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My High School Gains
For my whole high school years I always went into the bathroom to change my shirt at gym time until my senior year when a new student who was built pretty good came up to me and asked why I changed in the bathroom and not in the lockerroom. I replied to him I have a little pot belly I was embarrassed about. He leaned over on the bench and lifted up my shirt and looked at my belly. That’s not bad dude some women like a little meat on there man. It makes ya look sexy. I put my shirt back down over my small pot belly and left for the cafeteria. 

I sat down and started to eat my lunch when all of a sudden the new dude sat down in front of me. We talked a while and then after eating my lunch I noticed he hadn’t even touched his he looked down and then passed the plate to me and said enjoy before I could protest he left and there I was eating another lunch. After a few weeks passed I started to pack lighter luches so I could eat his lunch to. One day after I ate both lunches I was feeling hungry still and he must have caught on he jumped up and ran to the lunch line and came back with two more lunches and sat them both in front of me. I didn’t think I was that hungry but I must have been because I ate both of them. 

As time progressed my cloths got tighter and my belly bigger. My gains weren’t that noticeable because I could still play basketball, without having trouble. Christmas vacation came and the new dude asked if he could spend the holidays with my family since his family was out of the country. I agreed and every minute of every day he would make sure I had a full plate in front of me. I thought this weird but I was always so hungry I ate everything he brought me. I went back to school with a bigger belly I could hardly hide anymore. But that night I had my first basketball game since the holidays and my outfit was kind of tight no not kind of it was very tight. I was in the locker room by myself and I got dressed. I went to walk out but got a glimpse of myself in the mirror my belly was sticking out a lot and my jersey stopped right above the navel. I was so embarrassed but there was nothing I could do. So I pulled my shorts up on my belly and there was still a bit of my ball belly showing. But I went out anyway. People on my team was shocked but they still let me play. In the last half of the game I was stopped by the ref because he thought I was hiding the ball under my shirt. He lifted up my shirt and my ball belly showed to the whole crowd. I was so embarrassed. The coach pulled me off the court and also yelled for my parents. We went into the locker room and I waited outside the office as he talked to my parents. The new dude came running back and stopped in front of and lowered down to my belly he lifted my shirt up and lowered my pants and started to kiss my belly. I was appalled by this and was taking back. He looked up at me and said everything is going to be ok baby as he started to rub my belly. This belly is so hard I love it he said. I pushed him aside and ran out of the locker room. 

The next day at school people were laughing at me and rubbing my basketball sized belly. I went to lunch and everybody kept giving me their food and snacks rubbing my belly and saying that baby needs food. Since none of my cloths fit I were sweats with the waist line up to my belly button and my shorts just a little below the waist line. The new dude grabbed me by the arm and took me into the empty locker room. He pushed me up agaist the wall and raised my shirt and lowered my pants below my belly. He started kissing my belly again and I was sick of it. Get off me. No he said and he looked at me and started to speak. You are going to keep gaining till there are two basketballs in this gut of yours . What makes you think that. Because if you don’t I am going to force feed you till you pop. Ok I will do it I cried. I love this ball belly of yours. He continued to kiss my ball belly and then finally he let me go but he told me to leave my pants down and only pull my shirt to my belly button. So the rest of the day my big belly was on parade for the whole school to see. But I liked the attention I was getting all the belly rubs and people lifting my shirt up to kiss my ever growing belly. But I don’t know if I can keep this up.

The same evening I decided to ask my parents what the basketball coach had told them the day before, because we hadn't talk about it yet. I was too embarrassed and I think my parents were embarrassed too. So I asked my Dad. He said to me: "You know, Piggy..." (that's the nickname my parents gave me, because of my upturned nose) "... you're growing... bigger, you're getting... a little pudgy, and as you're one of the shortest boys in the team, the coach told us that after what happenned it would be better for you and for the team if you... hum... left the team." Then he laid his hand on my belly and said, with a sob in his voice: "You're getting a pot belly, like me." (my father has a big pot belly) "It runs in the family. It's genetic. But usually we don't get one until our forties, and you at 17 you're already getting one... How sad... Poor Piggy... You liked playing basket ball so much..." 

I was feeling a lot of things at the moment. I had feared to be grounded, but in fact my Dad was feeling sorry for me, as if I had caught a terrible illness. I was happy to learn that genetics were responsible for my pot belly, and I wasn't (at least for my parents)! I didn't have to feel ashamed of my belly anymore! And I was happy to leave the basketball team too. Anyway, I didn't want to play basketball again after what happened, and it was tougher and tougher for me to run fast and jump, due to the extra pounds I had packed on.
I said: "Dad, it's okay. It's no big deal. Now that I know it's a family heritage, I will be brave and accept my pot belly." My Dad smiled and said me: "You're a good boy" then he gave me a hug, and so as my Mom who had heared the conversation. 
Maybe I had exaggerated a bit, but I started to feel good about my growing belly. I was now 210 lbs (and I'm 5'6). I had gained 40 lbs since September! Almost all the pounds went into my belly and some to my chest. That's how my belly was getting bigger every day.

My Mom told me I needed new clothes and she gave me money to buy them. I went shopping in town but I was disappointed because all the clothes I liked didn't seem to fil well, especially jeans. Because of my ball belly all the clothes looked weird on me. I bought a few shirts though, but those which fit best my shoulders and chest hardly covered my lower belly... On my way home, I realized that I felt so good wearing sweat pants. That night I ordered several pairs of sweat pants and sweat shirts online. I would wear them everyday at school. I didn't care what people would think, as long as I'm comfy. 

But of course I haven't told my parents about Kevin giving me food and being so weird with my belly. I was still confused about him. When he gave me food I was so happy and I considered him as my best friend. I was always more hungry and it was so kind from him to bring me more and more food. But on the other hand he scared me each time he took me by force into the locker room to play with my belly. He was giving me orders and I had to do what he said. I was naturally submissive, and I enjoyed more and more eating what he gave me all day long that I was forever grateful to him. He was like my master and he knew what's good for me. I kind of belonged to him. So I decided to let him play with my belly without complain. He was only rubbing my belly after all. A part of the rubbing was trying to stretch the skin by gripping and pulling the flabs, to make it become bigger even faster. I thought it was weird at first but I quickly developped a taste for it. I have never felt such a pleasure before, and I started to rub my belly myself when I was alone. Every night I pulled the flabs up and down, to the left and to the right, as hard as I could.

The next morning I was late for school. I was in a hurry and I missed a step, I fell down the stairs and broke my leg. Unfortunately the hallways were deserted and I had to wait twenty minutes crying for help. 
At the hospital I was told that the fracture was pretty bad and that I would heal faster if I used a wheelchair. "A wheelchair". I have to confess that I was delighted. For long I had fantasize about being in a wheelchair and not having to walk. 

Fortunately, at that time my father had a van and it was useful to drive me and my wheelchair to school. At home I started to sleep in the living room because I couldn't climb the stairs to my bedroom. 
In fact I was very happy because it was the perfect situation to gain more weight massively.

Two days later I came back to school. Everyone was staring at me. They all knew more or less what happened to me: 
"The fat pig has rolled down the stairs and has broken his legs." 
"He's too fat to walk with crutches". 
In fact I wasn't hurt at all to be called fat names. I was delighted.

Then, more than ever other kids kept giving me food. At lunch and at recess everyone wanted to "feed and fatten the pig". They were staring at me, laughing, and I was eating greedily and happily, without saying anything, every food they gave me. Some of them used to poke my belly and I used to giggle and make a big grin. 
After school some kids used to give me food again and I gave them money so they buy me cakes and chocolate for the night. 

Back at home I used to do my homework and eat cakes and chocolate non stop until... dinner, then I watched TV eating fruits and delicious home made pies my mother made me. 
At night I could finally play with my fat : rub and knead my belly for a long time, pull my fat rolls in all directions and make everything jiggle. Then I could fall asleep, happy. 
I was working hard at school and at my homework because I knew it was something important for me, and for my parents, and I had decided it was the condition to fully live my passion for food and fatness. 

Since I was in a wheelchair I noticed that Kevin started to stand back from me. He could no longer take me into the locker room to play with my belly. He would not even poke it in public like other kids used to do. I didn't care because he was not really a friend. I was only a fat belly to play with and he treated me as an object. 
But I then came to realize that thanks to him I had found a meaning to my life: enjoy food and fatness no matter what people think, and not caring about looks as long as I feel good. Thanks to him I discovered what is since then my favorite activity in my life : playing with my fat belly. 

The weeks and the months passed. I was very happy when I realized that I was ballooning. I grew large moobs, my big belly was laying on my lap, I had fat cheeks and double chin, fat arms and huge thighs. I had gain a lot of weight. I barely fit into my wheelchair then!

Finally in early May time had come to leave my wheelchair for good. The doctor noticed my weight gain and he told me that I needed to lose some weight and exercise in order to walk normally again. I said "OK, I'll try". I was feeling heavier than ever and I was tired already after walking a few steps with difficulty. I really wanted to be able to walk again and not live my entire life in a wheelchair. I agreed to exercise but I decided not to lose weight. Instead I would try not to gain more weight. I was so happy to have become so fat. I now weighed 260 lbs! I had gained 50 lbs in four months and 90 lbs since the beginning of the school year! 

It was then time to go back to school without my wheelchair. I walked very slowly, with the aid of crutches. I still ate every food other kids gave me, but I didn't buy extra food to eat at home anymore, and my parents were happy that I didn't eat constantly anymore. 

The next day at school, I was walking into the men's room and then Kevin appeared suddenly. He said: 

- Hi Fatty! Wow! You really turned into a fatass... 

I smiled and giggled. Then he said: 
- Show me your belly! 

Shyly I stood back but he quickly lifted my shirt. My huge belly and my large moobs popped out, jiggling. Kevin was shocked and he shouted with a cry of fright:

I was smiling and pleased because I enjoyed when I was told I'm so fat I'm ugly. I like fat ugliness and I love becoming uglier because of my weight. 
I had now a huge apron belly, flabby, misshapen, covered with big red stretch marks and so full of cellulite it looked like cottage cheese. I grabbed the flabs and made my massive belly jiggle. Kevin almost fainted and he started to cry, saying: 

- I'm sorry, this is all my fault. I just wanted to play with your little ball belly and make it grow a bit, but I turned you into a fat monster! Please forgive me. 

- Don't worry, I like being a fat monster. Hehehe! Thanks to you I discovered that being fat was the meaning of my life. Thank you.

- Oh, OK fine, but I can't stand looking at you anymore. You're too ugly now. Bye! 

He left the room and he never came up to me again. What he said didn't hurt me, because I knew he was too selfish to be a good friend. I don't need friends. My only best friend is my fat... 

Now I still enjoy being fat and eating but I stopped gaining. I'm able to walk almost as before. I exercise and I eat healthy foods to stay in good health. I still love my food and play with my huge fat belly but I want to live a long life. :)

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