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Luke came home and realised that nobody was there. It was nothing to be suprised at, because it was Friday and his one-year older brother Jack, who was attending 9th grade at the local school, had every Friday more lessons than him. Furthermore, his parents had gone off for the weekend, so he had about 2 hours, untill his brother comes.
Luke was a typical teen - well, not completely. He secretly wanted to be fat. 
/it did not suprise you, did it?/ He used to use this free time for eating, and this Friday was not going to be different.
So he took two pizzas that he had bought at the way from school and prepared them. When they were done, he started to eat them. He looked at his belly - it was flat with two small fat rolls, maybe because of these Friday overeatings.
When the first pizza was eaten, he rubbed his stomach, which was now slightly bigger. But it was nothing to compare with the state when he managed to eat the other pizza and drink a can of coke as well. His tummy was round, hanging over his jeans. He put his shirt off and rubbed it once more.
Then he threw the empty boxes of pizza to the stove and burned them, in order not to get revealed later. After this, he took a measuring tape and walked to the room which he shared with his brother. He came in, stroking his belly, and sat in a chair. He put the tape around the waist and read was it said. 85 cm. "Yes!", he said to himself. There was a progress. He was happy, but suddenly also very shocked.
He had not looked in the room properly before - on the bed, there was Jack! For one moment Luke hoped that he was sleeping, but for his horror Jack said: "Hello - I see you have been eating a bit, haven't you?"
"Ehm - ehm, I - I don't", stuttered Luke.
"How many?" asked Jack
"What? I -" 
"How many cm, of course."
Luke couldn't say anything. He was so embarrassed he had never been in his whole life.
"Are you shy? Don't be - lend me the tape."
Jack borrowed the tape and put his shirt off. It revealed his belly, which looked very full - better said, overfilled.
"You see - mine is nearly 89 cm."
Luke finally managed to say something: "I see you have also been eating a bit, haven't you?"
"Kind of." replied Jack
"How much?" asked Luke
Jack started to smile a little. "Three pizzas are in there", he answered and slapped his stomach.
"But how come..." started Luke, but Jack interrupted him. "I know - I came home even earlier than you, because our teacher was off. I had about one hour and then you came."
"And in that hour..." Luke started to understand.
"Yes. In that hour I made myself lunch."
"Kind of big lunch" smiled Luke. "But why did you eat so much? Where you so hungry?" "Well"- hesitated Jack - "kind of. And" - another hesitation- "do you know who a gainer is?"
Luke waited for this sentence. There was no doubt - they both had been afraid of the other one for years, because they had not known that the other one was just the same, and they had been both gaining in complete secret!

They both started to laugh, and when they managed to stop, they started to talk about it all. There was a lot to talk about. The one thing that they knew was that there was a change in their lives that afternoon. 
They spent whole evening comparing and rubbing their tummies, and the whole weekend, as there was noone else, they used for feeding themselves.
On Sunday evening, Luke measured 92 and Jack 95 around their waists.
But they never forgot about the fantastic coincidence which made them know the truth about each other.

On Sunday evening, boys' parents arrived. Jack and Luke tried to suck their tummies in, because the result of the huge amount of food they had eaten during the weekend was visible through their shirts. But parents didn't see anything and in the evening they all had a big dinner. Then the parents said they were tired and wanted to go to bed early, and so they did. Boys also went to bed immediately after them, but not planing to sleep.
When they closed the door of their room, which was on the 2nd floor, Jack grinned and asked Luke: "And do you know what we are going to do now?"
Luke smiled widely and answered: "Sure! Stuff our bellies!"
Then Jack took out a bag, which had been hidden in their wardrobe since that morning. There were ten hamburgers in the bag - five for each. He gave five burgers to Luke and kept five for himself. "Enjoy," he said and passed him a bottle of coke, keeping the other one.
Then the boys took off their shirts, lied down on beds and began to stuff their faces with hamburgers. After a while, it was going slower and slower, because of the dinner they had eaten before, and after the third burger, Luke, as he was younger and smaller then Jack, said quietly: "Oh buddy, I'm really not sure if I can eat any more."
Jack, who had already eaten four, encouraged him: "My little fatty, I'm sure you will manage it. But I have got an idea - maybe you will enjoy it more, if I feed you." He stood up with a little difficulty and waddled to Luke's bed. He sat down on it and took a hamburger, saying: "You don't have to do anything. Just lie and eat." He began to feed him, gently stroking Luke's tummy. His brother apparently liked to be a feedee, because he seemed to be enjoying it. After Luke ate the burger, he looked absolutely exhausted, so Jack said: "Take a break, I will eat my last hamburger meanwhile."
When he ate it (and it took him very long, as he was also incredibly full), he smiled at Luke and said: "Now it's your turn. Would you like me to feed you again?" Luke nodded, so Jack started to feed him the last hamburger. After a very long time, when they finally managed it, Luke said tiredly: "Would you please stroke my belly again? I'm so tired I don't think I can do it myself, and it felt so good. I'm absolutely unbelievably stuffed!"
"Oh sure, my buddy," replied Jack and started to do so, "but what about my poor overfilled tummy? I'm sure you aren't so tired and can do the same to mine." Then, feeling also absolutely exhausted, he lied next to Luke. Luke slowly lifted his hand, put it on Jack's belly and started to stroke it as well.
They really didn't want to sleep together, mainly because of the parents in the house - it could have looked like something sexual, which it absolutely wasn't. Nevertheless, they just couln't help themselves and after several minutes fell asleep, both with one hand on each other's overstuffed tummy.

"Good morning, boys!" The mother's voice woke up Jack. The first think that he could feel was something smooth and soft under his left hand. What could it be? He opened his eyes. It was his brother's tummy! "Oh my God," he thought to himself. (Fortunately, mum didn't enter their room, she just called them from downstairs. Otherwise, she would be terribly shocked.)
Then he noticed that Luke's hand was also still lying on his belly! He lifted his own hand slowly, as his brother was still asleep. Then he tried to lay Luke's hand down on the bed carefully. However, he woke him up by this. "Good morning," said Jack, slightly embarrassed.
"Morning," replied Luke a little desorientated, but after a moment, he smiled: "But did it feel good, buddy!"
Jack grinned: "Yeah, it definitely did."
Then they put on their clothes quickly and went downstairs for breakfast. After their parents left (every day, they left earlier then the boys headed for school), they made themselves another breakfast in order to make sure that they feed themselves well. After this, they made themselves ready and then went to school.
During lunch in the school cantine, they tried to ask for helpings as it was free if there was enough food. In the afternoon, they came home. Both their parents had already arrived from work, so there was not a possibility of making a feeding session, moreover, they didn't have money any more.
Nothing interesting happened during the week. But although the boys didn't have optimal conditions for gaining, they tried at least to become as lazy as they could, making sure that they wouldn't make a single movement if it wasn't absolutely necessary.
On Friday, they had PE at school. This year, several classes had swimming - and so did Jack's and Luke's class have. So, on Friday morning, after double breakfast as usually, Jack and Luke rode a bus to the swimming pool.
In the changing room, they chose lockers next to each other and began to put their clothes off. Then, when Luke was trying to put on his bathing suit, his face turned red and he whispered into Jack's ear: "Oh Jack, it is too small for me! I can't put it on!"
Jack turned around and as there was nobody in the room at the moment, he said: "Quickly, suck your gut in as much as you can. I will help you." Luke did his best and Jack managed to stuff his butt and chubby underbelly into the suit.
"Thank you," said Luke, completely red, "you are a real friend, buddy."
Jack was also feeling slightly embarrassed, but he said: "It's OK. But I think that I will also need help... I can't squeeze myself into it."
Luckily, there was still noone around, so Luke could help his brother. Finally, they both had the bathing suit on and walked to the pool.
Before the lesson started, a friend of the boys came to them and patted their bellies, which were hanging quite far over their trunks' waistlines, laughing: "Getting a little bit chunky, aren't you?"
Jack answered evasively: "Eh... I think it's time for new trunks, these are very old..."
Then they tried to suck the tummies in and no more people said anything during the lesson.
After PE, there was no school any more, so they went home, looking forward for the weekend. On the way, they bought a lot of burgers, as they had been given some money on Thursday evening, because their parents were going out for the weekend again. So they were very happy and excited, however, only until they came home. On the table in the living room, there was a note from their mum, which they hadnť seen in the morning. Because if they had, they wouldn't have bought such a huge amount of food for stuffing, as they did.

"Approximately at 2PM today, George is coming to visit you for the weekend. I hope you don't mind. Bye, mum."

George was their cousin. He was 17 and quite fine, but he was very thin and active. There was no doubt that they were going to do some sports during the weekend, which was something Jack and Luke really didn't want to do.
Moreover - it was 1:30 and they had a big bag full of hamburgers, cheeseburgers and coke. When were they going to eat it???

The two boys were absolutely confused, upset and also frightened. It was obvious that they wouldn't manage to eat all the food, so finally they decided to put it in the fridge. It was just on time beceause short before 2 o'clock George rang the doorbell.
Jack opened the door and George came in. George was neither too short nor too tall, thin and very handsome with brown hair and a pretty face. He smiled and said: "For how long haven't I seen you two - a year?"
Jack nodded, because it had really been a long time since they had seen each other for the last time.
In the afternoon, the three boys sat in the living room, talked and watched TV. Jack and Luke were happy as it started to rain and they couldn't go outside to do some sport. When the evening came, George went to the bathroom to take a shower and our brothers stayed alone in the living room.
"What are we going to do?" asked Luke.
"We can wait until George falls asleep in the guestroom and then..." answered Jack. So they made a plan.
After their cousin went into his room, Jack and Luke took the shower, too. Then, as they were cleaning their teeth, George came into the bathroom to ask them something, but he didn't ask and, instead of it, looked surprised at them. They realised too late that they were shirtless.
"Oh, look at that," said George and pointed at their tummies, "you have gained quite a lot of weight, haven't you?!"
The brothers were very embarrassed and stuttered something until George went back to his room again. Jack and Luke went to bed, too, and pretended that they fell asleep. Approximately after an hour, they opened the door of their room quietly, because the guestroom was just nearby, and walked slowly down the stairs to the kitchen. They took their food out of the fridge and began to feed themselves. After a while, a voice sounded from the kitchen door: "What the f*** are you doing in here?"
The boys were so terrified that they couldn't move. It was George. He must have heard them and now he was watching them eat.
"Aren't you fat enough? Or - are you gainers?" asked George.
The boys turned and looked at him. Luke said imploringly: "Aren't you going to tell our parents, are you? Please, don't tell them, pretty please..."
George smiled and came in. "No, I won't tell anyone." And he sat on a chair next to them. "I'm very sorry I interrupted you. Please continue."
Obviously, Jack and Luke didn't continue as they were so embarressed. But George said, after a little hesitation: "Or do you want me to feed you?"
The boys were so confused that they let George lay them down on the sofa next to each other and they also didn't protest when their cousin lifted up their shirts and started to stroke their tummies.
"Oh well. So now open your mouths, please," said George. He started to feed them all the food they had bought that day, patting their bellies after every burger they ate. And he didn't stop until they ate up everything. It was the most exciting night that Jack and Luke had experienced in their whole life.
And for George, it was the same.

When everything had been eaten, George said: "And now, you both ought to have a nice sleep."
As he saw that Jack and Luke weren't looking forward very much to walking up the stairs to their room, he said: "But you aren't going to sleep here on the sofa, it is quite uncomfortable. Let me carry you upstairs."
The brothers tried to refuse and started to sit up but George stopped them: "No, you don't need to strain yourselves, it will be my pleasure."
It ended up so that George gently took Jack, lifted him up and walked up to their room. "You are so heavy, my friend, you needn't have eaten so much for the dinner," he grinned.
"Thank you, George. It was great."
After George had laid Jack on his bed, he returned downstairs for Luke. While he was carrying him, Luke said: "George, you are the best cousin in the world!" George smiled: "I can say the same about you two." He laid him down on his bed. "So boys, what are we going to do tomorrow?" But he answered himself immediately: "I've got an idea. In the morning I will buy the most delicious food I can find in the town and then we will see who of you two is the bigger eater. Do you agree?"
"Absolutely!" from two mouths was what he heard.
"Good night, my cute little fatties."
"Good night, our wonderful cousin."
"Wow," sighed out Luke and Jack, after George had closed the door of their room.

The next morning, Luke woke up earlier. He sat up in bed, feeling still very full, lifted his shirt and looked at his belly. He was surprised at how soft it had gotten and he rubbed it. At the same time, Jack woke up as well, stood up and waddled to Luke's bed. He sat next to his brother and lifted his shirt up as well.
"Look, mine is bigger for sure," he said, smiling.
"Not any more," laughed Luke and pushed his tummy out so that it was now bigger then his brother's.
Poking each other's bellies, they didn't see George enter the room.
"Good morning," said their cousin. "Morning," they replied.
"Everything is prepared," grinned George, "you can go downstairs."
Both brothers smiled at him and all walked down the stairs. What Jack and Luke saw there, amazed them completely. The table was absolutely overfilled with the most delicious food and drink they could imagine: pizzas, hamburgers, cheeseburgers, cakes, doughnuts, coke,... George looked at their amazed faces and explained: "I thought it would be better to buy a little bit more so that you don't get hungry. So, if you want, you can sit yourselves on the sofa."
Jack and Luke did so and took off their shirts so that they could see their tummies growing. At this point, George began to feed them: one burger for Jack, one for Luke; one piece of pizza for Jack, one for Luke; one glass of coke for Jack, one for Luke etc.
At noon they were absolutely overstuffed and had to lay down in order to give their stomachs more space to expand. They also made a little break in which George ate his lunch. After this, they continued. Slowly but surely. During breaks George gently stroked their bellies and prepared another portion for both.
At about 6PM, they stopped. Since morning, each of them had eaten 15 burgers, three pizzas and numerous cakes and doughnuts and it was impossible for them to eat anything more. Their tummies were so full they weren't able to move. As it was impossible for them to step on the scales, George instead of that took the measuring tape and measured their waists, carefully.
"Here are the results:" smiled George. "Jack... 112cm! And Luke... 110cm!"
Luke wanted to congratulate to his brother, but Jack turned his head to him: "Luke, as you are younger and a little shorter then me, I think you are actually fatter." Luke smiled at him: "Thanks, but I think we are just the same," and he placed his hand on Jacks tummy. His brother did the same to him.
As George considered this brotherly love to be extremely funny, he rather went to his room so that he wouldn't laugh out loud in front of them. 

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