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"Alright, please undress down to your underwear and the doctor will be with you shortly," said the nurse, as she left Mathew in the examination room. He kicked off his sneakers and pulled off his socks, noticing it was a little harder to reach all the way down to his ankles. He peeled his T-shirt over his head, and fumbled with the button on his jeans... musta washed these yesterday, he thought, because they seemed to have shrunk up a bit. Same thing with his briefs... he felt the elastic cutting into his sides, and even a little bit around his thighs. Must be an old pair from last year, he figured, though they did look pretty clean.

He walked around the office, checking out the charts and graphs on the walls, feeling a little chilly in the air-conditioned office. He was just kicking his clothes into a pile when he heard the door open. He turned around as the doctor stepped into the office... was it his imagination? He thought the doctor had looked at him a little strangely, looking almost a little surprised. Who knows?

"Alright, Matthew, let's first get you on the scale, please." Matt walked across the room and stood up on the big Medico scale. "Turn around, please, face front." Matt did, and felt the doctor lower the height bar down to the top of his head, checking to see how tall he was. Out of the corner of his eye, he watched the doctor jot the down his height on his chart, then turn and start sliding the weight bars. He listened to the clank of the metal sliders, but the scale must have been kinda old, because it took a whole minute of sliding before the doctor picked up the chart and wrote the numbers down. Matt couldn't see the chart, anyhow. "Okay, Matthew, please step down." He got off the scale and faced the doctor.

"Matthew, last year at your physical you weighed 130 pounds, and you were a little husky then. How much do you think you weigh today?"

Matt tried to crane his neck to see the chart, but he couldn't. "I dunno, maybe 135." he said hopefully.

"Your weight just now was 162 pounds. The extra pounds are all FAT." Matt felt his face get hot, and he didn't know what to say.

"Come here, Matthew, let me show you something." The doctor walked him across the room, and opened one of the paneled closet doors. On the inside hung a full length mirror.

"Look at yourself, Matt. What do you see?"

Matt stared at himself in the mirror. His cheeks were looking pretty full, almost as if he had two of those little Hostess donuts stuffed in there. Like he had at breakfast this morning. And he definitely had a second chin that didn't go away when he tried to stretch his neck up. He looked down at his thighs... they looked pretty plump, pressing together, and the elastic in his underwear was pretty tight around them. They kinda shook when he shifted his weight.

But it was his belly that really caught his attention. He hadn't really looked at himself without a shirt on for a long time.... hadn't noticed how his tits had started to get chubby, with the little nipples spreading out. Or the little rolls of fat squeezing out where his tits met his arms. And definitely not the big soft bowl of jelly lopping over his underwear. Jeez where had that come from? His belly was all jiggly, even when he stood completely still... and the little spare tire he had always had had become a thick roll across his middle, bunching up on the sides as two big "love handles." He felt himself starting to get even warmer as he stared for the first time at the fat boy in the mirror.

And oh god, he was starting to feel a familiar warmth in his crotch, as out of no where his cock was starting to get hard. Thank god you couldn't really see it in his briefs, because it was really hard as a rock when the doctor grabbed his belly roll: "Matthew, this is what I'm talking about.... all this jelly is new." His hand was warm, and, Matt saw, pretty full, where he held a fistful of fat, and lightly shook the boy's belly.

"I dunno," said Matt sheepishly, "I try not to eat that much, I guess, but it's hard... I like to eat, and I get hungry all the time..." He tried not to think of the two candy bars he had stuffed down right before the examination.

"I know, Matthew, but that's part of the problem... the fatter you get, the bigger THIS gets" --- he slapped the boy lightly on his big stomach -- "and the harder it is to get full. With your belly so stretched out, you have to eat more to feel full, and you get even fatter. It's a vicious circle."

"And these, what do you think these are?" The doctor ran his fingers along the pinkish lines on his belly that Matt had noticed a couple of weeks ago.

"I dunno, I figured I just had scratched myself ..."

"Matthew, those are called 'stretch marks'. When you start getting so fat that your body can't hold it all in, the skin starts to stretch apart. It's like trying to put on a shirt that's too small... the seams just start to come apart." Matt certainly knew what THAT felt like -- he had noticed that all his shirts were shrinking lately, because they definitely were getting smaller. Some of them he couldn't even tuck in anymore.

"Do you realize at the rate you're going, you'd be 300 pounds before you even know it? Do people make fun of you now?"

"I dunno, maybe," Matt muttered, "sometimes." He couldn't tell the truth. That it was more and more all the time. 'Jelly Belly' and 'Lard Ass' and the one that really seemed to stick, 'Butterball.' Or the other day, when one of the guys in the dorm had yelled at him coming into the lunchroom, 'Can you make it through, or do we need to grease up the doors?'

The doctor continued, "Well if they say things now, think of how it will be if you get even fatter..."

The doctor kept talking, but Matt found it harder to even listen... In fact, the rest of the examination was kind of a blur, and all he could remember was wriggling back into his jeans and shirt, both of which seemed to have gotten even tighter in the last half hour...

Matt left the office quickly, and started to walk towards home. His mind was still racing, still not believing what he had seen in that doctor's mirror. He looked down at his belly shifting under his shirt with each step. How had he gotten so fat? And why did he still feel so weird, why was his boner still so hard? And how could he still be so hungry...

And how was he gonna finish the other two candy bars in his schoolbag and hide the wrappers?

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