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José was the pool boy at a hotel/resort in Puerto Vallarta. He was 18 years old and had been working there for six months. This afternoon, he was serving drinks to the guests--mostly Americans and Canadians down for a winter tan--when one of them caught his eye. He was a tall blond who looked like he might once have played basketball, but who was now badly out of shape. His belly bulged over his Speedo bathing suit like a spare tire, and his chest had inflated into two soft, flabby mounds. The big blond smiled, and motioned José over, waving his empty beer bottle in the boy's direction. José went over to the cooler, picked out the brand the fat gringo was drinking, and brought him the fresh bottle.

"Gracias, amigo" the man said. José smiled at the bad accent contemptuously, taking away the empty with a sneer. Not more than 10 minutes later, the blond again motioned for a new beer, and again over and over throughout the afternoon. The big blond got friendlier and drunker, and by the fourth beer he was touching José's arm as he brought the cold Corona. José returned the touch after the sixth beer, patting the American's soft bloated belly.

The man smiled shyly and asked José when he got off work. "I go to beach tonight, seven o'clock" José purred "You wanna come?....Como se llama Vd?"

The American held out his hand "Bill" he said, "Sure I do." José shook the gringo's big beefy hand.

"My name ees José" he said, smiling wickedly. "Meet me in front of the cafe on the zocalo a las siete, sebben o'clock."

"Sounds great, amigo," Bill leered drunkenly.

After work, José returned to his small room and changed into tight shorts and a muscle shirt, which revealed his tight wiry physique. He was muscular but naturally slim, with a broad chest and back. He brushed back his black glossy hair ,and his dark brown eyes smoldered with mischievous anticipation. This big-bellied turista would show him a good time, and perhaps give him a few presents before he went home. He pictured Bill's flabby, out-of-shape body, with its sagging tits and ballooning midsection, and wondered how a good-looking, athletic guy could let himself go like that. José looked in the mirror again, flexing his taught biceps. He had hardly an ounce of fat on him, and everywhere he looked, lean muscle showed under his smooth brown skin. He knew this gringo would want to fuck his hot, hard ass, but José had a surprise in store for him.

At about 7:45, José strolled down to the zocalo, where he saw Bill pacing back and forth impatiently, his massive paunch straining at the buttons of his tropical shirt with every step. José waved with a nonchalant smirk, and Bill glared a frosty "hello".

"Where have you been? I've been waiting here almost an hour. Your 45 minutes late...."

"Que? No entiendo" answered José, who understood every word but enjoyed teasing the plump American.

"You drink too much beer today, and now you are angry" taunted José, poking the jelly-roll which hung over Bill's too-tight jeans. Bill reddened with embarrassment, but noted how aroused he felt by this Mexican kid's jibe. "We go to beach now. I know a good place."

José led Bill to the rocky shore-line, walking more briskly than Bill would have liked. Trying to keep up, Bill was soon exhausted and sweaty. He thought about all the weight he'd gained in the past year since his promotion to a desk job, and how outta shape he'd gotten since his college days. He felt his bloated belly and the roll of flesh around his waist bounce and jiggle as he climbed along after José. Finally they reached the beach.

"You are sweating like a big, fat puerco. You take off shirt now and maybe we have fun.."

"Well..uh...I dunno...." Bill stammered. The alcohol was wearing off and he was getting a little nervous. "Maybe I could just watch you beat off", he said, motioning with his hand. José's eyes flashed malevolently as he grabbed Bills shirt, exposing a wide expanse of beer-swollen gut.

"I wanna see your big fat barriga" hissed José, as he grabbed a handful of Bills puffy, sun-burned belly and pulled Bill forward, kissing him hard on the lips. Bill was stunned, but he felt his dick grow hard as José assaulted his bulk with strong, masterful hands. As Bill fumbled to unbutton his shirt, José grabbed the flimsy cotton garment and ripped it off Bills sweaty body.

The buttons, which up until now had barely contained Bill's burgeoning belly, went flying in all directions. José grabbed Bill's generous love handles and laughed, "Why do I let you fuck me?" José slapped Bill's paunch, watching with wicked glee as the big gringo's flabby chest and belly shook wildly. "You got bigger tits than my girlfriend. Maybe I fuck you!"

Bill's mouth dropped open in surprise. He pulled himself away from José with a violent lurch and broke into a run. José allowed Bill a few meters before starting after him, and quickly overtook his sweaty, winded prey, tackling him on the warm, wet sand. José tugged at Bills skin-tight jeans, exposing massive, flabby white buttocks and soft, fleshy thighs. Bill yelled and resisted at first, but then relaxed, realizing he was no match for the wiry Mexican kid. José pulled off his own pants, freeing his throbbing uncut cock. He lubricated it with spit while letting loose a torrent off abuse in Spanish. The sight of Bill's huge wobbling mounds of ass-meat stiffened José's prick even more, and he knelt down on top of the American, pinning his shoulders down with tough, powerful hands. Without warning, José thrust his rod into Bills soft, yielding ass grinning at his conquest. Bill gasped in pain as he was penetrated, struggling like a beached whale against José's muscular arms and legs. Soon he realized the futility of resisting, and submitted with a mixture of terror and ecstasy to the onslaught. José plunged over and over into Bill's tight asshole, leaning over to bite Bill's earlobes and work his soft, cushiony bulk with his expert hands and tongue. Noticing that Bill's resistance had grown weaker, José's toughness turned to tenderness. He stroked the American's soft skin and hair, relishing the contrast of Bill's padding with his own lean, hard physique. Bill was now cooperating, his hips moving in unison with José's thrusts. With a winded cry José felt himself about to cum. He pulled out of Bills ass, and deftly heaved the gringo's large body over so he could shoot his load over Bill's magnificent belly and tits. Bill, still dazed from shock and alcohol, sprawled on the sand and rubbed his heaving belly, thighs and crotch. He smeared José's cum over his cock and belly, stroking violently as he gazed up at his conqueror. Giving the flabby American one last mocking glance, José walked up the beach toward the hotel, leaving Bill unsatisfied and humiliated.

Six Months Later...

José squinted into the sun as he got off the bus in Houston. He looked around the station for his cousin Paco, who was to meet him here and take him to his aunt and uncle's house, where he would be living (illegally). The family had found him a job as a busboy at the International House of Pancakes. José knew he was on the way to making it big, the way he'd always dreamed. He started work the next day.

Being a busboy was no more difficult than his job at the resort -and here, the manager told him, José could eat as much food as he wanted. There was always lots of food left over. José thought that Americans wasted too much--he'd never let all that food go in the garbage just because it was a few days old. Remembering the hunger he'd experienced as a child in Mexico, he felt almost obligated to eat the left over pies, cakes and donuts at the restaurant, washed down with lots of milk and Coke. There was always plenty to eat at home too--heaping platters of flautas, enchiladas and tostadas, covered with melted cheese and double cream, mounds of refried beans and rich, creamy "dulce de leche" pudding. No one objected to the huge portions José was putting away. After all, he worked hard at the restaurant and brought in much need cash to the family.

Long hours of work kept José's muscles in good shape, but soon the family started to tease José about the small pot that peeked over his belt, and the soft ring of brown flesh that puffed up around his once-lean midriff. José smiled sheepishly and shrugged of the teasing. He was making good money, and a promotion to assistant chef was right around the corner. José couldn't wait until he was the one behind the stove barking orders while some other guy did the heavy lifting and back-breaking kitchen chores.

One morning after a long weekend, José was putting on his pants for work as usual. The zipper, which had started to stick a little recently, wouldn't close. He sucked in his gut, noting with a little apprehension in the mirror that it was covered in a wobbly layer off flab. José cursed softly, then sighed with relief as the zipper finally closed. He flexed his biceps in the mirror, scowling at the small "man-tits" which now graced his chest. He'd notice that his clothes didn't fit quite the way they used to-- his chest and belly were starting to tug a little at the buttons on his shirt, and all his jeans were getting tight across the ass. "Oh well" he thought shrugging, just part of the "good life" here in America.

"No doubt about it", thought José, as he looked in the mirror, "I'm blowin' up like a fuckin' balloon!" He sucked in the bloat that hung over his belt, but that just accentuated the soft slack folds of meat that jiggled around his midriff when he moved. Most of the money he earned was going on beer, pot and flashy new clothes. After all, he needed to look his best, and it seemed like every time he bought a new pair of jeans, three weeks later they'd be cutting into his soft, burgeoning gut or tugging at the big, soft wobbly ass he'd been draggin' behind him the past coupla months.

"I better go on a fuckin' diet, before I turn into a fat slob. Still," he thought, his scowl turning to a grin," back home in Mexico I couldn't hardly get enough to eat. Up here...." and he thought of the hotcakes drowning in butter and syrup, flautas fried a golden brown and the creamy pastries he'd started to eat with his coffee. No matter how much he ate, it was never enough. That skinny, hungry kid inside him gorged on everything in sight, and now José was wearing the "good life" around his middle like a huge, wobbly doughnut.

Things were turning out pretty good at work too. He was managing the restaurant now, and the boss really seemed to like him. Mr. Anderson was about 35, a tough, in shape ex marine with just the hint of a spare tire on him. Bob Anderson loved to joke about the extra weight José had been putting on, and seemed astonished every time he came to do inventory and noticed the difference in his good-looking young manager. He'd tease José mercilessly about his blooming paunch, but always ended the ribbing with a hearty pat on the back and a promise of another promotion.

"Nope" José thought," that blubber hangin' over my belt sure isn't hurting my career any."

One day as José entered the storeroom to do some inventory with Mr. Anderson, he saw his boss reading a magazine and rubbing the bulge in his tight pants.

José watched his handsome boss for a few minutes, getting horny as hell, he had to admit. Then he noticed the magazine had a man's picture on it and realized the guy must be gay. Even though José knew he was straight, the idea of an adventure with a "muy macho" ex marine like Bob made his cock stand at attention.

But Bob could probably have anyone he wanted For the first time, he really longed for the lean hard body he'd lost over the past year from drinking and eating like a "cerdo", like a fuckin' pig...

"José, what are you... doing here...?" Bob's embarrassed voice broke through José's self pity. "You're supposed to be running the store guy, not spying on the boss." Bob smiled gently "I guess I was kinda busy, or I woulda noticed you before."

"Hey, Mr. Anderson, it's none of my business man, I was just about to leave anyway. I got nothin' against gays, O.K. boss. If you like guys instead of girls that's cool..."

"To tell you the truth I'm not sure I like these guys that much", Bob said, glancing down at the magazine. He looked José in the eyes. "Not quite enough meat on 'em to keep this horny old marine comfortable in the sack, if

you know what I mean..." Bob grinned affectionately, his gaze focused on the soft, pale brown crescent of flab that bulged between his almost new jeans and the tight USC tee-shirt he had long since outgrown. José flushed self consciously, when Bob tenderly touched José's shoulder and drew him close.

The first kiss was warm and gentle, and José was flooded with lust and affection as Bob continued kissing José's face, ears and neck lovingly. Bob lifted off José's tee-shirt slowly, stopping to admire the warm, soft, fleshy, but still very masculine body that José offered up like a sacrifice to Bob's hot mouth.

Bob started with the soft meaty tits that bounced and quivered ever so slightly at the touch of his mouth and tongue. He cradled each soft flabby man tit in one of his callused hands and rubbed his thumbs gently over José's hardened nipples. José shuddered with pleasure as Bob licked the flesh around his nipples and worked his hands slowly down his bloated, jiggling body. Bob moaned and kissed his appreciation of José's ample midriff, luxuriating in the rolls and bulges José had packed on over the previous year. He couldn't get enough of this handsome young Mexican stud, and gently kneaded José's belly and love-handles as he took hungry mouthfuls of the kid's soft, bouncy tits.

José was aching to have his cock sucked and couldn't wait for Bob to work his way down a little further to his raging hard on. But Bob had other things in mind...

He had reached up to shelf and brought down a can of lard. It took José a few seconds to realize what Bob was planning, but by then it was too late.

Bob had José's arm twisted behind his back and held it in an iron hard, powerful grip. José struggled to get out of the hold, his belly and tits quivering like jello as he twisted against the older man's grip.

" Hey man, I ain't no fuckin' 'maricon'!", he yelled. "Only faggots take it up the ..,"but his words were muffled by pain as Bob grabbed José by the hair and forced a brutal kiss on the kid's astonished lips. As José continued to struggle, Bob's grip grew tighter and his cock more eager to plunge into José's huge, throbbing thighs and ass cheeks. He through José to the floor, still holding his arm. As the two men grunted and struggled, Bob tore at José's pants, slipping his fingers under the sexy jelly roll of butter soft flesh to find the button and zipper. He tugged the fabric over the huge mounds of ass meat, gazing hungrily at the ripples of fat that quivered vulnerably at José's slightest movement. Bob scooped out a handful of lard and slapped it roughly between José's ass cheeks. He felt José jerk and gave his arm a sharp wrench.

"It'll be easier if ya just take what's coming and quit fighting it."

José whimpered in pain, but stopped resisting. Bob tenderly worked the lard over and into José's asshole with strong fingers. If this was the kid's first time, he thought to himself, he better not be too rough. Bob loosened his grip a little and lowered himself onto José's body, nuzzling and kissing the smooth flesh of his neck and shoulders and plump, meaty arms. He gently pushed the head of his hard dick into José's sweaty, greasy ass, stopping short of his asshole when the José tensed up.

José felt Bob's hot breath on his neck and ears and the gentle caress of the hard marine's soft loving lips on his face and hair. He felt his cock harden as Bob stroked and fondled his tits, tenderly pinching the nipples as he slowly worked his cock into José's ass.

José felt his body relax and the pain of penetration subsided into waves of lust. Bob's gentle thrusts were a new sensation for José, and he gasped in pleasure as Bob's cock explored his ass, while his hands and mouth worshipped the curves, bulges and rolls of flesh that had bloomed on José's body over the past year. Bob worked his hand under José's massive belly to rub lard on his cock and soon his powerful, loving strokes sent José into paroxysms of pleasure.

He thrashed around with Bob's pumping dick still inside him and moaned as Bob braced himself on his ass for the last few frenzied thrusts. As he felt himself about to come, Bob tugged faster on José's cock, and with his free hand worked the Mexican's big flabby tits and hard nipples.

They came in a hot sweaty heap on the stock room floor and lay their until they could get their breath back. They looked into each other's eyes, panting and smiling, and tears welled up in José's eyes. Without a word, Bob wrapped an arm around José and held him close, kissing him silently in the dark until they both fell asleep.

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