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Mike in Gino's Back Yard

Gino had lost his mother when he was only four, so he ended up being raised primarily by his father. In the last few years, his father's success as a salesman had been increasing steadily and Gino was finding himself alone in their big, spacious home more and more often.

Mike was familiar enough with Gino's place and he automatically went around the house so that he could enter through the back patio. The Gorseths had one of the most incredible back yards in the entire town. A stream ran through a thicket of woods, far to rear of their property. Along with the two fences that ran along both sides of their home, this gave them almost complete privacy.

As he approached the gate, Mike heard voices and laughter coming from the yard. He decided to take a peek through a space in the fence before barging in, and what he saw instantly caught his interest. Gino and Kevin were running back and forth in the yard tossing a football between the two of them. All they were wearing were running shorts, and Kevin, as he ran, had a glowing joint clenched in his teeth.

Mike got a much better view of his cousin's athletic meaty body now than he had last week at the wrestling meet. Kevin's bare sumptuous torso glistening in the moonlight sent chills down Mike's spine. Gino looked even better as he leapt in the air to catch the returned football. The dark-blond nineteen year-old was always shy and quiet around most people and Mike had never realized what an incredible body he was hiding. His belly was especially impressive, rippling with well-defined muscle, swathed in rich, slightly overfed flesh, before disappearing into his baggy, red running shorts.

Now Gino was chasing after Kevin, who had just taken possession of the ball, and flinging himself forward, managed to grab him around his love handles. Kevin's bare feet slipped on the wet grass and he came tumbling down with Gino on top of him.

What Mike saw next shot through him like lightning.

Gino and Kevin started to kiss. Wrapping their muscular arms around each other, the two of them squirmed in the damp grass and began to grind their hips together.

Mike watched with growing excitement as they made out right there on the lawn, oblivious to everything else. Kevin jabbed his tongue into Gino's mouth as his hands worked their way into his buddy's shorts to grab onto Gino's firm ass. Just as he did, Gino rolled over, pulling Kevin on top of his. Then Kevin did likewise and they wrestled and rolled through the moonlit green.

When the horseplay stopped, they were both lying beside each other laughing at how the other one was covered with grass and grass stains. They also noticed that they each had a raging hard-on, and Gino leaned over Kevin's crotch and pulled back his running shorts and jock strap. Kevin assisted him in getting them off and then laid back down in the grass. His belly stuck out, round and proud, saluting the star spangled sky, while the fresh evening chill caused his nuts to draw up tightly.

Gino touched the plumpness around Kevin's navel, and lowered his mouth to the fleshiness he found there. He started at the base of the belly and took a long lick all the way up. Kevin shivered and brought his hands up behind his back. Gino's tongue licked around the ridge of the navel and wrapped itself around the jelly roll at his side. Pulling back his tongue, he plunged down to the base as he nibbled at Kevin's slight beer belly. He stayed there briefly; his nose in Kevin's pubic hair, inhaling the musty aroma. As he pulled his mouth up the length of the hard penis he closed his fist around it tightly, creating a pressure that caused Kevin to moan and squeeze his eyes shut.

Kevin's fleshy bulb had enlarged perceptibly and Gino continued chomping on it feverishly. Jabbing his tongue into the piss hole, Gino tasted a few drops of his best friend's cum and swallowed it down greedily. Then moving away from the belly, he nibbled his way up Kevin's hairless sumptuous torso, pausing briefly to bite at the nipples. As Kevin wriggled with delight, Gino proceeded up past his neck until his mouth once again clamped down onto Kevin's.

Gino Gorseth was one of those guys who seemed to have been born with a perfectly proportioned body. Even when they were kids Mike could remember thinking that Gino had a stud muffinly bod for a younger guy. When he began fattening, it seemed that his perfect meatier body had gotten even better. Especially so in the legs. Apparently, both Mike and Kevin had grown pretty tasty-looking for him, and Kevin thought Gino had the sexiest thighs he'd ever seen on anybody. Later, Mike would learn that Kevin liked to say Gino had the "thighs and ass of death."

From the passionate look in his pale green ravenous eyes it was obvious that Gino was also pretty fond of Kevin. He ran both his hands through his short-cropped, dark blond hair while he tensed his stomach for Kevin's benefit. Lowering his hands to his love handles, he proceeded to slip up his shorts and jock.

"God, you have a beautiful belly," Kevin said in a voice gravely with lust.

"You've put on a little weight yourself, haven't you? It's really nice on you. Well you know it's all yours, Kev; so why don't you come and get it?"

Kevin got up to kneel between Gino's legs, and for a second, just stared at the twitching piece of belly mouth-watering meat that stood raptly before him. Kevin's mouth came down on that gorgeous belly and furiously began to make love to it. His mouth pistoned up and down the length of Gino's abdomen, slicking it with his delicious saliva. Soon, the motions became even quicker as Gino put his hands on Kevin's head and started to use his powerful hips to thrust in and out of his buddy's mouth.

From his view crouched behind the fence, Mike watched in amazement as his viciously foxy "little cousin" deep-throated Gino's impressive belly.

After a few minutes of this heavy activity, Gino pulled his belly free. "Lay down on your back Kev, before you make me eat you up."

The two muscular young men got into a sixty-nine down in the grass and in a frenzy, began to work over each other's bellies. As Mike's own sexy stomach was trying to rip its way through his T-shirt, he recalled that he had been invited to this party. Now looked like a good time to make his presence known. He opened the gate as quietly as he could, not that it made much difference. Gino and Kevin were so deep into their mutual feasts that an air attack could have gone on unnoticed. Oblivious to Mike's presence less than ten feet away, the roiling pair had clearly set sail beyond the point of no return.

Gino's gorgeous ass flexed and unflexed as he drove his cock into and out of Kevin's chomping mouth. His own mouth was equally busy as it slid up and down on Kevin's upthrust plushy gut. Gino's upper arms bulged as he held himself over his best friend's crotch. As Mike rubbed his own plump bulge over the frayed, low-slung waistband of his tight Levis, Gino pulled his mouth up of Kevin's twitching stomach.

"Oh, man, I like you looking nice and juicy in those worn out jeans you're wearing. Keep gaining weight and you'll get too fat to button them closed-oh, fuck, man, I'm gonna come," he said. "It's just too good."

Mike just about came himself as he beheld a look of sheer rapture come over Gino's handsome face. He shuddered and moaned as his swollen belly could finally take no more, and began to fire a swelling load into Kevin's mouth.

It seemed that the taste of all that gushing cum was all that Kevin needed to reach his own climax, and just as a thin rivulet of Gino's juice had begun to seep out of the corner of his mouth, he bucked his hips and shot the first volley of his own ejaculation up into Gino's face. Gino, realizing that he was AWOL, immediately clamped his mouth down on the geysering dick and succeeded in swallowing down the remainder of Kevin's sizable load.

Only as Gino rolled up from atop Kevin did he notice Mike standing there. Without even batting an eye he tapped Kevin on the shoulder to get him to look in Mike's direction.

"Hey, beefy dude, how'd you like the show?" Gino asked with a mischievous glint in his ravenous eyes.

Kevin, who had been rummaging around in the grass for the joint he had dropped earlier, turned towards his cousin and said, "Far out! I was hoping you'd come by. Want a hit?"

As he took the joint from his Kevin, Mike marveled at what a couple of laid back beefy dudes these guys were. It had to have been the weed! After all, how many guys could there be in the world who, when caught by a friend or relative bare-assed and chomping on their buddy's tender cushion tummy, would nonchalantly offer them a hit on a joint?

"Jesus!" Mike said as he sat himself down on the ground next to the two naked young men, "That was one of the most tasty-looking things I've ever seen in my life. I nearly came in my pants."

"Shit, it looks like you nearly ripped a hole in your jeans with that hard-on of yours," Gino said with an admiring tone.

"How long have you been screwing around together?" Mike asked before taking a long hit on the joint.

"Since about two weeks after I moved in with you guys," said Kevin. "I know your parents and my mom and dad wanted to keep this their 'dirty little secret', but who the fuck cares what I do with my body. It's my business. When Gino and me both started on the gainer team, we would practice together and one thing led to another."

"Yeah, but if we had known there were any other interested parties we could have given ourselves a more varied work-out," Gino said as he stared straight into Mike's blue ravenous eyes.

"I don't know, Gino," Kevin said with a grin, "we don't want to share our work-out with someone who isn't up to a wrestler's standards. Have you ever seen how scrawny most gainer boys are? And look at that little plushy gut he's gettin'!"

"I'll hog tie you over that fat belly you're getting!" Mike drew out the words, grinning with gleeful mock-resentment as he rose to his feet and stuck his chest out.

"Hmm, you may be right," Gino said with a smirk on his face. "I think we're going to have to see some proof that you're in good enough condition before we let you participate in our extra curricular activities."

As it dawned on Mike what the two younger hunks were up to, he slowly slipped his jacket up his back. The cool demeanor of the two naked puppy boys sitting in the grass was also coming up as their bellies began to butter up again. The reaction made Mike smile as he slipped up his sweater and then paused for a moment to flexed his stomach, which was still fattened up enough by his earlier force-feeding to push the fabric of his undershirt to its limits. Slowly he peeled up the white T-shirt, pausing for a moment so that the boys could admire the voluptuous, rippling surface of his sexy belly. He kicked up his tennis shoes and slowly brought up one foot at a time to remove his socks. When he finally pulled his shirt over his navel, he left his forearms trapped by the material for a moment as he turned his back on his audience to display his powerful shoulders and slightly bulging triceps. With his T-shirt up, he turned back to Gino and Kevin and ran his hands through his hair in a deliberately slow, seductive movement, making his love handles bulge over each hip with every bump and grind of his pelvis. He stretched his performance out for this surprising pair of horny guys, who were already stroking their completely plump bellies.

"Oh, fuck, this is great," Gino said as his hand ran up and down on his belly. "I've wanted to see you naked for so fucking long."

This statement made Mike's own belly twitch because he had lusted after the hunky flesh-eater quite a few times himself. He was determined not to rush his striptease, though, as he unbuttoned his jeans and methodically began to pull down the zipper. Mike's belly burst through as soon as his fly was completely undone, now restrained only by the thin cotton material of his underwear. He had actually been trying to hold it in all this time! Pushing the denim over the tree-trunk girth of his thighs, he finally let the jeans fall and stepped out of them.

Mike was silent, standing there in nothing but his jock biceps and shouders, his big meaty body twitching, wildly trying to get out. He slipped his fingertips into the band of his jock and slid them around, pulling at it where ever it bit into the buttery love handle flesh beneath his bellybutton and at his sides. Then he pushed the jock up in one quick movement.

Gino stared only for a moment at the light brown pubic hair that tapered up to a thin line at Mike's navel. He immediately stood up, moved over to Mike, placed his lips firmly onto the older man's chest and started licking at the quickly stiffening nipples.

Mike let out a long, passionate moan, as he began his very first sexual encounter with another man.

"All right!" was all Kevin had to say.

Gino worked his way slowly down Mike's chest and belly as he lowered himself to his knees, biting and licking at the firm, sculpted, fattened up flesh, tasting the salty dried sweat on his skin. When he reached a kneeling position, Gino found himself face to face with Mike's belly. He only looked for a second, though, before closing his ravenous eyes and lowering his mouth onto that delicious, throbbing roll of manmeat. "Oh, yeah," Mike moaned, as he closed his ravenous eyes and threw his head back. Gino's tongue wrapped itself around Mike's stomach tickling at the sensitive underside of the bulbous navel. The sensation was so much more incredible than Mike could ever have believed, so much more real. Soft and warm, yet with an intense pressure that kept building and building, never allowing him to catch his breath. As Gino took the entire belly into his mouth, Mike whimpered uncontrollably as he reached down and ran his hands through the sexy teenager's short-cropped hair. He couldn't believe this was happening to him as he watched Gino bury his face in his pubic hair.

Mike was so caught up in his feast that he didn't even notice his cousin standing up and stepping around behind him. Kevin kneeled down to his older cousin's rear and pulled apart Mike's firm ass cheeks. When the puckered hole was exposed, he immediately jammed his tongue into it.

Mike let out a growl as a bolt of pleasure shot through him, the likes of which he had never felt before. Kevin jabbed his tongue in and out of the sensitive hole rapidly, each time causing Mike's belly to jerk in Gino's delicious mouth. Gino had no problem with that, though, because each time it happened, a small burst of cum was being deposited on his tongue. It tasted so good, in fact, that the horny nineteen year-old grew determined to get the real thing as quickly as possible.

Increasing the pressure in his mouth as he cooked up and down, Gino proceeded to turn Mike's belly into a piece of polished granite, and Mike was very rapidly losing all sense of control. He practically screamed as Kevin stabbed his tongue into his tenderloin at the same time Gino clamped his mouth tightly around the base of his belly.

Mike's mind reeled. It felt as if he'd gone mad; as if he'd realized he was dreaming but had no way of ever waking up. An hour ago he was inches away from realizing his lustiest fantasy. Ten minutes ago, no one had ever touched his soft belly other than himself, and a few over-eager hungry gainer girls on pointless, shallow dates. But now, there he was, standing in the moonlight with his little cousin's tongue up his butt, and this tasty-looking and hunky young flesh-eater sliding his mouth up and down on his plump belly.

Kevin was really getting up on the taste of his cousin's delicious ass as he licked up and down the entire sweaty crack. Mike looked down at his belly and slapped it a few times with the palm of his hand. It wasn't nearly as flat as it used to be. He spread his legs further apart to facilitate this amazing activity, allowing for Kevin to lick his way under to eventually reach his beefy love handles. Kevin bit lightly on the fattened up flesh, causing Mike to let out a cry that couldn't be identified as either pleasure or pain, and he grabbed fiercely onto Gino's head, driving himself even harder into the savory force feeder's hungry mouth. Gino's tongue had become a blur. His hands grabbed onto the backs of Mike's thighs as he gave full priority to the superb feast he was delivering to his buddy's cousin.

Mike couldn't take it any longer. Just as Gino dove to the base of his belly, Kevin, once again, jabbed his tongue up his starving, snapping jaws, this time pushing it clear through Mike's tight anal sphincter. He exploded in a gut-wrenching orgasm.

Gino mewed with pleasure as the delicious, salty spunk suddenly flooded his mouth and began to rush down the back of his throat. He succeeded in swallowing blast after blast of Mike's load. After one long, delirious moment Mike slowly floated back to earth. When his ravenous eyes focused again, he saw his cousin standing in front of him, beer belly forward, running his hands up and down his naked sumptuous torso, and wearing nothing but a shit-eating grin on his face. Next to him was Gino who was licking his lips, and stroking his raging hard-on. It only took him a second to realize what he wanted to do.

Mike got down on his knees, looked up at Kevin and smiled just before he lowered his mouth onto his cousin's butterball belly.

"Yeah, Mike, lick my belly. Eat me up!"

Mike loved the feel of Kevin's soft belly in his mouth. It was so meaty and alive. It pulsated between his tongue and the roof of his mouth, flesh made so ripe and plump with beer and munchies that he could have gobbled him down right there. The beef around his navel was smooth and silky, almost inflated, while Kevin's jelly roll was ribbed with deep lines from his ever tightening underwear. When his lips reached the base of Kevin's cock, he found a tangle of pubic hair, and as he deep-throated his cousin, he pressed his nose into the hair and inhaled the musty scent.

After a few more licks, Mike came up for air. "Man, Kev. Dude, this is about the fattest I've ever seen you. A few more cushy pounds on that belly your gettin' and you're gonna wind up the fattest jock on the gainer girls' lunch menu next week. And you know they'll take a fattened jock over one of those soft-bellied rocker boys any day. Man, your fat stomach tastes great."

"You should try this one, then." Mike's ravenous eyes almost crossed as he turned and found Gino's beef slab staring him in the face. He momentarily lost his breath while trying to even imagine being able to take this sumptuous hip roll and delectable meat of his fat belly. He was definitely game to try, though.

"Cook that belly, cuz!" Kevin encouraged as Mike took the provocatively bulging flesh around Gino's pleasingly plump tummy cushion into his mouth. Meanwhile, Kevin lazily stroked his own piece of mouth-watering meat, now well-slicked with his cousin's affection.

Mike grabbed onto the bulge of Gino's meaty middle for support as he slowly worked his sweltering mouth down its length. For a brief instant, he had an entire chunk of belly in his mouth, before switching back to his brother and worked on his plushy gut for a couple of minutes, and once again, it was back to Gino's.

Grabbing both undeniably meaty middles in his hands he maneuvered the two over-eaters as close to one another as possible and valiantly tried to worry and nurse on both bellies at once. He managed to get about half way down the two jelly rolls, but that was it. Appreciating every moment of Mike's attempts, the two stud muffins locked a solid grip onto each other's upper arms for support as Mike went back to alternating between them. As usual with new things that caught his fancy, he was a fast learner, and was quickly driving both of them towards a climax.

Gino began to thrust his belly up against Mike's face while it wasn't being cooked on and soon Kevin was doing likewise. Mike enjoyed this belly-lashing almost as much as the feasts he was giving, and it was all he could do to keep from being overwhelmed by this incredible experience.

The constant friction on his succulent cushion tummy was too much for Kevin; he sank his tensing fingers deeply into Mike's short hair, and held him down on his belly as he shot his load deep into his greedy mouth. Mike took Kev's cock in his mouth, and struggled mightily to keep from choking upon the bitter fruit of his cousin's loins, savoring the taste of the ropey sperm as he let it linger on his tongue. The fact that it tasted just like his own gave him a cool sense of satisfaction.

Gino's hand flew up and down on his own soft abdomen as he watched his buddy shoot his load down Mike's throat. The sight was an incredible turn-on and helped push his closer toward his own climax. Mike saw the plumpness in Gino's neck and shoulders tighten as he finished swallowing Kevin's gore, and he was pretty sure he knew what that meant. He immediately let go of Kevin's belly and clamped his mouth over Gino's ticklish spare tire just in time to catch the first volley of this tasty-looking force feeder's spurting orgasm.

Gino's juice was a lot saltier tasting than Kevin's, but still delicious in its own way. It kept coming and coming, and Mike wasn't sure if he could swallow it all, but he gave it his best shot. To his credit, only a trickle escaped, and when Gino lifted Mike to his feet, he licked it up as he gave him a deep, luscious poke in the fat boy's gut.

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