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Quitting Smoking

Don looked at himself in the mirror and nodded approvingly. He was getting ready for his first night on a new job, and he thought he looked great. He was going to be one of the night maintenance men at a local hospital, and he wore the uniform well. He was in his late thirties, and while no hard body, he had managed to stay trim, and smiled as he looked down at the flat buttoned sheet that was his shirt over his belly. Not many guys his age still wore the same size pants they did when they graduated from high school - size 30 in Don's case.

He smiled ruefully as he thought of all the dieting and sit-ups he was having to do lately to keep the weight off. But, he thought to himself, when you're gay and fast approaching forty, you've got to do everything you can to still get the boys. Don's face was still attractive, but he definitely had brow ridges and beginnings of crow's feet. He chuckled. Life had been good to him, and he didn't regret not settling down before now, but, lately, it hadn't seemed like such a bad idea. He had noticed that some men his age had really porked out, and they seemed to still be able to attract some really hot little numbers, but he'd never figured out their secret. For all he knew, they were paying for it.

He looked at his watch, took a last drag on his cigarette, and headed out the door for his first night.

Don entered the small complex of offices that the maintenance department shared with purchasing and housekeeping in the Physical Plant across the street from the main hospital building. During the day and evening there were people coming and going, but on the graveyard shift, it would just be Don and one other maintenance man. Don had halfway fantasized the guy would be some young gorgeous thing, but he figured he would probably be someone his own age. Being that he had been hired by the Director of Building Services, who works during the day, he hadn't yet had a chance to meet the man he'd be partnered with.

Don entered the waiting area to the maintenance department and stopped dead in his tracks. Leaning back in a chair was a dead ringer for Don's favorite porn star, Rex Chandler. The only difference was that Don could see was that this guy had even bigger pecs, and a bigger bulge in his tight uniform pants. The young stud muffin was taking M&M's from a large dish on the desk and tossing them into the air, catching them in his mouth.

The guy turned and saw Don standing there with his mouth open. He grinned and said, "Here, catch." He tossed a green M&M with perfect aim into Don's open mouth. Don gulped it down reflexively and stammered, "Uh, hi. I'm Don, the new night guy...."

The young man got up quickly and shook Don's hand. "Nice to meet you. I'm Jason." He smiled again, and Don found himself wanting to get Jason to do that more. His smile made his face light up, and made Don more hard than he wanted to be, being that he had bought his uniform pants a little tight also. Jason glanced at his crotch and smiled, then grabbed a heaping handful of M&M's from the bowl and put it in Don's outstretched hand.

"Uh, thanks," Don said, popping one into his mouth as he watched the young stud start to inhale another handful of the candy. Where did he put it all? There wasn't an ounce of fat on him! "So what do we do to get started?" Don asked, not wanting to see m like a slacker, even though all he wanted to do was stand and admire this gorgeous hunk.

"Well, I think we'll take it slow," Jason said through a full mouth of candy. "I know you're qualified, or you wouldn't have gotten the job, so I won't need to show you how to do most things. I'll take you along when I make rounds. In the meantime, why don't you go into my office and start going through the policy and procedure books. I know it's real dry reading, but it's all stuff you've gotta know. I've got plenty of snacks and pop and stuff in the fridge in there. I know it helps me when I'm studying if I can munch on something."

Did this guy think about anything but eating? Don wondered. "OK, sounds good. Oh, How strict are they about smoke breaks here?" Don asked. He didn't want to abuse any rules on a new job.

"Smoke breaks?" Jason asked slightly alarmed. "You don't smoke do you?"

"Uh, yeah," Don answered, a bit uncomfortable. "Is there a problem with that?"

"Uh, Don, I don't know how to tell you this," Jason said, obviously uncomfortable, "but St. Luke's has a strict non-smoking policy for it's employees. I don't know how you got through the hiring process without them telling you that. You've got to quit smoking now, or you'll lose your job."

Don gulped. He had always meant to quit smoking, but had never really had a good reason, and it had always been hard for him the few times that he had tried. He wasn't sure if he could do it, or even if he wanted to. But this job was a big pay increase for him, he liked the hours, and now, how could he resist the chance to work with someone like Jason?

"Well," Don said, swallowing hard, "I'll give it my best shot." He noticed he had already eaten all the M&M's in his hand. "Mind if I help myself to some more candy?" he asked Jason.

"I was just going to suggest the same thing," Jason said, a cryptic smile on his handsome face. "Would you like something to drink?"

"Sure," Don said. "Anything diet is fine."

"Errrr, that's about the only thing I don't have. How 'bout a regular Pepsi?"

Don shrugged. "Why not?" He had actually always like regular Pepsi better, but had started drinking diet soda to watch his weight. Hmmm. He had forgotten about that particular aspect of quitting smoking. Well, he thought as he sat down to study the policy and procedure books, he was going to be one person who didn't gain weight because of quitting smoking. He didn't notice Jason bring in the dish of candy and plate of cookies, and he didn't notice as he absently began to eat them all, one by one.

Two Weeks Later

Don exhaled deeply and struggled to button his size 32 work pants. He looked at himself in the mirror and sighed. He had bought the larger work pants just a week ago, and already he had grown out of them. He tried really hard to watch what he ate during the day, and was being fairly successful, but when he went to work at night, he just couldn't seem to control himself, and Jason kept bringing extra snacks to work, to "help you get over that withdrawal." Don smiled thinking about the hot young stud he worked with. He had to masturbate almost every night at work because he got so horny being with Jason, close to him, smelling his scent. Don stopped thinking about it or he was going to have to masturbate right now!

Thinking about it made Don realize that Jason still hinted at being interested in him, even with the extra weight he had gained. Although, looking in the mirror again, he admitted that he still had his handsome face. In fact, some of the little fat he had gained there had smoothed out the small wrinkles that had started to appear, making him look younger and better. Most of the weight he had gained had settle in his torso. His arms, legs, and bubble butt looked as good as ever, but his gut and chest had really grown. In fact, he wasn't sure he'd be able to get his shirt buttoned for work tonight.

He had put off buying new work shirts, convinced that he'd be able to keep his weight down. Once it had become evident that he was going to have to admit he'd gain some weight quitting smoking, he had gone to the uniform shop to buy some bigger shirts, and they had been back ordered. They weren't supposed to be in for another 3 days!

"Oh well, time for the moment of truth," he said out loud and got one of his work shirts out of the closet. His shirt had been fairly tight for work Friday night, and he had sworn he was going to work out and really cut down on the calories over the weekend, but some friends that both he and Jason shared had come over Saturday unannounced, bringing tons of high-fat snacks with them to watch with some videos, and then they had taken him out for Fettucine alfredo that night. And then Sunday had been a total loss, what with beer and pizza and more snacks watching the football games. He had stepped on the scale this morning and couldn't believe his eyes. 192#!! He had gained 5 pounds over the weekend. That made a total of 18 pounds in 2 weeks!!!

He eyed his work shirt dubiously. It looked pretty small to him now. In fact all of his clothes looked small to him, like they were made for some kid, not a man his age. Perhaps he had been kidding himself, trying to hold onto some ideal image of himself as a 16 year old boy rather than admitting that he was a man in his late thirties. He pulled on the shirt so far so good, it really fit OK through the shoulders, but then it wasn't his back that had grown, it was his front!

Again, he exhaled deeply, sucked in his gut, pulled tight, and the two sides of the shirt met in front! But only barely. He had to breathe very shallowly, and even so, the shirt gapped between the buttons, football shaped holes of flesh showing through. He had no idea what would happen when he sat down, or if he ate. He had starved himself all day since stepping on the scale, but he now thought better of it. He was going to be ravenous at work, and Jason was sure to have his usual supply of snacks.

He unbuttoned the shirt before sitting down in the car (he had to in order to sit down without popping the buttons) , vowing to be strong and not eat tonight. Even if he was starting to believe he didn't need to have a size 30 waist anymore, he still didn't want to totally blimp out. If he could just hold out at a size 34(which he'd have to buy tomorrow hopefully they weren't back ordered too!), he figured he'd be doing OK. Once the nicotine withdrawal was over, he could always lose the weight later.

When Don walked into the office, his belly straining to escape his shirt and pants, Jason's eyes bulged, and so did his crotch. Don was becoming Soooo hot to Jason, he could barely contain himself. He had done a pretty good job of letting Don know he was interested in him without actually saying so, but it was going to be impossible to do that any longer. Just seeing Don's growing gut was making him so horny it was painful!

Trying to be nonchalant, he said, "Hey Don! How was the week-end?" knowing full well that he had sent some of his friends who knew about his preference for big men over to Don's place to stuff the growing boy's belly for the weekend.

Don patted his gut and said "Before you say another word, I know I look like a sausage that's split its skin, but the uniform shop is out of bigger shirts, and they won't have any more in for 3 days." He sighed. "I guess I didn't realize how much quitting smoking was going to make me gain, and how fast."

"Hey, big guy," Jason said, standing to offer Don his chair, "Don't sweat it. You look fine."

Don shook his head. "No, I don't. I know you're being kind, but no one is going to want me looking like this, and if I gain any more weight in the next three days, I won't be able to button this shirt, and I won't be able to come to work. What am I going to do? Call in and say I'm too fat to come to work?!" He was really upset, almost on the verge of tears.

Jason came over and put his arm around Don's shoulders and led him to the chair. "Hey, Don, it's really going to be OK, you know? C'mon, sit down, relax, and we'll talk about it."

Don turned to him, tears in his eyes, and said with a small sob, "I can't even sit down without unbuttoning my shirt or the buttons will pop off."

Jason say how upset Don was, and realized he was going to have to be honest with him or the poor guy would really lose it, and also start losing weight out of desperation. "Ummm, Don, can I be honest with you? I think the weight you've gained has made you a lot more sexy, not less." Don looked puzzled, and Jason continued. "I've always liked guys with some meat on their bones. I really like it a lot. I actually prefer it to those thin twinks that hang out at the bar."

Don said, "Let me get this straight, if you'll pardon the expression. You actually like me better this way?"

"A lot better! In fact, you're still kinda small for my tastes."

Don didn't say anything for a moment. A lot of things were clicking into place. The way he noticed that Jason got hard watching him eat, and all the snacks that Jason kept around the office for him. "Have you been trying to make me get fat?" he asked in an accusatory tone.

Jason looked a little embarrassed. "Well, let's say that when I saw you starting to gain weight, I didn't exactly discourage it. But as far as forcing you to gain weight, well, it's always been up to you."

"And it's up to me whether I gain any more. What happens if I don't? Would you still want me?"

Jason considered a moment. He thought Don was totally hot looking in that strained shirt, but he did hope he'd get even bigger. "Well," Jason said, beginning to lie, "you aren't quite as meaty as the men I prefer. How much do you weigh now?"

"192," Don groaned, although not as much as he had at home. He had never considered that having a gut could make him a sex object, and he found that the thought kind of appealed to him. "Why? How big would you want me to get?"

"Well," Jason said, searching for a number in his head, "I've never really liked my men less than 210 pounds," he said, lying outrageously. He had never even had the nerve to admit to anyone except his two closest friends about his preferences for guys with big guts, much less date someone with one. Helping someone grow one was like his hottest fantasy realized. "If you were to get that big, I'd really like to start seeing you seriously."

"As in, if I don't gain another 18 pounds, no sex?" Don asked bluntly, a plan beginning to form in his mind.

"Well, I'd hate to call it an ultimatum, but, well, yeah, 210 pounds is my minimum."

"Well, I'll think about it," Don said, nonchalantly. "But what if I do decide to go for it? I can't gain any more weight until I get some bigger work shirts."

"Not to worry," Jason said, salivating at the thought. "I'll cover all of our work in the hospital. You could just sit here in the office and unbutton that shirt, let your gut stretch out and grow. I'll run my buns off, but it would be worth it to help you get up to the minimum weight." The bulge in Jason's tight pants got even bigger, and that helped Don to make his decision. He had always been kind of a size queen, and he found Jason's growing rod irresistible. If you looked at it that way, Jason was just a size queen of a different kind.

Don smiled, a bit mysteriously, and said, "You've got yourself a deal, young man. Now, what have we got to eat tonight? "

Two Weeks Later

Jason ran toward the office, hoping to see Don before his pager went off again. The older guy had certainly taken to gaining with gusto, and was looking sototally hot that Jason almost came in his pants every time he saw him stuffing more food into that seemingly bottomless pit of a gut.

What he couldn't understand was that Don hadn't reached 210 pounds yet. He certainly looked like he had, his belly swelling and hanging over his belt, seemingly more every day, but the scales said he was only at 204 lbs, and he seemed to have plateaued there for the past three days, not matter how much he overfilled that belly with snacks and sweets. He might have suspected that the scale was off, but he weighed himself on it every day, and it was accurate. And also, Don was still wearing the size 34 pants he had bought two weeks ago, and the slightly larger shirts that had finally come in at the uniform shop.

Jason just couldn't understand. The guy looked hotter to him every day. His eyes seemed to tell him that Don was still growing, his belly swelling, but the clothes and scales told him otherwise. He kicked himself for setting that arbitrary weight for the tenth time tonight. Don made him so hot that he wanted to take him right now, in fact, he had for the last two weeks. But he had told the older guy that he wouldn't sleep with him until he was at 210, because that was his minimum weight, and he didn't want to get caught in the lie.

He raced into the office and gasped in lust. Don was sitting in a chair facing him, his shirt unbuttoned, his swollen belly hanging low over his belt, burgeoning with the cakes and pies that Jason had brought in for Don to eat tonight, as well as the huge dinner they had eaten together earlier. In fact, Jason was still hungry because he couldn't help giving most of his dinner to the expanding hunk sitting there before him.

"Hey Stud!" Don said, his mouth full of chocolate cream pie that he was eating straight out of the pie tin. "You've been really busy tonight. Are you sure you don't want me to help you out. Since the larger shirts came in a couple weeks ago, there's no reason I can't get out there and do my share of the work."

"No way," Jason said emphatically. "Until you get past this plateau, I don't want you burning off any more calories. You just sit there and eat, big boy, and let me do the running around." As if on cue, Jason's pager went off, telling him that there was a stopped up toilet on the 7th floor. Jason grinned his boyish grin and rubbed his aching cock through his pants. "Man, you are sooooo Hot! I'll be back as soon as I can, and we'll weigh you for tonight. You just have to have gained a couple pounds, the way we've been feeding you." With that, he turned and ran back down the hall.

Don looked at the retreating bubble butt and smiled lustfully, finishing the last of the pie and reaching for the Big Gulp of regular Pepsi Jason kept constantly filled for him. He took a long swig, then waddled to his feet. If he was going to be weighing in again, it was time to adjust the scale.

He almost felt sorry for Jason. Almost, but not quite. He was still a little ticked off at having his desirability to the boy with the monster-cock determined by some stupid, set in stone number. He stepped up on the scale without re-zeroing it and the digital display read 233"Whew!" Don said to himself. "I really HAVE been packing it on!" He slapped his stuffed belly, liking it's roundness and that semi-sleepy, full feeling gorging always resulted in. He knelt down and took the plate off the back of the scale, his pendulous gut scraping on the floor as he did. "Boy, if I keep gaining at this rate I'm not gonna be able to do this for much longer," he grinned, enjoying the feel of the cool concrete again the lower-most portion of his swollen bread-basket.

A few quick adjustments and he put the plate back on the scale, then re-weighed himself. 206. He grinned again. It was becoming obvious that he had gained a bit of weight, so he decided he'd better let the scale reflect some of that gain. Having seen Jason's long tool struggling again the seam of his pants tonight, and the tell-tale spot of pre-cum that was appearing every time Jason saw Don, he decided that he wasn't going to have to carry on the charade much longer. The boy would break any day now and beg him to have sex, no matter how little the scale said he weighed.

Don re-buttoned his shirt and noticed that it was getting a little tight around the love handles and his growing belly-button. "Time to sew some fake labels into bigger shirts again," he told himself. It wouldn't hurt to do another pair of pants too. He was lucky the uniform shop had them in half sizes. He had found that if he changed to the next half size before they got too tight, and kept his belly absolutely engorged all that day and then all night at work, Jason couldn't tell that he had switched sizes. He had gone from size 34 to size 38 in the two weeks since hatching his plan, and Jason didn't have a clue.

He sat back down and started eating again. He looked around at the food Jason had brought in for him to eat during the week. Let's see, there were 12 pies left, 8 dozen doughnuts, 7 pounds of bulk candy, two dozen brownies, 2 German chocolate cakes (his personal favorite), and assorted turnovers, pastries, cinnamon rolls and other goodies. He surveyed the spread with something akin to lust. He couldn't believe how good it felt to finally let himself go and eat all the things he had denied himself for all those years. And he loved the way his growing gut felt. The more he ate and grew, the more he loved how it felt. The solidness of it was what amazed him most. Some guys got soft and mushy when they gained weight, but not Don. His skin stretched tight over its roundness, and while not as hard as muscle, his gut was a firm ball of gorgeous, gorging flesh.

"Well," he thought to himself, "might as well start packing it away again and wait for my horny stud-muffin to return." It was almost two hours before Jason returned to the office, and Don was asleep in the chair, having made an impressive dent in the goodies surrounding him. His shirt was unbuttoned again, and his belly looked so huge, the skin was stretched so tight, that Jason was sure it would have to burst if Don had put any more in it. Jason looked at the sleeping belly-god and decided right then that he had to have him. Now. He didn't care how little Don weighed. He was so gorgeous, he was so there weren't words to describe how incredibly turned on he was by the sleeping hunk.

He knelt before Don's bulging belly and kissed it. Don moaned softy in his sleep and his eyes fluttered open. He looked at Jason with surprise, and a grin spread over Jason's face. "Hi, handsome."

"Hi yourself," Don said, trying to conceal a triumphant smirk. He had done it! Jason wanted him and didn't care how much or little he weighed. "What's up?"he asked the young stud nonchalantly.

"Oh, just this," Jason said, massaging the twelve inch bulge running down the inside seam of his pants.

"But I thought you wanted me to be at 210 before we could…" Don said innocently.

"To hell with that," Jason said, massaging the tight, gorgeous swell of flesh underneath his hands. "I've been kidding myself. I don't care what your weight is. You're so hot, so incredible, such a GOD, that it doesn't matter what your weight is. I need you, Don. I need you in the worst way."

"Well," Don said, "I'd really like to be able to keep my part of the deal ya' know, weighing 210. How about you feed all of this food and help me get there. I weighed myself while you were gone and I was up to 206. I bet if I eat all of this, I'll get to 210 tonight. I've never had sex with my gut stuffed to bursting, but I bet it feels great."

Jason looked at Don in awe. This was his fantasy come true. A guy that actually wanted him to stuff him full of food until he couldn't move. "Do you think you can really do it?" Jason asked, looking at all of the food still left sitting around the room."

"I certainly want to try," Don said, actually getting even more turned on by the thought of stuffing himself fuller than he ever had been, and he'd been stuffing himself mercilessly lately. "You know, ever since you told me that you want me to gain weight, I actually can't seem to get so full that I can't eat more. It's like part of me is always hungry, starving actually, wanting to fit in just one more pie or carton of ice cream."

"Well, then," Jason said with a big grin, "let the games begin."

The next two hours were a dream come true for both men. Don ate like a man possessed. He actually felt like he was starving. He couldn't eat fast enough. He cheeks bulged with massive bites of pie, cookies, pastries, candy - anything he could get his hands on, and Jason just kept it coming. It was like he was feeding an eating God. Don's belly kept swelling, bigger and rounder, his appetite screaming at him for more, and he could swear that Jason's huge cock was getting bigger too, although he knew that was impossible. But maybe not. He knew that it was unlikely that he really could hold all the food in the room, but maybe the rules of reality had been suspended for tonight, and Jason's cock would continue to grow as long as he continued to eat. All he knew was that hehad to keep eating and getting bigger.

Don's mouth was so full that he couldn't speak he would just point at something else he wanted to eat and Jason would get it and feed it to him. Jason also noticed the swelling in his pants, and was a bit incredulous. It really felt like his dick was growing longer, although he knew that was impossible. Maybe he had just never been this turned on before.

Don's belly ballooned ever larger, spilling across his lap, moving forward toward his knees inexorably, like a glacier. the pants having had to be unbuttoned shortly after the feeding frenzy started. Don had become an eating machine, and pies and cakes were disappearing with increasing speed. He actually started to feel a little panic at the idea of running out of food before he reached his limit, as it began to appear that he didn't have one. All of the bulk candy, the German chocolate cakes and all of the pies were already gone, and Don was eating the last of the cinnamon rolls when that limit was finally reached. We was literally so stuffed that he couldn't move! The only thing left to eat in the room was a small plate of brownies.

Don looked at them and at Jason with lust in his eyes. He was so full it was like a combination of pain and ecstasy. He just didn't have any more room in his prodigious gut. Like Scotty used to say on Star Trek, "You cannot change the laws of physics!" And no matter how much of a belly building god you were, you could only hold so much food. But he wanted to finish it All! And the brownies were his favorite kind, made with lots of fattening sour cream and butter, and covered with tons of gooey chocolate icing.

He looked at Jason's swollen cock, struggling to escape it's confinement in his pants, and he got an idea.

"Jason, come here a minute," he said thickly. He felt like he was drunk on food. Jason came over dutifully and waited before his master. "I'm so full I really feel like my gut is going to explode, and it feels so hot! I just have to finish those brownies, but I'm going to need your help. I want you to take the brownies and make a sandwich out of them and your cock. I know I'll be able to finish them that way." His eyes were pleading at Jason, seeming to say, "Please keep feeding me. Keep feeding me for the rest of my life."

Jason just nodded. He was so horny, so emotionally and sensually overloaded by what he and Don were engaging in that speech was beyond him. He unbuttoned his pants and his engorged cock burst forth, finally free. Jason wasn't sure, but he thought it really did look longer, and fatter. He took the brownies from the plate and lined them up, one on top and one beneath, along the length of his swollen tool, and he ran out of brownies long before he ran out of cock. He was so horny, his cock so sensitive that he felt like he would shoot at any time.

Don also felt that way. Stuffing his gut always turned him on now, and he was so stuffed, so full he had never been this horny. His dick was covered by his bloated gut, and when he moved even slightly, it was like masturbating.

Jason approached with the Cock sandwich, and Don's eyes lit up. It was a good thing Jason's cock was so long. Don could hardly move, and he just leaned back in the chair, letting Jason and his mammoth cock bring the food to his mouth. Don opened wide and Jason inserted the "sandwich" part of the way in. It was so erotic that both men knew they couldn't keep from climaxing for long. Don closed his lips around the set of brownies on the end of the long tool and Jason pulled out, letting Don chew and savor the thick, fattening brownies. Then Jason pushed the next set of brownies to the end of his cock and fed Don again. They repeated this until, by the time all the brownies were gone, both men were in agony from lust and the need for release.

"One more time," was all Don could say, breathing heavily.

"But the brownies are all gone," Jason said.

"I know," Don replied, a glint in his eyes.

Jason came forward slowly, and Don wrapped his lips around the aching, swollen cockhead. Jason had been so horny, for so long, that that was all it took. His back arched, he moaned wildly, and he started cumming, seemingly gallons of white jism rocketing into Don's belly. And that was all it took for Don. That copious amount of salty fluid in his engorged, swollen gut pushed him over the edge of ecstasy, and he began cumming too, although neither of them could see, because his dick was buried underneath the immense swell of his belly. Their coordinated climax seemed to last forever, and Jason finally collapsed on top of Don's belly, sighing with a satisfaction he had never known.

He looked up into Don's eyes and said, "You realize that I'm yours forever now."

Don smiled, thinking of all the days and meals they had ahead of them. "Well, let's finish out the shift, and then I think you'd better go home and start packing. If we're really going to fatten me up, I think I'll want you at my place all the time."

Jason sighed and rested his cheek again Don's belly. Sometimes dreams really did come true. The rumble of hunger that came from Don's gut startled them both, and then they smiled at each other, knowing what would happen again, and soon. Don wanted to readjust the scale and surprise Jason, but he decided that could wait. He was hungry again.

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