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The Deal
You'd never think to look at me now that I used to be a skinny little 
kid. It all started as a simple deal between two kids in the school 
lunch room...

I'm mindin' my own business, waitin' in the lunch line at school when 
this real fat kid, Berry, comes up to me and says, "Hey, Joey. How 'bout 
I trade my lunch for your lunch money. Then you won't have to stand in 
line or nuthin'?" I ask him how come he want's to trade his lunch and he 
explains that his mom is a great cook and he's trying to lose weight but 
if he starts eating her cooking he won't be able to stop till he eats 
the whole thing. I hate waiting in line so I figure, sure, why not. So I 
give Berry my lunch money and he gives me his lunch.

I go sit down and start in eating. Man! he wasn't kidding either. Home 
made lassania and this great italian bread and this big thermos of 
chocolate milk. I'm about half finished and getting pretty full when 
Barry waddles over with his tray of school slop. He sits down next to me 
and starts picking at the tasteless food in his plate. He takes a bite 
and looks at me. "Joey, you ain't stoppin' are you? You gotta eat the 
whole thing or I'll eat it and man! I can't lose any weight if I do." 
So, I let my belt out a notch and try my best to finish it off. Finally 
I finish, Berry is finished too. I am so stuffed though I can barely get 

This goes on every day. I've noticed that as the days go by, it gets 
easier to finish Berry's lunch. Infact I'm getting to where I'm looking 
forward to it. No telling what great food his mom has fixed. One day 
toward the end of the first month Berry proudly announces, "Joey! I lost 
5 pounds! First time I ever lost! Thanks, man." And me? I'd gained 5 
pounds. I wasn't not fat or anything but just not the skinny stick I 
was. My ribs didn't show anymore and there is just the slightest lapover 
at my waist.

Then I start noticing that it seems like the lunches are getting bigger. 
I ask Berry about it and he says, "Mom, finally noticed I'd lost weight 
and got worried that I wasn't getting enough to eat. So, she's started 
packing me bigger lunches. But a deal's a deal, Joey. " So, just to help 
out my friend and so as not to go back on my deal, I kept eating Berry's 
lunch. It was hard at first, but then after a while I'd just sit down 
and stuff my face as fast as I could and just keep on till I was 
finished. Seems like just eating took a lot longer now and I didn't have 
too much time afterwards to go out and play but I didn't miss it much. 
The food was so good and Berry would always sit there with me after he'd 
finished his lunch and keep me company.

Things were going great. Berry was losing. Down ten pounds more. Pretty 
soon he'd be able to see his feet for the first time in who knows when. 
And me? I'd put on another 10 and was starting to get a belly and the 
start of tits. But that was ok, no body make fun of me cause my ribs 
showed anymore for sure. 

Then one day, near the start of the third month, Berry started gaining 
again. I asked him what was the deal and he said, "Mom is really worried 
now. She's started making my dinners bigger. She won't let me leave the 
table till I clean my plate either. So, I desided to just let you keep 
your lunch money and just not eat lunch at all." So I ended up with his 
lunches and my lunch money too. I didn't want to give up eating his 
mom's good food. Not and go back to school food. But if I ate Berry's 
lunch, I had to eat the whole thing so he wouldn't eat it. He started 
losing again and I kept gaining. But what was I going to do with that 
extra money? I don't know why but I used it to buy candy after school. 
So then I really gained weight. 

By the end of the third month, I'd gained another 15 pounds. I had a 
real grocery gut that stuck out over my belt. Infact Berry and I were 
about the same size now. But even though Berry hadn't gained any this 
month, he hadn't lost any either. I asked him how come since he wasn't 
eating anything at all for lunch. He told me, "Mom has got really 
worried about me and now she has a snack waiting for me when I come in 
from school. I have to eat it all up before she will let me go play and 
every night before bed she fixes me another snack."

I guess he could see my eyes glaze over and my mouth start watering as 
he told me about those snacks because he said, "Hey Joey, why don't you 
spend the weekend at my house. I can show you some of the cool new video 
games I got and you can sample mom's snacks."

As soon as Berry's mom saw me, she started feeding me. Big chocolate 
chip cookies and chocolate milk right after school. A sack of chips and 
dip while we played video games. And then dinner! Roast, mashed potatos 
and the world's best gravy, corn on the cob with real butter, fresh 
baked bread... I had hardly finished firsts when she was piling on 
seconds. It was the best food I'd ever eaten in my life. I think though 
I'd have died if I hadn't sort of worked up to it eating all Berry's 
lunches at school. And then dessert! A huge chunk of apple pie and real 
ice cream on top.

I don't know how I got up from the table. My gut was swollen like a 
beach ball and hanging way over my belt. But somehow me and Berry 
waddled to his room. He let me borrow some of his old sweats cause there 
was no way I could fit in my pj's. I don't know how much buttered 
popcorn and pop I put away while we watched tv but when his mom came in 
at 11:30 to tell us to turn it off and go to sleep she had two great big 
glasses full of chocolate shake. I just knew I would bust but I sure 
didn't want Berry to have to drink both so I just sat there on his bed 
leaning back on a couple pillows rubbing my belly with one hand as I 
drank down all the milk shake.

I don't even need to tell you about breakfast the next morning but after 
that weekend Berry's mom started packing two lunches. One for Berry and 
one for me. Since I was getting so fat, Berry desided to quit trying to 
lose weight and then we could both just see how fat we could get on his 
mom's good cooking....

The End

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