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The Last Summer

Chapter 1: The Physical

It was the summer before two of the famous "Love Shack" boys were going to get married and separate what had been a tight bunch of buddies forever. Mike, Ted, Gary and Chris were all from the same small Louisiana town, and the fearless foursome had been best friends through high school. They went to the same college, and as roommates they had been partners in crime, developing a friendship that went beyond the bond most brothers share. The "Love Shack" was the affectionate term that others in the small Louisiana college town called the house they had lived in since their freshman year. It was now five years later, the guys had finally graduated, and things were going to be changing. Chris and Ted were planning a double wedding and Mike and Gary were going to be their best men, respectively.

The guys were really living it up their last summer together. Even before the summer, the hard bodies from the early college days of pick-up hoops, intramural football and four nights a week at the gym were fading. Although not full-fledged couch potatoes, the guys certainly had their share of senioritis over the last few months, and all were a little soft around the middle. Pizza and beer was the standard evening meal at the "Love Shack" (the guys contended that a chemical reaction between Budweiser and Dominos created the world's most powerful aphrodisiac), and the washboard abs that had worked so well with those naive freshmen had disappeared under an inch or two of padding.

Knowing that life was about to get serious, what with getting married and finding jobs, the guys had made a pact at their graduation ceremonies in May to enjoy their last summer together to its fullest, no matter what the consequences. And so far it had been a very full summer, in more ways than one.

It was Thursday afternoon, and Chris and Ted were recovering from their visit to the student health center. The intricate wedding-planning timeline of the wives-to-be called for getting the marriage licenses now, in early June, and the women had insisted on a full physical exam to go along with the requisite blood tests. The guys appointment that morning had been somewhat alarming; it had been a number of years since either one had gotten a physical.

They had booked their appointments back-to-back. After his exam, Ted returned to where Chris sat in the waiting room.

"Dude, you look like ya just saw the ghost of Elvis in there." Chris said, referring to Ted s pale, shocked expression. "You re not gonna die or nothin' are ya?"

"No....I'm fine." Ted mumbled. "Doc said to send you on in. Second room on the left."

A little later Chris returned to the waiting room to see Ted frowning and gently rubbing his little belly. Instantly, he knew what had been wrong with Ted when he came out earlier, and he had just had the same experience. In his usual happy-go-lucky way, Chris made light of the situation.

"Guess we've had a little too much fun this summer, huh?" Chris said, slapping his own newly-acquired belly. "I'm 170 pounds of fun now. What s your number?"

Ted instantly felt better. "168" he said. He secretly took solace in the fact that Chris was heavier than he was. Never mind that at 5'9, he was also a full inch shorter than Chris; maybe Chris wouldn't think of that.

"Don't sweat it, dude. It s our last summer together. We can hit the gym together this winter and get back in shape in no time. Plus, after the wedding, that I will make sure we still get to see each other."

That was all the encouragement Ted needed. "It's OK, I'm cool. Let's just not say anything to the guys about it." Ted knew inside that he really enjoyed going to bed with the full, bloated feeling he had experienced most every night for the past few months, and he didn't really want to give it up. Chris agreed to keep their secret, and the two headed back to the Love Shack for lunch.

As soon as they walked in the door, Chris blew the secret.

"What'd the doc say?" Mike said, only half interested.

Chris saw Mike sitting on the couch with an empty large Domino s box in his lap and a pooched-out belly, and blurted out, "He said you re gettin' fat, man. Did you eat that whole thing by yourself again?"

Unfazed, Mike said "Sure did. And it was good," as he rubbed his belly. "I guess the Doctor read you guys the riot act, huh? How much do y all weigh now?"

"Less than you," retorted Ted. He was irritated with Chris for starting this discussion, and didn't want to reveal his new number.

"I doubt it. Besides, I'm taller. But just to clear the air, let s go see."

They went to the single bathroom they all shared, and took turns getting on the scale, which was surprisingly accurate. Agreeing that an inch in height allowed five extra pounds, the four guys got on the scale in order, shortest to tallest. Ted, at 5'9 was 168 as he knew, up from his former four-nights-a-week- at-the-gym weight of 155. Chris, at 5'10, again registered 170, up from his hard-body 160. Gary, who was 5'11, weighed in at 181, well beyond his former 165 pound self.

"Dude, you're fatter than we are," Chris and Ted harassed Gary. The allowance of five pounds per inch did make him the fattest of the three. Mike was strangely quiet, knowing he was in for a rough afternoon of ribbing. But it was worth it; for a while now he had been curious about how much the other guys were gaining, and this was a great way to find out. He felt a little bit aroused by all the belly-poking going on with the four of them crowded into the bathroom together, but did his best to push it to the back of his mind and ignore it.

Mike knew that being the tallest at 6 foot even, his weight would be higher anyway, but he also knew that he was the fattest too. And sure enough, he was. The scales settled in at a hefty 192 pounds. As Mike reminisced about his year-ago weight of 170, and the guys started slapping his gut and teasing him, he started getting a little bit hard. God, not now, he said to himself. He began to think of disgusting things like his ugly, buck-toothed cousin Mabel in order to keep from getting a full erection.

"OK, so I'm the fattest. So what? You guys are bound to pass me soon," Mike predicted.

"Hey, it s time for Sports Center." This announcement sent all four guys tumbling out of the bathroom, racing for the prime seats on the couch in front of the big screen TV. ESPN Sports Center after lunch was a daily bonding event for the foursome; it was also the time they set aside for house meetings. And today, the first item on the agenda was plans for the keg party later that evening.

Chapter 2: The Keg Run

At the house meeting earlier in the day, Chris and Mike had been nominated to go pick up the keg. They had left the "Love Shack" just before dinner to go pick up the keg, while Gary and Ted were left to clean up the house, which really only amounted to picking up the empty beer cans and pizza boxes, and fire up the grill.

The route to the liquor store was a familiar one for the guys: down the street, past the intramural football fields they used to frequent, take a left at "The HOG PIT", a popular campus bar and the guys favorite hangout, go past Taco Bell, home of the "6 pack of Wild tacos for 1 buck!" and Burger King, currently having a trial run of a tripe burger, Mike's' new favorite, then turn right at Dairy Queen; the liquor store was next door to the 24 hour Domino s featuring the "DOMINATOR". Since none of the guys could do anymore in the kitchen than tap the keg or re-heat pizza, they were regular customers at all the nearby fast-food joints and had become friends with the crew at each place. So it was no surprise when Mike suggested they drop into Burger King to say hi to Jennifer, their favorite burger flipper .

"I think Jennifer s workin' tonight. Whaddya say we drop in for a surprise visit?" Mike suggested.

"Sure, I haven t talked to her in a couple of days. Hey, did anybody give her a map to our party tonight?"

"I don t know. I've got some extras in my backpack - let s take one in."

"OK," agreed Chris, knowing that Jennifer would slip them some free burgers like she always managed to. Besides, it s been a while since lunch, he rationalized with himself.

Jennifer greeted them with a big smile when they walked in the door. "Hi guys," she said in her best Southern drawl, flipping her long, blonde hair back over her shoulder. "What's for dinner?" The way the deal worked, she always asked what they wanted, they made up a big order which she pretended to be ringing. One of the guys would give her a ten, and she would give him back change for a ten. And she would always bag up more food than they had pretended to order. Jennifer had initially worried about getting caught, but had decided it was worth it to keep these hot studs coming in to see her regularly. Plus, being a traditional Southern girl, she knew the way to a guy's heart is through his stomach.

"I'm kinda' hungry tonight," Chris jumped in before Mike could get a word out. "I think I'll have.....let's see....."

Mike gave Chris a sideways glance that was half amusement, half amazement. After all, Ted and Gary were back at the "Love Shack" cooking burgers and hot dogs already. But Chris obviously wanted to get something from Jennifer, so Mike kept his mouth shut.

"....two Whoppers with cheese, bacon, and extra mayo, a large fry, and a large Coke."

Jennifer was busy pushing meaningless buttons, so Mike threw Chris a knowing smirk and puffed out his cheeks to let Chris know he was being a pig.

"Better make that a Diet Coke, Jen. I gotta fit in those swimming trunks tomorrow." Chris back peddled, rubbing the little belly that had started becoming a bit obvious despite his untucked T-shirt. Chris stopped his thought in mid sentence and said "Shit that reminds me, we'd better swing by the mall. There is no fuckin' way this gut is going to fit into last years Speedo, and that's all I have man!" Mike concurred, reaching over to pinch a handful of his buddies belly, Chris found himself excited by this gesture and began, thinking to himself, "I may skip the new suit cause I'd love to see his reaction to the whole package stuffed into a tight Speedo," and knew Mike had not purchased a new suit ether. It was those silent thoughts that Chris didn't understand and made him rethink his commitment to his upcoming marriage.

"I don't think you've got much to worry about in the looks department, beside in a few months you'll be taken and go to pot like all guys do." Jennifer said, beaming from ear to ear. She figured he was looking for a compliment, and took advantage of the opportunity to flirt. "How bout you, big boy?" she said to Mike in that breathless voice that only southern belles can conjure up.

"Well, seeing as how I have a little more to worry about in the looks department, I think I'll just have two small cheeseburgers. And no fries." Mike knew full well that Jennifer was going to load up their take-out sack with more than they should eat anyway, so he played up the modesty act.

They talked with Jennifer for a few more minutes while inhaling their fries, leaving a map that brought a definite "I'll be there," from Jennifer. Mike had decided this delivering maps thing was a good idea, so they made the rounds of all their favorite eateries to see their friends , picking up ice cream, pizza, burritos, and more burgers while adding to their guest list along the way.

By the time they go to the liquor store, they were absolutely stuffed, and there was no hiding their bellies; sucked in or not. They were surprised to see the clerk at the keg counter was a friend of theirs. John had played on their intramural soccer team their sophomore year, but they had lost touch and hadn't seen each other since. As they began updating each other on the last three years, Mike couldn't help but notice that John too had put on a few pounds. Actually, more than a few. More like 50, he guessed. John had to be 220# at least, and no taller than himself. Mike again found himself developing a raging hard-on. But John looked kinda cute now, he thought to himself. So he ignored the stirring in his shorts and brought up the subject.

"John, looks like you've been eating well the last couple a years. Even better than Chris here," he chuckled as he reached over and poked Chris in his now-protruding belly.

"He he," giggled Chris, who was very ticklish. "Watch it man, or I'll throw up all over ya'."

"Oh, I didn't tell you. I spent this past year over in Australia on an overseas study program," John explained. "Damn, they sure know how to drink beer over there. Everyday after class, that s all we would do. Go to the pub and pound beers. All the guys over there had these big beer bellies. For a while, I tried to work out and keep in shape, but it was hopeless. So I just gave in and let it grow - I mean go. I let it go." John paused to grin and look down at his belly. "Well, I guess both." He lifted his shirt exposing his gut, slapped it and said "Damn, I am a lard ass!"

"Looks good on you man! Hey, maybe you can drop by our party tonight and teach us a thing or two," invited Mike. That stirring in his shorts wasn't going away, and he was beginning to realize it was John's belly that was causing it. He kept his urge to reach out and rub John s gut under control as he handed him a map to the "Love Shack." With as many people as we've invited, I think we're gonna need two kegs now.

"Lite?" asked John, glancing not-so-inconspicuously at Mike's belly.

Simultaneously, Chris said "Yeah," while Mike said "Nope." They looked at each other, neither quite knowing what to say. Chris was surprised, because they always got Lite beer. But Mike was getting into John's belly thing, and wanted to see him suck down some full-calorie suds. As a cover, Mike said I think we ought to get something good, since we invited half the town, and they all gave us free food already. "It's the least we should do." Then, to John "Do you have Bass or Guinness John?"

"Got both, just came in today," said John.

"Give us a keg of each. And a couple a cases of Lite bottles for the lightweights," Mike said as he nodded his head toward Chris.

"You sure that's enough?" John asked smugly, grinning at Mike.

"I would hope so! Oh, I forgot you're coming too." Mike flirted with John, who was obviously enjoying this exchange. "Better give us a keg of Foster's too. I wouldn't want you to feel out of place."

"Atta' boy!," John was beaming now. And trying to hide the bulge in his pants behind the counter. "Tell ya' what. In the Australian tradition, I'll challenge ya to a drink-off."

"You re on."

Chapter 3: Party at the Love Shack

[*Editors note: This chapter has yet to be written. Send email to BulgingGut@aol.com to encourage the author to submit this chapter.]

Chapter 4: The Pool Party

It was early Friday afternoon and it was somewhat unusual because all four roommates were home at one time. It was a great chance to grab a beer together and catch up. The guys sat around relaxed in their cut-off sweats, only Mike had a shirt on, and began to chew the fat. They downed more than a few beers each and broke out the cards and began to play round after round of poker . After the recently purchased case of beer was emptied Ted stood up to take a piss, noticed the time, and reminded the other guys that the pool party began at 5:00. As he got up all three guys could not help but notice his excessively bloated belly filled with at least five beers. Chris exclaimed "Jeeze Ted you are catching up with the big boys check out that gut!"

Ted rubbed it with pride and commented "Ahh it's all beer. I'll piss it all away, I'll be right back".

Ted returned shortly, the guys couldn't help but notice that his prediction of a reduced gut had not come to pass.

"Didn't piss it all away" Chris commented as he patted and squeezed about four inches on his good buddys soft , bloated belly.

"Face it" Ted said "we are all turning into fat fucks. Just look at us. I'mean look at our guts. Mike pull up your shirt and show us what you're packin' these days."

Mike obliged. It was a consensus. "We are sure to get looks at this pool party, just not for the same reason as last year! When will those 20's style bathing suits that cover the gut come back in style," Ted said.

"Not soon enough to save us," said Gary, "but Ted is right we had better get ready to go."

The guys showed up 'en masse',a bit late, but clearly welcomed by the mixed crowd. They all made the standard greetings and began socializing and pounding beers as had been the standard these long hot days of summer '95! Chris and Mike had slipped their bathing suits on underneath their clothes, confident that the new suits they bought, oversized with elastic waists would make the best of a bad situation. Ted and Gary, hurried out the door, falsely assuming that last year's Speedos would still do the trick, or may be they were truly in denial about and recent weight gain and just assumed they would fit! As people began to saunter into the pool for the requisite volley ball game. Ted and Gary went onto Mary's bedroom to change.

As they peeled off their clothes in excitement for the game and slipped on the Speedos simultaneously, they looked at each other with an indescribable look of panic! They looked at each others round bellies and then at their own respectively. Gary had some major love handles happening and Ted's was all gut. They laughed and said "man we have to get in shape this is ridiculous!"

Gary eyed a scale in the bathroom attached to the bedroom and said "Come on man lets check this out!"

Before he got on, Ted said "Guess! what do you think it will be?"

Gary said "Shit with this gut it could be 190# by now. Hell at my physical I as 181#, but I am usually about 165#!"

The scale said 186#. Ted grimaced and said "That's 5 lbs. in a couple week! JEEZE!. "Damn that puts you up there with Chris. Buddy let me get on that thing."

Ted jumped on and it read 175, Ted was 5'8" to Gary's 5' 10", so in short, both these boys had packed on about 20 lbs. in three months! They patted each other on the guts lovingly and decided to use the fact that they were fair skinned and did not want to burn as an excuse not to take off their shirts at the pool.

The game was getting underway and Mike and Chris had already stolen the "shirts on" idea and arranged a shirts/skins game where they were on the shirts side. Unfortunately, there was room for two players on the skins team as Ted and Gary approached the pool.

"Get your shirts off and play on that team," said Steve.

Steve was a fellow jock who had managed to take great care of himself and his Marky Mark physique, so he, of course, was on the shirts team. Ted an Gary were paralyzed with embarrassment but decided what the fuck! stripped and got in the pool. As they did Mike exclaimed "I see you guys decided to bring your own balls!" ( referring to their bulging bellies accentuated by the tight low rise on the Speedos). The entire pool busted a gut (so to speak) with laughter. Both Ted and Gary seemed to accept the fact, grabbed their respective bellies with a new confidence and appreciation and Ted said "It's been a good summer, put it that way."

After a fun couple of games, Mike and Chris found themselves very tired. Clearly, the extra weight and the huge beer consumption had taken its toll. They emerged from the pool and headed to the keg attempting to suck in their tubby tummies. Mary said, "Its OK to breath guys just relax and have fun!" while patting their soft guts with a smile. The guys relaxed and grabbed their shirts in an attempt to hide from any further embarrassment.

After a while Ted and Gary had had their fill and needed a beer! They joined Mike and Chris sitting with their feet in the pool. Just as Mike started to ask Gary what the hell was up with the Speedos, Stud Steve walked up and sat by the guys. "Jesus!" he said in a quiet voice so as not to embarrass the guys. "What has happened to you guys?"

The four "Junction" guys were lined up one after another; two shirtless, two with good sized jelly rolls of flab hanging over Speedos two sizes too small. "You have all turned into fat fucks in three months. What's the deal? You're gonna leave all the women for me. You should hear the shit they are saying about you guys. I wouldn't have bothered showing up fat as y'all are, and damn it's all gut!Your legs are skinny. You've kept your powerful arms, but what the fuck! I bet none of you could fit into your 32's! We have to get y'all back in shape."

Mike being the largest of the growing group, squeezed his ample gut and said "ya know, Steve, I am staring to like it! It is a hell of a lot better than spending four hours at the gym. I can get back in shape any time, this is our last summer together a single guys and we wanted to just let loose and have fun!"

The others nodded in agreement. Mike's confidence spurred both he and Chris to take their shirts off, let their guts hang out, and have a good time. Steve, disgusted, just said "When you guys get serious look me up hopefully it wont be too late to save your pathetic fat asses!" He smiled and said "Let 's have some fun, I am sure you guys will win, place and show at the beer drinking contest later!"

This encounter really bonded the guys, in fact as Steve left, there was almost a new found pride in their girth as if it were a symbol of the good times they had shared. From this moment on there was going to be no more embarrassment, which meant it was very likely that the tuxes for the wedding may indeed need to be quite large.

Attention turned toward hunger and the guys decided to make a "RUN FOR THE BORDER". The standard hot dog and hamburger fair wasn't cutting it. They packed in to Chris' Jeep and headed for Taco Bell. They discussed how the thought of food and drink was almost orgasmic. Ted volunteered that his dick was getting hard as Steve slammed them about their guts, "It's as if this whole summer is representative of letting go, our guts our inhibitions, and really being able to fully explore our friendship." Mike and Chris agreed but Gary seemed to read between the lines, because his dick too had gotten hard. He filed the comment away, only to make a mental note to explore it later when he and Ted were alone.

The Taco Bell staff knew the guys well by now. Cary, a full timer and frat buddy, who worked weird hours, always seemed to be there to accept the orders for many-a six pack of Taco's, and orders which, in general were much larger than average. "Hey, y'all at once! What's the deal? Can't carry it all by yourselves anymore?"

"Ah don't give me shit,"said Mike.

Cary smirked and said "Had I known y'all were going on this weight gain kick, I would have bought more stock in Taco Bell when I had the chance! Is there some Big Belly of the Year Contest I wasn't aware of? What's the prize dudes?"

The guys smirked ,chowed down and headed back to the party to try and catch the action of the beer drinking contest. The dirt road short cut was a fun ride in the truck, made even more animated by the new amusement that seemed to be taking place. The guys took to hysterical laughter as they almost simultaneously looked at each others flabby guts bouncing with a life of their own as they tore up the dirt road in the truck. The amusement and adoration of their new appendages was a constant reminder of how fat they had become. And by looking at these guys it would be very hard not to notice. Frankly they were getting huge!

The guys made it back in time for the beer drinking contest. Everyone was pretty polluted by now so there were many potential contestants. One of Ted's best friends, Dan, was the designated games host . Dan lined up 6 horn shaped beakers which held one litre each. The announcement was made and about 10 partiers were eyeing the grand prize "Dinner and drinks for 4" at the town's hottest new restaurant, "The Brewery." Of course, being looped all 4 of our boys wanted a piece of the action, which was heightened by the chance to call attention to themselves.

The guys all lined up shirtless (to avoid spilling beer on their clothes).There was not a flat gut to be seen. Even the one female participant had a damn gut! But it was the men who were truly impressive . Every one of them had been in great shape only one year ago. But gazing at this line up you would have thought it was a "BEST BEER BELLY CONTEST" in stead of a "BEER DRINKING" contest. It was a flab-fest!! Realizing this, all the guys started poking, evaluating, rubbing, and pinching each other. They were also teasing about the obvious similarities in girth. Ted and Mike looked at each other wit uncontrollable hard-ons and for the first time realized that there was a definite level of excitement and it was not related to the one beer bellied chick on the far right. Knowingly they gazed down the line and found several other guys experiencing the same undeniable physical response to the intense physicality of it all!

Chapter 5: A Trip to the Mall

In preparation for the first of four scheduled camping/fishing trips, Chris and Mike went to the mall to get stocked up. While in the mall, Mike slipped into the Gap to buy a pair of jeans for the trip. As he passed the GAP, Mike said to Chris, "Hey, let me stop in here for a minute before we go grab that beer. I need some relaxed or baggy fit jeans for this trip."

"No shit," said Chris "your are poured into those 501's. Man your gut is looking pretty chunky these days!"

Rubbing his taught T-Shirt, which was tucked into his already tight 34"s, Mike said. "No doubt, I think I have graduated up one more size. Shit do you realize in college I was fitting into 30's! But hey man, you are no slim Jim either. Look at your gut!"

Chris glanced at the noticeable bulge in his baseball jersey and said "Ya know, I could use a new pair too."

The guys lucked into a sale, so they scooped up a couple pair of jeans and a bathing suit for Fridays' pool party and went to the dressing rooms. As usual, THE GAP was packed, so in order to save time they shared a changing stall.

"Ill try on this suit first." said Mike, as he took of his shirt and stripped to his skivvies. He struggled to fit into the medium which he was sure would fit considering the elastic waist.

Chris laughed "It ain't gonna happen man. Ya know I have not seen you without a shirt since last summer. You have really gotten a gut man! What are you weighing?"

"Ah hell, I dunno, 175 maybe I am 5'10 that's about right."

"Well here - I haven't changed yet I'll go get ya a large."

"OK," said Mike "what the hell, it's worth a few beers."

As Chris left, Mike tried on the 34" loose fit jeans. He struggled to get them on and really had to suck in his gut to get them buttoned. As he completed the task and began admiring his ass in the mirror, Chris returned with the size large suit. Much to his shock he saw Mike sitting on the bench displaying not one, but two decent size rolls of flab, which hung over his stretched out waist band!

"Jeeze!" he said "What size are those?"

"34s," said Mike. "Check out the ass in these. I will drive the ladies nuts."

"Yeah, if they can get passed that gut! Mike man, you really need to get back in shape before this wedding or you will look like a fat hog! We both better get back to the gym"

They traded places Mike went to find the 36" and Chris tried on his jeans. When Mike came back Chris was standing there with his size 33" jeans and confessed that he could not even get them over his thighs.

"Man we are both in deep trouble," Chris said.

Mike just laughed and said "Don't worry man, I grabbed you a pair of 35s I knew your gut was pretty close to mine. Let's get out of here. The good thing about the Gap jeans is that ya don't have to wear your waist size like a badge of honor. They don't print it in the tag on the ass"

"Yeah," Chris said "but until now liked what the number said!" They both laughed!

After a quick trip to the camping store, stocking up on food for the trip, the guys passed the GNC. Mike noticed the large scale and said to Chris for the hell of it "Let's jump on this thing."

Chris agreed and went first, Mike said "Hey, since we are both 5'10" let's guess. What do ya think your gonna weigh, Chris?"

"Damn, it's been a while. I probably have hit 170# given this damn gut," he said rubbing it affectionately. Chris got on the scale only to find out that he weighed 185# and was proclaimed to be 27pounds overweight by the scale computer. Chris was socked and said that last summer at the Doctors office he weighed 165#.

Mike noted "Well buddy, that's about 20 lbs. of beer as I see it."

Chris agreed and simply said "DAMN! I am fat! You get on there Mr. 36" jeans. What's your story?"

Mikes story was worse. He tipped the scale at 193# which may account for the extra inch in jeans. Mike was blown away and said he NEVER weighed over 170. The guys were baffled and a little bummed, but decided to go ahead and ease the pain with a few beers at Ruby Tuesday's right in the mall.

After about 5 beers each, the guys turned their attention to the door, contemplating heading back to the Boars Nest for Pizza with Gary and Ted as they planned, when an old high school buddy from the football team caught their eye. It was Jim Bradford. Jim was the jock at Giles High School. They motioned him over and Jim joined them for a beer. They chatted about old times for a while and told Jim of the double wedding plans. Jim was moving the napkin under his beer and noticed the receipt that the scale had printed out with Mikes weight on it.

"Shit buddy, is this you," he exclaimed still possessing his high school physique. "What the hell has happened?" Jim encouraged Mike to stand up and display his new gut. Filled with those 5 beers Mike probably had a gut that had swelled to 38" over the past hour. Jim looked in disbelief, and, knowing he was looped, Jim asked him to lift up his shirt. He did and Chris joined in.

"Check this out bud!" and Chris lifted his shirt too! This shocked Jim, who promptly offered the guys a free pass to his new gym. The guys took them and headed home. On the way out of the mall they were reminded that within the next few weeks they needed to stop back by the mall to get fitted for their wedding tuxedos, but they thought it would be best to wait until Gary and Ted could go too.

Back at the Nest, Ted and Gary were waiting to go get some pizza and yet more beer before they left for the camping trip the next morning. When the guys returned, Ted and Gary wanted to see the goods!"What did y'all get?" they said.

Mike and Chris carefully concealed the tell tale size stickers and showed them the jeans and suits and headed out the door . The guys went out and consumed huge amounts of pizza and beer, seemingly forgetting about the expanding size of their guts!

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