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The 35 pound summer

Freshman year had not been kind to Dan's waistline. In the fight between his frequent trips to the gym and his love of beer and pizza, the pizza was wining. He was a solid solid 20 heavier in June than when he graduated in June. At 5'9" and 190 he was his biggest ever. He just couldn't help himself when a pizza and six pack was in front of him. It drove him crazy. While his parents had kind of accepted it when he came out, they were perfectionists. Any thing less then an A in the hardest course or the lack of perfect physical form was just unacceptable. The chubbier he got, the crazier it made him.

His boyfriend Jim wasn't helpful. Jim.was a big boy him self – 230 and 5'9". But Jim enjoyed his flesh and made no effort to hide it. Dan had dated other guys but, even though he found Jim a little chubby for his tastes, he was also one of the greatest lays on campus. And a nice, smart guy to boot. Even at large state campus, finding a nice guy who was also good in bed wasn't easy. So, Dan stayed with Jim and alternated hard workouts in the gym which he would then throw away at the next party. He'd always plan to watch the stuff he ate, but by the third beer he'd alternate stuffing himself silly and making out with Jim. The next morning, he'd drag his sorry, hungover ass to the gym to try to undo the damage. Jim would laughly softly when he saw Dan crawl out of bed and would then turn over and go back to sleep.

For the summer, he had gotten a job doing grounds maintenance at a resort. The place had a great gym, which the staff was allowed to use in off hours so he thought that he'd use the time away to get his six pack back. Then, as Jim had graduated, he could go back to school and find a gay guy who would insist that he keep himself in shape.

The first two weeks at the job went pretty well. While there was a lot of food around, he kept his willpower. He hadn't met any other gay guys to hang out with so he spent most of his time working or in the gym. After a year of regular sex with Jim's fat ass, he was a really horny but it was decent money and he had the occasional weekend off. After the first week, he lost two pounds and his 33 inch jeans, which he'd refused to get rid of, weren't cutting of his circulation for the first time in months.

Then he met Billy. Dan had been at one of the staff parties, bored as hell watching all the breeders try to hook up, when Billy walked up to him.. Billy was gorgeous, blond and beautiful strong arms bulging out of his t shirt and fantastic legs. He was also huge. He was 6"1 and must have been pushing 275. He introduced himself with a kiss and Dan's pent up hormones went wild. That kiss, those lips. They talked for a while and Billy told him that he was working as a cook for the summer and went to culinary school during the year. He laughed as he said that he loved the job but he had put on 30 pounds last summer. He had no willpower and he loved his own cooking. And most other people's.

After a few more beers, they walked back to the staff housing, Dan with an absolutely raging hardon wondering why he always wound up to with the fat boys. When they got back, Billy wasted no time ripping off dan's clothes and fucking him silly. Billy was gorgeous naked, his beautiful belly driving Dan wild. After two hours of being just hammered, Dan let go with the greatest orgasm of his life.. And when he looked back to that moment years later he realized that that was the moment he realized that he liked fat men. Really, really fat men. That fat turned him on in a major way.

Of course, years of conditioning made it impossible for him to accept it all at once. As they lay in bed, Billy turned on the light and got out some beers. Dan, wondering what hit him, gladly accepted. He needed to calm down. But then came the brownie. The pot brownie. Dan avoided weed because it gave him a severe case of the munchies. The thing was, that brownie was the best he'd ever tasted and before he knew it he'd had three. 

He looked at billy, his head starting to buzz and then started giggling as the high started to come on. Billy, just smiled, and laughingly said, "want another?" at which point Dan proceeded to polish off another dozen and then fall asleep.

The next morning, he woke up next to Billy, remembering the hot sex but also remembering the pig he'd made of himself. He was certain the pounds he'd worked so hard to lose we're right back on his gut. He started pulling himself out of bed but Billy wasn't Joe. Where Joe would simply turn over, Billy said where arre you going and pulled him right back into bed where he proceeded to fuck him silly. By the time they were done, it was time for Dan to get to work so his workout was gone.

During the day, Dan's mind reeled. And not just from the pot and the beer and the sex. He was floored at his raw animal attraction to Billy. He thought about seeing him all day long. And every cookie, every sandwich he saw was just agony.

That night, on the way back from work he stopped by to speak to Billy. He absolutely wanted to be fucked again like that but nights like that would turn him into a mound of flesh in no time. At the kitchen, Billy saw him and they walked outside at which point Billy just took him and deeply kissed him. He pushed him away. He told him that the sex was hot and as the only two gay guys around they should enjoy each other. But he also told him that he was trying to lose weight so could he please not do the pot brownie thing again. Billy told him sure but laughed.

The agreement worked well for a week. The sex was hot and Dan managed to maintain his weight. He realized his attraction for Billy growing day by day. He couldn't get the feeling of all that flesh out of his mind. Hottest of all was watching Billy stuff his face. The boy could eat and watching him turned Dan's dick rock hard. The fat was becoming an obsession. Every cookie, every sandwich he saw became an object of lust. Even with frequent sex with Billy, he was ready all day for more and he couldn't take it.

So he made a deal with himself. He thought that if he let himself indulge just for the summer, he'd put on a few extra pounds. Then he'd be back at college and be able to get the weight off.

So, the next night after another amazing organism, he turned to billy and said,"any cookies?" Billy laughed and took out a plate of a dozen chocolate chipped that he'd baked that day. While Dan had planned on just a little indulgence, ending years of repression was like letting the genie out of the bottle. Dan ate a dozen cookies and polished it off with three beers. And that was just the start. Extra pancakes at breakfast, cookies at break, burgers at lunch, more snacks, big dinners, and 10Pm extra burger and fries. He ate continuously. The one day off a week they got, he spent eating. 

He still worked out and while his gut was really starting to bulge, he was also getting stronger so he was pretty happy. His max bench press was up to 300 and Billy had admired his bulging arms. Still, he avoided the scale. The last vestige of all those years of physical perfectionism. If he didn't look at the number, he could convince himself that he'd only put on a few pounds. That he wasn't over 200. While he loved the food and the sex, he still wanted to believe that he wasn't that fat. He'd wore mostly sweats as his size 33s wouldn't come close to closing. He spent most of his days working with his shirt off so if his shirts were tighter, he spent enough time naked or half naked that he could deny it. 

But one day in the gym, he wanted to know. In a month he couldn't be up more than 10 pounds. He was still planning after all to take it off when he got back to school so he wanted to know the challenge he faced. So, he set the big weight to 150 and started pushing the small . He hit 200 and clearly it was still way to light. Readjusting, it finally balanced at 206.

206 pounds. 16 pounds in one month. And then something amazing happened. He didn't care. He wasn't embarrassed. He wanted more. For years, he had dreaded the scale, trying to keep it under control. Now, clearly way out of control, he just wanted it higher.

The last month continued as a blur of fucking, eating and working out. He bought gainer shakes to add to his drinks. He ate entire containers of ice cream at night in bed. His afternoon snacks turned into second and third lunches. And still he worked out and his arms and ass bulged if not as much as his gut. On the last day before he went back to college, he again got on the scale. 225. Thirty five pounds in two months. Billy kissed him one last time and wished him well with his diet, all the while grinning ear to ear. 

225. 35 pound in two months. An awesome two months. He liked it. He liked the gut. He loved the sex. And he liked eating. A lot. He never wanted to be so big that he couldn't be active. But he didn't feel a drive to take it off. 

The one thing he knew was that he needed new jeans and a few new shirts. He couldn't wear sweats all day and have his t shirts ride up in class. He decided he'd buy just a few new pairs and then take it from there. If he stayed big, he wouldn't get much bigger. Or so he thought.

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