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The Story

When Sean promised me that I'd get the body I always wanted with him, I had no idea at the time that he meant it literally, and wasn't just catering to my fantasy...but boy, was I surprised (and pleased).

I met Sean at a friend's party one night. We happened to start talking to each other about something, and I remembered his face from somewhere. Then I realized that I remembered him from high school, because he had been the captain of the football team during my 10th grade year and had been in a few of my elective classes. He he had gotten even bigger since then and seemed almost like a different person. We got to talking about our lives, what we had been doing since we graduated, how we had changed. I remarked how he had grown even bigger since then and his gut had gotten huge.

I said "Must be all those keg parties, huh?" and he told me that his growth wasn't exactly an accident, that he enjoyed watching his body grow, through huge meals and workouts. This whole conversation started making me incredibly turned on, and I blurted out that I'd love to grow as big as him, if I had him to help me.

He gave me this odd sideways look and said "Oh, really?". Then someone called his name, and came over and started talking to him. They walked away, and I didn't see Sean again until the party was ending.

I was getting ready to leave, and he walked up and said "Not even gonna say good-bye to me?" I said that I hadn't really meant anything by what I said earlier. He said that it was okay, he didn't mind, and he gave me a piece of paper with his phone number on it and said to call him sometime if I wanted.

A week later, I decided to call him. After a couple of rings, he answered the phone. I told him who it was and we talked for a minute, He asked if he could come over. I said "Sure, come on over."

About 20 minutes later, there was a knock on my door. It was Sean, carrying 2 six-packs of beer. He came in and we sat there, drinking beer and talking, for an hour or so. He finally asked me if I had been serious about wanting to gain with him. I thought for a minute and said that "Yes, big guts really turn me on I have always wanted one of my own."

He said that gaining was a turn-on, but that he always wanted to get another guy to gain. I told him that I was surprised that he liked guys, since he was always such a girl magnet while he was in school. He said that it had been for image, but he realized later that image should be his own decision. Then he surprised me by telling me that three of the other team members shared his preferences, also. He named some guys that I had always thought were hot, but would have never suspected. Then he asked me what I had been doing since I graduated, and I told him I hadn't really done anything much. I moved out as soon as I graduated, and it was August now, so I'd just been relaxing for a couple months, except for going to the gym twice a week. I discovered that we went to the same gym, but I had never seen him there because we went on different days I mentally slapped myself for going on different days and missing his growth. I asked him if he worked, and he said no, because his parents were fairly wealthy and sent him money every month to live on. He asked me if I had a job, I told him I didn't have a job now, I had had one during school, but got fired after a big argument with the manager and that I was living on some money I had saved up over the past couple years. We talked for a while longer, then he asked me to come to dinner with him.

We ended up at Sizzler, because of their all-you-can-eat food bar. He said he'd order for us, and to go ahead and sit down. A couple minutes later he sat down with our drinks. We sat there talking for a couple minutes, then the waitress brought out these two huge steaks and some dishes for the food bar. We finished our steaks in a couple minutes, and I got up with a dish. Sean said sit down, he'd get the food. He came back a minute later with 2 dishes loaded with food from the hot bar and set them on the table. I asked which one was his, and he said that he had left his two back at the bar, these were for me. (These were for ME?) He left and came back a minute later with two dishes piled and overflowing with food. Now, I've always been a fairly big eater, but I told him that I couldn't possibly finish all this. He grabbed my arm, hard, and gave me a very stern look. He said "I've got more food than you, you'd BETTER keep up with me cleaning your plate"

I instantly got an erection. I half-heartedly argued for a minute, then he started eating and said that I'd better, too. I ate and ate, and he was finishing sooner, even though he had more food. It began to turn into a competition of sorts, I'd eat a chicken finger, he'd look at me and eat several. I finally finished right before him, feeling stuffed and slightly dizzy. He said not bad, now for dessert. I groaned but didn't say anything. He came back to the table with two plates filled with cake and pudding. As with before, his was bigger than mine. I told him that I couldn't possibly eat all of that. He started to reprimand me again, but then his gaze softened when he saw the expression on my face. He reached under the table and began rubbing my stuffed stomach, which in turn caused my raging hard-on to rub against the fabric of my shorts. After a minute or two, I felt new incentive to try and eat all of the food. I stopped just short of cleaning the plate, feeling about to explode. He finished his plate, looked at me for a second, then picked up a spoon and started feeding me. After I had couple more bites, he finished off my plate for me. The check was already paid, so he left a tip for the waitress and we got up to leave. As I got up from my chair, I looked down and saw how much my stomach was sticking out from the food and was shocked (but pleased!). We got into his car, and when I looked over, I realized just how stuffed Sean was, because of how much his gut was protruding. I was admiring the way the seat belt seemed to frame his belly when I realized we were stopping again. We were at a Carvel...then he said "I usually stop here to get a sundae, that soft-serve at Sizzler is crap". I moaned and said that he was inhuman in his food capacity. He looked at me for a minute and said "I guess you're not ready for this, yet" He ate a banana split, and then we drove home.

When we got back to my apartment, I immediately went and flopped down on the sofa. He said "wimp... I'm still not completely full, got anything to eat?"He looked in my fridge for a minute, but all he came up with was the second six-pack from when he came over. He told me that the empty fridge was going to change. Then he handed me 2 beers and took 4. I started to argue, but he fixed me with a look that seemed like if I didn't drink them, he'd stuff them, cans and all down my throat. While we were drinking them, he started telling me about the times on the football team where there were pre-game dinners, and him and his friends would turn eating into a competition, see who could eat the most pasta. Whoever did occasionally got a pre-game reward from one of his friends. But they could never fully pig out because of the fact that you can't play football very well on a stuffed gut, and weight requirements. We finally finished the beers, and I told him how I was so stuffed I could barely move, and was very tired.

When Sean asked if he could spend the night with me, I said "Sure!". We went into my bedroom and started to undress, and watched Sean do the same. He unbuttoned his shirt and removed it, and then a tank top that was stretched tightly over his gut, riding up the front of his stomach, then he pulled off his jeans. Then we climbed into my bed. I told him it wasn't exactly spacious, but he said it didn't matter. While we laid there, I marveled at his body. He had a beautiful body; big muscles to go with his gut... huge biceps, a thick neck and broad shoulders, huge calves and forearms, a thick, meaty chest, and a beautiful covering of hair on his chest and stomach, arms and legs. As I followed the path of hair down his chest and over his gut to his crotch, he said "Gotta lose these", and ripped his underwear off, exposing a perfect fusion of hair from stomach to crotch. Now, I've never really been predisposed towards certain size dicks, but his was fine for me, not too huge but probably 7". He pulled my underwear off, and looked at me from head to toe. "Not too bad", he said, "but you need more meat on you". He asked me what I thought of him and I said that he was great, but he said he wanted an even bigger gut. By now, we both had erections and started rubbing our stomachs together. I arched my back and rubbed my crotch against his.

Then I started licking his gut and rubbing my goatee on it. I slowly moved downward, kissing and rubbing my chin on him. He said "Wow, that feels so hot, tickling my gut...you're gonna grow that out as much as possible, I don't want you to trim it ever again!" Now, I had always wanted to grow my goatee out to be long and thick (it was already pretty bushy), so I had no problem with agreeing with him. We took turns with each other, and I finally rolled over, exhausted, and fell asleep.

When I woke the next morning, the first thing I noticed was the sound of a blender, the second how my stomach was now less bloated, and the third that I was hungry. Sean came in, handed me a big glass of weight-gain shake, and said "Get up, it's time to go to the gym...can't have you getting flabby." He handed me one of my workout outfits and told me to get ready. We got to the gym shortly after, and after signing in, began to work out. I was surprised then, because another former football player from my school came up to us and started talking to Sean. I vaguely remembered that his name was Jack; I was astounded by the amount of weight Jack had gained since he graduated. He had been quarterback sized when I had last seen him, he was now easily bigger than the former offensive tackle. He looked over at me and said "Oh, do you have another protégé now, Sean?" I then learned that Sean and Jack had gained together for the year after they graduated. We made plans to meet for lunch at Burger King after the gym. We all started lifting weights together, and each time I succeeded in beating the challenge that Sean or Jack set for me, they promised to eat an extra burger at lunch. I began pushing myself to the limit, to add up as many burgers as possible. We finally finished, and all changed to go to lunch. When we got to Burger King, Sean told me to go get us a table. Then they came to the table carrying 3 trays piled with burgers and fries. I said "What about the promise in the gym?" and Sean said that he would hold to it, but they wouldn't start until I finished my burgers. Now, I did have a lot less food on my tray, but it was still an almost unthinkable amount for me to eat. When told Sean this, him and Jack looked at each other for a second, then Sean reached over and grabbed my arm (deja vu?) and twisted it. When I let out a yelp of surprise, Jack stuffed a burger into my mouth. Jack and Sean took turns feeding me, and surprisingly, I finally finished it all. I held my stomach and rocked back and forth, groaning. Then I said "Now what about your end of the bargain?" They stared at each other for a second, then started ripping into the burgers like wild animals. Every once in a while, they'd pause and glare at each other for a second, then continue eating. I just sat there excited and astonished at their eating capacity.

Then they finished at the exact same moment. Sean said "I'm going to beat you yet, Jack" then turned to me and said "Now for the tie-breaker; those burgers you earned at the gym will come in handy." He hadn't eaten those already? Whoa... He threw some money down on the table and told me to get as many burgers as I could with it. I came back and divided the burgers into 2 piles. They started eating again, and it looked for a while like it would be another tie, but then when they were at their last 2 burgers Jack started slowing down, and finally stopped mid-bite with a pained expression on his face. Sean finished his burgers, then grabbed Jack's burger and ate it, along with Jack's remaining burger. Sean said that he was still the best, and Jack said that he would beat him someday. I looked over at Sean and Jack's guts, which looked about to pop at any minute. I reached over and ran my hand across Sean's gut, rock hard and round as a beach ball. It looked like someone had stuck an air pump in his belly button and pumped him up to the maximum, and if someone poked him with a sharp object, he'd detonate. It even started to extend over his thighs. I looked right at him and said "I'd like to see you eat another burger!" He said that he would, if I ate three more. I did. I don't know how I managed to cram down 3 more burgers without barfing right there, but I did. He looked at me with surprise, and said "I like that in a guy, pushing the limits". He ate one more burger and even some fries left over from my meal. Jack said that he had never found a limit Sean could beat, but he hoped to soon, though. We all slowly slid out of the booth and got up to leave, Sean had a little trouble because his stomach was actually wedged up against and underneath the table. He finally stood up, and I saw gleefully that his tank-top was riding an inch or two above the bottom of his gut exposing a curve of hairy belly, not to mention the fact that it was practically painted on it was so tight (he always seems to wear ones that are a size too small, anyway). We all slowly made our way to the car and got inside. We sat there for a second in silence, digesting, when Jack said"Hey, let's drop by my place!", so we decided to drive over to Jack's place. He seemed to have something in mind...

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