's arm tightly behind the fat young studs back, Don gently but firmly thrust his ramrod hard dick into Brad's sweaty, greasy ass hole. Brad closed his eyes and gasped with pleasure and pain, but as he opened his mouth he tasted something soft and sweet. Hank had shoved a creamy eclair into his mouth, and half way down his throat. Brad gagged and then swallowed reflexively, downing the eclair and seconds and just catching his breath Hank shoved another into his mouth. By that time Tom's talented mouth and Don's pumping cock had driven him to the edge of orgasm, and with a groan barely silenced by the food crammed down his throat, Brad's dick exploded come into Tom's eager mouth and face. As he gasped for breath, Brad could see the look of contentment on Tom's face. Tom buried his cum- spattered face into Brad's soft, quivering body just as Don shot his load up the fat young stud's big yielding ass. The four men lay down exhausted, kissing and exploring one another until dawn.

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