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A Growing Star - Conclusion

Since Donnie had hit 320lb ours lives were so much better. It was as if Donnie had seen the light and was given a new lease of life. He was a changed man, and gone were the days of depression and self doubt. Here was a man who was fat and very happy! The night I came back to him was pure poetry. After we had stood and laughed and hugged, apologised and cried we went upstairs into the master bedroom and made love.

‘So, come on then big boy, show me what you’ve got.’ I said with a smile. Donnie stood at the foot of the bed in only his underwear. ‘Notice anything familiar?’ he said. I looked at the black underpants he was wearing and let out a howl. They were the same ones he had worn in the ‘Rocking DJ’ video, only now the tiger motif was stretched to the limit and was so distorted it was comical. ‘I thought I would give you a little of the old me and a lot of the new!’ he said smiling. ‘Come over here then Tiger and let me give you a hell of a lot of me!’ I was so damn horny. I had waited for 6 months to get my hands on Donnie and at times thought it might never happen. I would have been happy coming back to the slim version of Donnie all his fans knew but I would be lying if I was to say I wasn’t over the moon to have Donnie as he was now, a hugely fat, bloated beast of a man!

As soon as he got onto the bed I grabbed him and pushed him onto his back, that took some effort and I knew he would be getting off on the fact that now he could easily dominate me. Lying there on his back he looked like a beached whale. His belly has spread out and his moobs had shifted under his armpits. It was funny because even though there was more of him there looked like the same amount of chest hair, it was still thick and furry. His nipples had stretched now and were about 3 times the size they had been, they had started to get erect and I could hear Donnie’s breathing deepen. I was shaking slightly as I was so turned on, so utterly pumped that the slightest touch from his fingers made me shudder. Looking at his face as he lay was amazing, his double chin was thick and meaty, his cheeks were fuller and his lips seemed plumper. He was always beautiful but now he was breathtaking.

‘What ya thinking?’ he asked. ‘Like you don’t know?’ I replied. ‘Can I have a kiss?’ he reached out his thick arms and pulled me towards him. I sank into his ample flesh and let out a staggered breath. As our lips touched you could feel the electricity between us crackle. We started out soft and passionate but soon our tongues were exploring each others mouths, kissing hard and long. I could feel Donnie’s fat pushing into me and my erect dick was digging into the bottom of his gut. I started to move my pelvis back and forth and soon my dick found his big deep cavern of a navel. It just felt so natural to fuck his navel and Donnie pulled back his head, breaking our kiss and groaned a deep and guttural groan. The rest of our encounter I will leave to your imagination!

Donnie realised that he couldn’t stay hidden for long and that sooner or later he would have to start living a real life again, which meant showing his fattened face in public. After a lot of soul searching he decided to call his management team to the house and have a meeting to discuss any future he may have. The day of the meeting came and Donnie was pacing the floor. I have never seen him so nervous.

‘Are you worried what they are going to say?’ I asked. ‘Yeah, they aren’t exactly going to be happy. I am more nervous about my future plans though. I think we can safely say my singing career will be over.’
‘So what are you going to do? Is there anything else you want to do?’ I asked.

‘Haven’t given it a whole lot of thought, been to busy looking after this beast’ he said giving his big pot of a gut a good slap. It always made me smile when Donnie did something like that, it showed me that he really had embraced the life of a fat man, and it was wonderful.

I wasn’t allowed in the meeting, and why should I be, none of Donnie’s team had any idea who I was, so I waited in the pool out of the way. I could only imagine what was being said behind closed doors. I just hope that Donnie didn’t get too much of a battering but something told me it wouldn’t be plain sailing. After all he had made the record company a hell of a lot of money in the past and they weren’t going to give up a cash cow without a fight! After what seemed like an eternity I heard cars pulling out of the driveway and made my way back into the house.

‘So?’ I asked when I found him in the kitchen with his head in the fridge. I figured it couldn’t have been that bad seeing as he was making himself a sandwich.

‘It went pretty much how I thought it would. They were shocked to say the least and there was talk of liposuction, rehab clinics, stomach stapling, you name it. One thing I told them from the off was that I was not going to lose weight for anyone and that they either found a solution to this or I drop them and go it alone.’

‘And?’ I asked moving towards him and getting ready to hug him if the news wasn’t good.

‘And, they said they had to have an emergency meeting with the record company heads but it didn’t look good.’ ‘Oh babe, I am so sorry.’ I put my arms around him, well as far around him as my arms would go. ‘Are you upset?’

‘In truth, no. I knew I had no career as a singer anymore. I would love to think that my fans would stick by me and that me getting huge would change peoples attitudes to fatties but I knew it wouldn’t.’

‘You upset?’ ‘Not really but I do have a plan.’ ‘Yeah, tell me more.’ ‘Let me make my sandwich and then we can talk more, all that talking made me hungry.’ His shit eating grin was back so I knew it hadn’t affected him too deeply.

Once Donnie had told me what he had in mind I agreed with him and thought it was a brilliant way to tell the world about his new look. We waited a few days for his team to get back to him but they must have been dragging their heels as after a week we had still not heard a thing. Donnie wasn’t letting it get to him; I was a different story though. I was a bag of nerves. I knew Donnie would be ok and we didn’t need any more money so that wasn’t the issue. I just didn’t want Donnie to stop entertaining as he loved it and was a natural.

‘That’s it! No more waiting. I am going to call them and if they haven’t got an answer for me I am going to fire them all!’ ‘Oh, look at you getting all Donald Trump!’ I laughed, ‘just don’t grow your hair like his or I will leave you!’ ‘So superficial aren’t you’ he said grabbing hold of me and giving me a huge bear hug. He knew it winded me but we both knew I loved it! ‘Give me half an hour, ok babe?’

I went away and busied myself. Although I did pop my head around the door to see how it was going. Donnie looked composed. It made me laugh how he was making a very important call but was sitting there topless with his big soft gut resting on his lap. His fat heavy moobs resting on that big ball of dough, God I loved that man!

An hour passed and Donnie emerged looking happy. ‘I gave them a choice, book me on Oprah or lose their jobs! And I said no substitutes, no Tyra or anyone else. I want Oprah.’ ‘And?’ ‘And they went for it!’ he was smiling and looking so pleased with himself.

‘Let’s go play in the pool and chill out.’ He said, ‘Last one in cleans the toilet!’ he laughed as he lumbered off. ‘We have a maid, she will clean the toilet!’ I yelled at him. ‘I will give her the day off and eat a huge curry the night before!’ he turned and stuck his tongue out at me. ‘You are vile!’

He knew he would win as I loved to watch him waddle away. His arse was huge and really stuck out. I was so glad he didn’t have a flat arse like a lot of huge guys get. His was thick, meaty and so round. Each buttock moved up and down as he tried to run. He was so cute and just watching him made me start to get an erection.

Needless to say Donnie won. When he got to the pool he didn’t bother taking off his jogging pants and cannon balled straight in. The splash was so big that he drenched me before I even got near the edge! What started out as a chill out in the pool ended in us making love in the water. That would have given the paparazzi something to print on the front of the magazines!

Two days passed before we heard back from Donnie team. Oprah was a go! To celebrate Donnie said we would go to his favourite tailor; get him some new clothes for the show and go out to eat. We hadn’t been in a restaurant for longer than I care to remember. It was so exciting. ‘What will you say if anyone recognises you?’ ‘I will tell them I get that all the time and if I were Donnie Williams would I get myself so fat? I don’t want to let the cat out of the bag until I appear on Oprah.’

‘But what about Francois, your tailor?’ ‘I have known Francois for years and trust him. I have told him to expect a surprise when he sees me. I bet he thinks I will be arriving with a wife in tow!’

‘Well. You look like you are pregnant so that is nearly the ideal family!’ we both laughed and got ready to head out.

Once we were downtown I did notice Donnie get a little shy. I could hardly blame him, the last time he was in the street he weighed about 180lb. Now he was over 330lb that was a lot of extra weight to waddle around with.

He did seem to have trouble judging space and on a few occasions bumped into things. The worst was when he bumped into a tall slim guy who looked like a model. ‘Sorry.’ Donnie said as the guy was side swiped by a meaty shoulder and heavy gut. ‘Fat fuck!’ the guy replied.

I let out a laugh and looked at Donnie in case he was angry. He laughed too. I think it was the affirmation he had been waiting for. He was indeed a fat fuck and he loved it!

Donnie rang the bell at Francois’ fashion boutique. A thin pretty woman answered and asked if we had an appointment. She led us into a back area and offered us a drink. She told us Francois would be with us in a moment.

After only a couple of minutes Francois appeared. He was a handsome French man in his early 30’s. As soon as Donnie saw him he stood up and held out his hand.

‘Francois, how are you? Long time no see.’ Francois stood in silence and didn’t return the handshake. Donnie laughed and when he did it was as if a light went off in Francois’ head and he then recognised Donnie.

‘Dear Lord, I had no idea who you were. Donnie, what happened to you? You’re, you’re, well huge!’ As soon as he had said the words Francois blushed. ‘Forgive me please, that was rude. I was just so shocked.’ ‘It’s ok Francois. I am huge; you are only stating a fact! ‘You look good though, it suits you.’

‘Thanks Francois, that means a lot. Very few people have seen the new me and most haven’t exactly been pleased. Oh, this is Will by the way. He is my partner.’

I held out my hand and Francois shook it. ‘Partner? But I thought you were…’ ‘Well you see, I am full of surprises today aren’t I?’ Donnie said laughing. ‘Yes you are my friend.’

Donnie explained to Francois about his life change and that he needed a suit for his appearance on Oprah and wanted Francois to make him something that didn’t try to hide the fact he was so fat. Francois took it all in and like the professional he was took notes and gave Donnie suggestions.

‘Well I think we should go with something very smart but casual. A dark grey colour to show off our size and rather than button the jacket up you should leave it open and wear braces. That way it will show off that rather large belly of yours.’ As he said it, he blushed again. Both Donnie and I exchanged glances and smiled a wry smile.

‘Well, let us get down to business. Could you take off your jacket and trousers please? You know the drill.’ ‘Yes I do.’

Donnie stood there in his t-shirt and underwear. It was very hard for me not to start to get a little warm under the collar and with what happened next I have to admit I had to excuse myself as I started to bone.

‘Let’s start to measure you.’ Donnie put out his arms and let Francois start with the measurements. The pretty woman, Kate, stood with a pad writing down the measurements. I don’t think she was very happy when she realised that the guy in front of her used to be the pop star she once had dreams about.

‘In seam 28 inches. Collar 21. Waist 48 inches.’ I could tell Francois was starting to get a little hot himself.

‘Could you measure my gut please? That’s one thing we have never done and I am curious.’

‘Oh course, let me see.’ Francois reached around Donnie with his tape measure and as he got to the front Donnie deliberately breathed out and hit him in the face with his fat gut. I let out a snigger and Francois blushed and then laughed too.

‘Well Mr Williams you are a not to shabby 60 inches.’ ’60 inches! You are kidding right?’ Donnie’s eyes nearly popped out of his head.

‘It’s 60 babe, I can see it from here.’ ‘Well you can’t miss it!’ Francois added and then looked sheepish. We all laughed!

I could see that Donnie was starting to get off on the attention and knew that when we got home we would have to go straight to bed, if we got that far that is!

The rest of the fitting went well. Kate was excused and you could cut the atmosphere with a knife. Every time Francois turned away Donnie would either pat my bottom or wink at me. It was so much fun and was lovely to see Donnie’s body getting a positive reaction.

Donnie’s suit would be ready in a week. We both bid Francois farewell and left. Something told me Francois would have to have a little alone time!

We went straight to get something to eat and when Donnie sat down he smiled.

‘What?’ I asked. ‘My arse is hanging off either side of the chair.’ He was like a little kid, I was lovely to see.

Nothing exciting happened while we ate other than a few looks people gave us. I don’t think anyone realised who he was, they were more interested in the fact that this huge man was devouring food like it was going out of style!

When we got home I could see Donnie t-shirt was feeling the strain of his pig out and he tried to peel it off and got stuck. There he was in the middle of the hall with both arms above his head and a t-shirt stuck, covering his face and upper body.

‘Wish I had my camera. I would take a picture and sell it to the media!’ ‘No fair, you are picking on a defenceless fatty!’

‘Yes I am,’ I said as I went behind him, bent down and bit him on the arse! Donnie let out a yelp and then laughed.

‘So, that is the way you are wanting to play is it? Fighting dirty.’ ‘Yeap!’ I replied.

Moving around to the front and still on all fours I began to nip at his belly flesh. When I got to his navel I pushed my tongue into it and started to play. I licked the fur around it and made it matted and wet. Donnie instantly got hard and I could see his dick tenting in his joggers. I then started to lick the rest of his hugely fat gut, kissing and licking every inch, enjoying the taste of him.

‘Get me out of this t-shirt’ he said. ‘Nope, I like you the way you are.’

I pulled down his joggers and released his dick. I would tell he was really enjoying what I was doing as a drop of precum hung onto the tip of it. When he entered my mouth Donnie let out the deep growl. I played my tongue around the head and teased him. I could hear Donnie giving out moans and grunts. I loved that when we made love he was almost animal. I knelt before him and put my arms around his back and grabbed his meaty buttocks. Using my hands to steady myself I moved backwards and forwards taking in more of his dick, getting faster and faster, sucking harder and harder. Images of my fattened man played in my head. His huge gut, thick thighs, meaty ass and sagging moobs burned into my mind. He was perfection, he was beautiful and he was mine! It didn’t take Donnie long to cum. After we both got our breath back I removed his t-shirt and we kissed. I could never imagine living without this man.

The day of the taping of Oprah arrived rather quickly. Donnie had eaten himself up to 340lb and his suit was looking snug. He said he didn’t mind as he made him look even fatter. I had a thought Francois wouldn’t be too pleased as it looked like he had made the suit too small. Donnie wore a crisp white shirt and blue pinstriped braces. His gut look amazing, the overhang was so full and heavy. The braces just made his gut look so much meatier. I looked at him and smiled. He was a handsome man. I was so proud of him. Looking back I called it my Jewish mother moment. If I had a handkerchief I would have tried to wipe schmutz off his face! Donnie wanted me to come along and had a suit made for me too. We looked quite the dapper pair. The car collected us and took us to the airport. We were glad we were in first class as Donnie filled his seat rather too well. If we had been in couch his fat would have overflowed and caused a problem. We landed in Chicago and a limo was waiting for us to take us to the studio. We were taken to the back of the studio as not to arouse any suspicion. Donnie wanted his appearance on Oprah to be a total shock to anyone watching and didn’t want the surprise ruined by waiting paparazzi.

We were shown to Donnie dressing room and the make up and hair people flitted around him. I could see that they were shocked at Donnie’s appearance but we were told that they had all signed a confidentiality agreement not to breathe a word about what they saw. I could tell Donnie was getting a little nervous.

‘You ok babe?’ ‘Yeah, it’s just a big gamble, you know, putting myself out there looking so different.’ ‘I know but what is the worst that can happen? You are hardly going to get a bad reaction. After all Oprah has had weight issues in the past and her audience would never criticize someone about their size.’ I gave him a hug and could tell that made him feel better.

‘Right, I need you to go and sit in the audience. I don’t want you in the green room. I need to see you so I have a pair of kind eyes looking back at me.’ ‘Ok, hun. You will be fine, I know you will. I love you.’ ‘I love you too.’ I kissed him and went to find my seat.

I was so nervous that I thought I was actually going to be sick. I wondered how Donnie was coping but since he had stood in front of thousands of screaming fans in the past I was sure he was doing better than me. The show went by in a blur; I honestly don’t remember a thing until it was time for Donnie to appear.

‘My next guest found fame in the UK’s favourite boy band of the 90’s ‘Now This.’. He went solo and sold out stadiums around the world. His albums have gone platinum and his live shows won awards. Now he is here to tell us of a new phase in his life and a dramatic turn of events. I know you will make him feel welcome as what he is about to do today, I personally think, will have the entertainment world reeling!’

With an introduction like that I was more scared than ever.

‘Donnie Williams!’ Oprah stood up to welcome Donnie onto the set. Donnie entered and there was a gasp from the audience that could have been heard in the street. Oprah hugged Donnie and they both sat down. You could tell people were in genuine shock, and you couldn’t blame them. I don’t think anyone celebrity had ever been on a show before with such a dramatic change.

Donnie sat with his legs apart so his gut could rest in comfort. He looked huge and amazing. It took the audience quite a while to settle down and once they did the interview went well. Oprah talked about her own issues with weight gain and Donnie answered her questions with charm, wit and a twinkle in his eyes. Here was a man in his element and enjoying every moment. I was smiling like a Cheshire Cat.

‘Now, Donnie, tell me, how are the record company reacting to your size?’ ‘Well, they aren’t best pleased. You cannot blame them. I mean I was making more money for them than Britney and now it looks like I ATE Britney!’ the audience were lapping it up, laughing, clapping and cheering. Donnie was on fire!

‘Was this a conscious decision? I know after you left ‘Now This’ you did gain a little weight. You don’t mind me asking?’ ‘Oprah, you can ask me anything. So many people out there are my size and bigger, why should I feel bad for becoming fat. And that is what I am, fat. The execs won’t say that word around me as if I would get offended. They call me big, large, husky, thick set. It makes me smile, I am fat, I am a big fat man!’

I had visions of him jumping on the couch like Tom Cruise but I don’t think the set would take the strain! The audience were on their feet. I had never heard a reaction like this and it was beautiful.

‘There is one more thing I want to talk about, if I may Oprah?’ ‘Donnie, the floor is yours.’

‘It was because of love that I have become such a fat man. I am a guy head over heels in love and my partner is in the audience.’

What, no, he has got to be joking!

‘Will, stand up!’ I wanted to die on the spot! ‘Will, stand up babe.’

The camera swung my way and I stood up, blushing for my life. Again the audience took a moment to digest this new information and were silent, then as one started yelling, clapping and cheering! Not only had the audience accepted Donnie as a fatty but also as a gay man. This could not have gone any better.

I was asked to sit with Donnie but declined. The woman sitting next to me just kept smiling at me the whole time and then said ‘Good for you.’ That made me laugh.

After the show we went back to Donnie’s dressing room and Oprah came in to say that what Donnie had done was so brave and that she was proud of him and said whenever he needed any help or guidance she was there for him. She is a true lady!

Once the show aired Donnie was hot property. He featured on so many talk shows. I even gave in twice and appeared with him but I will leave the limelight to him, he is a far better showman than me. Donnie’s people were more than happy with the press he was getting. They even wanted him to record a new album but Donnie said no. He had got a taste for talk shows and even had a few stations fighting for him to host his own. They loved his down to earth charm, his wit and above all, his ability to connect with an audience. After Donnie did a guest host spot on Saturday Night Live he decided to accept an offer to host his own talk show. ‘Donnie big and proud’ aired four months later and is still going strong today. Did Donnie’s weight gain change the Medias attitude to fat people? A little. We both knew that fat people would never be treated the same as size zero stick insects but you know what? We don’t care. Donnie took a very brave step and it paid off for him.

Donnie’s weight levelled out at 420lb and we were both more than happy with that. He even did a topless shoot! We found that just so funny. He said he couldn’t do it seriously and had such a blast he gave his fee to charity. I had the best shot made into a giant picture and had it hung above our bed as a joke. He loved it and couldn’t stop laughing but we decided to hang it in the bathroom instead, above the toilet! I have never been happier and my love for Donnie grows everyday. I never thought I would find love whilst on a holiday but I am so glad I took that flight. And Donnie, well, he grew into a HUGE star and I love him.

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