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Gym Bodies

"Well, what will it be this time, Twinkies or cupcakes?", Rick pondered as he surveyed the rack of junk food. He had stopped at the grocery store on his way home from the gym to pick up a few things. He glanced into his basket - diet soda, fresh fruit, skim milk, and orange juice. After a tough workout he felt like treating himself to something bad. It was a habit of his, working out every day, watching what he ate, but once in a while splurging on junk food. "Hasn't hurt so far," he thought. At 5'10" tall Rick weighed in at a solid 180 pounds, well-built with the washboard abdominal muscles and 32 inch waist he had labored to achieve. Topped with sandy brown hair and wearing shorts an a tight white tank top, he presented a very attractive package.

"Big decision, isn't it?" a deep voice behind Rick questioned. "I prefer the Twinkies myself", the voice continued. Rick turned to see where the voice was coming from, and when he did he was pleasantly surprised. He found himself taking a quick inventory; black hair and blue eyes, beard and mustache, 5'11", about 175 pounds, well defined muscles, tight abs, very attractive. Rick smiled back at him.

"Whatever I choose I'll have to pay for at the gym tomorrow".

The other man laughed. "Tell me about it," he said, "but that isn't going to stop me, either." They stood for a few minutes talking about what gyms they belonged to, reps and sets, free weights and nautilus. "The name's Jerry", the stranger said, offering his hand. Rick introduced himself as he shook Jerry's hand. "Listen, I've got an idea", Jerry said then.

"As long as we're both being bad why not do it together? You pick a box of something and I'll pick a box of something and we can go back to my place and enjoy it. Besides, if two guys are doing it together it cancel out the guilt." With a laugh, Rick agreed.

"Want a beer?" Jerry yelled from the kitchen of his apartment.

"Sure, why not - may as well go all out" Rick yelled back from the couch.

"In that case, I'll order us a pizza, and we'll probably need this stuff too" Jerry said as he entered the room carrying a half gallon of ice cream, a bottle of chocolate syrup, 2 bowls, and a six-pack of beer. He handed a can of beer to Rick, noticed his raised eyebrows, an said "Oh come on, how often do you really let go, really pig out? From the looks of that hot body of yours, not very often". With a grin Rick gave in, noticing the stirring in his crotch and the beginnings of a hard-on at Jerry's words. Two hours later the ice cream and sauce were gone, as were both boxes of Twinkies, and they were finishing their second six pack of beer. Only 4 slices of pizza were left in the box.

"May as well finish them" Jerry said. His tee shirt was rolled up, and his belly looked rounded from all he had eaten.

"I can't", Rick mumbled, "I'm really stuffed." He had his feet propped on the coffee table, his tank top stretched over his full belly, and his gym shorts pulled low to relieve the pressure on his stomach. He ran one hand over his midsection, surprised at how hard and full it felt. Oddly enough, he also felt horny.

"Sure you can", Jerry said, gently stroking Rick's full belly, "here, let me help you". He picked up a slice of pizza and put it to Rick's mouth, and with a little pressure pushed it in, rubbing Rick's belly the whole time. He then stuffed 2 more slices in, gently but firmly ignoring Rick's mumbled protests. Part of Rick wanted to get up and leave, this was going too far, he had eaten way too much. But a bigger part of him was enjoying the sensation of laying back with a full belly and having a hot man caress it, and the moment Jerry had shoved the food in Rick had gotten an instant, raging hard-on. "There's one slice left," Jerry said, "why don't you help me out?" Rick leaned over and shoved the pizza in, rubbing Jerry's distended abdomen as he did an noticing the growing bulge in Jerry's shorts. They staggered off together to Jerry's bed, where they rubbed each others bellies and jerked each other off. Full and slightly drunk Rick and Jerry passed out together.

Rick opened his eyes the next morning to see Jerry standing in front of the mirror. "Good morning - just checking things out - doesn't look like there was any permanent damage". With a smile Rick laid back with a hand on his own stomach, remembering how full it had been.

"Shit, we ate a lot last night" Jerry said coming back to the bed.

"I know, I can't remember ever being that full, " Rick said, "but you know... it felt kind of good - it made me horny as hell."

Jerry looked at him for a second, then said "Yeah, me too." He paused, then asked "Did you ever want to just say fuck it? Fuck the gyms and the work-outs always dieting, always worrying? Just eat whatever you want, whenever you want, forgetting the sit-ups, and just letting yourself go?"

"Sometimes," Rick answered slowly, all of a sudden unsure of himself. Years of commitment, of sweat and hard work, and long hours at the gym, and, he thought, of denial. But to throw all that away...?

"Then why don't we?" Jerry practically shouted, "we can go for it together - pigging out, gaining weight - partners in crime". He laid a hand on Rick's stomach, "What do you say?" Drawing a deep breath, and remembering the sensuality of the previous night, Rick agreed to it.

"Great!" Jerry exclaimed, "and we'll keep track of our progress - pictures, weights, measurements - we're going to have a blast!" He kissed Rick long and hard, and said softly "and we're going to do it together".

One month later, Rick woke to the smell of bacon frying. It had been a month of gorging themselves, of constant eating and drinking.

Big, greasy breakfasts every morning, fast food lunches, and huge dinners after work washed down with gallons of beer, followed by sweets and desserts until bed, where they would lay for hours, rubbing their bloated bellies together, exploring each other's changing body - the thickening middles, the rolls at the sides, the softening chins. Rick loved to lay back and let Jerry run his tongue all over his full stomach. They had discovered that the various weight gain products the had taken to build muscle also helped to add fat, especially when mixed with generous helpings of ice cream. They would take turns force feeding each other, each helping to stretch the other's stomach. With slight smile, Rick ran a hand over his stomach. Gone were his washboard abs, replaced with a soft, round pot belly. He could feel the love handles forming at his sides. This morning would be a special one - it was the start of their vacation. For the past month they would squeeze in as much eating as possible around their jobs, and of course on weekends. Now they had 1 month of uninterrupted gluttony, and they were going to make the best of it. "Let's go my little piglet, breakfast is waiting - on the scale!" Jerry yelled as he entered the bedroom. He was wearing a pair of gym shorts, and his developing spare tire hung over the waistband. Rick climbed on the scale, and waited for Jerry to read it. "196" Jerry said, as he wrapped the measuring tape around Rick's waist, "and 34 inches; now it's my turn. How much?"

"189", Rick replied, "33 and 1/2 inches around the middle".

"Not bad", Jerry commented, "16 pounds for you and 14 for me - we're off to a good start." He took Rick in his arms and rubbed their bellies together, asking "Any regrets?"

"Only one", Rick answered with a smile, "Its taking too long. I want a big gut and I want it now! Let's eat!"

Breakfast consisted o mounds of pancakes drenched with butter and syrup, and piles of bacon and sausage, soaked in grease. The sight of the table alone gave both men a hard-on. They tore into the food, washing it down with glasses o weight gain shake. When Jerry started to slow down Rick grabbed handfuls of pancakes and shoved them into Jerry's mouth, followed by chunks of butter, and syrup poured in straight from the bottle. Jerry moaned with pleasure, his hands dropping down to caress his expanding gut as he sucked the last of the syrup out of the bottle. Rick and Jerry staggered off to the bedroom, laying on their backs to keep the pressure off their bloated bellies. "I'll be right back", Jerry said.

He disappeared into the kitchen, returning with a funnel and 2 large pitchers of weight gain shake. Rick eyed the funnel; "I'm already real stuffed" he said, "and we've never tried that before." Jerry smiled and caressed Rick's belly.

"It's time we tried - one for you and one for me - this will really bloat us out," he said as he gently inserted the funnel into Rick's mouth, and poured the drink in. Rick's belly felt a if it would burst, as it protruded rock hard into the air. He groaned, combination of pleasure and discomfort as the heavy liquid poured down his reluctant throat. He also felt a raging erection starting as his belly expanded. When the last drops had been poured in Jerry removed the funnel and lay back in the bed. Rick rolled over and, struggling to work around his swollen belly, poured the weight gain shake into the funnel, now stuck in Jerry's waiting mouth. At the same time Rick massaged Jerry's hard dick, bringing him to orgasm as he drained the pitcher into Jerry's mouth. Jerry shot load after load, covering his bloated belly with sticky cum. Rick knelt over him, swaying under the weight of his over-full gut, and shot his load all over Jerry, collapsing next to him as the last stream shot from his dick. They lay there bell to belly, and Jerrywhispered "and that was only our first meal - imagine what the rest of the vacation will be like".

The rest of the vacation was beyond anything in Rick or Jerry's wildest imaginations. They spent days and nights gorging themselves, wild feeding sessions followed by sex made more erotic by the feeling o their distended bellies rubbing together. Rick would cover his swollen gut, chest, dick, and balls with chocolate sauce and make Jerry lick it off, burying Jerry's face in the soft fat that was growing there. They would set the alarm clock for the middle of the night and take turns pouring pitchers of weight gain concoctions into each other. After hug meals Jerry would hoist Rick's legs in the air and, his bloated gut resting on Rick's, shove cookies or donuts down Rick's throat as he fucked him, slapping his balls into Rick's newly soft, rounded ass, their developing paunches grinding together. They would stuff themselves with beer and pizza, and then lay in bed in the 69 position, taking turns on top and feeling the erotic thrill of the others full, expanding gut pressing down on his face, being buried in a mound of flesh. At the end of the month the results were impressive. Rick weighed in at 217 pounds, and Jerry at 212 pounds; both measured 38 inches around the waist. Muscles were softening, and covered by fat. Firm asses were now soft and fleshy. Tight abs and lean chins had been replaced by paunches and double chins. Jerry shaved his beard just so Rick could see the soft fold of flesh growing there. And neither man wanted to stop. "Well tomorrow it's back to work", Rick said as he lay next to Jerry, kneading the soft rolls spreading over Jerry's sides, "too bad it has t end."

"Does it?" Jerry asked. "I've got some money saved up, plus sick days, plus..."

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