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Mike's Secret

It wasn't his original reason for joining the Edison Community College gym squad, but Mike Nielsen was finding that just being in towel-snapping distance from the dozen or so truly delicious-looking guys he'd met on the team made it all worth while; not to mention the effect that the constant, grueling work-outs were having on his body. At eighteen, when he had joined the team, he was just 5'5" and weighed in at a skinny 120#. After three years of continuous training, though, Mike had shot up to a Johnny-come-lately 5'11" and built his frame into one 175# of solid, sculpted muscle, swathed in rich, savory flesh.

Combining that fantastic body with the short crop of bleached-blond hair that topped the chiseled features of his face and his hungry, brown, puppy dog eyes, you could call him truly gorgeous. And to top it off, he had been made to develop a taste for incredibly rich foods in high school, and he was seriously over-eating on purpose! He'd been gorging himself for weeks now, intentionally trying to make himself get fat, and that made him easily one of the best looking guys in his school. He loved being the center of attention, catching raps with hungry, sexy gainer girls in front of the other guys. He was the work-out mate of choice for most of the guys after class. In fact, with school work coming easy to him, personal problems rare, and a team closing in on the regional championships, Mike's favorite pastime these days would be checking out the other studs on the squad.

The first one to catch his eye as the team made its way to the meat market after one particular day's practice was Dave Sommers. Dave, like Mike, was also a junior on the team. They'd been chugging weight-gain shakes and packing away pasta and other fattening foods for weeks now. The results were really starting to show up at their waistlines, and they'd decided to sign up with the squad at around the same time. Mike had stolen many long moments of sheer pleasure watching Dave grow into his currently super-luscious body ever since. This guy was looking good enough to eat! The light blond hair of Dave's younger days had darkened considerably, and his hazel eyes looked out from perpetually sleepy lids capped with dark, heavy eyebrows.

His meaty body wasn't bad either, Mike decided as he covertly watched Dave peel out of his soaking tank that day. His firm, hairless chest sparkled with perspiration brought on by an unusually excruciating force-feeding. It rose and fell with each steady breath he took, and the fullness in his arms worked smoothly as he slowly pulled the tank over his navel. The tufts of hair beneath his muscular biceps were matted to his skin, and he turned his gaze up as he sniffed and wiped the sweat from his nose with the back of his hand.

Mike had to turn his head back to his own locker to prevent eye contact, and an imminent hard-on from developing in his shorts. He would miss the one quick movement Dave made as he pulled both his shorts and jock-strap down from his round ass, but he swore he could hear the sound Dave's heavy cock made as it pulled free to slap against his muscular thigh.

"Hey, Mike, you gonna shower?" Dave asked.

"Uh, yeah, just a second."

"Well get your head out of your locker and come on."

Dave threw his towel over his shoulder and strolled nonchalantly toward the shower with his sexy succulent cock bobbing back and forth between his beautifully developed legs.

Mike got control of himself, stripped off his gym suit and followed after Dave.

When he reached the showers he immediately turned his face into a cool spray of the water, letting his aching body soak in sheets of wet relief before slipping a bar of soap over his muscular chest and softening belly.

As the lather began to develop, Mike chanced a glance over to his left to see who was next to him. It turned out to be one of the seniors on the team, Jason Carmichael. Jason was the squad's resident golden puppy boy. Not only was he the best gainer on the team, but he also came from a rich family and was graced with a beautiful face that somehow held captive the angelic innocence of his days as an altar boy at St. Luke's.

Jason Carmichael, however, was anything but innocent. He was sought after by practically every hungry gainer girl at Edison, and there were more than a few from the neighboring university that he was rumored to have blessed with his holy screwdriver. Running his ravenous eyes down to the plump piece of mouth-watering meat hanging between Jason's legs, Mike couldn't help feeling envious of those girls.

Just as he was turning back to lean into the cool, soothing streams of water, Mike was suddenly grabbed by his naked ass, and it startled the hell out of him.

"Jesus Christ," the bar of soap shot out of Mike's hand.

"Better watch those roving peepers, beefy dude."

Mike turned around to see the grinning face of his best friend and fellow gainer boy, Tony Wallach, whose ravenous eyes sparkled with mischief as he laughed at his buddy's reaction.

"God, you scared the shit out of me!" Mike said as he playfully shoved him away.

"Well, next time don't let yourself get so distracted. People will talk, you know."

"Yeah, right, bud," Mike kept a poker grin, only to find himself getting distracted again, but then he always did when he was around Tony. Mike loved guys. For as long as he could remember he had been turned on by hot-looking men. He had never really stopped to analyze his feelings beyond the point that he knew in no uncertain terms he had to keep his desires to himself. Everyone seemed to think he was super-swift with women, and that he just didn't brag about it. That suited him fine. It's why he wasn't at all spooked by Tony's "people will talk" comment. It was just one of your basic little secret facts; beefy dudes turned him on. Young, athletic, muscular guys like himself, especially ones who had hardy appetites and weren't afraid to let themselves paunch out a little off-season. The most tasty-looking guy of all-his number one turn-on-happened to be none other than his best friend, Tony Wallach.

Tony's delicious-looking body simply made Mike begin to salivate! The dark haired stud muffin had moved back into his own shower, and his eyes closed as he let the spray of water rinse the soap bubbles down the smooth slopes of his body. The water sluiced over the steep curve that flowed from his taut chest to his belly, and washed down over his tight, dimpled ass, his sinewy thighs and mouth-watering, muscular calves.

Mike just barely got control of himself and slipped out of the shower, wrapping a towel tightly around his waist, while Tony finished rinsing.

"Hey, Mike, what are you weighin', about 182#? Whew! Gettin' a little bit out of shape there, buddy. I think the set of new weight-on shakes and the rest of that work-out equipment my dad bought me is gonna be delivered tonight." Tony stepped out of the shower and began to dry himself up. "If I get it all set up, what would you think of coming over tomorrow night and going through a little work-out and force-feeding with me?"

"That'd be great!" Mike lit up. Any occasion for the two of them to get together was good enough for him, especially if it involved bare skin and sweat."Where are you planning on setting it up?"

"I was thinking of keeping it in the garage. At least until winter. I hate it when people come stomping through my sessions. I like to concentrate. I need privacy."

Mike nodded. Privacy had become the year's biggest issue at his house, and as he dressed he decided it was going to be real important that he have some as soon as he got back home and into his bedroom.

He told Tony that if the equipment came he would be over tomorrow night. Then, after a chummy slap on the shoulder, he turned and headed out of the locker room.

When he got home, he wasted no time. He made a thorough check of the house to make sure he was alone. His mother and father were, as usual, still at work and his live-in second cousin, Kevin must have been at fattening practice back at Edison.

Satisfied that he had the house to himself, Mike ran the steps four at a time up to his room. Slipping inside, he shut and locked the door behind him.

Blue jeans, pull-over sweaters and sports work-out gear were strewn about in random piles across the plushly carpeted floor of the room. Pennants and posters of his favorite teams lined the walls, as well as pictures he'd found of stocky football jocks and other boyish heavyweights who tended to sport muscles across their arms and shoulders, as well as healthy guts and spare tires around their middles. Some were still up there since he was a kid, were taped to the walls. Last year's Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue cover model was strategically positioned across from the door, a curvaceous token of sound mind and healthy body to family and friends. Mike surveyed it all, searching for where he'd casually hidden a small plastic bottle of baby oil, before starting to slowly run his fingers up and down over his chest and belly.

"God, I love this," he murmured, half-grinning into the silver-backed mirror above his oaken chest of drawers. Languidly, he began to unbutton the untucked, oversized flannel shirt he'd worn to class that morning; the one that, despite the way it stiffly draped around him, could never completely disguise the beautiful, meaty body it covered.

As the last button came free, he slowly drew the fingertips of both hands back up over the exposed savory flesh of his belly and chest causing goose bumps to appear on his otherwise flawless skin. A trembling sigh escaped from his lips, and he finished up the caress with a simultaneous tweak of both his nipples which had become hard in just the past few seconds. Only then, with a shrug, did he slip the shirt from his powerful shoulders, letting it fall to the ground in a rumpled heap.

The cool air of his bedroom came as a tingling shock to his skin, a wintery contrast to the warm sweaty atmosphere of the mouth-watering meat market. The shock of it only hastened his mind back to the gym at Edison and the gorgeous looking guys he had just been with at practice. His right hand inched down until it caressed the deep set navel of his belly over the frayed, low-slung waistband of his tight Levis, while his left hand continued to run over his marvelous sumptuous torso. Through it all, his mind raced with visions of his mouth-watering humpy teammates.

He began to rub his growing erection under the heavy denim material of his jeans as he tried to imagine Dave Sommers at home doing the same thing to himself. He allowed another tender moan to escape his lips as he pictured Dave rubbing the bulging belly he was getting over his jock-strap, which only barely contained his throbbing cock.

His mind quickly did a flip, as his rubbing became more forceful and urgent, and he was now watching the beautiful and slightly beer bellied Jason Carmichael being forcibly lashed to a chair at a dinner table, and made to scarf down a huge dinner prepared by one of those gainer girl fans of his. Jason was getting fatter by the minute, eating everything she fed him, his soft shirt bursting at the buttons to reveal his fattening belly. Her drooling mouth went up and down his body, coating him in spittle before settling on the tender roll of fattened up flesh at his waist and causing it to become slick. God, she'd barely be able to wolf him all down her throat!

Then the hungry gainer girl was gone, and it was Mike who was spreading thick layers of parmesan cheese over slabs of hero bread and stuffing it into poor Jason's bursting body! And it was his mouth, clearly this time, sinking his hungry teeth into Jason Carmichael's bulging and oh-so-incredible beer belly! He imagined the tangy, rich taste of Jason's fattened love handles filling his mouth.

The image started to fade, a bit too quickly for Mike's taste. As he got older, he'd found it harder to maintain vivid fantasies, and he figured that the reason for this was either because TV was giving him a shorter attention span or, much more likely, because he was getting tired of daydreaming and a bit too eager to make all these crazy thoughts a reality.

He unbuttoned the top of his Levi's, delicately pulled the zipper down, and held his breath as he scooted the tight jeans past his thighs. All the while, he refrained from touching what was currently the belly flesh that was now the most sensitive area of his body. He stepped out of the denim at his ankles and mused at his wildly distended underwear. Out of the corner of his eye, he saw himself in the mirror and almost giggled. It looked like G.I. Joe dolls had pitched a big Fruit of the Loom tent between his hips. He shivered as his hand slowly reached down to touch it. His fingers ran lightly over the cotton, from the bottom of his beefy waist to the place on his underwear where a wet spot was already starting to form. The exquisite feeling was a pleasant contrast to the rough treatment his belly had been receiving while bulging sexily over the waistband of his tight Levis, and his skin tingled with the sensation.

Now his mind was drifting again as his fingers caressed the stiff joint beneath the stretchy fabric. He was envisioning Tony Wallach standing in that shower, running the soap over himself, drawing it into his armpits, and up the crack of his ass. This time, however, Tony had began to play with that semi-plump cock of his, slicking it up with suds and coaxing it to full hardness.

Mike began to rub his mouth-watering belly more vigorously, his right shoulder and biceps flexing smoothly, and he pulled up and down while imagining Tony doing the same. He imagined him closing his eyes with pleasure as he experienced the double sensations of the water spraying down on his back and his hand positioning up and down on his cock. Abandoning himself to the fantasy, starting to lose control, Mike finally pulled his underwear down his legs. His magnificent hardon briefly got caught in the elastic waistband, then snapped up and slapped against the fleshiness of his belly, eager to be stroked into a furious explosion.

Jumping onto his bed, Mike pulled himself up against the headboard and paused to survey the prominent display before him. He spread his legs wide to admire the heavy eight inches of prime beef as it jutted toward his pecs, like an arrow, perfectly straight from the bush of dark blond pubic hair that surrounded it. Reaching a finger down to it, he gathered up what he could of the pre-cum and then brought it up to his face. He passed the heady liquid beneath his nose and then, taking another one of his patented self-dares, proceeded to lick the cum from his finger. The taste made him shiver and his cock became stiffer than he could ever remember.

He spit into his palm and used it to slick up his meat before he began stroking it more rapidly, his hand now flashing back and forth as his mind returned to Tony in the shower. He was leaning backwards now and his knees were slightly bent as the water continued to spray him down. The position was causing the corded muscle of his legs to stand out prominently as his hand flew up and down on his cock.

Mike matched those movements on his own belly while his free hand reached down to the lightly furred track that ran from beneath his beefy love handles to the crack of his ass. His finger found its way to the tight hole of his virgin tenderloin and began to work its way inside. His hips began to rise up the bed as his finger worked its way in deeper, and his head starting rolling back and forth on his powerful neck as the pleasure continued to heighten and become unbearable.

In his fantasy, Tony was also almost at the point of losing it. Every inch of his slightly overweight body was standing at attention as Mike's gym buddy neared his orgasm. Tony's teeth clenched and his lips parted to reveal them, and his free hand reached up to grasp the head of the shower for support. Then his mouth opened suddenly and let out a long gasping moan-he was coming! First, one long, stringy jet of cum shot up and over his upturned belly. The next spasm shot out even further, followed in quick succession by two smaller, weaker bursts. Mike envisioned his best friend's salty cum swirling around on the floor of the shower stall, then running down the big drain in the center of the room.

That was all it took for Mike. He grabbed firmly onto his fat cock, shoved his finger all the way up his starving, snapping asshole, lifted his meaty body almost completely up of the bed and let out a shuddering moan as he began to erupt. Stream after white delicious stream burst from his swelling cock, to shoot up over his chest and into the crook of his neck. The third burst missed his body altogether and landed against the headboard behind him. Two more smaller shots landed on his chest and soft belly before he finished firing his load.

After taking a minute to catch his breath, Mike looked down at his cum-splattered torso. He took his fingers and wiped some of the warm, sticky fluid up of his firm, sumptuous torso and greedily stuck them into his mouth-yet another dare accomplished. He meticulously continued to perform this operation until he had swallowed all the cum he had so recently ejaculated.

"Mmmm," he whispered, noisily licking the last of it from his lips, and patting the faded abs at his waist. "Gettin' so I'll eat anything, won't I? Tony was right-I'd better watch out, or I really will get fat!"

He lay there a while, catching his breath, waiting for his heartbeat to return to normal before pulling his underwear up under his belly. Contented, he then turned over on his side and fell fast asleep.

About an hour later, the sound of his mother calling him and his second cousin to dinner caused him to jerk awake. The first thing he saw when he woke was the shot of his cum that had dried on the headboard behind him. He laughed as he wriggled and squeezed back into his ever-tightening jeans, and then headed down to a huge dinner.

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