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Hollywood Boys
"Woohoo!” Scott shouted from the edge of a cliff, shirtless.

Scott Michael was possibly the hottest teen in Hollywood. He was the object of every girl’s desire, and he was on the set of his new movie, "Wild Boy”. These were the first promotional pictures and the first shots for the trailer. 

Scott, shirtless on the edge of a cliff overlooking the rainforest. His body was flawless. Ripped abs. Slight pecs. His hair was perfect and sandy blond. His eyes were piercing and brown. He was a little muddy and sweaty, but that only made him hotter. This was going to be the movie of the year.

The pictures were soon made into posters to promote the movie, and Scott shirtless was on the cover of every gossip magazine out there. But being shirtless wasn’t the only scandal Scott was involved in. 

It was the boy he spent his moments off-set with. His co-star, Brian Mars. Brian played Scott’s best friend in the movie, but his body was hardly anything to get excited about shirtless. Regardless, he was shirtless half the movie. He was skinny and pale, unlike the hot, tan Scott. But that didn’t stop the two from making out all the time.

One thing Brian didn’t share with Scott in their secret relationship was that he often pictured him fat, and liked it. He loved it. He wanted to make it a reality. 

Scott was even more perfect with a big ball gut instead of six-pack abs. He would look great with some soft man-boobs. And some love handles. And a hotter, beefier ass for to grab hold of. Nothing could turn him on more.
Brian knew that Scott was capable of putting on weight. For his previous movie, he put on fifteen pounds in two weeks to play a chunkier character. 

Scott, having grown up in a poor family, would always eat everything off of his plate, so, when they would have lunch and dinner, Brian would sneak extra food on Scott’s plate, and then, when he was half finished, he would ask if Scott would finish his plate, which, he gladly accepted.

It wasn’t long before Scott’s stomach looked a little swollen. And, after a few weeks of that, Scott had to be put on a training programme to keep in shape. A little obstacle, Brian could beat a personal trainer. He started sneaking extra sugar and butter into foods and making sure that nothing used in the kitchen was low-calorie.

"I don’t know what’s going on,” Scott said, alone in his dressing room. He put his hands around his belly, now looking rather large. "I do everything the trainer says.”

He moved his hands around his body. He rubbed his own belly, and then moved back to his back, where small love handles had formed, and then he moved down to his butt, where he found two extra hands. Brian.

"I like it,” Brian said, kissing Scott on the cheek.

"It’s great and all, but we’re not done with the movie. You can tell if you look at what we’ve got done so far. I’m thin in one shot, and then I’m a little chunky, then I’m thin again, and then this.”

"It’s hot to me.”

Brian squeezed Scott’s beefy buns, and then pulled a box of snack cakes from behind his back.

"I know you’re trying to watch your figure, but... I brought these. I can take them back if you want.”

"I haven’t eaten all day, these won’t hurt.”

Brian watched as Scott ate the whole box, very quickly. Then, he remembered that Scott had eaten that day. They had lunch together just before, and Scott had a huge breakfast that morning, too. He looked inflated. A knock came on the door.

"Get some clothes on, we’ve got an interview with the Today show in a few hours,” said that director’s voice.

"I better get my clothes on,” Scott said, wiping frosting off of his lip. 

They kissed again and then Scott went into his closet to get the outfit that was chosen just for that interview. A button up shirt over a t-shirt and some skinny jeans.

First, he tried to put on the t-shirt. It was a tight squeeze, but he managed it. Then, the skinny jeans. He got them on, but they didn’t seem to button over his ass.

"Wow, I didn’t realise how much you’ve gained!” said Brian.

Brian put his arms around Scott and helped him button the pants. Then, came the button up shirt. He tried the first button. Great. Then the second button. Good. Then the third. Oh... Then, the fourth.. The fourth.... Maybe... Got it. Button number five... Good, good. And... POP! Buttons three, four, and five were gone.

"Uh...” said Scott.

"Leave it unbuttoned,” said Brian.

A few months had gone by and the movie was done, and the premiere was in a few days.

"Um, mister Michael,” said Scott’s assistant. "The director wants you to do the cliff scene again for a final trailer.”

Scott’s belly was now like a volleyball. He had little moobs, and big love handles. His ass was big and beefy and Brian loved it. Scott stood on the cliff, shirtless, muddy, sweaty, and chubby. Really chubby.


He barely fit in the tux he wore to the premiere.

Everyone loved the movie, but everyone was talking about Scott’s massive weight gain. It seemed so sudden. Just a few weeks before they had seen him on TV with abs.

"Brian,” said Scott. "I’m fat.”

"You’re not fat!” Brian reassured him. "You’ve gained a little. You’re chubby. But you’re HOT.”

"Maybe you should gain a little, too,” said Scott, trailing off.

"If you’d... help me...” Brian smiled as he kissed Scott and rubbed his belly, which, after the after-party snacks, was now visible through the popped buttons of his tuxedo.

Wild Boy was a raging success in theatres. The tabloids were all over the significant weight difference between Scott Michael in the movie and Scott Michael at the premiere. A picture of a tanned belly, hanging slightly over some red swimming trunks, and the face of its owner blocked out. "Can you name this pudge?”

It was barely a month after Wild Boy had premiered nationwide, when the 
director called both Scott and Brian about a sequel. 

"Listen, I need to talk to you about something,” said the director. "In person.”

Very shortly the entire cast found themselves back where they were what seemed like yesterday. Scott knocked on the director’s door.

"Come in,” said his forever impatient voice.

Scott made his way in. He hadn’t bought too many new clothes since his 
weight gain; most of his shirts were a little loose on him before. Of course, now they all fit fine. Perhaps a tad snug. His plaid button up shirt left nothing to the imagination. Every curve was visible, from his chest, to his belly, to his love handles in the back. Speaking of his back, his butt was looking magnificent in the skinny jeans he was wearing.

"Sit down,” said the director.

Scott sat down.

"Now, look down,” the director said with a smile.

Scott looked down.

"What do you see?” 

Scott was silent.
"Do you see the chair, your crotch? What? It could be anything. Just tell me 
what you see when you look down.”

"My stomach,” Scott mumbled.

"What was that?”

"I said I can just see my stomach.” Scott was clear about this.

"That’s what I was expecting,” the director frowned. "Do you know how much extra money we had to pay to hide that in the last movie? Stunt doubles, photoshopping, thousands of dollars that we shouldn’t have spent. You lose that—that GUT as soon as possible. You’re a hell of a good actor, but you’re not worth what we’re spending to make you look presentable, fatty.”

Scott didn’t look up. He sat his hand on his stomach. 

"Get out,” said the director.

Scott made his way back to his trailer. He turned the lights on. There stood Brian with a rather large cake. 

"Surprise,” Brian said, kissing Scott on the cheek.

Scott wanted to stay upset, but he couldn’t help but smile.

"This cake isn’t going to eat itself, you know,” Brian giggled.

"I thought we agreed that you’d gain some weight,” 

"I have, silly,” Brian grabbed his obviously flat stomach. "Nothing noticeable, but I’ve gained at least three pounds.”

"I’m not in the mood for cake, maybe you should just eat it all,” Scott sat down and took his shirt off, revealing swollen belly.

"Have you eaten today? You look stuffed,” Brian said feeling Scott’s middle.

"That’s the problem,” Scott said, "It used to be like this after I ate a ton, now this is what it’s always like. I’m too fat. Too fat for an actor, at least.”

He didn’t want to tell Brian what the director told him, but he couldn’t help it.
"I’m so sorry,” Brian said gently caressing Scott. They talked about it, and Brian decided he’d allow Scott to lose a little weight, and they called off the agreement (for the time being) that Brian would gain some. Brian took his cake and headed back to his own trailer.

Without any time to get down to any business with Scott, Brian found himself searching the internet for some photos of guys with guts. He could feel a rustle in his pants. He felt his own stomach and looked at the soft guts on the guys on his laptop’s screen. He sort of longed to have that for his own, and so, without thinking, he wandered over to the untouched cake and, piece by piece, ate the whole thing.

He swelled up like a balloon, and the rustle in his pants had become a lot more than a rustle as he searched his kitchen for some more food. Bags of chips, boxes of snack cakes, he ate it all and then fell asleep with his hands in his pants. He continued to stuff himself silly before bed each night during the filming of the movie, and, as Scott’s belly deflated, Brian’s belly inflated. Of course, Brian’s metabolism was much harder to beat, and, by the time they were about three months into filming, they were at about the same level. A decent bit of pudge on Brian, a significant weight loss on Scott.

Scott couldn’t help but be a little attracted to Brian’s weight gain. But he didn’t say anything. After they called off the deal for Brian to get chubbier, Scott assumed that this weight gain was accidental, and didn’t want to offend Brian. But it just became more and more noticeable. And so, one night after practice, Scott brought it up during a hardcore make out session.

"You’ve gained a little weight, haven’t you?” said Scott. "Good thing you’re not shirtless the whole movie.”

He chuckled. Brian blushed.

"I tried not to make it so noticeable,” he frowned. "I guess I failed.”

"But I see why you liked it when I got fatter,” Scott rubbed Brian’s belly. 
"It’s cute. Hot, even. Maybe you should gain more, and after this movie is over I can gain more and we can be y’know... fat together?”

Then came that rustle in Brian’s pants, again.

"I’d—I’d love that,” Brian said, kissing Scott.

But, just then, came the flash of a camera. The paparazzi! They’d discovered Brian and Scott’s secret romance!

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