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Damien Zamora walked the halls of Jefferson High School after his last class for the day with a confident bounce in his step. His dark skin contrasted with the white T-shirt he wore tucked into the 30-inch waist of a pair of slightly baggy 505 jeans. He would have preferred to be wearing skintight 501's to better show off his 5'11", 190 pound body, but he had to make some concession to today's fashion. He noticed small cliques of teenage girls stop and whisper or sigh as he passed by, and the knowledge that he inspired their admiration brought a small smile to his lips. He only wished that some of the cute boys would notice him like that.

Damien had transferred to Jefferson in the middle of the fall semester, too late to join the football team, a sport which he had excelled at when attending his previous school, and therefore he felt like a sort of non-entity, not really in his accustomed niche. He was friendly, easy going, and certainly easy on the eyes, but he hadn't yet found a place where he fit in the new school. He figured that it would be best to just train hard this fall, and go out for spring training next semester and try to secure a place for himself on the team for his junior year.

He figured once the coaches saw what he could do, he would be a shoo-in to make the team. He only wished his love life was as easily planned.

Things had been much easier in San Diego. Being gay had been no big deal there, but here in western Oregon things were much different.

Intellectually he understood that when his Mom had been offered a chance to become the VP of Nursing at a small rural hospital, it was the chance for her to advance her career that she had been waiting for, and that she had to jump at it, but deep inside he felt that his feelings really hadn't been considered at all in making her decision. But done was done, and here they were in Baker City, Oregon, and he had might as well make the best of it. As he walked out of the high school to the parking lot he sighed, wishing that being gay wasn't so taboo here.

Corey Monroe sighed and wished the same thing as he watched Damien walk across the parking lot. He had noticed the muscular, dark-skinned jock the first day he had come to Jefferson last week, and had been dreaming about him ever since, but had been too shy to go up and introduce himself. While also in the closet to everyone in town, Corey had spent enough summers in bigger cities with gay communities to develop some gaydar, and Damien had set his off like no one else! He just wished that the new boy had a little more meat on his frame. He thought it was kind of weird, but he was really attracted to boys and men with big bellies. He watched as Damien dropped his car keys and bent to retrieve them. Corey stared as the loose 505's got tight when Damien bent over.

What a butt! Corey also wished that the rage in teenage fashion was skin-tight jeans instead of the baggy "grunge" look. He watched a moment longer as Damien climbed into a black '95 Toyota pickup, then jumped into his own red 'yota and sped home to change for work.

Corey's family owned a small farm on the outskirts of town, but were really town folk: his mom a paralegal for a firm in town, and his dad owned several small shops, one of which Corey worked at after school--a Baskin Robbins. Corey was grateful that his family could afford to hire help to do the majority of the farm work, because the blonde 16 year-old's 5'10", 150-pound frame just wasn't made for manual labor, and he would have hated to miss seeing the young farm workers come in an pork out on ice cream.

Corey had been aroused by men with big bellies since he had first been sexually aware. In fact, his first memory of masturbation had found him fantasizing about a young stud muffin that worked on the farm stuffing his gut and getting fatter. And Corey had done his part to make it come true by offering the lanky laborer free ice cream whenever he had come into the store. But unfortunately the farm-hand had a blast-furnace metabolism and had never gained an ounce. Corey felt his cock getting hard just thinking about it. If only he could get Damien to somehow start gaining. Corey just knew that the hunky young Latino was gay, and being that Corey could have doubled for either of the famous Brewer twins, he figured that he wouldn't have too much trouble convincing Damien that they could enjoy each other's company, among other things...

Corey sighed as he pulled into the driveway and shook his head. Damien was a high school jock, and one who obviously spent a lot of time working out. There was probably no chance of him ever putting on a gut, at least not while they were in high school. The slender blond trudged into the empty house, shedding clothes on the way to his bedroom where he changed for work and left, feeling more than a bit depressed.

Damien finished his free weight work-out in his room and sat up, dissatisfied. Without a spotter, he just couldn't really push it like he had been used to in San Diego, and he couldn't get that pump that made him feel on top of the world. But he hadn't been here long enough to meet anyone he'd feel comfortable asking to help him work out, not to mention that he was afraid that whoever he might ask would think that he was gay. Most of the football jocks worked out in the weight room at school; he was afraid that asking one over to work out at his house might be eyed suspiciously. He knew he was probably just being paranoid, but being the new kid at school, he didn't want to take any chances.

Toweling himself off, Damien wandered into the kitchen. His Mom would be working late, as usual, and so dinner was on his own. He started by dialing the Pizza Hut and ordering a large Stuffed Crust Meat Lover's to be delivered, with a double order of cheese bread. Since he was trying to bulk up this fall, he didn't worry too much about the extra fat, and he had never really had trouble keeping his body fat percentage down anyway. Hanging up the phone, Damien wished that he had thought to order before his workout. He was REALLY hungry, and didn't want to wait the 45 minutes it would take for the pizza to get there.

He started scrounging through the fridge, but nothing really looked good to him, even as hungry as he was. He opened the freezer and smiled. A whole gallon of Mint Chocolate Chip ice cream stared him in the face.

His Mom didn't usually buy sweets, being that she had been a cardiac nurse before she had become an administrator, but sometimes she splurged, knowing that she did have a growing teenage boy, and Damien was glad she had. Ice cream was his big weakness; he just couldn't say no to it. Grabbing a large cereal bowl, he piled it high with his favorite flavor and went into his bedroom and sat down at the computer.

This would tide him over until the pizza got there.

Damien double-clicked on the Free Agent icon and started connecting to the local Internet service provider. He thanked the stars that at least the small rural town had access to the 'net. Unfortunately, the connection was notoriously slow, and he had finished his bowl of ice cream by the time it had finished retrieving all of the headers for his subscribed newsgroups. He knew he shouldn't have another bowl; the pizza would be here soon, but he was so hungry, and it was so good, he couldn't help himself. Once back from the kitchen, he started scanning the headers, marking the ones he wanted for retrieval. He reached alt.binaries.pictures.erotica.male and a big grin stretched across his face. A whole series of Kevin Dean pics! And it looked like they were ones he had never seen before. Damien had a serious thing for the big-dicked twink, and almost shook as he marked the articles for retrieval.

Finishing with his subscribed groups, he switched to look at new groups.

Sometimes his ISP would get access to a previously unavailable group, and a teenage boy on a quest for porn didn't want to miss any opportunities. Hmmmm. Alt.binaries showed nothing new. Alt.sex. What was that one? Alt.sex.weight-gain? He wondered what was sexual about weight-gain. Damien shrugged. Well, maybe next time there would be something worth subscribing to. He finished the second bowl and sat back, satisfied for the moment. He clicked on the icon to "retrieve marked article bodies" and waited to see what new treasures or duds he had chosen. Just as the program started retrieving his articles, the doorbell rang, and Damien looked out the window, then ran downstairs to get his pizza. Unfortunately, the delivery guy was a girl.

Damien sat back down at the computer an hour later, groaning. He didn't remember ever being this full! He normally flat stomach was now round from all the food he had eaten. In addition to scarfing down the large pizza, cheese bread, and two large glasses of milk, he hadn't been able to help himself and had finished off the rest of the ice cream. He absently rubbed him stomach, feeling horny for some reason; probably in anticipation of the new Kevin Dean jpegs. He skipped right to those and started uudecoding the images, getting hornier and hornier as each new image appeared on the screen. It looked like Kevin had been working out, and was finally getting some muscle on his previously scrawny frame.

Damien set his jpeg viewer to slideshow and started playing all of the new pics in succession, over and over (full screen, of course). The young latino had never been this turned on in his life! He pulled his engorged cock out of his shorts. It was difficult to do because his belly was so swollen, but, somehow, that just added to the intensity of his arousal. He started jacking off as he drank in each image, his other hand rubbing circles over his bloated gut, faster and faster, increasing his arousal with each pass. "Oh, jeezus!" Damien almost screamed. He had never experienced Anything like this! Faster and faster his hand raced around his belly, and his other hand jerked his cock wildly as more and more intense sensations than he had ever felt rocked his body. Damien wanted to scream, and some sort of animal moan or howl came from his throat as he came like he had never come before, splattering his face and mouth with the salty liquid, which, mingled with the taste of the ice cream in his mouth, made the final throes of his orgasm even more intense.

Damien sat back in the chair, stunned. What had happened to him? He absently wiped the cum from his face and spread it in circles over his swollen gut. Man! Those were some Great pictures! Nothing he had seen had ever affected him like that before. He stood shakily and wandered off to his shower, and then took a nap.

Damien woke up a couple hours later, still amazed at how those Kevin Dean pics had affected him. He was also a little hungry, which surprised him, considering how much he had eaten for dinner, but even more than that, he was horny! He went to the computer and loaded the slideshow on his viewer again. He started masturbating, each picture flowing into the next, with Kevin's prominently huge dick enticing him.

But somehow, it wasn't the same. He came quickly, attesting to how horny he had been, but the orgasm wasn't even close to as intense as it had been earlier. He sat there, wiping the cum off with a sock, almost depressed that the pictures didn't have the desired effect on him. Why hadn't he cum as intensely this time. There was nothing different except.....his stomach wasn't stuffed.

Damien sat back, the possibility making him hard even though he had just cum less than a minute ago. Could that really be it? He looked at the clock. 10:30. Damn! His mom would be home soon, and she'd be on his case to get to bed. He wouldn't be able to test his theory until after school tomorrow. His groin ached with need, but he just couldn't do anything until then. He got dressed and went downstairs to watch Letterman and wait for his Mom to get home, excited about his new discovery, or at least what he hoped he had discovered.

Corey sat waiting in his truck, watching for Damien to come out of the building after school the next day. He felt ridiculous, but for some reason he just had to follow the Latino stud home. He had it bad, and he knew it. Normally, that flat stomach would be a total turn off for Corey, but there was something about Damien that intrigued him, but he couldn't put his finger on it.

Like clockwork, Damien came out the back door and ran to his pickup, seemingly in a hurry. Corey started his ignition the same instant Damien started his, and slowly pulled out of the parking lot, trying to make sure that he stayed far enough behind that the hot stud wouldn't notice he was being followed. It wasn't hard to stay behind; in fact, Corey almost lost Damien's truck twice since he was driving so fast.

Then Damien suddenly decelerated and pulled up in front of...the grocery store? Why would he be in such a rush to buy groceries?

Corey sat frozen with indecision as he watched Damien climb out of his pickup. Should he follow him inside, or just wait for him to come out?

Normally Corey would have chosen the better part of valor and waited, but the aching in his crotch wouldn't be denied. He just HAD to see what Damien was doing. He jumped out of his red pickup and ran toward the store, suddenly glad that his jeans weren't skin tight. If they had been, everyone inside would have been able to see the raging hard-on he had Getting inside, he swore silently. Damn! He couldn't see Damien anywhere. He started walking down aisles, hoping to catch a glimpse of the hot stud, but no luck. He decided to go back to his truck and wait for Damien to come out of the store, and turned around and WHAM! Ran right into Damien.

"Uhh, Sorry," was all Corey could stutter.

"No problem," Damien said, and quickly looked Corey's body up and down, then grinned, "No problem at all."

Corey just stood in stunned silence as Damien walked off pushing a cart full of chips, dip, chocolate milk and 2 gallons of mint chocolate chip ice cream. But Corey wasn't thinking about the food just then. "He cruised me," he said to himself in gleeful shock. "He cruised me!" Corey considered following Damien home, but decided that the run in at the store was pushing it about as far as he wanted to for the day. As he walked out of the store he looked and noticed Damien at the checkout stand, then looked quickly away. But not before he got a second look at everything in Damien's cart. So he liked ice cream, eh? Corey smiled as he walked out to his car. There had to be a way to put that little bit of information to work for him.

Damien rushed out of the store, threw the three large bags of junk food into the back of his truck, wincing at the amount of money it had just cost him for his experiment. Being that his mom carefully monitored the purchases he made with her credit card, he'd had to use his own money.

There was no way she'd let him get away with using her money to buy what she considered unhealthy food.. But it'd be worth it if he was right.

He peeled out of the parking lot and made it home in record time, rushed inside and got everything that needed freezing in the freezer. Then he ran up to his room, put on a pair of 30-inch waist cut-off 501's, and then back downstairs to test his theory.

First Damien grabbed a super-size bag of Doritos, a tub a clam dip, and a huge glass of chocolate milk and sat down at the coffee table in front of the TV. He knew the combination sounded disgusting, but it had been one of his favorite snacks for as long as he could remember. He clicked on WBN in time to see the start of Animaniacs. Great! And next would be Pinky & the Brain! He polished off the Doritos and dip before the first commercial. There was something urgent, almost primal in his desire to get his gut stuffed to see if his theory was right. He made a quick trip into the kitchen and grabbed the first gallon of ice cream.

Looking at it, he realized it had been ridiculous to buy two gallons.

There was no way he could eat both of them. He'd be lucky to finish one. "Oh well," he said grinning. "No guts, no glory!" He didn't realized the he had just made a pun that would very soon change his life.

He returned to the coffee table with a spoon and the first gallon and tore into it with a big grin. His hands became a blur, stuffing the cool creaminess into his mouth, his cheeks swelling as he swallowed the melting goodness as fast as he could. Something inside of him screamed "More!" and he complied, doubling and redoubling his efforts to get as much into his belly as possible, stopping only occasionally when Mindy and Buttons or Goodfeathers got too funny to resist hysterical laughter.

Nonetheless, by the end of Animaniacs, he had finished the first gallon of ice cream. He leaned back moaning, not knowing if the sensation coming from his distended gut was pain or pleasure.

He looked down at his belly, the skin stretched tight over its rounded form. His cut-off 501's were tighter than they had ever been, but for some reason he enjoyed their tightness, his belly pushing against their unyielding constriction. He examined his belly's roundness and decided he wasn't yet as stuffed as he had been the previous night, and figured it wouldn't be a valid experiment unless he duplicated the conditions exactly. He hoisted himself up, walked into the kitchen and grabbed the 2nd gallon of Mint Chocolate Chip, his distended belly leading the way.

He rubbed it absently on his way back to the TV, enjoying the sensation.

He tore into the second gallon with gusto, amazed at his hunger. Over the next half-hour he crammed more of the sweet ice cream into his mouth and gut than he would have believed possible, his belly continuing to swell larger and larger. Yet as much as he consumed, there was an insatiable demand for more, coupled with a growing sensation of horniness in his groin. He finally scooped the last of the ice cream out of the container, swallowed it, and leaned back moaning, although this time he was sure that it was pleasure, not pain.

He looked down at his swollen belly, amazed at its size. He rubbed its surface, and little sparks of pleasure echoed in his groin. He had never been so turned-on in his life! He hoisted himself up, his huge gut throwing his balance off, and he staggered to his room to sit before the computer, massaging his belly and his crotch at the same time. He started his viewer and set up the slideshow with the new Kevin Dean pics, ripping open his cut-offs and starting to jack himself off.

He was a mass of trembling pleasure, the sensations absolutely incredible, and he rubbed his gut in increasingly frenzied circles, his other hand moving up and down his cock faster and faster. He almost didn't even look at the pictures of the big-dicked twink on the computer screen, his attention was so fixed on the sensations coming from his gut and his groin. His breathing was fast and ragged, and he knew he was going to cum. A hoarse yell escaped his throat as pure pleasure exploded in his brain. He came and came, more than he ever had before, his orgasm seeming to last forever. Damien's head thrashed as he experienced pleasure like he had known only once before, the previous night. Finally, it was over, and he sat, panting, as he rubbed the sticky cum over the surface of his bloated gut, his body glowing with pleasure.

"Well," he thought to himself, "now I know it works." He considered the rest of the junk food down in the kitchen and grinned. He just had to do this again. He hoisted himself out of the chair and waddled downstairs to claim his prize.


The next couple of weeks brought some changes for Damien. The first was that he noticed that eating anything made him hornier than sin. But he found that if he ate just a normal meal and then masturbated, the sensation wasn't even close to what he had experienced, and he wanted that experience again. As often as possible. He stuffed himself in the cafeteria at lunch, eating enough for four boys his age, and then would waddle off to an empty bathroom, find a stall, and jack off, rubbing his distended gut and experiencing the pleasures that only stuffing his belly full would give to him.

Two other things happened in those weeks. The first was that his clothes were getting tight. His constant eating of high-fat foods was starting to show up on his waistline. He continued to work out, and he seemed to be getting even stronger, but he just couldn't work out enough to make up for all the calories he was consuming. He had stepped on the scales the second Friday morning and couldn't believe his eyes. 214 pounds! He had also tried early in the week stuffing himself with the food his mom had around the house, so he wouldn't have to buy all that extra food, but he found that even if he stuffed himself as full as he could get, the intensity of the orgasm just wasn't the same unless the foods he crammed his gut full with were high in fat, and his mom never kept that sort of stuff in the house.

And so he found himself broke. He had asked his mom for an advance on his allowance, but she had told him that she wanted him to learn to budget his money, and that his allowance was sufficient to allow him to do the normal things a teenage boy wanted to do. And she was right, but he wasn't a normal teenage boy, he told himself. He knew a secret that none of them did, and he needed more food than he could afford to buy.

The changes in Damien didn't go unnoticed by Corey, and they drove him wild with possibilities. Every day it seemed that his gut bulged out a little bit more, that his shirts and pants were a little bit tighter, and finally, unable to stand sitting back while Damien got more and more gorgeous, Corey had to act. After school he waited for Damien in the parking lot. He saw Damien walking out to his truck, his jacket stretched tight across his belly, looking a bit despondent. Corey gathered up his courage and walked up to the gorgeous Latin hunk.

"Um, hi," Corey said, locking eyes with Damien. "I think we ran into each other in the grocery store last week."

Damien remembered Corey, and wondered why he hadn't acted on his attraction before now. The young blonde Brewer-twin look-alike was certainly cruising the hell out of him. "Yeah, I remember," Damien said, depressed even more because it reminded him that he couldn't afford to go buy anything to stuff himself with for another 4 days, and masturbating without stuffing himself full of fat-filled foods paled so much in comparison that it was hardly worth it. "How have you been?"

"Oh, not too bad," Corey said nonchalantly, although inside he was screaming with excitement. "Umm, I noticed in the grocery store that you had a bunch of ice cream in your cart. Do you like it?"

Damien's cock suddenly snapped to attention. "Yeah!" he said, more excited than he had meant to. "I love it."

"Well," Corey said tentatively, "I work at my Dad's Baskin Robbins downtown. If you want, you could stop in for some ice cream anytime-all you can eat, my treat."

Damien couldn't believe his ears! This was the answer to his problems, and possibly the start of something else. Damien smiled, and Corey's knees went weak. "Well, thanks, and I'll take you up on it, uhhh..." he faltered, not knowing Corey's name.

"Corey. Corey Monroe," the young blonde offered, grinning.

"I'm Damien. Zamora. And thank you very much. I'd love to stop by and, uh, sample things..." he said suggestively.

This last was finally too much for Corey, and he said, "I'm gonna ask you something, and if it offends you I'm really sorry, but are you gay?"

Damien smiled that devastating smile and replied, "Yes. And I take it you are too?" Corey nodded affirmatively. "Well, I'm glad that's out of the way," Damien said, the bulge in his crotch growing even larger for Corey to notice, which he did. "Are you working tonight? Alone?"

Corey smiled archly. "Yep, to both. in fact, I need to leave to get to work now. Want to follow me there?"

"I can't think of anything I'd rather do," Damien said, and meant it.

"You may want to rethink your offer of all I can eat, though. I can really put away a lot."

"Oh, I don't think that'll be a problem," Corey said, getting even hornier as they walked to their trucks.

They drove like maniacs from the High School to the Baskin Robbins, both glad that there was little traffic, and each concentrating mainly on his throbbing groin. Damien waited in his truck while Corey relieved the girl who had worked the day shift, then, after she left, tried to walk casually into the store. Corey escorted him back to the storage room, where there was a large recliner and a small TV set.

"You watch TV while you work?" Damien asked, taking off his jacket, which he was finding harder to zip up these days.

"Yeah," Corey said, moving behind Damien and beginning to massage his shoulders. "In the fall, the store really isn't very busy. When the weather's cold like this, people don't think of getting ice cream. So hopefully," he said, turning Damien around and kissing him lightly, "we won't be interrupted." He couldn't believe how calm he felt, how right being with Damien seemed.

Damien returned the kiss, their arms locking around each other, and soon both were breathing heavily. Corey moved to pull Damien's shirt off, but the young Latino stopped him.

"What's the matter?" Corey asked, concerned that he had done something wrong.

Damien looked embarrassed. "Well, it's just that I've recently, uh, gained some weight, and I'm afraid you won't like how I look without my shirt on."

Corey smiled reassuringly. "Damien, I've been attracted to you since the first moment I saw you. But since you've put on some weight, you're even more attractive to me than you were before." Now it was Corey's turn to be uncomfortable, and he said softly, "I've always been attracted to men with, well, a bit of a gut. Does that bother you?"

Damien couldn't believe what he was hearing. Here was someone who wanted him like he was now, and probably would even if he gained more weight, which was likely, being as how he had no intentions to quit stuffing his gut. "You mean you like me more now with this belly than you did when I looked like a Calvin Klein model?" he asked incredulously.

Corey stepped closer to Damien. "Let me show you just how much more." He slowly peeled Damien's white t-shirt over his head, then kneeled to kiss his belly. Sensations of pure pleasure shot through Damien's body as Corey kissed and massaged the bulge hanging over his jeans, and he moaned in response. Corey looked up at Damien's face. "I take it you like this?" It wasn't a question.

"Uh huh," Damien managed to get out. He was dizzy, and he moved to sit down in the recliner. Corey grabbed a jar of chocolate syrup and dribbled some on Damien's gut, and then slowly started licking it off.

New sensations shot through Damien's body and worked their way to his groin. He shuddered and said, "Where did you learn to do that?"

Corey grinned sheepishly and said, "Actually, I've never done it before, it's just something I've wanted to do, ever since I saw you."

Damien closed his eyes. "Mmmmm, well you can keep that up forever." He sat back and enjoyed the sensations as Corey licked every trace of chocolate from his bulging gut. This also had the effect of making Corey even hornier, and he moved to unbutton Damien's jeans, but again, the Latino hunk stopped him.

"Ummm," Damien said hoarsely, "could we wait until after I've had some ice cream?" He looked uncomfortable again.

"Uh, sure," Corey replied, disappointed, because he was hornier at this moment than he had ever been in his life, "but why?"

Damien grimaced. "Well, this is going to sound weird, but, Oh, hell-just say it, Damien. Getting off with my gut stuffed is the most intense experience I've ever had. Nothing else compares to it. And I'd like to do that with you."

Corey's jaw dropped. This man was his fantasy come true! "Well, then," the young blond grinned, "let's get you something to eat. Name your poison," he said as he motioned toward the ice cream freezer.

"Mint Chocolate Chip," Damien said without a moment's hesitation, his mouth already watering. As Corey reached in to find the requested flavor, Damien said, hesitantly, "You know, ever since I discovered this secret, I've been putting on weight," and he absently rubbed his belly, "and I think it's pretty likely that I'm going to put on more. Is that going to be a problem?"

Corey dropped the 3-gallon container of ice cream he had been holding.

He turned around, eyes wide. "Are you kidding? You know I like a man with a gut, and if yours grows bigger, well then I'll be even more attracted to you, and probably horny all the time, although that wouldn't be so different from now," he said grinning. "So, no, it's not a problem at all." He picked up the container and set it in on the small table next to the chair. "Dinner is served."

Damien sat back in the large recliner, and Corey began feeding him.

"Mmmmm," Damien moaned in ecstasy, and Corey felt a spot of pre-cum seep onto his own Calvins. They continued, Corey massaging his belly and feeding the hunk of his dreams, while Damien wolfed down the ice cream as fast as Corey could feed him.

The bell on the front door jingled, startling them, and Corey whispered, "Keep eating, I'll be back in a minute."

While Corey waited on the customer, Damien shoveled the rich, creamy delight into his mouth and gut faster and faster, his actions frenzied in their urgency. After several minutes of non-stop eating, he undid the top two buttons of his jeans and sighed with relief as his gut expanded into the round ball that had been held back by the constricting denim. He gorged himself constantly, getting more and more aroused with each heaping spoonful. He had come close to finishing the 3-gallon container by the time Corey returned, informing Damien that he had locked the front door.

Corey stopped and gazed at Damien in awe. The young Latino's gut was a truly wonder to behold. It actually looked as if he had swallowed a large beach ball. His smooth brown skin was stretched taught across the bulging expanse of his gut, and the swollen firmness underneath was incredibly erotic to the blond twink. He returned to his position on one arm of the chair and fed Damien the rest of the container, Damien eating as fast as he could, moaning and occasionally demanding "more," or "faster," to which Corey happily complied. When Damien's gut was stuffed fuller than he had ever thought possible, he had Corey help him off with his pants and underwear, and then Corey began giving him the blowjob of his life.

Damien could not believe the intensity of the sensations assaulting his mind. This was better than anything he had ever experienced. Corey was really an expert, and his stuffed gut just made it more sensational.

Damien knew that he wouldn't be able to hold out for long, and he wanted something else. He bent over and kissed Corey on the forehead, interrupting his masterful work on Damien's cock, and then the horny Latino tipped the recliner back and raised his legs in invitation.

Corey quickly stripped off the rest of his clothes and grabbed a condom from his wallet, then entered slowly, gradually pressing his own flat stomach to Damien's swollen one, while Damien gasped and began masturbating, enjoying the sensation of increased fullness. This was Corey's first time as a "top," and he couldn't believe the amazing feelings spreading through his groin to the rest of his body, made even more intense because he was coming into contact with that gorgeous swollen belly with each thrust. Both young men were so horny by this time that they were almost animalistic in their lovemaking. Moaning in pleasure, Corey held onto Damien's bloated gut while he thrust, and Damien began to thrash his head with pleasure. As horny and aroused as they were, it didn't take long for them to reach climax in unison, hoarse yells escaping both of their throats at the same time.

Corey collapsed next to Damien in the recliner, totally spent. They kissed long and hard, and then relaxed in the comfort of each other's arms. Corey played with Damien's belly, spreading the cum around and enjoying the young Latino's moans of pleasure at the attention to his swollen gut. They spent the next hour like that, caressing each other, kissing, and laughing as they watched Animaniacs together, after Corey had briefly left Damien's arms to turn on the TV. It was the most perfect time either of them had ever experienced. And both smiled while cuddling some more, realizing that there were 51 more flavors to try.

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