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I looked over at Josh as he got up from the bed where we
had slept all night, peacefully, with him snoring like
a hibernating bear. It was a struggle for him, as he
had amassed so much weight in the past year or so. His
lean, athletic body had transformed into a soft, jiggly
couch potato. He had become so sexy, not like he wasn't
before, but his new body drove me over the edge, 
especially as he was enjoying it probably more than I 
even was.
I watched him struggle to his feet, his massive lumpy
love handles holding him down, and his big bulging gut
getting in the way, as it always did. I stared at his
wide ass, which was squeezed tightly into his old briefs
which he still hadn't gotten bigger ones, though his
32-inch waist of the past was now somewhere around 45 or
50. It was the thrill of my life to help him go from a
185-pound jock into a massive 350-pound blubber boy.
He waddled into the kitchen where i had a gigantic 
breakfast waiting for him...12 scrambled eggs, 10 pieces
of toast, five danishes, 20 strips of bacon, a heaping
plate of home fries and a jug of orange juice to wash it
all down. He looked at it all and was very pleased, as he
lowered himself onto a chair, which creaked from his 
massive weight. He opened his mouth and inhaled. Within
ten minutes, every bit of food disappeared. he let out a
giant burp and leaned back to undo his pants and let
his monster gut loose. He patted it proudly.

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