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Freshman fifteen...or Fifty
I came to college a scrawny eighteen year old. I had always been thin and expected to always stay that way. I worked during high school from time to time, enough to at least have some muscle definition and not be a complete bean pole. Although most guys might be happy with my somewhat athletic build, I always longed for something more. I wanted to get fat. I wanted to have a soft gut that I could rub. Little did I know the surprises college would have in store for me. 

Arriving at the dorms to move in, I was greeted by my roommate Jim. As I began unpacking I looked over to see Jim’s stuff. He had various football photos posted on the wall. Jim was built like a star athlete. Trim and muscular. Jim was about 5'11" and I estimated 180 pounds, pure muscle. I was only 5'8" and weighed in at about 145 pounds. 

"Are you on the football team here?” I asked.
"No, my football days are over. I am still going to play for fun though. I need to keep in shape. I don’t want to get all blubbery like a lot of jocks do when they come to college.”
"Yeah, I know what you mean.” Did I ever, I thought. I remembered running into a pal of mine that was on the track team in high school. He was a year older than I was and went to college last year. It was Christmas break and I was at the movies. As I passed the concession stands I looked over and had to do a double take. There was Dan, but a lot more of him stood there. He must have gained forty pounds since I had seen him last. His belly hung out in front of him. As he waited for his order, he rested his hand on it. The feelings inside of me at the moment confused me. I should have felt sympathy for the poor tub of lard, but instead I felt envy. And envy is what remained with me as I had left for college.

The semester began and it was only a matter of weeks before Jim and I were locked up in our rooms with a mound of reading to wade through. Jim and I had talked of going to the gym today but as the evening progressed I knew it just was not going to happen. Eventually we got hungry and so work or no work, we needed to eat. Jim ordered pizza and when he had paid the delivery guy I was astonished to see that he had order 4 pizzas.
"Whoa, Jim! What’s going on?” I questioned.
"All of this studying has me starving!” He replied, already with half of a piece of pizza in his mouth. "Sit down and dig in.”
"What about the gym?” 
Jim shoved the rest of the piece in his mouth and grabbed for a second. 
"The gym can wait, I am starving.”
I had noticed that Jim was a big eater, but now he was proving it. I ate half of a pizza and as I began feeling uncomfortable, I looked over to see Jim finishing off his entire pizza. I eventually finished my whole pizza and felt ready to burst, my distended stomach pushed against my jeans. Jim was now digging into his second pizza.
"Oh come on, little guy. You have got to eat more than that!” He said.
"I can’t.” I moaned as I loosened my belt.
"Listen, if you leave the pizzas there I will eat all of them and then I really will get fat, so you had better eat more.’
"But I thought you were worried about your figure?” I joking asked.
"I can always lose whatever I gain. And besides, I could probably do with a little extra weight. I began eating again and it was an hour before we both finished off the last of the pizza. We sat there, bellies bulging. Jim had unfastened his belt and let his pants unzip. I rubbed my belly, trying to get the pain to subside. I loved the feeling as I did it. Sure I was mostly bloated, but what if my stomach could really get that big. A tempting began playing out in my mind. Jim didn’t want to get fat but if he kept this up, it would only be a matter of time before he was a real porker. And this binge had shown me that I could really put it away too, with a little encouragement. What if I pushed Jim to gain weight, and as he plumped up, he would take me with him. Hmmm...it could work.
After Jim fell asleep that night I snuck out to the grocery store. I loaded a cart full of cookies, donuts, candy, and soda. I brought them back to the apartment and carefully placed the groceries so Jim would naturally come across them. Jim’s appetite would never be able to deny him these temptations. We would eat other meals at the cafeteria and on the town, but all I had to do then was order a bigger meal than Jim. Jim’s competitive nature would jump in and he would order something bigger. We would both be huge in no time.


I looked at myself as I dried off from the shower. The last two months were doing wonders for me. True to my plan, Jim and I both had piled on the pounds. I had worried that I would have to drag Jim to give in to gaining weight, but like an avalanche, it turned out that all I had to do was push him over the edge. He took it from there on his own.
My thin waist was now covered by a flabby belly. I pulled at it and watched as it bounced back into place. I grabbed a handful and felt the softness. My butt had expanded to, now restricting what pants I could wear. My 32s had gotten tight real fast. I was now in 36s to accommodate the forty pounds I had gained. I had a flabby chest that would soon turn into man boobs. My legs were starting to show some flabbiness too were tight in the thighs of my pants. I pulled on an old shirt and was delighted when it wouldn’t reach far enough to cover my new gut. With it resting just below my fat chest, I traced the lines of my stretch marks with my fingers. These marks showed up about ten pounds ago and I welcomed them. My face had gotten fleshy too, I now sported a double chin and puffy cheeks. 
As I pulled on clothes that actually fit, Jim came into the bathroom to hop into the shower. I marveled as he undressed at his transformation. While I had gotten pudgy, Jim was down right fat. I estimated that he had gained 60 pounds of pure lard. While I had a metabolism to fight through at first, Jim had no problem putting on pound after pound. His belly hung over his belt. His pants strained to keep all of him in them. His once rock hard physique was under rolls of blubber. His love handles hung over the jeans and the button threatened to pop off. His man boobs rested on his belly and his fat thighs rubbed into each other as he walked. His face was far more round than my own. He had stretch marks all over him.
He looked up into the mirror and noticed my admiring him. 
"I have gotten a little chubby, haven’t I?” he said.
"I think you carry it well, though.” I commented. "And it’s not like I am skin and bones anymore either.”
Jim laughed at that and his whole belly shook and rippled. 
"I think I actually like it.” He added. He patted his massive gut and then began to waddle towards the shower. He was doing a lot of waddling these days. I was noticing myself do it as well now that my thighs were thickening and as I tried to manage the massive belly resting on my hips. 
"I think I like it too,” I said as he climbed into the shower. 
"Good, because I just ordered more pizza!” He said as he pulled the shower shut.
I licked my lips and loosened my belt. Something told me that there would be a lot more of Jim and I by the end of the school year.

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